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Clarion NZ500

Navigation receiver (New Stock)

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Our take on the Clarion NZ500

Put Clarion's NZ500 navigation receiver in your dash if you take your road trips seriously. You'll enjoy DVD playback, built-in hands-free calling with a compatible phone, and maps that are always a finger tap away. Designed for your single-sized dash opening, the NZ500 gives you a big 7" touchscreen that motors out on command, and a simple, intuitive interface for controlling all your in-dash entertainment.

Put Clarion's NZ500 navigation receiver in your dash if you take your road trips seriously. You'll enjoy DVD playback, built-in hands-free calling with a compatible phone, and maps that are always a finger tap away. Designed for your single-sized dash opening, the NZ500 gives you a big 7" touchscreen that motors out on command, and a simple, intuitive interface for controlling all your in-dash entertainment.

Built-in navigation
The NZ500 gives you spoken, turn-by-turn directions that guide you to your next destination. The navigation maps really pop on the bright screen, so they're easy to see all day and night. You can search the 12 million points of interest to find nearby attractions quickly and easily. And all navigation info is contained in the receiver's memory, so there's no extra black box to install.

Talk hands-free
Clarion builds Bluetooth into the NZ500, letting you talk hands-free on your compatible phone. When a call comes in, you can tap the screen to answer the call and hear your caller over the speakers. And you can even stream tunes if your device supports it.

Bluetooth note: Use of this receiver's Bluetooth features will depend upon your phone's Bluetooth capabilities. Learn more in our article explaining Bluetooth profiles.

Killer sound
A powerful internal amp puts some punch in your tunes, and Clarion's 24-bit digital-to-analog converter brings out every detail in your CDs and music files. You can choose from eleven preset tone settings, or make your own using the bass and treble controls. The subwoofer volume control lets you dial in just the right amount of bass if you've got a sub hooked up. Clarion includes a handy remote for on-the-fly changes.

iPod® controls and more
Connect your iPod to the rear USB slot, and you'll get touchscreen control over your tunes — no adapter required. Add an optional adapter, and you can play videos from your iPod on the 7" screen.

Note: If you're going to use your iPod with this receiver, be sure to check "Details" for specific iPod model compatibility with this receiver or its optional iPod adapter.

The NZ500 plays your store-bought and recordable CDs and DVDs, including those you've loaded with MP3 and WMA files. You can load your files on a USB thumb drive, too.

Movies and more
Enjoy watching DVDs up front while you're parked, or hook up a video screen in the back so the kids can watch movies as you drive. You'll also find an audio/video input for hooking up a video game system.

Your options don't end there — you can connect an optional SIRIUS satellite radio tuner directly to the NZ500 (no adapter required) to enjoy the nearly endless variety of entertainment available. Or add Clarion's HD Radio™ tuner for sweet digital AM/FM sound quality and the ability to tag tunes for purchasing later on iTunes®. Three sets of preamp outputs let you add amps and subs to the mix.

Want to keep your car's steering wheel audio controls?
In most vehicles, you can use this adapter to connect your vehicle's steering wheel controls to this Clarion stereo. Connect a few wires, then program the adapter for your particular car and the Clarion, and you'll retain the convenience of your steering wheel controls.

Product Highlights:

    General features:
    • navigation receiver with internal amp (18 watts RMS CEA-2006/40 watts peak x 4 channels)
    • 7" motorized touchscreen
    • fits single-sized openings
    • built-in GPS with 12 million points of interest
    • built-in Bluetooth for phones and music streaming
    • wireless remote
    Audio/visual features:
    • plays CDs, CD-R/RW, DVDs, DVD-Rs/RWs, DVD+Rs/RWs, MP3/WMAs on CD, DVD, and USB thumb drive
    • 24-bit digital-to-analog converter
    • built-in iPod control — Clarion's optional adapter required for viewing video content
    • 2-band parametric equalizer with 11 tone presets
    • works with Clarion HD Radio tuner, SIRIUS satellite radio tuner
    • inputs: rear USB input, one A/V input, rear-view camera input
    • outputs: video output, 6-channel preamp outputs (2-volt front/rear/subwoofer)
    Other information:

    What's in the Box:

    • Multimedia/navigation receiver
    • Sleeve (installed)
    • Trim ring
    • Wiring harness
    • 16" Minijack AV to composite video/stereo RCA cable (male minijack connector on one end a female RCA jacks on other end)
    • GPS antenna with attached 16.5' cord terminated by a proprietary connector
    • Remote control
    • CR2025 Lithium battery (installed)
    • Cleaning cloth
    • 2 Removal tools
    • 4 Flat-head ISO screws
    • 4 Pan-head ISO screws
    • Rear stud
    • Rubber bumper
    • Metal backstrap
    • Owner's Manual/Installation Manual (Eng/Spa/Fre)
    • Warranty Card (Eng/Fre)
    • Correct Note

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    Clarion NZ500 Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (28 Reviews)

    Clarion NZ500

    Omar from Atlanta on 11/4/2011

    I have had two of these installed in our two cars and they both have been bad. 1) GPS and map are not reliable and confusing. 2) Both systems lock up and/or malfunction and have to be reset. 3) One is completely down and does not work any longer after two years. Overall, they have been a very bad experience for me and my family.



