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Clarion ProAudio DXZ945MP

CD receiver with MP3 / WMA playback and Optimedia touch-panel controls

4 Reviews

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Our take on the Clarion ProAudio DXZ945MP

Clarion breaks new ground: check out the revolutionary Optimedia touch-panel LCD on the DXZ945MP CD receiver's motorized face! A light touch is all it takes to navigate through the system menus. The blue and white display is easy to read and shows you a wealth of information.

Clarion breaks new ground: check out the revolutionary Optimedia touch-panel LCD on the DXZ945MP CD receiver's motorized face! A light touch is all it takes to navigate through the system menus. The blue and white display is easy to read and shows you a wealth of information.

You get sound control options aplenty. Dolby Pro Logic II provides 5.1-channel surround sound from any stereo source — it can even generate a phantom center channel from your two front speakers! Digital time alignment lets you create the perfect musical "sweet spot." And with Clarion's AC Processor III, you get equalization ranging from easy-to-use preset curves to down-and-dirty professional-level controls.

Superb sound for your entire mobile theater system comes from high-quality 24-bit D/A conversion and the Anti Distortion Filter (for your compressed music). The 18-watts RMS per channel internal amp provides all the power needed to bring your music to life!

Using external amps? You can feed them a clean, focused signal, thanks to the high-pass and low-pass crossovers on the three sets of 4-volt preamp outputs.

There's no heavy lifting involved with this baby — the detachable face is motorized for the best in in-dash luxury. Touch a button and the faceplate motors down so you can slide in a CD or a disc full of MP3 or WMA files. Once the disc is in, the face raises back up into operating position.

An auxiliary input and controls for other Clarion components make this one mean and flexible machine. Add a video monitor and a DVD player or Clarion's TV tuner, and you're ready for the show. And don't forget the SIRIUS satellite radio tuner.

SIRIUS offers more than 120 channels of top-notch entertainment for just $12.95 per month. Check out 65 channels of totally commercial-free music, which feature an incredible variety of songs from a wide range of genres. You'll also get news, talk, sports, and entertainment, including round-the-clock traffic/weather updates for major metropolitan areas and broadcasts of NFL, NBA, and NHL games. (Satellite radio service is available only within the lower 48 states — not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories.) Subscribers can also take advantage of free online streaming of all SIRIUS music.

Read a hands-on review of the DXZ945MP at

Product Highlights:

  • CD receiver with built-in amplifier (18 watts RMS/53 peak x 4 channels)
  • plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs (including discs loaded with MP3 and WMA files)
  • Dolby Pro Logic II (for home theater-style surround sound)
  • AC Processor III (to fine-tune the sound with Standard, Pro, and Parametric EQ modes)
  • Optimedia touch-panel controls
  • motorized, detachable, aluminum faceplate
  • Magi-Tune+ tuner
  • 18 FM/6 AM presets
  • seek tuning
  • Instant Station Recall — jump from any source to your favorite radio station
  • 24-bit D/A converter
  • Anti Distortion Filter (ADF) — enhances the dynamics of compressed music
  • SIRIUS tuner controls (SIRIUS Radio subscription, tuner, and antenna required to receive the satellite radio signal) — service is available only in the lower 48 states, not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories
  • TV tuner/DVD/CD changer controls
  • rear auxiliary input
  • disc and station titling
  • 4-volt front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs
  • high-pass and low-pass filters
  • wireless remote
  • clock
  • CD frequency response 5-20,000 Hz
  • CD signal-to-noise ratio 100 dB
  • FM sensitivity 9 dBf
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • AM/FM/CD/Changer controller receiver
  • Sleeve
  • Face
  • Hard plastic face case
  • Trim ring
  • Wiring harness (has in-line 3A and 15A fuses)
  • RCB-164 Wireless remote
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • 2 Hook plates (radio removal tools)
  • 1 Machine screw
  • 1 Hexagonal bolt (has one flat washer)
  • 1 Mounting strap
  • 1 Silica gel packet
  • Owner's manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • Installation/Wire Connection Guide (English/French/Spanish)
  • Warranty sheet
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio information sheet

Clarion ProAudio DXZ945MP Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(4 Reviews)

$449 ?????

