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Yamaha YAS-101

Powered home theater sound bar

69 Reviews | 1 question - 4 answers

Item # 022YAS101

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Our take on the Yamaha YAS-101

Yamaha's Air Surround Xtreme™ teams with Dolby® Digital and DTS® surround decoding to bring out the richness of today's movies and digital broadcasts. Two 2-1/2" speakers powered at 30 watts each deliver the goods like no tinny, tiny TV speaker can. A pair of built-in 3" powered mid-bass speakers round out the sound at 30 watts each, adding depth to music and bass punch to your favorite action movies. Thanks to the bass reflex ports at each end of the YAS-101 you'll enjoy room filling sound from this compact system.

Doesn't your television deserve a fair hearing?

Today's HDTVs are a study in contrasts (no pun intended). While the image quality is extraordinary, sound can be unrecognizable, coming from speakers squashed inside a thin bezel. The Yamaha YAS-101 puts an end to that in one fell swoop.

YAS-101 soundbar

Bass reflex port

Surround realism is in the air

Yamaha's Air Surround Xtreme™ teams with Dolby® Digital and DTS® surround decoding to bring out the richness of today's movies and digital broadcasts. Two 2-1/2" speakers powered at 30 watts each deliver the goods like no tinny, tiny TV speaker can. A pair of built-in 3" powered mid-bass speakers round out the sound at 30 watts each, adding depth to music and bass punch to your favorite action movies. Thanks to the bass reflex ports at each end of the YAS-101 you'll enjoy room filling sound from this compact system.

YAS-101 ports

This is what TV is supposed to sound like

The YAS-101 easily handles the demanding soundtracks that overwhelm the puny drivers in most TVs. Voices are clear and distinct. Music scores come through with the full range of the instruments. Every boom and pow sounds like it should, instead of like it's coming out of a crackling kazoo. And with Yamaha's built-in Univolume™ technology, the assault of loud commercials is arrested before the first blow.

The sound bar that won't block your vision — or your HDTV's

Many sound bars will sit perfectly in front of your HDTV — and blind the remote control eye. Fail. The Yamaha YAS-101 solves the problem, offering a built-in IR repeater so your remote's signal gets picked up by a front sensor and transmitted through a rear emitter. Success! Plus the legs adjust so you can see perfectly too. If you prefer, just remove the feet from the YAS-101 and mount it on the wall below your television. The system also learns the commands of your TV's controller so you can put away the included remote for safe keeping.

Product Highlights:

    Sound bar:
    • 120 watts (30 watts x 2 peak full-range, 30 watts x 2 mid-bass)
    • Dolby Digital and DTS decoding with virtual surround processing for a more engaging listening experience
    • Clear Voice™ processing for clearer sounding dialogue
    • UniVolume maintains steady sound levels, eliminating unwanted bursts from commercials
    • bass ports for rich, deep lows
    • two 2-1/2" full-range powered drivers
    • two 3" built-in powered mid-bass speakers
    • wall brackets and mounting feet included
    • requires AC power
    • weight; 9.3 lbs.
    • 35"W x 4-1/4"H x 4-3/4"D
    • 1 coaxial digital and 2 optical digital audio inputs
    • line-level output for optional powered sub
    • system frequency response 50-20,000 Hz (±3dB)
    • remote control included
    • rear built-in remote flasher ensures that commands are transmitted to your TV
    • warranty: 2 years
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    What's in the Box:

    • Soundbar speaker
    • Remote control (FSR60 WY57800)
    • 2 "AAA" batteries
    • 2 Mounting feet (installed)
    • 2 Mounting brackets (installed)
    • 59" Optical digital cable
    • 2 Wall spacers
    • Mounting template
    • Owner's Manual
    • Warranty Information
    • Online Product Registration

    Yamaha YAS-101 Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (69 Reviews)

    Finally turn that TV volume down!

    Doug from Wyckoff, NJ on 9/30/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The YAS-101 completely exceeded my expectations. I bought it for my father, who had been making his flatscreen TV progressively louder -- uncomfortably loud for other watchers. By separating the voices from the other noise and making them more discernable, my dad now watches TV at a normal volume and agrees he can now hear the TV much better. This product is a miracle!

    Pros: Performs better than expected and a great price

    Cons: None

    Solid - Purchased three of them.

    KeithK from Maryland on 4/4/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This sound bar is well made and very sleek and mininmal in styling which I like. Sound quality is very good considering the size of the drivers in this product. Unit has some nice features to adjust sound / voice enhancement. I liked my first one so much I bought two more (one as a gift to a family member who is also very happy). Easy connections to TV also. Good bang for the buck here in my opinion.