    Nice GPS, great feature set, poor reliability

    Eric C from Tucson, AZ on 9/16/2011

    2001 Dodge Ram
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I installed this unit in July in a Ram 3500 dually, which only gets occasional use as a tow beast. Overall I like the unit, but it's been flakey... to the point where I'm almost ready to replace it already. The GPS is very good. One of the better ones I've owned as far as features and usability. Unfortunately the reliability of other parts has not been so good. First problem was the Sirius connector is poor quality and make intermittent contact. NO amount of tape, zip ties of heat shrink tubing can seem to maintain good contact. I finally hung it down under the dash where I can reach it to wiggle it every time it looses connectivity to the Sirus receiver. As of late the bluetooth audio output (either phone or music source) has stopped working. Callers can hear me, but I can't hear them. One minor complaint is that the iPod user interface is a bit clunky. Works fine, but there is no way to quickly scroll though a long list of artists, albums, etc. It's one page at a time and you have to wait for the page to draw before you can push the button for the next page. I'll be sending it in for warranty repair. I certainly hope they can repair it and make it reliable because overall I like the unit. The feature set is excellent (especially for the price), audio and video quality are more than acceptable. I'd recommend this unit and give it 4, if not 5 stars if I hadn't had relaibility problems with it.



    DVD problems and Ipod probs

    John from San Antonio, TX on 4/29/2011

    2000 Chevrolet Tahoe
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Overall a good value. A little hard to install, especially if you want to add the sirius or Digital instructions whatsoever on that, or where/how to run the antennae wires or where to place the receptors. Biggest complaints: it will not play a store bought video more than once....really strange. It will play it first time you put it in, but next time, it won't. Sometimes it freezes your ipod completely and you have to reset the Ipod. The flip out screen is a little fragile and shakes as you go down the road. Last complaint is no matter how much you tighten the metal retaingin tabs against the installation frame, the radio wiggles upon final installation. But considering all the features and expandability, it's an amazing deal at 500 bucks. the unit sounds amazing, the controls are mostly self explanatory, and the remote works great.



    Great value

    Kevin from New Jersey on 4/26/2011

    2009 Honda Civic SI
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great unit for the price.



    Just bought and self installed

    martyB from destin, fl on 4/22/2011

    1998 BMW 328I
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I have never installed my own stereo before, but after reading about it deeded to give it a shot. Wow, it couldn't be easier. I installed it in my BMW 328ic. Crutchfield sent me all the instructions and harnesses needed to do a professional job myself. I did the entire job in about 1 hour. I also installed the serius sat radio option and love it. The unit works exactly as it should and I couldn't be happier! When I had one problem with the wiring I called the help line and had all my questions answered perfectly! I highly suggest this unit and Crutchfield had the unit shipped to my door with 2nd day delivery free! HIGHLY RECOMEND!!!!!



    So much potential

    JB from Atlanta, GA on 4/22/2011

    This unit had so much potential, but is unfortunately saddled with some really bad and/or untested firmware. I love all the features and functions, but the unit is simply not stable. *Bluetooth is really slick, but after a few days, it will go into a state where calls connect and NO AUDIO comes through the speakers. Very frustrating, and the remedy is to reset to factory default. *iPod interface is pretty poor and buggy. I've managed to get the unit into a state where the touch screen locks up when I plug in any ipod. No remedy found. *iPod video does not play when in motion. They just forgot to test for this feature. *Upgradeable maps? Only map available is from Jan 2009. *Setting the time is GOOFY and non intuitive. Default is a time zone that is 30 min offset from every zone in the States. *Reverse camera function actually works well, and has never given me trouble. Hence, the one star rating! Do not waste your money on this unit - it is not worth any deal and will cause you much frustration ... unless Clarion gets their act together and does a firmware update.



    nice unit

    Vito from orange county ,New York on 4/11/2011

    2006 Dodge Ram 1500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bought this unit for my 06 dodge ram it is nice unit but does have a couple flaws . 1 its hard to see the screen if its bright out during the day . 2 when I use it with my Iphone 3gs when connected via usb for charging and ipod features the unit becomes unresponsive during Bluetooth calls and displays an error message on screen.Apparently with my iphone the unit cant be used for Bluetooth calls when connected via usb if a call comes in and you are connected via usb the unit needs to be reset to regain Bluetooth functionality this wouldn't be a big deal but after a reset all my presets are lost and having to re apply them constantly can get bit irritating . This is apparently a known issue with the unit that I only found out about by calling tech support through Cructhfield .If the screen was easier to see during the day and the Bluetooth Issue didn't occur all the time when connected via the usb cable I would have given this unit a 5 star rating



    Great product

    JR from Clearwater Beach on 4/7/2011

    2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is an awesome receiver ! Great quality !



