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Clarion NP400

Add-on GPS navigation for select Clarion DVD receivers

5 Reviews

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Item # 020NP400

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Our take on the Clarion NP400

Clarion's NP400 navigation system allows you to add GPS guidance to select Clarion multimedia receivers, giving you touchscreen access to detailed maps of Canada and the entire United States. An easy-access USB input makes updating your maps a breeze.

Clarion's NP400 navigation system allows you to add GPS guidance to select Clarion multimedia receivers, giving you touchscreen access to detailed maps of Canada and the entire United States. An easy-access USB input makes updating your maps a breeze.

You can search the 12 million points of interest to find nearby attractions, and you can dial in a 3D view to help you navigate city streets or changes in elevation. Use the split-screen view when you need to see a closeup view of an upcoming intersection while still tracking your progress on a larger map. The system's text-to-speech function announces street names as you go, so you'll always know you're making the correct turn. The NP400 system works with Clarion's VZ400, VZ401, VX400, and VX401 receivers.

Product Highlights:

  • add-on navigation system
  • works with Clarion's VZ400, VX400, VZ401, and VX401 DVD receivers
  • built-in road maps of the United States and Canada
  • 12 million points of interest
  • maps display on your DVD receiver's video screen
  • voice prompts offer turn-by-turn guidance
  • multi-destination route planning
  • automatic rerouting for missed turns
  • route customization options
  • 2-D and 3-D map views
  • USB input for map updates
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Add-on/Hide-away navigation module
  • 10' Connection cable (with a proprietary multi-pin connector on each end)
  • Magnetic GPS antenna (with attached 16' cable terminated by an SMB connector)
  • 4 Large machine screws
  • 4 Small machine screws
  • Metal bracket
  • Owner's/Installation Manual (Eng/Fre/Spa)
  • Warranty Sheet (US/Canada)

Clarion NP400 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(5 Reviews)

It's no Garmin

Ray from Florida on 2/4/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Not impressed with graphics. Biggest disappointment was no updates also intuitive typing does not allow typing in names it does not recognize even though they are correct. I don't know why clarion is selling them if they are not going to support them. I wish crutchfield would advise customers no support available.

Pros: Price install instructions were great as usual from crutchfield

Cons: disappointing maps and no updates available.

Almost worthless

MustangMan from Scottsdale, Az on 1/31/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The ugly antenna box HAS to be mounted on your dash or near a window to pick up any satellites. I originally mounted it in behind head unit and it wouldn't receive signal. Tried a couple more locations out of sight and still no luck so I was stuck for having to attach it to the top of my dash like its 1985. After doing that it picked up satellites pretty good. Takes awhile for it to find the first satellite to get you started with your journey but once it does find it it seems to hold the connection well. BIGGEST ISSUE NOW: Spelling your P.O.I. is impossible. As your typing in a place your interested in going the letters on the keyboard start disappearing and its always the letters you need to complete the name of your destination. P.O.I. feature just plain sucks.

Pros: when it works it works good, price

Cons: doesnt work sometimes, P.O.I. feature is 100% worthless, have to have the antenna on the dash.

Clarion NP400 navagation

DannyL from Heber Springs, AR on 1/30/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Overall very pleased with the NP400. Has many more POI's than my wife's Tomtom. Accuracy seems to be very good so far. The only negatives at this point is the POI icons are not always in the correct location. This seems to be a problem on most navs I have used. But, it's mapping and directions seems to be spot on. I also found that being able to mount it at any angle simplified my install greatly.

Pros: Easy installation, mounts at any angle. Huge selection of POI's that show even in rural areas. Zooms in on turns automatically. Auto interrupt of sound system a big plus. Upgradable maps via USB port. Great value!

Cons: POI's not always accurate in placement on screen. No current updates available for maps that I am able to find. Wish unit had a remote control as touch screen can be more difficult on rough roads. Graphics are fair.

it works...most of the time

sean m from thornton, co on 1/27/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

like the title says it works most of the time. every once in a while the voice is a bit to slow and if i didnt look at the screen i might miss the turn. but with the voice off i have no problems.

Pros: price

Cons: voice doesnt mesh with the screen every time


Jeff from NH on 11/2/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Small, can hide out of site. lots of features pretty accurate for address not so good, P.O.I not very accurate, (post office, gas stations) Graphics not that good, The killer though is no map only surports the Clarion nx500, nz500 ( horizon Navigation).no map updates for np400 Im guessing that is why the np400 is inexpensive.

Pros: Zooms in on the turn you need to take..Count down to the turn.

Cons: graphics not that good, P.O.I not very accurate. no surport for this older model ( no maps updates)


Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The Clarion NP400 Hide-Away Navigation system provides turn-by-turn visual and voice assistance to direct you to selected destinations (when used in conjunction with a compatible Clarion in-dash headunit). The software quickly calculates step-by-stop directions to any destination available on the included navigation map. The navigation software uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, and a digital roadway map database to calculate and display travel directions. The system's GPS antenna receives signals from a constellation of 24 satellites orbiting the earth and uses the strongest of signals, to determine your position to within meters.

Note: The NP400 is not a stand-alone navigation unit and requires a compatible Clarion multimedia headunit with monitor.