Ron Rizzardi from Minersville, Pa on 7/13/2005

Buy it before its gone!<BR>I paid a little more dearly for it ($649) somewhere else when it first came out, and I would pay it again.<BR>I am a serious auto sound competitor, and have a pile of trophies to prove that this piece is great for an amatuer as well as the professional. Easy to use, but tons and tons of options to shape the sound, as well as the display. The sound quality (24 bit converter) is amazing. Like I said, buy it while you can. Nothing else in the price range will even come close.




jazzman1023 from Albany, NY on 5/10/2005

This product is unbelievable; in terms of both sound quality and style. These days, Clarion decks stack up against any Alpine deck, for around the same price- however, Alpine's styling and controls are completely outclassed with this particular unit. The DXZ945MP is easy to get the hang of, and has controls for both the amateur as well as the professionals. As a small-time sound engineer, I found that the sound processing on this deck is absolutely quality- the perk is being able to integrate my iPod in with it. <BR><BR>Three words for those of you wondering whether to get this deck: BUY IT. NOW.



awesome head unit

Kurt from reading, pa on 4/23/2005

even though i did not purchase this headunit from crutchfield i do work as a mobile electronics salesman and i must say after months of debating i decided to go with the 945mp and i couldnt have been happier. as in the other review it is no where near as complicated as people has all basic(or preset) audio features and if you want to set it yourself you can go into user mode. very comprehensive....has 4 volt pre-amp outputs and a 24 bit d/a converter which is rare for headunits in its current price range. good clean sound easy to use and a nice sturdy well built unit....get it while the getting is good



ah... jus bliss

E Ninja from Chicago, IL on 4/12/2005

It was this Clarion product or the DXZ855MP. Couldn't afford the DXZ955MC. Anyway I'm glad I went for the most features and sound options instead of the color screen that the former offered. The display is truly amazing, especially at night. The product seems very well crafted and the detachable face has some weight to it compared to my Pioneer DEH-P750MP. Anyway I had it for 5 days and I think I got the hang of most of the features. Don't listen to those who say it's to complicated for the average consumer becuase it gives the user the choice between very basic options or very finely detailed ones. I must say that this is a VERY HIGH QUALITY reciever all in all. Im so glad I got it for a good price. More then Half the $799.99 original asking price. Hurry and get it before it is discontinued... I doubt you'll find another reciever like this one,it's special and most don't even give Clarion a try.




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

AUX Input Rear
Audio/video Input ---
USB Input ---
CarPlay No
Android Auto No
Siri Control No
Android Control No
Memory Card Slot No
Bluetooth Compatible ---
Satellite Radio Ready Sirius
HD Radio ---
Navigation ---
iPod Compatibility
Full size ---
Nano ---
Touch ---
iPhone ---
RMS Power (CTA-2006) 18
RMS Power (Manufacturer) ---
Peak Output 53 watts
RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
Preamp Outputs 6-channel
Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs ---
Video Screen No
Preamp Voltage 4 volts
Display Color White/Blue
Key Button Color White
EQ Bands 3
Wireless Remote Yes
Steering Wheel Control Compatible ---
Parts Warranty 2 Years
Labor Warranty 2 Years
FM Sensitivity 9 dBf
European Tuning No
Seek/Scan Seek
Radio Data System No

Product Research

Changer Controls


Optimedia Touch Panel LCD: The touch panel controls with interactive video graphics make menu navigation easy.

Message Display: When you turn the unit on, the display shows a message stating "Hello". When the unit is turned off, "See you..." appears on the display. The message display can be turned on or off.

Adjustable Contrast: You can adjust the display contrast to match the angle of installation of the unit. The contrast setting can be adjusted from 1 to 11.

Screen Saver Display: If you do not operate the unit for approximately 30 seconds, a screen saver will be displayed. When the screen saver display is active, you can cycle through the following screen savers: Screen saver pattern 1 (racing gauges with a changing background), Screen saver pattern 2 (randomly displays still pictures of people playing sports), Screen saver pattern 3 (three rotating spheres with Asian language characters), Spectrum analyzer pattern 1 (three level meters), Spectrum analyzer pattern 2 (three rotating squares), Spectrum analyzer pattern 3 (two horizontal level meters), Spectrum analyzer pattern 4 (one large vertical level meter that spans the entire display), and Message information (30-character message that you can edit. The default message reads "Welcome to Optimedia"). In addition, you can select "SS Scan", which displays each screen saver for 10 seconds.

Operation Modes: You can choose from two basic operation modes, standard operation and simple operation. In simple operation mode, some basic source controls are accessible directly on the display. In standard operation mode, the basic source controls are replaced by background graphics.