    Clarion NZ500

    dshw from phoenix az on 3/21/2011

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    radio is nice works well doesnt have alot of options for eq but sounds good and visuals gps is cumbersome to use at first... sometimes the addresses are way off base but reseting the location makes it work better



    nice multimedia unit for the price.

    the provider from El Sereno, california on 3/15/2011

    2005 Hyundai Elantra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    the Clarion NZ500 is a unit that has super strong reception for the GPS antenna and basic radio, it can play dvd movies in the rear headrest monitors & flip down monitor for your kids or passangers in the back seat, while you use the gps navigation in the front at the same time. it can play mp3 & wma format music through the usb drive. the clarion nz500 has a very nice back up camera feature, it only uses 1 lavander color wire with a white stripe on it. this wire goes connected to the (+) positive side of the rear back up light bulb wire so when you put your car on reverse your back up camera will turn on immediatly. pros: accurate gps navigation with strong reception, usb flash drive plays mp3 & wma formated music, it plays dvd movies while you use gps navigation in the front by having rear monitors on the headrest. you can listen to music while having gps navigation on too. cons: monitor does not close/ open automaticaly, you cant play movies via usb drive regardless to format, mp4 or 3GP. its not compatible with most phones for bluetooth hands free connectivity.



    great unit

    Tim from Vermilion Ohio on 3/13/2011

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The unit performs perfectly- will recomend this to all my friends



    Increbible Value and Great Feratures

    Chuck from Washington, DC on 3/7/2011

    1985 Lincoln Town Car
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    At $500, the NX500 is an incredible value with all the features it comes with. I recommend it highly. PROS: Navigation system is pretty decent. It's a notch lower than my Nippon Denso in my 2010 Lexus. The turn detail on the left side does not have a moving arrow as one is making the turn. The 3-D prospective, POIs, and interface is generally well done/easy to use. The Bluetooth works essentially flawlessly with an iPhone 4. It takes a bit of time to sync one's phone book at every start-up, but it's full featured and extremely clear listening and speaking with the bulit in mic. Decent power output and tone control. It took awhile to figure the best tone setting, but with bass at +5 and treble at +4, loudness off, it sounds great in all modes. Sans video support, the unit supports an iPhone 4 in iPod mode out of the box. I do not believe the accessory cable is needed. CONS: The iPod interface needs work. Serious work. Moving through the Artist, Song or Playlist involves repeatedly pressing the page down key MANY times. And, if you pause too long, the list starts at the top again. Very fustrating. An alpha grid line the address list in the Bluetooth menu would be a big help. The unit's processor gets sluggish when you have the iPod connected and playing - changing screen in navigation moves notably slower. The rear USB cable is ridiculously too short. Remember to buy an extender. Also, the map database is old - March 2009.




    JMPA from WPB Fl. on 3/3/2011

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The Wife loves it and that is important for me. As alway's support is the most important review and Crutchfeild is about support. They are really ancient in that Customer Service is everything and they are about that.




    Bill F from Lindenwold, NJ on 2/12/2011

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The radio is good. The GPS is not current. I tried to download the newer version, but it would not take. Have to have an expert look at it for me. Instructions are not easily understandable.



    Satisfied With Purchase

    Chuck C from Jacksonville, FL on 2/3/2011

    2006 Ford Escape
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great stereo and great price. Touch screen that folds out and bluetooth is cool for a 16 year old. He really enjoys it. Easy and professional looking installation. GPS is a bit cheap looking but to a 16 year old, he's the coolest among his friends. Stereo was $300 cheaper than at a local car stereo shop. Thanks Crutchfield.



    Excellent performance for the price

    Joel_CA from Sacramento, CA on 1/31/2011

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I originally ordered the NX500 double DIN unit, but that arrived DOA. The unit would power up, but the screen would remain black and unresponsive to any inputs. I was hesitant to stick with Clarion because of this but aside from the NX500, i've had nothing but positive experiences with any of the many Clarion products i've used in the past. Crutchfield didn't have another NX500 in stock (discontinued) so they suggested the NZ500. The NZ500 didn't let me down. It has a ton of features for a $499 price tag with a very clear screen, excellent sonic performance, great iPod interface, and all of this with Navigation built in. I really wish i had the NX500 because the flip up screen of the NZ500 blocks my HVAC controls when its up. That is my only gripe- though that is not the fault of the unit.



    Great Price, Great Sound, Great Performance, Great Features

    Ammunist from Minnesota on 1/16/2011

    2005 Dodge Ram 1500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This unit is great, installation went well! Navigation is FAST and so are the menus in general. I purchase this unit with the HD Radio tuner, and the integration is seamless and works perfect. I wasn't even aware it could play DVD movies, but if you hookup the parking brake signal wire, it works great! Touchscreen is big, bright, beautiful. A word of advice, however: If you purchase this unit and intend to use the USB for iPod or memory stick music playing, get a USB EXTENSION CABLE! In my opinion, it probably should have some with one, since the USB port is on the back and I cannot imagine any vehicle in which that would be accessible. Other than the USB cable note, my only disappointment with this unit is the manual...the installation part is too small, not descriptive enough. I was able to overcome this, however, so it must not be THAT bad. :)



    Great bang for your buck

    Perry K from Bensalem, Pa on 1/4/2011

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Loaded with features for the money. First one had a problem with the touch screen. Crutchfield replaced it immediately and the new one works great. Can't change colors or walpapers like higher end models. Nav. sys. works well, also good Ipod control and back up camera option is a plus in my suburban that has been claimed by my 16 yr old son.. Definately the best bang for your buck.