    Pros: Sleek and stylish. Clean lines. Can acheive a fairly high level of sound. Pleasant sound reproduction. A few nice audio modes to select from.

    Cons: The optical cable provided is not the best qualtiy, but that can always be upgraded if you feel the need.

    Great product

    Kbml from Cotter, AR on 2/14/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great sound bar for the money. Major improvement over my tv's speakers. Bass is solid...not earth shattering...but just right in my opinion. Highs and mids are very clear and distinctive. The remote learning feature is nice as well as the IR repeater built in the back. My only complaint would be the glossy finish. Looks great new but seems to show scratches and finger prints very easily. But that alone as a negative is outweighed by the positives for sure. I would highly recommend this sound bar to anyone wanting a simple setup, that doesn't have any remote speakers to deal with, and provides an added boost in sound quality over the tv's standard speakers that is great for the price.

    Pros: Great sound, simple setup, great added features like remote learning and IR repeater. Nice audio features that actually work such as clear voice and the volume leveler.

    Cons: Glossy finish is susceptible to scratches and finger prints. Even wiping with a soft terry cloth leaves swirls in the finish.

    My Sony YAS-101

    A. Martin from Cincinnati, Oh on 2/6/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I absolutely love it. It sounds so much better than the tv speakers. Worth every penny to me. Easy to install, it came with a wall mounting template. Fits perfectly under the tv, perfect size and sound plus buying and ordering from Crutchfield is very easy and their support staff are extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to my next purchase from them, whatever it may be. :-)

    Pros: As said, sounds GREAT!

    Cons: None!

    Yamaha YAS-101

    WCP from Bloomsburg, PA on 1/12/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    as advertised



    Awesome Sound

    TereN from Macomb, IL on 1/6/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I got this surround sound with integrated subwoofer to add to my TV when using my Roku since my current individual speaker system receiver only had 2 HDMI ports meaning I plugged the Roku into one of the extra TV ports. I wanted the soundbar to approximate the sound I was used to with my regular system when watching movies on Roku. Wow, I'm impressed. In fact, I think it is as good, if not better, than the individual speaker system since it includes the voice clarity option. I'm going to try comparing what I watch via the external speakers and the Yamaha soundbar and may just be going to a single sound output for everything! Yes, it's that good.

    Pros: Sound quality, ease of hook up. And it included the optical cable.

    Cons: None

    Mediocre product over promises, under-delevers

    Reynolds531 from St. Louis on 12/27/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    When I was a kid in Little League baseball I could not hit, run, or field so I sat on the bench. My team lost most of our games and went home at the end of the season humbled by our ineptitude. Fast forward a generation. My son is a chip off the old block. He can not hit, run or field either, but he played as much as everyone else. His team lost most of their games, but at the end of the season he got a trophy and celebratory party. The reviewers who gave this product a 5 or a 4 are like coaches of a losing team passing out trophies to bad players. This Yamaha claims "Yamaha's exclusive Air Surround Xtreme reproduces 7.1-channel surround sound with high quality, excellent imaging, and rich presence; far superior to that of the speakers in your TV. You'll experience an extremely realistic and impressive sound field, with clear dialogue in the front and dynamic sound action at the back and sides.". Sure, just like I can play centerfield for the St. Louis Cardinals. Yamaha claims "Two 2-1/2" speakers powered at 30 watts each deliver the goods like no tinny, tiny TV speaker can. A pair of built-in 3" powered mid-bass speakers round out the sound at 30 watts each, adding depth to music and bass punch to your favorite action movies. Thanks to the bass reflex ports at each end of the YAS-101 you'll enjoy room filling sound from this compact system." a sad joke. A decent hii fi amp and reasonably efficient speakers operating at 3 watts per channel blows this sound bar away

    Pros: nice black finish

    Cons: weak output does not even begin to approach true surround sound or fill room with cear sound and punchy bass, as claimed

    Bought for My Father

    Charles H from Maryville, TN on 12/27/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bought this for my father who's hard-of-hearing (and refuses to get a hearing-aid), so he has trouble hearing dialogue. He said that the Yamaha YAS-101 soundbar has improved hearing dialogue by about 30% (his best guess) for both movies and TV shows, as well as announcer/broadcaster voices for televised sporting events.

    Pros: Definitely improves clarity of dialogue for TV shows and movies. Easy to set up and connect. (according to my father)

    Cons: None. (according to my father)

    A very good speaker, a great deal

    GuyB from Bay Area, CA on 12/19/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I've paired this unit up with a 40 inch TV in the den/guest room. I have a home theatre set up in another room and I wasn't looking to duplicate that. The YAS-101 does exactly what I wanted it to do at a reasonable price; provide a sound that's light years better than the TV speakers without a taking up a lot of space and without requiring a slew of components. I find the surround sound claim a bit of a stretch but I was skeptical of this even when I ordered it so no disappointment there. Surround sound or not it sounds good. I played The Kids Are Alright, The Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show and Raising Sand as music test and was not disappointed. Pirates of the Carribean was the test movie and the unit also passed muster there. It was very easy to synch the remote with the TV. Throw in the usual Crutchfield support and Bob's your uncle.