Wallpaper: In standard operation mode, you can choose from the following wallpaper graphics: view from inside a moving car, line of cars, overhead view of two people in a convertible, race car, tuner ride, person playing basketball, person skateboarding, person playing soccer, person snowboarding, person windsurfing, turntable, violin, saxophone, guitar, stage lights, or solid black background.

Spectrum Analyzer Display: You can choose from the following spectrum analyzers: horizontal bar meter, vertical bar meter, or three racing gauges.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio Controls: This unit can control the optional Clarion SIRIUS Satellite tuner (sold separately). The optional tuner, along with an antenna and subscription, will allow you to receive SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

Clarion CeNET TV Tuner Control: This unit is capable of controlling Clarion's CeNET TV tuner.

Clarion CeNET DVD Deck Control: This unit is compatible with Clarion's CeNET DVD deck.

Clarion CeNET 5.1 Processor Control: This unit is compatible with Clarion's CeNET 5.1-channel surround decoders.

Dolby Pro Logic II: Built-in Dolby Pro Logic II takes a two-channel audio signal and expands it to 5.1 channels, for home theater-style sound in your vehicle. And, Pro Logic II can even create a phantom center channel from your four car speakers. When Dolby Pro Logic II is active, you can select one of the following two modes:

  • Matrix Mode: this mode is suitable for AM/FM radio
  • Music Mode: this mode is suitable for stereo sources like CDs. In Music Mode, you can fine tune the sound by adjusting the following modes:
    • Panorama: allows you to select Yes or No. When Yes is selected, the Panorama mode will extend the front sound field image to the rear.
    • Dimension: allows you to choose a setting of 0 to 6. Dimension mode allows you to shift the sound field image to the front or the rear of the vehicle.
    • Center Width: allows you to choose a setting of 0 to 7. Center Width mode allows you to adjust the localization of the center channel between the center speaker and the front left and right speakers.

AC Processor III Standard Mode: In Standard mode, you can select from the following presets: "Bass boost" (emphasizes deep bass), "High boost" (emphasizes mids and highs), "Impact" (emphasizes lows and highs), "Acoustical" (emphasizes mids), or "Smooth" (produces a quiet and graceful feeling). The VSE (Virtual Space Enhancer) lets you digitally compensate for irregular reflection, polarization, and other acoustic problems that may occur in your vehicle. For each preset, you can adjust the following settings: "Diffuse" (1-10), "Car Width" (1-10),and "Car Length" (1-10), allowing you to optimize the sound for each seat in your vehicle.

AC Processor III Pro Mode: In Pro mode, arrival time of sound from the speakers can be adjusted according to the position of the seat. You can select "Front-L", "Front-R", "Front", "Rear", or "Full Seat". For each seating position, you can adjust the time alignment and speaker gain. 

AC Processor III Parametric EQ Mode: The following six EQ presets are stored in memory for different kinds of vehicles: "Sedan-1", "Sedan-2", "Wagon-1", "Wagon-2", "Mini Van-1", and "Mini Van-2". For each preset, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Front/Rear: allows you to select the front or rear speakers. You can adjust the band, frequency, gain, and Q independently for the front and rear speakers.
  • Band: allows you to select band 1, 2, or 3
  • Frequency: for each band, you can select a frequency of 20Hz, 25Hz, 31.5Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 63Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 125Hz, 160Hz, 200Hz, 250Hz, 315Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz, 630Hz, 800Hz, 1kHz, 1.25kHz, 1.6kHz, 2kHz, 2.5kHz, 3.15kHz, 4kHz, 5kHz, 6.3kHz, 8kHz, 10kHz, 12.5kHz, 16kHz, or 20kHz
  • Gain: for each band, you can adjust the gain from -12dB to +12dB in 1dB increments
  • Q: for each band, you can select a Q value of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 20

Anti Distortion Filter (ADF): The Anti Distortion Filter enhances the dynamics of compressed music. You can choose one of the following effects: ADF-1 (suitable for the factory speakers), ADF-2 (suitable for separate speakers), or ADF-3 (suitable for coaxial speakers).

Dual-zone Capability: You can select separate audio zones for the front and rear seat passengers. The Main Zone is the source unit's regular front and rear channels, while the Sub Zone is a dedicated RCA line-level output for use with an external amplifier, headphones, or powered speakers. The Main Zone can be the tuner, internal CD player, or aux input. The Sub Zone can be the audio from any device connected to the CeNET input or aux input. By pressing the middle of the touch panel, the zones can be reversed.