    Clarion NZ500 for 2003 Ford Escort ZX2

    Mack1400 from Clovis, Nm on 12/31/2010

    2003 Ford Escort ZX2
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This was my first Clarion purchase and I am quite impressed with the NZ500. I have 1 Boss 4 channel amp to run the highs and 1 Boss mono amp running the 2 x 10" subswoofers and it sounds GREAT. I paired my Blackberry to the NZ500 and it works very well. NOTE: You must have the screen flipped up in order to communicate because the mic is on the screen. The navigation works great so far. It seems to know where to go. I have my Ipod connected using the Ipod Adapter, sold separately, and it works great. Navigating through the menus and screens to find songs is very user friendly. My 2003 Ford Escort was dull prior to installing the NZ500. Now, it's like driving a 2006 Acura TL... LOL! BTW, I read many reviews and some people were having trouble with the NZ500 so I decided to have my NZ500 professionally installed just to be sure it was installed and worked properly. So far... it has been a great upgrade. Be sure to spend a few hours with the manual and become familar with the system. The nanual was very detailed! I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for an excellent upgrade giving your vehicle a luxury feel.



    A great product for the price

    MattR from Metairie, LA on 11/3/2010

    2005 BMW 3 Series
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This radio is a great deal for the price, especially if you get a lesser priced, refurbished unit. I added the satellite radio and backup camera to mine, they were not included. The navigation works better than I expected and picks up a lot of good "points of interest." I also use the built in Bluetooth ALL the time since I spend a lot of time travelling for work. My only complaint is that the screen can be difficult to see during the day, which I guess is typical of flip out units that cannot recess into the dash... also, for some reason, my satellite presets will erase periodically... aside from that, I am very pleased with this radio.



    Clarion NZ500

    Mike from Seattle, WA on 10/29/2010

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I had the NZ409 which had an issue so I had to upgrade to this unit. I couldn't be happier. It has great resolution, sound, and gps. I have also added the hd radio tuner (well worth the money). There is no more static in my radio. The bluetooth in the stereo works as well as my bluetooth ear piece. Pros: easy to use, great quality, met all my expectations. Cons: difficult to see in direct sunlight, google maps is a better gps search for nearby locations, and the screen doesn't close when engine is turned off.




    DS from Chagrin Oh on 10/19/2010

    2005 Chevrolet Astro
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a pretty nice unit really no complaints except for one pretty big one, this g.p.s. unit could not find it's way out of a paper bag. Just for the heck of it I set it up to get me home from a present location and it sent me (if I would have followed it) about 9 miles out of the way, pretty pathetic, it must have been programmed by an Ohioan, they don't seem to know how to go from point A to point B in any kind of straight line or short distance either.Clarion needs to fix this problem and get the firmware out to the users A.S.A.P.!!!!!.



    Clarion NZ500

    Levi from Washington, DC on 10/17/2010

    2003 Dodge Ram 1500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Awesome, rearview camera out of site!!! Thanks Eddie my Crutchfield advisor!



    Maybe I was spoiled by my AVICd3?

    darrelltwo from Acworth GA on 6/29/2010

    1995 Ford F Series
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Crutchfield guys were very helpful in my install! 1995 Ford F350. Pros: Fits well, and in a crowded dash (although rca jacks on the back are a little cumbersome). Integrated Bluetooth gets along great with my iPhone, inlcuding showing call history, address book, and full functions. Something my Pioneer AVICd3 did NOT do well. GPS pics up my location very fast and very accurately every time I crank up the truck. No DVD for Navigation to get lost, scratched, etc..!!! All built into memory and you can update with a usb stick. Cons: Nav screen ALWAYS shows GMT instead of local time zone. Could not get NAV system to show multiple routes, ETA, or even a good overview. Gave funky routes compared to what the Pioneer system and our Tom-Tom gives, and no, they're not better routes. Screen is dim. Really not happy about the brightness or the contrast of the screen, but again, the Pioneer in my other car may have spoiled me. I guess, all in all, had I never owned a competing product before this unit, I wouldn't be missing anything and I wouldn't ignore the time on the Nav screen. Having seen that this can all be done better with the exception of the Bluetooth (pandora streaming from my iPhone almost makes Sirius useless), I'm disappointed. I think at $400, this unit would be worth it. At this price, I'm thinking it should be as good as the other units in that price range.



    Wonder if you couldn't do better

    mpguy from TN on 6/22/2010

    1993 Chevrolet G Series
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I probably should have looked harder for a gps capable single din unit and listened to the single star review on this site. got the unit and had it installed in a GM van which didn't have room for a 2 din unit. it broke on our first trip. the panel keeps going down and the up button doesn't work. am getting a replacement sent to me. cons: - ipod interface is cumbersome. for example to play all songs of one artist you have to scroll down starting at A and if you pause too long it resets and you have to do it all over again. - dim screen - gps was not very up to date on maps given that it is such a new model - when you retract display in certain modes of operation it is impossible to see the clock which is a pain forcing me to take out my phone to check the time - getting points of interest up on the gps was cumbersome - also for the life of me i couldn't get the gps clock to sync with the system clock and the estimates on travel were ridiculous. - moderate startup time. likely missing things that disappointed me and some could be corrected i would think with a firmware upgrade. however, it is still a reasonably sounding system and didn't cost as much as some other gps systems. the radio interface was reasonably intuitive. i'd look hard to make sure there isn't another flip that might be better for your needs. i'd likely not get another if i hadn't already installed the thing so i'll just put in my replacement and appreciate the fact that it is in my wife's van.



