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Clarion THD301 HD Radio™ Tuner

Get HD Radio reception on select Clarion receivers

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Item # 020THD301

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Our take on the Clarion THD301 HD Radio™ Tuner

Love local radio? Then it's time to check out the crystal-clear reception and high-quality sound that HD Radio technology brings to AM and FM broadcasts. Just connect this THD301 tuner to your Clarion receiver, and start enjoying what HD Radio has to offer. On participating stations, you'll hear AM that's as clear as FM, along with FM that's almost CD quality.

Love local radio? Then it's time to check out the crystal-clear reception and high-quality sound that HD Radio technology brings to AM and FM broadcasts. Just connect this THD301 tuner to your Clarion receiver, and start enjoying what HD Radio has to offer. On participating stations, you'll hear AM that's as clear as FM, along with FM that's almost CD quality.

This tuner is compatible with Clarion's CZ301, CZ501, FZ501, CX201, and CX501 receivers. With your iPod® connected, you'll be able to "tag" tunes that catch your ear on HD Radio so you can buy them later at the iTunes store. Many HD Radio stations also broadcast more than one channel on the same frequency. The THD301 tuner allows you to select these additional channels, giving you even more listening choices. Warranty: 1 year.

Was a great addition to my clarion cx501

Anonymous, N. Ridgeville, oh

What's in the Box:

  • HD Radio module with two attached 6" cables (terminated by a proprietary 8-pin connector and female motorola port)
  • 40" DIN-cable (with a proprietary 8-pin connector on each end)
  • 2 Metal mounting brackets
  • 4 Machine screws
  • Warranty Card
  • Product Registration Information

Clarion THD301 HD Radio™ Tuner Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(6 Reviews)

A must have, on the Clarion cz702

Francisco from San Antono, Texas on 2/16/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

You can definitely hear the difference. Installation was easy, per HU manual instructions. Use the cable included with the THD301, for easy installation and better reception. Also, I found it easier to just push in and adjust the THD301 and cable and antennae cable first, as opposed to securing the THD301 with the supplied brackets. The Clarion THD301 enables Clarion cz702 to receive multiple HD radio stations on one HD radio station channel; The cz702 is designed with 3 FM bands to accommodate this feature.

Pros: I can hear the difference, the music played on the HD radio stations do have a CD quality sound; Clear, clean sound. At first I thought I would loose the power. But the Clarion cz702, pre-install of the THD 301 and using the OEM Bose amplifier, improved the quality of the music to the point were the stock speakers of my SLK32 no longer caused the resonance that made my doors rattle or the variable roof to make noise; No power loss in sound, rather an increase in power and clarity.

Cons: The Clarion THD301 is being discontinued by Crutchfield. I had a Clarion THD301 on a cx501 double din HU and never experienced any failures with the THD301 HD module. I believe the Clarion THD301 will last quiet a while on the cz702.

HD radio upgrade

Anonymous from N. Ridgeville, oh on 1/5/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Was a great addition to my clarion cx501

Pros: Great sound and reception

Cons: None

Solid component, don't see the wows of HD radio yet

Cory from Phoenix, AZ on 2/4/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this HD receiver to pair with a new Clarion CX501 head unit. Installation was not easy as it's left up to you to figure out where and how to place the unit. I ended up using long cable ties and cinching it to a metal strut that holds the dashboard of the car. The pigtail from the car's antenna was not real long so I couldn't place this too far from the stereo. The connections between the car antenna and the HD box to the head unit is very easy. The connections to the head unit only works one way and that's good because the back of the receiver is a tangled mess of pre-amps and other connections. Once I had found a place for the HD reciever and installed it, that was all I needed to do as the Stereo starting working right away with the HD receiver.

Pros: compact design. Solid construction. easy connections.

Cons: HD sound quality is not significantly different than FM (It does say it's receiving Digital signal so I know it's getting the HD signal).

Clarion THD301 HD Radio™ Tuner

Jeffpac from Annapolis, MD on 12/10/2011

Purchased this with a Clarion radio. The unit sounds good WHEN it works; but the signal just keep going in and out. So annoying! I even had it professionally installed. At some point will have to get it removed so I can listen to regular signals again.



