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Articles & Videos: Apple & Android Integration

For many, the iPhone has become an essential part of their lives. It stores music, movies, and a plethora of apps that entertain or help with productivity. Nowadays,

You're lost and your smartphone is your navigator. But holding it in your hand isn't the safest or easiest way to get your bearings. In this article, we look at

Ready to take control over your apps when you hit the road? Here are three great ways to get your favorite music apps involved in your car audio experience.

Learn about some of the most modern technology for upgrading your car stereo system. New stereos and new interfaces offer lots of cool functions to your drive.

Car stereo FAQ
by Ken Nail

Crutchfield's car audio experts answer some of the most frequently asked questions about buying and installing a car stereo.

We all want to get the most functionality out of your smartphone in the car. The three best ways to connect a smartphone to a new car stereo are via Bluetooth, USB, or with an MHL/HDMI connection. We'll examine them all in this article.

In this Crutchfield DIY story, a high school senior installs a new car stereo and speakers in her 2007 Ford Focus. The new audio system includes a Pioneer touchscreen receiver to control her phone and a Rockford Fosgate powered subwoofer to bring the bass that her factory stereo lacked.

What are Crutchfield Demo Videos?
by Robert Ferency-Viars

At Crutchfield, we try to provide the best information possible about our products, so that customers can make informed purchasing decisions. One of our video producers creates demo videos of nearly every car stereo we sell. I asked him a few questions about how these videos help our customers.

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