    Overall- Great Unit!

    Zac from Oklahoma on 6/13/2010

    2005 Nissan Maxima
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I bought a used car. Didn't have GPS or aux input. Only one-DIN kit would fit, so this was the solution. I won't detail the specifics of features, you can read them here. Install is pretty easy, just time consuming. I was able to mount the GPS antenna inside the dash, FWIW... It gets a great signal and it doesn't even have line-of-sight. Only real gripes in using it so far are: 1) It doesn't open/close automatically. 2) The iPod interface, while it works, it could've been more intuitive. Hitting "down" buttons to scroll through thousands of songs sucks. But my Bose speakers sound much better with this unit.




    Shaun from Boston, MA on 4/26/2010

    2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Being my first head unit with navigation, very pleased to say the least. I have no problem with the iPod controls. Works very well in my opinion. Doesn't freeze the iPod unlike previous head units I've had in the past. Not to mention my recent iPod controller (usaspec) for my factory radio... Always froze. But anyway... GPS antenna is very sensitive (in a good way). My antenna is hidden from view under the dash just near the bottom of the wind shield. Picked up on its location immediately after powering on for the first time. Strong signal while driving also. Sound is customizable, not the greatest, but it works. Still trying to find my "sweet spot" so to speak :-) Video works good (DVD) as far as I'm concerned. There's plenty of settings to tinker with. Still a little confused on how to set radio pre-sets, other than that radio comes in clear. Overall I'm very happy with this unit. Oh yea, there is a little delay when it turns on (ignition or accessory) but it's nothing serious, just the system starting up.



    '97 Crown Victoria

    Garry from Honolulu, HI on 3/30/2010

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The DVD units that would fit my vehicle were very limited. For a true "fit", and not a "modified fit", I had this NZ500 and the NZ409. THe NZ409 did not earn very solid reviews, so I opted for the NZ500 which is this year's model that "Clarion is very excited about." They have nothing to be excited about. Pros: The sound is very solid. Can adjust the EQ as need. The monitors tilt range is another plus. Cons: The Ipod interface is terrible. Considering that the masses have an Ipod, I picked up the Ipod hook up for the video feature. The monitors resolution is only ok, nothing special at all. When listening to an Ipod audio the controls are terrible. There is a delay in the unit reading the ipod. For example, If I choose an artist it takes a couple of seconds to pull up the songs. And it goes straight to the songs, not the albums. Therefore all of the songs are in alphabetical order, not numeric. Whenever I fast forwarded to another song, the highlighted song would move despite the fact that it wasn't playing the highlighted song. I could go on and on ripping this thing apart, but for the price and a sense of enthusiasm from Clarion, they disappoint. And if you're putting this in a Crown Vic, don't bother. The monitor won't clear the overhanging dashboard.




    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    AUX Input Front
    Audio/video Input 2
    USB Input Rear
    CarPlay No
    Android Auto No
    Siri Control No
    Android Control No
    Memory Card Slot USB Memory
    Bluetooth Compatible Built-in
    Satellite Radio Ready Sirius
    HD Radio Optional
    Navigation Yes
    iPod Compatibility
    Full size ---
    Nano ---
    Touch ---
    iPhone ---
    RMS Power (CTA-2006) 18 watts
    RMS Power (Manufacturer) ---
    Peak Output 40 watts
    RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
    Preamp Outputs 6-channel
    Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
    Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs No
    Video Screen Yes
    Preamp Voltage 2 volts
    Display Color
    Key Button Color Blue
    EQ Bands 2
    Wireless Remote Yes
    Steering Wheel Control Compatible Yes
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year
    FM Sensitivity 8 dBf
    European Tuning Yes
    Seek/Scan Both
    Radio Data System No

    Product Research

    Display Features
    Built-In Navigation
    Audio Section
    Radio Functions
    Disc Playback
    USB/iPod Connectivity
    AV Connections
    Bluetooth/Remote Control

    Display Features

    Motorized/Retractable 7.0" Touch Panel TFT Display: The Clarion NZ500 has a motorized, retractable 7.0" TFT wide screen display with touch panel controls. The display provides a high-resolution video monitor for watching your DVD videos. The screen has a resolution of 1440 x 234 and 336,960 total pixels. The display features brightness (0-20) and aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9) adjustments. The unit's touch panel features interactive controls and video graphics, making menu navigation easy. An on-screen numeric keypad allows you to directly access music tracks and movie titles.

    Note: A screen cleaning cloth is provided to help you keep the unit's LCD display clean.

    Display Angle and Position Adjustment: You can adjust the display's angle for better visibility. The display angle can be adjusted from 70° to 110°.

    2nd Display: In addition to its main LCD screen, when the NZ500 is in the "closed" position, the informative 12-digit blue LCD offers maximum visibility in a space-saving package.

    Front-Panel Controls: In addition to the unit's touch-panel display, the unit features hard-key controls, including two rotary dials, along the bottom front-panel and side of the unit.

    Parking Brake Detection: To prevent the displaying of video while the vehicle is in motion, the bright green wire in the supplied 18-pin harness must be connected to the vehicle's parking brake detection circuit. While the vehicle is in motion (parking brake off), you can still view all of the other displays and menus.

