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Bose® Lifestyle® 18

DVD home theater system (black)

Item # 018LS18B

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Our take on the Bose® Lifestyle® 18

Just hook up your TV to the Bose Lifestyle® 18 system and get ready for incredible home theater peformance. It's hard to believe that five ultra-compact satellite speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass® bass module could produce such rich, deep, room-filling sound. The satellites literally fit in the palm of your hand! But hearing is believing — movie soundtracks and music will come to life in your home like never before!

Just hook up your TV to the Bose Lifestyle® 18 system and get ready for incredible home theater peformance. It's hard to believe that five ultra-compact satellite speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass® bass module could produce such rich, deep, room-filling sound. The satellites literally fit in the palm of your hand! But hearing is believing — movie soundtracks and music will come to life in your home like never before!

You can perfectly tailor the sound to your room and furnishings, thanks to the included ADAPTiQ™ audio calibration system. It's a one-time setup process that's incredibly easy: Just put on the supplied headset equipped with built-in microphones, sit in 5 of your favorite spots to enjoy music and home theater, and the ADAPTiQ™ system does the rest! The included Bose proprietary software analyzes a series of test tones, allowing your Lifestyle® system to adjust itself for optimum performance in your room.

The Lifestyle® 18's media center houses a DVD/CD player that also plays audio CD-Rs and CD-RWs, and even MP3 CDs! It also contains an AM/FM tuner with 50 presets for your favorite stations. Built-in decoding for Dolby® Digital and DTS® provides you with incredible DVD home theater thrills, while Bose's proprietary Videostage® 5 steering circuitry creates exciting 5.1-channel sound from sources like CDs, VHS tapes, and even mono TV broadcasts. And you can control the system — plus your TV, VCR, and cable box or satellite receiver — from anywhere in your home using the multibrand RF remote.

The media center includes enough digital and analog inputs to allow connection of up to four external devices (such as a VCR, your TV's sound, a tape deck, and a CD mega changer), plus optical and coaxial digital outputs that allow you to send direct digital signals to a CD-R or MD deck. You also get one video pass-through for composite and S-video, a very handy feature if your TV only has one set of inputs. And you can output a component video signal using the included adapter.

To maximize your entertainment options, the Lifestyle® 18 system also offers dual-zone capability. Dual-zone use requires a Zone 2 Stereo Adapter Kit; an additional set of Bose powered speakers or a Bose Wave® radio; and an extension cable available directly from Bose. Extension cable is already included with optional Lifestyle® powered speakers.


    Media center:
  • DVD/CD player plays DVD-Video discs, CDs, audio CD-Rs and CD-RWs, and MP3 CDs
  • built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoding
  • Bose Videostage 5 steering circuitry
  • AM/FM tuner with 50 presets
  • multibrand RF remote
  • dual-zone capability
  • 1 video input/output (composite and S-video)
  • component video output with included adapter
  • inputs and switching for 4 audio sources (4 analog, 4 coaxial digital, 1 optical digital)
  • stereo analog output
  • digital outputs: 1 optical, 1 coaxial
  • 15-11/16"W x 3-7/16"H x 11-3/8"D

  • Satellite speakers (front left/right, center, surround left/right):
  • video-shielded
  • 3-1/8"W x 3-1/16"H x 4-1/8"D

  • Acoustimass bass module:
  • automatic tonal adjustment for home theater and music applications
  • 8"W x 16-1/16"H x 24-1/8""D

  • System:
  • ADAPTiQ™ audio calibration system automatically adjusts your Lifestyle® system for your specific room and furnishings
  • warranty: 1 year
  • designed for use with "Region 1" coded DVDs

What's in the Box:

  • Silver/black Model AV28 Media Center
  • DCS91 Media Center power supply (Output: 33V/1.1A Max/Tip +/6' cord)
  • 8' AC power cord (for use with Media Center power supply)
  • White RC28T1-27 wireless remote control
  • 4 "AAA" batteries
  • AM loop antenna
  • AM antenna base
  • AM antenna instructions
  • FM wire antenna with push-on "F" connector
  • Black Acoustimass module
  • 6.5' Acoustimass module AC power cord
  • 5 Black cube speakers
  • Three 20' lengths of speaker wire for front speakers (each length has a single male RCA connector on one end and tinned wire on the other end)
  • Two 49.75' surround speaker cables (each cable has a male RCA connector on one end and tinned wire on the other end)
  • 30' audio input cable (has a phone-type jack on one end and an 8-pin male connector on the other end)
  • Component video adapter (has component video connections on one end and S-video/RCA composite video connections on the other end)
  • 6' RCA composite video cable
  • 6' RCA stereo audio cable
  • 6' S-video cable
  • IR emitter with attached 6' cord (cord is terminated with a stereo mini-jack)
  • Self-adhesive foam pad (for mounting IR emitter)
  • TV on/off detector with attached 6' cord (cord is terminated with a mono mini-jack)
  • 2 Self-adhesive Velcro mounting strips (for mounting TV on/off detector)
  • AdaptIQ Audio Calibration System (which includes 2 Setup Discs and headset with attached 30' cord with male stereo RCA jacks)
  • 4 Self-adhesive rubber feet (for the Acoustimass module)
  • 4 Self-adhesive rubber pads (for cube speaker)
  • Operating Guide (English/Spanish/French)
  • Installation Guide (English/Spanish/French)
  • Bose Product Registration and Warranty Information
  • Quick set up guide
  • "Our Commitment To You" letter
  • Important Information card
  • List of worldwide Important Safety Instructions
  • Bose corporate contacts

