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Video: Polk Audio db Series car speakers

J.R. has been at Crutchfield since 1996. He's been helping customers buy the right products from us for many years, and now he supervises and trains our Advisor Group. He worked as a D.J. on our local rock n' roll radio station, does video production on the side, and plays drums in a band called Ice House Road.

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Ken Nail has written about car audio for Crutchfield since 2003, after four years as Crutchfield Sales Advisor, and 10 years as a music teacher. He's an avid music listener, whose favorites are classical and film music. When not chained to a desk, Ken spends most of his time training for triathlons and marathons, and likes getting outside for backpacking, downhill skiing, and bicycle touring. He attended West Virginia University, where he received a Master's Degree in Music Performance and a Bachelor's Degree in History.

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Learn about the features that make Polk Audio db series car speakers a popular choice for improved sound.

Video Transcript

Ken: Hi, I'm Ken.

JR: And I'm JR, and we're here in the Crutchfield video studio to talk about Polk Audio's db series of car speakers.

Ken: Polk makes a lot of speakers for home and car, but the db series is one of our most popular car lines.

JR: Yeah, and db stands for "dynamic balance." Polk uses laser imaging to achieve a balanced woofer cone so the bass sounds nice and clear and smooth.

Ken: The design of the woofer eliminates vibrations, what we call resonance, and that can distort the sound. Dynamic balance cleans it up.

JR: Yeah, kind of like if you were to replace your tire on your car, you would have your wheel balanced so it rolls smoothly down the road.

Ken: Right. Speaking of smooth, I like the tweeter on this. It's a silk polymer composite. Gives you a nice, smooth, detailed sound. It also has a magnetic fluid around it which dissipates heat, keeps the sound clear and detailed even when the volume's cranked.

JR: Polk really wants to make sure their speakers fit most vehicles on the road and they do. One of the only five inch speakers, for example, is made by Polk.

Ken: Here's a nice bonus about the db series. They're certified for marine use.

JR: Nice.

Ken: So if you're thinking about putting some speakers into your boat, you've got something that's gonna work for you here.

JR: Or if you have a Jeep or a motorcycle, for example, where your speakers are going to be exposed to the elements, these speakers will last just fine there as well. To find out which Polk db speakers will fit your vehicle, check out

Ken: Or give one of our expert advisors a call. You can get them at 1-800-555-9408.

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