    Built-In Navigation

    Built-In Navigation System: The Clarion NZ500 features a built-in car navigation system with simple destination input, turn-by-turn voice prompts, and selectable route guidance (everything you need to reach your destination quickly and efficiently). The NZ500 comes pre-loaded with 12 million Points of Interest; its database includes national parks, restaurants, gas stations, and much more.

    GPS (Global Position System): The navigation software uses Global Position System (GPS) satellites, and a digital roadway map database to calculate and display travel direction.

    GPS Antenna: The system's supplied GPS antenna receives signals from a constellation of 24 satellites orbiting the earth and uses the strongest of signals to determine your position to within meters. The GPS antenna features a magnetic base and a 16.5' attached cable.

    Vehicle Positioning: The built-in navigation software's computer considers vehicle speed an heading changes, together with longitude and latitude information, to accurately determine vehicle heading and position on a digital map. Signal from GPS satellites are used to determine the vehicle location. Three (good) or four (best) satellites must be receive to accurately determine location.

    Navigation Mapping Software: The integrated map database used by the built-in navigation software was created using high-resolution aerial and land based data collection. Navigation data is pre-stored on the unit's 4GB internal flash memory for quick access and response. The NZ500 provides map coverage of the United States and Canada. The Clarion NZ500's integrated navigation software provides turn-by-turn visual and voice assistance to direct you to your selected destination. The built-in software quickly calculates step-by-step directions to any destination available on the included navigation map.

    Note: Car navigation maps are frequently updated. While this database was judged to be as accurate as possible at the time of its release, a map database can never be 100% accurate. Road information that is maintained in the map databases, such as turn restrictions or road names may change over time.

    Voice Guidance: In addition to graphic directions, the NZ500 provides voice guidance and turn-by-turn directions. You can select from English, French and Spanish audible languages. The volume of the voice prompts can be increased with increases in speed to overcome road noise. Voice guidance can be turned off if you prefer.

    Destination Search: The Destination Entry Menu gives you many different ways to choose your destination or insert a waypoint in your current route. An on-screen keyboard appears to allow you to enter your destination from one of the following categories:

    • Home: You can store one home location to allow you to calculate a route home from any current location.
    • Office: You can store one work location to allow you to calculate a route to work from any current location.
    • Address/Intersection: You can input your destination address by house number, street, and city. You can also enter one street name, then choose from a list of cross streets.
    • POI (Point-of Interest): Select a destination or waypoint from a database of restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc. A Point-of Interest may be searched by category, city, or name. This unit provides 12-million points-of-interests.
    • My POI: My POI will allow you to create and save your own personal points of interests.
    • Coordinates: You can route to a destination by directly inputting latitude and longitude values.
    • Favorites: You can select your route to a destination by choosing on multiple preset favorite places.
    • Address Book: The address book s a convenient place to store frequency visited destinations.
    • Trail Book: The trail book allows you to create your own navigation routes.
    • Trip Book: The trip book allows you to navigate multiple destination trips.
    • History: Previous destination entered into the unit's built-in navigation software are automatically saved into its memory. This is helpful when you want to return to a recent destination.

    2D Map: The on-screen map is 2 dimensional. 2D looks down from above at the map grid, just like looking at a paper map. You can choose to orient the map in one of two ways; show North at the top of the screen, or show the direction in which you are heading at the top.

    Day/Night Settings: You can select one of three brightness modes for the on-screen map:

    • Daytime: Has a lighter, brighter background for easier viewing during the day.
    • Nighttime: Has a darker background, so it is easier to see at night.
    • Auto: The brightness of the display automatically switches between daytime and nighttime at sunrise and sunset.

    Route Priority: You can set the following conditions for route calculation; shortest distance or shortest time, avoid freeway, avoid tolls, or use ferries.

    Route Simulation: You can preview all the route information and simulate travel along a projected route.

    Automatic Route Recalculation: The unit will automatically recalculate your route if you stray from the navigation unit's previously calculated route.

    Trip Computer: The Trip Computer displays current speed, max speed, average speed, compass reading, odometer reading, and clock reading.

    Audio Section

    24-bit D/A Converter: The unit's 24-bit D/A converter re-quantizes the 16-bit audio signals from CDs and DVDs as 24-bit data while maintaining the low distortion and high linearity of a 1-bit D/A converter. This allows an expanded dynamic range and clearer reproduction of subtle nuances, for a richer sound when viewing DVDs or listening to CDs.

    CEA2006 Compliant: The power specifications for the NZ500 are compliant with the CEA2006 Mobile Amplifier Power Testing and Measurement standards from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). These standards were developed as a way to equitably compare power specs from model to model and between manufacturers. The power output specs for the NZ500 are as follows:

    • CEA2006 Specs: 18 watts RMS x 4 channels (at 4 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 1% THD-N)
    • Maximum Power Output: 40 watts x 4 channels (160 watts total)

    Audio Settings: The Clarion NZ500 offers the following audio adjustments:

    • Preset EQ: Jazz, Pop, Classical, Rock, Urban, Rave, Movie, Techno, News, User, Flat.
    • Bass and Treble: Independent and variable bass (60, 80, 100, or 200Hz) and treble (10, 12.5, 15, or 17.5kHz) control (+/- 7 dB); you can also adjust the Bass Q-Factor to 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, or 2.0.
    • Loudness: Compensates for low and high tones during low volume.

