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What is Miracast?

Wireless screen mirroring technology for Android

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Miracast screen mirroring for Android

Use Miracast to display photos on your HDTV.

Devices with Miracast™ technology built in can share content wirelessly, without going through a home network. Send pictures, high-definition videos, and music from an Android™ phone or tablet to a big screen television. Display a laptop screen on the conference room projector, without plugging in. Or watch live TV programs from a cable box on your tablet.

Miracast-certified devices make connections via Wi-Fi Direct™ technology, so access to a Wi-Fi® network is not required. Miracast is built into Windows® 8.1 and Android 4.2 and above. Adapters are available for TVs that don’t have Miracast built in. Samsung uses the term AllShare Cast, rather than Miracast, to describe this screen mirroring capability.

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