    Pros: Sounds great. Looks good. Easy to set up. Great value.

    Cons: You won't get surround sound out of this speaker bar. You will get very good range, separation and clarity of sound for the price, but it won't be surround sound. This is a knock on Yamaha's marketing hype, not on the quality or value of the product.

    great product !!

    the dan from cordova, tn on 11/2/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    very well done - great sound, plenty of volume - works great - amplifying the sound in an exercise room ove the sound of exercise equipment - very pleased



    Very good for the price

    JSC from Melbourne, FL on 9/20/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I wear hearing aids and the sound from my very expensive TV was very thin. It was sometimes difficult for me to understand conversations. The YAS-101 solved the problem. Everything, especially voices, are much more normal (and better) sounding. There is sufficient bass for voices to sound good but not good enough for full bodied music. For TV sound, the YAS-101 is a good and is economical.

    Pros: Makes the TV sound natural

    Cons: Not much low base

    Yamaha Yas-101

    Paul from NM on 8/10/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Good looking unit, easy hook-up, much better than TV sound but lacks bass, other than that OK

    Pros: easy hook-up

    Cons: needs stronger Bass

    Good But Not Intuitive

    Cobbler00 from Houston, TX on 8/8/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Good sound, good price but the instructions are rather sketchy.

    Pros: Good sound in a small space.

    Cons: Instruction book could be more informative.

    Yamaha YAS-101

    Pete from Helmetta, NJ on 7/23/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great sound at all levels. Even dialogue is crisp and clearer. Several settings to customize your way.

    Pros: Set up in 10 minutes. Piano finish blends perfectly. Great sound from a single unit.


    Yamaha YAS-101

    Patrick from Florida on 7/19/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Yamaha is the only name when it comes to receivers/amps but as far as soundbar speakers go, not very impressed. Stereo sound or surround sound are very weak when compared to another soundbar that I own. The Yamaha soundbar has flat surround sound when it comes to movies with no detectable sound from different places whereas the other soundbar produces sounds which appear to come from different places in the room. When increasing volume of both the subwoofer and main volume once the indicator light turns yellow the sound starts to go downhill very quickly. For the price, my other soundbar blows away the Yamaha.

    Pros: Great look for a soundbar and easy to hookup. Sound is okay.

    Cons: Not much power and the sound itself seems very enclosed and not spacious.

    all about the clarity

    PW from Philadelphia, PA on 7/16/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Set up and working in about 10 minutes. I have some hearing loss, so the YAS-101 helps immensely. Even at very low listening levels, I can hear dialog clearly. The steady sound works great, and I programmed the cable remote to run the sound bar in less than 5 minutes, with the repeater working flawlessly. The built in sub adds a little more depth to the sound, but don't expect lots of bass, it's not there.

    Pros: good looking, easy to set up, good sound for the money

    Cons: lack of connectivity options may be a problem for some

    Good Performance

    TomR from Lake Jackson, Tx on 6/22/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This soundbar packs a lot of punch for its size and price. The internal subwoofer gives me all the bass that my wife and I need. Some people like more big boom,boom sounds, if so they need another larger system. The surround and stereo sounds are nice and clear. The Style and the presentation of the sounbar is excellent Also If I ever need to add a external subwoofer I have the option to do so. To program other universal remotes is a simple matter.

    Pros: Performance, Style, setup

    Cons: None

    Yamaha YAS-101

    RayH from Tx on 5/5/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Very nice sound for the bucks spent. I use this speaker with a Samsung 46" 3D TV in a 10x10 room and it gives me great sound. I have it on the bottom shelf of a corner stand along with the TV and using surround sound effects with movies works out great. I must admit while watching regular TV I like the basic stereo mode better but having the effects is a nice plus for this small speaker. I give it only four stars since the bass is not quite as good as having a separate speaker and I do not know how long this speaker will last, my Boston Acoustics bit the dust after 3 years.

    Pros: Compact easily fits under a TV and has pass thru. Price was right and the sound in a small room is very good, much better than my TV.

    Cons: None, for the money many extras even the bass is acceptable..

    Yas 101 soundbar

    Kerner from Wyndmoor pa on 5/4/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This bar has a simple setup, low profile, and clear sound. While it will not impress those looking for room filling sound, it does a great job in a small room.