    6-Channel Preamp Output: With 3 sets of RCA outputs, you are free to add external power amplifiers to create a more powerful, sophisticated audio system. Also, independent volume control is enabled for the subwoofer so you can adjust the level of bass output to your liking at any time, regardless of the output level of the other channels. The multimedia headunit is equipped with stereo front, rear and subwoofer preamp outputs for connecting the unit to an external amplifier. The subwoofer preamp output's level can be adjusted independently from -7 to +7 dB. The NZ500 also features a low pass filter for the subwoofer preamp output. You can select between 80Hz, 120Hz or 160Hz.

    Beep: The in-dash headunit provides an audible beep to confirm button operation. This function can be turned On or Off.

    Radio Functions

    AM/FM Tuner: The Clarion NZ500 is equipped with a built-in AM/FM tuner. The NZ500 offers Seek, Scan, Manual, and Preset tuning.

    Preset Tuning: The NZ500's built-in AM/FM tuner features 3 FM bands and 1 AM band. You can store up to 12 presets in each bands, allowing you to store 36 FM and 12 AM preset stations. You can manually store your favorite presets or have the NZ500 automatically store the strongest stations for you.

    Preset Scan: The Preset Scan receives the stations stored in the units' preset memory in order. The unit scans each station for 10 seconds sequentially. This function is useful when searching for the desired station in memory.

    Local Seeking: When Local seeking is turned "On", only those radio stations with strong radio signal can be received.

    HD Radio Ready: Connecting the optional Clarion THD400 HD Radio tuner (020THD400, sold separately) lets you enjoy listening to digitally broadcast radio programs with superior sound quality and text information (such as artist name and song titles or traffic news; viewable on the headunit's display). The add-on HD Radio tuner includes iTunes Tagging capability, so if you hear a song on the radio that you like, you can tag it to download later from the iTunes Store.

    Note: Right now there are about 2,000 radio stations broadcasting using digital HD Radio technology in the U.S. To find HD Radio stations in your area, visit the HD Radio website (

    Sirius Direct: You can connect the Clarion NZ500 to the SiriusConnect SC-C1 Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver (607SCC1, sold separately) without any need for a interface box and enjoy over 130 channels of music, news, talk shows, sports and traffic information with digital quality sound throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    Note: A subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio is required for service.

    Disc Playback

    Electronic Skip Protection: The Clarion NZ500 provides electronic skip protection for your CD-Audio discs (10-seconds), as well as your discs containing MP3 (45-seconds) and WMA (90-seconds) audio files.

    Disc Compatibility: The NZ500 can play back the following types of discs.

    • CD: CD-Audio, CD-Text, CD-R, CD-RW

    MP3/WMA Playback: This unit can play MP3/WMA (32-320 kbps) files recorded on CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW discs in Joliet, Romeo, or ISO 9660 Level 1 or 2 format. The player can recognize up to 8 hierarchical levels, 200 folders, 1500 files per folder, and 1500 total files. The headunit also supports ID3 Tag information (Ver. 1.0, 1.1, 2.3, 2.4) which will display the title, artist, and album information when recorded on the disc.

    Parental Lock: You can set and change the level of parental lock. This function allows cutting scenes that are unfavorable for children or replacing them automatically with other scenes prepared in advance. There are 5 levels of parental lock that are protected by a custom user 4-digit password.

    Mounting: For proper disc playback you must install the unit within 30-degrees of horizontal.

    USB/iPod Connectivity

    USB Port: The headunit features a rear panel USB port that allows you to connect and play USB Mass Storage devices loaded with MP3 and WMA audio files. This unit supports USB 2.0/1.1 Full-Speed and FAT12/16/32 file systems. The multimedia headunit will support MP3 files with a bit rate of 32-320 kbps and WMA files with a bit rate of 32-192 kbps. The NZ500 can recognize up to 200 folders with a maximum of 1500 files in each folder (maximum total number of files: 1500). The NZ500 offers the following playback operation of your USB Mass Storage device - Play, Pause, Track selection, Fast-forward/backward, Scan play, Repeat play, Random play and Folder selection.

    iPod/iPhone Connectivity: The optional Clarion CCA-748 iPod/iPhone connector cable (020CCA748, sold separately) allows the NZ500 to connect to your iPod via the headunit's rear-panel USB port and A/V input. Using the optional iPod/iPhone connector cable, the NZ500 supports audio/video playback, control, information display, and charging of select iPods and iPhones. If you only need audio playback, you can simply use the USB/Dock cable supplied with your iPod.

    • USB Connection: The USB connection allows your iPod/iPhone's stored music to be loaded instantly to the headunit and sound quality to be maximized through the headunit's 24-bit D/A converter, allowing for a Signal-to-Noise ratio up to 87dB.
    • Audio/Video Playback: The Clarion multimedia headunit supports both audio/video playback from compatible iPod or iPhone. Using your iPod or iPhone's USB/Dock cable you can enjoy audio playback of music stored on your iPod or iPhone. Using the optional Clarion iPod/iPhone connector cable (sold separately), you can also enjoy video playback of movies, TV shows, and music videos stored on your iPod or iPhone. Video can only be displayed while the vehicle is in park (the unit will display "Audio Only" when your vehicle is in motion).
    • Media Navigation: You can control your iPod/iPhone from the multimedia headunit. You can browse your iPod/iPhone's music library by Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Playlist, or Composer. You can browse your iPod/iPhone's video content by Movie, Music Video, TV Show, Video Podcast, or Rented Movie. You can also select random and repeat functions for a certain song or specific folder. Your iPod/iPhone's controls will be locked while connected.
    • Music Information: The multimedia headunit will display your iPod/iPhone's music file information, including - Track number, Elapsed playing time, Song Title, Artist Name, Album Title and Album Art.
    • Charging: While connected and the ignition switch is set to ACC or ON, the multimedia headunit's USB connection will power and charge your connected iPod/iPhone.