Clarion THD301 HD Radio™ Tuner

snowman from wichita,ks on 9/1/2011

sorry to hear the other reviewer havin issues BUT, not sure if he understands hd radio and definately has an issue. WITH HD RADIO JUST LIKE HD TV YOU EITHER GET A SIGNAL OR NOT. HEAR ALMOST EVERY STATION BROADCAST IN HD, AND BELIEVE ME THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE. also sounds like you have an install issue, you should not be having this problem. Hear in KANSAS i can pick up stations from OKLAHOMA and MISSOURI, no fading in and out. I would say if you do have a problem, either thier not broadcasting in hd or your anntena wire is exspoded and or cracked. Also if you have any grounding issues or alternator issues this will also cause a problem. PLAIN AND SIMPLE HD RADIO IS AWESOME, CONSTANTLY HAVIN TO TELL PEOPLE NO ITS NOT A CD YOU HEAR ITS JUST HD RADIO.



HD RADIO Not Worth the $

Fre' from Ossining, NY on 7/21/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I recently purchased a Clarion HD radio tuner to be added to the Clarion car stereo that I also purchased. I had it professionally installed to insure that it was all done correctly. After having it for about 1 month, I feel that it's not worth the $99. (plus installation) I paid for it. I don't know if it's the Clarion tuner, or HD Radio in general, but there are very few HD stations. When you do find one, the signal will come in and out, take awhile to come in (dead air), or doesn't come in at all. If HD Radio had a subscription like Satellite Radio does, I would cancel it immediately. It's just not worth the additional cost. Luckily I also sprung for a Satellite Radio tuner. I'm not crazy about the monthly cost, and the signal does go in and out (nowhere near as much as HD) from time time, but at least there is variety. You get a lot of channels for the buck, and overall better reception. In my opinion, don't waste your money on an HD Radio at this point. Use that money to pay for a year of Satellite Radio. Hopefully in the near future more stations will offer HD Radio, and will improve on the signal it puts out.




Hands-on research

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HD Radio: HD Radio technology, where available, offers higher quality sound than conventional analog broadcasts and receives text data. HD Radio provides FM broadcasts that are equal to CD sound quality and AM broadcasts that are as good as analog FM stereo broadcasts. HD Radio also provides a variety of data, including station name, song title, artist name, album name, etc. No subscription fees required.

Note: Right now there are about 2,000 radio stations broadcasting using digital HD Radio technology in the U.S. To find HD Radio stations in your area, visit the HD Radio website (

Compatibility: The Clarion THD301 HD Radio Tuner connects to your 2011 Clarion HD Radio-ready headunit's HD Radio port. Currently the THD301 is compatible with following Clarion multimedia headunits (as of March 2011).

  • CX: 201, 501
  • CZ: 301, 501
  • FZ: 501

Multicasting: In addition to conventional broadcasts, with HD Radio broadcasting it is possible to choose from up to 8 multicast programs (HD1 to HD8 and analog). There are also data programs for each program.

Display Information: The THD301 HD Ratio Tuner displays song title, artist and station information on the display of your compatible Clarion HD Radio ready headunit.

Analog Broadcasts: In addition to HD AM/FM stations, the THD301 can also receive conventional analog AM/FM broadcasts.

Presets: The Clarion HD Radio Tuner features 3 FM bands and 1 AM band where you can store your HD and analog AM/FM station presets. You can store 6 stations in each band, giving you a total of 24 HD/analog station presets.

iTunes Tagging: iTunes Tagging allows you to "tag" songs heard on the HD Radio Receiver. Tagging saves the song's title and metadata to a connected iPod/iPhone. When the iPod/iPhone is synced to iTunes, a playlist is generated with links to the iTunes Store where the song can be purchased and downloaded.

Note: This function can be operated with the following iPod/iPhone models - iPod nano (3rd/4th/5th/6th gen), iPod classic (80/120/160GB), iPod touch (1st/2nd/3rd/4th gen), and iPhone (2G/3G/3GS/4).

Installation: The THD301 plugs into the HD Radio port on the back of your compatible Clarion HD Radio-ready headunit. The antenna cable from the Clarion headunit is disconnected and plugs into the antenna port on the HD Radio tuner.

Mounting: The Clarion THD301 comes supplied with two metal mounting brackets and mounting hardware to secure the HD Radio tuner in your vehicle.


Receiver Output: Proprietary 8-pin connector (attached to a 6" pig-tail) with a 40" extension DIN-cable which plugs into the HD Radio input of your compatible Clarion headunit.

Antenna: Female Motorola antenna port (attached to a 6" pig-tail) for connecting your vehicle's antenna cord. Unplug the antenna from your Clarion headunit and connect it to the antenna connection of the HD Radio tuner.

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I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: The Clarion HD tuner is only designed as an add-on for certain Clarion aftermarket radios. It will not work with factory radios. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. [ Krissy  Mar 25, 2014 ]  Staff