Hands-on research

Product Research

ADAPTiQ Audio Calibration System
Remote Control
Inputs and Outputs Notes


Media Center: The stylish media center is only slightly larger than a notebook computer, but is packed with features. It includes an integrated DVD player and AM/FM tuner and provides access to more of today's most popular audio and video content, including CD, CD-R/RW, PCM, Digital 5.1, MP3 on CD. It incorporates advanced radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR) and TV power sensing, and works with the universal radio frequency remote for control integration.

Acoustimass Module: Innovative technology within the improved Acoustimass module in the Lifestyle 18 system combines to deliver the clarity of pure bass reproduction down to the lowest frequencies, even at the loudest levels. The design allows prodigious airflow at the lowest bass frequencies, working to recreate bass so natural and pure, its source is almost impossible to localize. The module is designed to be placed on its long edge with the connectors facing the floor. It can also be placed on its side, but not stood on end.

"Virtually Invisible" Cube Speakers: The Acoustimass cube speakers use innovative Bose technologies to create a sense of realism with very small speakers instead of the bulky cabinets of conventional speakers. The five cube speakers are identical. Note: The speakers directly connect to the Acoustimass module, not to the Media Center.

Surround Sound Decoding: The Media Center has built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoders. For analog sources, Bose's Videostage 5 decoding circuitry (see below) is included.

Videostage 5 Decoding Circuitry: While digital 5.1 decoding takes the home theater experience to a new level, you can enjoy it only from properly encoded materials like DVDs, digital satellite broadcasts and HDTV. Unlike conventional digital systems, the Bose Videostage 5 decoding circuitry gives you a five-channel surround sound experience from everything you listen to, including VHS tapes, stereo CDs, even mono TV programs.

Dual-Zone Capability: Using Bose powered speakers, or a Bose Wave radio, and the RC-28S Stereo Expansion Kit, you can enjoy the same source at the same time in two different rooms, or two different sources at the same time in two different rooms.

Audio Settings: You can adjust the following audio settings:

  • Movie EQ: automatically sets bass and treble compensation for the proper playback of movie sound tracks
  • Range Compression: automatically adjusts the volume to allow you to hear soft sounds and to prevent you from being overwhelmed by a loud special effect, such as an explosion
  • Dolby Digital 1+1: selects Track 1, Track 2, or both of the Dolby Digital 1+1 (dual mono) audio tracks
  • Mono Decoding: automatically engages Bose Videostage decoding when a Dolby Digital bitstream indicates that it contains a mono program
  • Center Channel: focuses or softens the presentation of center-channel sound
  • AdaptIQ: turns on or off the AdaptIQ audio calibrations
  • Treble/Bass Compensation: separately decreases or increases the amount of bass or treble

MP3 Playback: This system can play MP3 files recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs.

Station Presets: The built-in tuner allows you to store up to 25 AM and 25 FM stations. Once a station is stored in memory, you can select it using the remote control or the on-screen settings menu.

Parental Control: This system allows you to set playback restrictions for DVDs using Parental Control. Parental Control allows you to restrict playback according to a predetermined level. You can select a Parental Control rating from 0-8, which is protected by a 4-digit password.

Sleep Timer: The sleep timer turns the system off after a set period of time. You can adjust the sleep timer from 1 to 99 minutes.

Display Brightness: The display on the Media Center can be adjusted to one of seven brightness levels.

House Code Settings: Each Lifestyle remote uses a system of matching house codes to communicate with its corresponding Media Center. If commands given from your remote ever conflict with those of another nearby Lifestyle system, you can easily set a new house code for your system.

ADAPTiQ Audio Calibration System

Product Overview: The Bose ADAPTiQ Audio Calibration System is designed exclusively for use with the Lifestyle 18 DVD Home Theater Systems. It customizes the Lifestyle system to the size and shape of the room and the position of the listeners/viewers in the room. It contains a special headset that contains microphones instead of speakers and two audio calibration discs. Once the Lifestyle system has been properly connected, it will take about 20 minutes to complete the process. The calibration process consists of generating and analyzing sounds through the Lifestyle system, then allowing the software to self-adjust the system's parameters to give you optimum performance for your room and approximate seating positions. Note: Using the ADAPTiQ software with any system other than Lifestyle 18, Lifestyle 28 or Lifestyle 35 can possibly damage the unit.

