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Video: Sony Handycam® HDR-PJ50V, HDR-PJ30V, and HDR-PJ10 with built-in projectors

Jon Schroeder was Crutchfield's videographer for several years. He helped us refine our video production process and discover our new video "voice." He and his family had an opportunity to relocate to Baltimore, where he continues to lend his artful eye to making corporate videos.

Jon, Crutchfield video director/editor, tried out the Sony Handycam® HDR-PJ50V. The camcorder has a built-in projector that makes it easy to share videos. The Sony Handycam PJ camcorders also feature touchscreen LCDs and built-in flash memory.

Video Transcript

Jon: I'm here with one of the Sony Handycams in the HDR-PJ series, and what makes these camcorders stand out is the fact that they have a built-in projector so that you can share your videos with your friends and family by projecting them right on the wall.

So all of the camcorders in this series: the PJ50V, the PJ30V, and the PJ10 are all Sony Handycams, so they're gonna come packed with features that we've come to expect from Sony Handycams over the years — features that really make shooting simple for you. So things like face detection, touch screen track focusing, and optical steady shot really make your videos look great and super easy to capture.

All of the Handycams in the PJ series shoot in full HD so that means that the image quality is very pristine. It's 1920 x 1080 pixels, so they'll look great when you show your videos on an HDTV, but they'll also look great when you project them. In fact, this little projector can produce an image that's the size of a 60" TV so it'll look nice and sharp on the wall. You'll also be able to hear your videos just fine when you project them because every Handycam in the PJ series has built in stereo speakers.

Now depending on which camera you have in the PJ series, you'll get a different amount of internal memory built in. And that's what you store your videos on, obviously. This is the HDR-PJ50V and this has 220 gigs built-in. So that is the equivalent of enough storage space to hold about 18 hours of footage at the highest quality setting. But in addition to the internal memory, each of the Handycams in the PJ series also has a slot in the bottom to add additional memory. So if you happen to fill up your entire internal drive you still have room for more video by adding either a Memory Stick PRO-Duo card or an SD card into this bottom slot here.

The PJ50V and the PJ30V also have a nice upgrade though, and that's the built-in GPS chip. What that allows you to do is tag your videos with location info. They can also display your current position right on the screen here so if you're in a far away land and happen to be lost, you can dial up the map and figure out exactly where you are. And then when you get home and you're sharing your videos with your family and friends you can arrange your videos based upon where you shot them in the world.

Now if you'd like more information on the PJ series give us a call.

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