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Video: Sony HX750 series TVs

Tara W. has worked for Crutchfield since 2004. She writes about whole-house music and video gear, and works on Crutchfield's video team.

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Tara, Crutchfield copywriter, had a chance to take the Sony KDL-46HX750 TV home to try it out. After experiencing its LED backlighting and Motionflow™ XR 480 blur reduction, Tara has decided she's going to have to get a new Sony TV.

Video Transcript

Sony HX750 series TVs

Tara: This is Sony's HX750 series TV and this is actually the 46" version. I got the chance to take this home over a long weekend and try it out, which I was pretty excited about because I have a Sony LED LCD TV that's a year and a half, two years old now, so I really wanted to see what improvements they have made.

This TV is 3D-ready, so if you add a couple pairs of Sony 3D glasses you're ready to go. It also has built in Wi-Fi® so you can really easily connect to the internet and you can access Netflix®, Hulu Plus, Pandora®, even Sony's own entertainment network.

So when I got the HX750 home, I hooked it up to my Apple TV and to my Blu-ray player, and the first thing I noticed was that the picture quality is just incredible. I popped in a Blu-ray disc and was watching one of the more recent Harry Potter movies. The opening scene is an aerial shot that swoops down to street level and you're quickly moving through the streets of London. And everything, even though we were moving really fast, was crystal clear-the shadows, people, vehicles, even the buildings that you were swooping past. And that's because this set has Sony's Motionflow 480 in it. And that combines a 240Hz refresh rate with a high speed blinking backlight for just really smooth motion and really crisp detail as you're moving fast. This set also has Sony's Dynamic Edge LED backlighting. And that means that different segments of the LED backlight can brighten or get dimmer independently of each other so that really gives you darker black levels and when I was watching my movie that meant that I was seeing more detail in the shadows and even more texture in people's clothing. So if someone had a leather jacket on, I could see the ripples in the black leather. If someone had an embroidered jacket I could see the embroidery even though it was very fine on a black jacket. And that's really impressive.

So I was really, really, impressed with the video quality and the colors, too. Golds, reds, pinks — everything came through realistically and looked rich. Even skin tones — with people who were quite pale I could see that, and if people were blushing I saw that too — really added to the experience of watching a movie.

So I very clearly enjoyed trying out the HX750, and in fact now I'm looking at getting a new TV when I compared this to my old TV. I saw a lot of details and just color depth that I didn't see in my old set.

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