Headset: The special headset supplied with the ADAPTiQ system has no speakers, but special microphones designed to be worn above the ears. It enables you to take acoustic measurements in your room during the custom equalization process. The headset has an adjustable headband (7.5"-9.5") and a 30-foot cord terminating in a pair of stereo male RCA plugs. These plug into the left and right AUX input on the rear panel of the Lifestyle system.

Setup Discs: The ADAPTiQ system contains two setup discs. Disc 1, a DVD, verifies that your system's speakers are connected correctly and ensures complete performance from your Lifestyle system. Disc 2, a CD, leads you through an important custom equalization process, which tailors the sound of your Lifestyle system for the acoustics of your listening area.

Future Applications: Moving your Lifestyle 18 to another room, or significantly changing the arrangement of the existing room (relocate seating, furniture, speakers or the Acoustimass module) will change the acoustic environment of the listening area. When that occurs, you can repeat the process to customize the system for the new environment.

Remote Control

Multibrand RF Remote: The remote is pre-programmed to control this system and certain functions on other brands of TVs, VCRs, and cable/satellite receivers. In addition, the remote emits a powerful RF (radio frequency) signal, allowing you to operate your system from another room.

Control Integration: The Media Center and universal radio frequency (RF) remote combine to provide complete system control. A radio frequency receiver is built into the Media Center for exclusive communication with the Bose remote. The infrared (IR) control system includes an infrared receiver and an infrared transmitter, allowing the Media Center to retransmit operating commands from the radio frequency Bose remote to the infrared-based video components, such as a TV or cable box.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Media Center Inputs/Outputs: The Media Center contains the DVD player and system pre-amplifier, and has the following inputs and outputs:

  • Headphones: One 3.5mm stereo mini-jack (located on right side of Media Center)
  • Antenna: One threaded FM coaxial jack and a female 2.5mm sub-mini jack for supplied AM antenna
  • Analog Inputs: Four stereo RCA analog inputs labeled Tape, Aux, VCR, and TV.
  • Digital Inputs: Four corresponding coaxial digital (RCA) inputs for Tape, Aux, VCR and TV and one Toslink optical digital input
  • Analog (Record) Output: One stereo RCA analog outputs
  • Digital (Record) Output: One coaxial digital (RCA) and one Toslink optical digital output
  • Video Input: RCA composite video and S-Video
  • Video Output: RCA composite video and S-Video (for component video output, see note below)

Note: If your TV or video monitor is capable of component video input signals, and you have connected your TV to your system using the component video adapter (included), you must change the video output setting in the settings menu to "YPbPr". This will enable the Media Center to output a component video signal through the S-video and composite video jacks.

Media Center Speaker Zone Connections: The Media Center features a proprietary 8-pin jack for connecting to the Acoustimass module via the supplied audio input cable. There are jacks for the main Speaker Zone 1, and for optional Speaker Zone 2. In order to activate Speaker Zone 2, you will need the RC-28 Stereo Expansion kit (item #017RC28S), an RCA patch cable to the second zone, and a pair of Bose Powered Speakers, a Bose Wave Radio or a stereo amplifier or receiver with speakers.

TV On/Off Detector: The TV On/Off detector plugs into the rear of the Media Center, and senses whether your TV is on or off. This enables the Media Center to automatically switch the TV on, as needed, when another video source (DVD, cable/satellite box, etc.) is selected. If you choose not to use the sensor, you will need to turn the TV on separately each time it is needed. Note: The sensor does not work with LCD or plasma TVs.

IR Emitter: The supplied IR (infrared) emitter cable plugs into the rear of the Media Center, and is designed for use with optional components that are connected to the Media Center, but placed where they cannot receive IR signals from it. The emitter can be placed near the optional component's IR window and can receive IR commands from the Media Center.

Acoustimass Module Inputs/Outputs: The Lifestyle 18's Acoustimass Module contains the amplification for the system. It has the following inputs and outputs:

  • Audio Input: phone-type jack for use with audio input cable
  • Outputs to Cube Speakers: 3 Blue RCA jacks for Front Speakers and 2 Orange RCA jacks for Surround Speakers
  • AC Power Jack: for use with supplied Acoustimass module AC power cord

Cube Speakers: Each cube speaker has a spring-loaded, 2-pin female jack (similar to a spring clip connector) for use with the supplied speaker cable. There is a 5mm (M5) threaded insert for optional speaker stands or wall mount brackets.

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