Note: Only sources connected to the aux input can be used in both zones simultaneously.

Magi-Tune+ FM Tuner: This receiver is equipped with Clarion's proprietary Magi-Tune+ FM Tuner, which improves sensitivity and selectivity for excellent FM stereo reproduction.

Instant Station Recall (ISR): This feature gives you one touch recall of a single favorite radio station (this is in addition to the 18 FM and 6 AM presets).

24-bit D/A Converter: The 24-bit D/A converter re-quantizes the 16-bit audio signals from CDs while maintaining the low distortion and high linearity of a 1-bit D/A converter. This allows an expanded dynamic range and clearer reproduction of subtle nuances, for a richer sound when listening to CDs.

CD/CD Changer/Tuner/TV Titling: Titles, up to 10 characters long, can be stored and recalled from memory for individual CDs, discs in a changer magazine, radio stations, and TV stations. 50 titles may be entered for the CD mode, 20 may be entered for TV tuner mode, and 30 may be entered for radio mode. In CD changer mode, you may enter 100 CD titles when using the DCZ625, 100 CD titles when using the CDC655Tz, or 50 titles when using the CDC1255z changer.

MP3/WMA Playback: This unit can play MP3 and WMA files recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs in ISO9660 Level 1/Level 2, Joliet, or Romeo formats. MP3 files with bit rates from 8 kbps to 320 kbps and WMA files with bit rates from 48 kbps to 192 kbps are supported.

Top Play Button: Pressing the "Top" button while a CD is playing will start the disc playing from track 1 again.

Auto Reload: When a CD is ejected and left sticking out of the CD slot for 15 seconds, the unit automatically reloads the CD to protect if from damage. This feature works with 5" (12cm) CDs, but it will not work with 3" (8cm) CDs.

High-pass and Low-pass Filters: In Dolby Pro Logic II or AC-Pro III Pro mode, you can set the subwoofer preamp output low-pass filter to 50, 80, or 120Hz. Also in AC-Pro III Pro mode, you can set the high-pass filter to 50, 80, or 120Hz.

Auxiliary Input: Stereo RCA preamp inputs are hardwired to the back of the unit on a 3" lead, allowing you to connect a portable audio source. Just connect your portable cassette, MD or MP3 player to this unit, and you can listen to the audio from the portable player through the speakers in your mobile audio system. The Aux input sensitivity is adjustable and can be set to High, Mid, or Low.

Auto Dimmer Feature: When the auto dimmer feature is turned on, the brightness of the display adjusts automatically depending on the lighting conditions.

Dimmer Feature: This unit is equipped with a wire that Clarion calls an illumination lead, however, it acts as a dimmer lead. When the illumination wire of this unit receives power and the auto dimmer feature has been turned off, the display will dim to a user-selectable preset level.

Note: When the power and constant wires are connected and the illumination wire is supplied with voltage (when you turn your lights on), the button illumination remains on even if the unit is turned off completely.

Codematic Function: When the Codematic function is turned on, you must touch portions of the screen in a specific order each time the detachable face is reattached. The sequence of touches is user-adjustable.

Anti-theft Indicator: A red indicator will blink on the unit after the faceplate is removed. This feature can be turned On or Off.

Amp Cancel: When an external amplifier is connected and the built-in amplifier is not used, removing power from the built-in amplifier will improve the sound quality.

Changer Controls

CeNET Control: This unit is equipped with a CeNET control connector and can control up to a total of two CeNET changers (CD and/or MD). Two changer control requires a Y-adapter (sold separately).

CD Title Memory: When used with a compatible CD changer, this feature allows you to assign names to discs in the changer. Each name can be up to 10 characters in length. The number of names you can store depends on the CD changer that is connected to the head unit. 


Display Illumination/Clock Display: When the clock display has been given priority, pressing and holding the power button turns off audio output, but the clock display and face illumination remain on. When the clock display has not been given priority, pressing and holding the power button turns the unit off completely. This unit's face illumination and clock are "keyed" only when the clock display has been given priority.

Warranty Note: For 2004 ProAudio models, Clarion has extended the 2-year warranty to all Crutchfield customers, even if the unit is not installed by an authorized Clarion dealer.

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