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Video: Artison In-wall Speakers

Steve Kindig has been an electronics enthusiast for over 30 years. He has written extensively about home and car A/V gear for Crutchfield since 1985. Steve is also a volunteer DJ at community radio station WTJU, where he is a regular host of the American folk show "Atlantic Weekly," as well as the world music program "Radio Tropicale."

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Tara W. has worked for Crutchfield since 2004. She writes about whole-house music and video gear, and works on Crutchfield's video team.

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Artison's in-wall LCR speakers deliver the front left and right channels, and also have dedicated built-in center channel drivers.

Video Transcript

Steve: Hi, I'm Steve.

Tara: And I'm Tara, and we're here in the Crutchfield video studio to talk about Artison in-wall speakers. Now, Artison has a reputation for producing audiophile-quality sound from really unobtrusive speakers.

Steve: Yep. And these speakers use a lot of the same technology as Artison's acclaimed LCR flat-panel speakers, and those mount to the sides of your TV, but these are specifically designed for in-wall mounting.

Tara: Right. And we've seen a lot of different types of in-wall speakers before, but we knew these were special when we took them out of the box. The first thing we noticed was their built-in enclosure. Now, most in-wall speakers are open in the back so they create a cabinet within your wall and that means that the sound can differ depending on the materials that are in your wall.

Steve: Yeah, it can be kind of hit or miss because you don't necessarily know how wide your studs are going to be spaced or how deep the wall is, and it also makes a difference whether or not there's insulation in the wall.

Tara: Right. But with a built-in enclosure you're going to get really consistent sound no matter where, or what you're walls are made of, and they're ported for really good bass response.

Steve: Artison takes a really clever and unique approach to solving the common problem of ,"Where do I put my center channel speaker?"

Tara: Right. And this can be particularly tricky with an in-wall installation. Installing an in-wall center channel can sometimes force you to cut into a stud.

Steve: Yeah, you don't want to do that if you can avoid it. And Artison's solution is what they call the DualMono® center design, and that means that both your front left and right speakers also produce center channel information. So it sounds like the sound is coming straight out of the screen, rather than above or below the screen like with typical installations.

Tara: And this really simplifies installation too. You'll install two speakers instead of three, and just run an extra set of wires to each speaker for the center channel info.

Steve: Artison makes three different models of in-wall speakers, and they all sound great, but there are just some differences in the components that are used.

Tara: And they all feature seriously solid components. In fact, each of the speakers is pretty heavy. You might want an extra set of hands to help out during installation.

Steve: Yep. And what we have here is the top of the line model, and it's called the Masterpiece. And that's what we have mounted in this wall behind us, and that's the way all of these speakers mount — vertically. Now the Masterpiece has two 5-1/4" Kevlar woofers for rich, smooth mids and mid-bass.

Tara: And two 1" tweeters that give you really clear highs. They're also adjustable so you can aim them precisely to get the best sound for your room.

Steve: Then next in line is the Portrait, and that has two 4-1/2" Kevlar woofers and then also two tweeters, but those tweeters are not adjustable.

Tara: And Artison's entry-level speaker is called the Sketch. The Sketch features two tweeters and two 4-1/2" polypropylene woofers. These models take care of your front sound stage. To round out the system Artison makes matching surround speakers and subwoofers, including in-wall models.

Steve: And all of Artison's subwoofers include a special anti-vibration technology. And we actually saw that demonstrated and it's amazingly effective. It really cuts down on vibrations, and that's especially great for in-wall installation because you don't want the subwoofer shaking your walls.

Tara: To learn more about these speakers visit

Steve: Or you can always call us at 1-800-555-9408.

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