Headunit Compatibility: The Clarion NP400 Hide-Away Navigation system is an add-on navigation system for the Clarion VZ400, VX400, VZ401, and VX401 in-dash multimedia head units. The NP400 connects to the Clarion multimedia head units using a single proprietary cabled (included).

OSD with Touch Panel Operation: The Clarion NP400 offers on-screen display and touch panel operation via the Clarion VZ400/401 or VX400/401 LCD touch-screen monitor. Smart touch panel controls enable you to access information at the touch of a fingertip. Layouts are designed to enable instantaneous display of desired information, while detailed information can easily be called up with a light touch.

2D/3D Display Modes: The NP400 offers 2D and 3D map display modes. Comprehensive digital elevation model data is used to draw height and depth features for a realistic landscape at all levels of zoom. While driving, hills and mountains are rendered in 3D to better represent your real world driving environment. You can also choose a split screen mode of 2D and 3D.

Day/Night Settings: You can select one of three brightness modes for the on-screen map:

  • Daytime: Has a lighter, brighter background for easier viewing during the day.
  • Nighttime: Has a darker background, so it is easier to see at night.
  • Auto: The brightness of the display automatically switches between daytime and nighttime at sunrise and sunset.

Visual and Audible Voice Guidance: The Clarion NP400 Hide-Away Navigation Unit provides visual, on-screen route guidance using your Clarion VZ400/401 or VX400/401 LCD monitor. The NP400 also provides audible voice commands and turn-by-turn voice prompts with text-to-speech for street announcement in 3 different languages (English, French, and Spanish) over your car audio speakers.

SiRF GPS 20-Channel Receiver: The Clarion NP400 navigation system utilizes a SiRF GPS module with 20-channel GPS receiver to assure fast acquisition and accurate tracking of your vehicle's current location.

GPS Antenna: The Clarion NP400 includes an external GPS antenna with a magnetic base designed to mount outside of your vehicle. The GPS antenna features an attached 16' antenna cable which plugs into the SMB port of the NP400.

Note: The GPS antenna measures 1.5" wide x 0.6875" tall x 1.9375" deep.

Vehicle Positioning: The navigation software's computer considers vehicle speed and heading changes, together with longitude and latitude information, to accurately determine vehicle heading and position on a digital map. Signals from GPS satellites are used to determine the vehicle location. Three (good) or four (best) satellites must be received to accurately determine location. The GPS reception status is indicated by the GPS symbol on the map.

4GB Flash Memory: All navigation data is stored in the NP400's 4GB internal flash memory. No disc drives or pickups are involved, so access to data is instantaneous. Maps are therefore rendered faster and scrolling is smoother. The absence of mechanical moving parts also provides higher resistance to shocks and vibrations for increased ruggedness.

U.S. and Canada Map Coverage (by Tele Atlas): The NP400's internal memory contains Tele Atlas map data for all 50 of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii; as well as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Canada.

Note: The map database used by the navigation software was created using high-resolution aerial and land based data collection. Car navigation maps are frequently updated. While the database was judged to be as accurate as possible at the time of its release, a map database an never be 100% accurate. Road information that is maintained in the map databases, such as turn restrictions or road names my change over time.

12 Million POIs Preloaded: The Clarion NP400 will guide you to your desired destination by accessing its 12 million Points Of Interest (POI) database. You can choose from National Parks, Gas Stations, Restaurants, etc as your destination and the NP400 will create and display your route in precise detail on your Clarion VZ400/401 or VX400/401 LCD monitor.

Destination Search: The Destination Entry Menu gives you many different ways to choose your destination or insert a waypoint in your current route. An on-screen keyboard appears to allow you to enter your destination from one of the following categories:

  • Home: You can store one home location to allow you to calculate a route home from any current location.
  • Office: You can store one work location to allow you to calculate a route to work from any current location.
  • Address/Intersection: You can input your destination address by house number, street, and city. You can also enter one street name, then choose from a list of cross streets.
  • POI (Point-of Interest): Select a destination or waypoint from a database of restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc. A Point-of Interest may be searched by category, city, or name. This unit provides 12-million points-of-interests.
  • Coordinates: You can route to a destination by directly inputting latitude and longitude values.
  • Favorites: You can select your route to a destination by choosing one of your preset favorite places.
    • Address Book: The address book is a convenient place to store frequency visited destinations.
    • My POI: My POI will allow you to create and save your own personal points of interests.
    • Trail Book: The trail book allows you to create your own navigation routes.
    • Trip Book: The trip book allows you to navigate multiple destination trips.
  • History: Previous destination entered into the unit's built-in navigation software are automatically saved into its memory. This is helpful when you want to return to a recent destination.

Route Priority: You can set the following conditions for route calculation; shortest distance or shortest time. You can also choose to use or avoid the following roadways -  unpaved, permit needed, motor ways, toll roads, ferries, border crossings, and carpool lanes.

Route Simulation: You can preview all the route information and simulate travel along a projected route.

Automatic Route Recalculation: The unit will automatically recalculate your route if you stray from the navigation unit's previously calculated route.

Trip Computer: The unit's Trip Computer displays speed, trip, odometer reading, and clock reading.

Map Updates: Navigation map updates can be imported into the system through the USB type-A connector.

Note: Music and other files stored on a USB memory device cannot be played back.

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