    Note: If your iPod/iPhone has no initial battery charge, then the unit will not recognize it. In this case, you will need to charge your iPod/iPhone's battery before connecting it to this unit.

    iPod/iPhone Compatibility Chart: The Clarion NZ500 is "Made for iPod/iPhone" compatible and supports the following iPod/iPhone model features when connected to the optional Clarion iPod/iPhone connector cable (as of Dec. 2010):

    iPod/iPhone Model Generation Media Type Control Type Display Type Charge
    Audio Video Headunit iPod/iPhone Song/Artist Info Track Info
    dock connector 3rd N N N N N N N
    4th N N N N N N N
    mini 1st N N N N N N N
    2nd N N N N N N N
    video 5th Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    classic 80GB Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    120GB Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    160GB Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    nano 1st Y N Y N Y Y Y
    2nd Y N Y N Y Y Y
    3rd Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    4th Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    5th Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    6th Y N Y N Y Y Y
    touch 1st Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    2nd Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    3rd Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    4th Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    iPhone 2G Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    3G Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    3GS Y Y Y N Y Y Y
    4 Y Y Y N Y Y Y

    Note: Apple iPod/iPhone software updates may change functionality results. If you download a newer software version, you may need to reset the headunit and your iPod/iPhone to regain functionality. If this doesn't work, you may need to revert to the older software version or wait until an newer software update is available.

    AV Connections

    Front and Rear AV Inputs: The Clarion NZ500 is equipped with AV input terminals on the front and rear of the unit to enable enjoyment of content from an external connected source. The rear composite video/stereo RCA inputs are ideal for permanent installations, while the front AV minijack (3.5mm) input will come in handy for quick connection of a portable audio/visual source.

    Video Output: The NZ500 is equipped with a single composite video output for connecting a rear monitor.

    Note: When playing video from an iPod source, the rear video output is only active when the parking brake is engaged.

    Camera Input: The Camera Input consists of a Composite video RCA jack for connecting an optional rear-view back-up camera. This RCA input enables you to connect a rear-view camera to display the area behind your vehicle. The increased view encourages and facilitates safer driving. When an optional rearview camera is connected to this unit, the rear view image is displayed on the screen when your vehicle is placed in reverse gear (purple/white wire of harness must be connected to reverse light wire of vehicle).

    Bluetooth/Remote Control

    Built-In Bluetooth: The NZ500 features built-in Bluetooth Technology. Bluetooth wireless technology enables voice and data to be sent via a short-distant digital radio link (2.4GHz) up to approximately 33 feet. With Bluetooth built-in, you can wirelessly connect your Bluetooth capable mobile phone to listen to calls through your car's audio system. HFP/OPP/A2DP/AVRCP protocols are supported. You can pair up to 5 Bluetooth enabled devices (only one can be used at a time).

    • HFP/OPP: The NZ500 supports wireless hands-free communication for your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. The NZ500 allows you to carry on a phone conversation from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone using the headunit's built-in microphone and your car audio speakers (the headunit also features a microphone input for connecting an external microphone: 020RCB199, sold separately). The NZ500 utilizes a Noise Canceller feature to reduce noise generated during hands-free conversation. The multimedia NZ500 allows you to answer the call manually from the headunit's controls or automatically. You can make a call from the NZ500 using the unit's on-screen ten-key pad, your transferred Phone Book, or a call history data log of dialed and received calls. The unit also feature a redial function.
    • A2DP/AVRCP: The NZ500 supports wireless music streaming for transferring stereo music audio data that is processed as a steady and continuous audible stream from your Bluetooth enabled phone or audio player to the Clarion headunit and your car's audio system. You can listen to and control music stored on your Bluetooth enabled phone or audio player. The NZ500 lets you control the following playback functions from your Bluetooth compatible phone or audio player - Play, Pause, Stop, Track Search, Fast Forward and Rewind.

    Note: Not all Bluetooth enabled mobile cell-phones and devices will be compatible with the NZ500. Go to for list of current compatible cell-phones.

    IR Wireless Remote Control: In addition to the unit's touch-panel and hard-key controls the NZ500 comes supplied with an IR wireless remote control for full function of the multimedia/navigation player.

    OEM Steering Wheel Remote Compatibility: The unit also features an OEM steering wheel remote control input on the rear of the unit that lets you keep your vehicle's factory radio steering wheel remote controls when used with the optional PAC SWI-JACK Steering Wheel Control Interface Adapter (127SWIJACK, sold separately); or the optional Metra ASWC Steering Wheel Control Interface Adapter (120ASWC, sold separately).

    Note: Please consult the Crutchfield Car Selector to see if your vehicle is compatible.

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