    Pros: Clear sound, simple setup, small footprint.

    Cons: Scratches very easily, ships with cheap cords, separate sub is a must for medium sized rooms.

    Good buy!

    G from Schenectady NY on 4/12/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Good buy for the money. As they say, if you want more sound, spend more money. As all of the other reviews, The volume output could be louder but it is loud enough for my family of 5. I couldn't hear what people were saying on the TV most of the time because of the cheap built in TV speakers, and my kids. :) This is defiantly an improvement.

    Pros: Great buy for the money. Clear sound. Nice little built in sub-woofer. Great sound enhancing features like clear voice where u can actually hear what people are saying amidst effects, explosions and music.

    Cons: Max volume could be a little louder. It isn't earth shattering, however it is loud enough for my family of 5.

    Yamaha YAS-101

    Rusty from Jax,Fl on 4/7/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    A big improvement on the tv sound. Not dramatic or shaking, but smooth and room filling. And I like buying from Crutchfield also.

    Pros: works as advertised, simple and rather elegant design.

    Cons: There is room for more range

    Great Product

    Bob Q from Waverly Iowa on 3/27/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a great product fro a reasonable price, I didn't want to spend $500 or more for TV sound. This enhances the sound for our room, so much better than the speakers on the TV. I also got one of these for my daughter, she loves it. I put it under our TV in a cabinet covered by speaker cloth so you can't see the sound bar but the remote still works through the speaker cloth.

    Pros: easy to set up, clean sleek look to it.


    Excellent product.......

    SPOTTERRON from Lockport, NY on 2/21/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The YAS-101 is a great sound bar for the money. The volume leveler and voice clarity features deliver as claimed. It's not meant to replace a home theater sound system, but it's a huge improvement over the limited speakers in a 55 inch smart tv. Both "stereo" and "surround" modes deliver great movie music and/or sound effects. Installation is simple and fast. Looks great. Would buy again without hesitation.......



    Love this sound bar

    Hospitality Design from Menlo Park, CA on 2/11/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The sound is great for such a small package deep and rich. Looks clean, high quality not cheap like some sound bars. No huge sub woofer to hide. All built into the unit. We like them so well we are using them for all our guest rooms.

    Pros: Great sound all in one unit. Well built. Looks great on the wall

    Cons: No rear IR receiver plug, have to use an IR Bug to control with our universal remote

    Yamaha YAS-101

    Joe from Medford, OR on 2/5/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Good product for the price. Do wish I had gone a little further upscale for more features.



    yamaha spot on!

    Eddie C. from Puerto Rico on 2/1/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    great product perfect for my bedroom. luv it so much ordered another one for mom's bedroom. easy to set up, great sound, very stylish.

    Pros: great sound, easy set up, attractive.

    Cons: plenty of bass for me, but some may want more. however there is a subwoofer line out.

    Very Little Improvement

    VinceR from Kerrville, TX on 1/24/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I bought this sound bar to replace the on-board speakers in my 52" Sony Bravia HD TV. The hookup was simple and fast. But the sound was only slightly better than the on- board speakers. I expected much more of an improvement, but the performance was not there. I still have to use my wireless headphones to understand talking when the volume is set to only moderate levels. Not worth the price for almost the same quality as the internal TV speakers.

    Pros: The unit looks nice, hookup is easy and the surround sound seems to work good.

    Cons: The performance is only slightly better than the on-board TV speakers.

    Good but not great

    Aurel from Royal Oak, MI on 1/22/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Overall I am pleased with this unit, it gives for sure a far better sound than my flat screen. And it is very convenient to be able to control it directly with my TV remote control. But : - definitely not a surround system. The sound is better than the stock speaker of the flat screen, OK, but overall still quite "flat". Good, but flat. - the soundbar cannot learn the "mute" function. So with the TV remote you'll have to decrease the sound rapidly instead. Not a big deal but...

    Pros: - better sound than stock TV speaker - look - soundbar can be directed by TV remote - price

    Cons: - definitely not a surround system, sounds overall "flat" - the soundbar cannot learn the "mute" function

    Great way to fill up a room with sound

    TylerB from Durham, NC on 1/22/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The Yamaha is perfect for our medium-sized living room. We don't have space in our TV cabinet for the speaker (especially since the sub has openings on the side of the unit), so we have it positioned on top of the cabinet. It sounds great and is simple enough to use that my 7 year old son can operate it without difficulty. You can really feel the sound, which surprised me for a small unit without a separate subwoofer.

    Pros: great sound simple controls affordable IR repeater (although we don't need it in our current setup)

    Cons: none for us

    Yamaha YAS 101

    Mike from North Dakota on 1/21/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great sound. Easy setup on Sony Bravia.

    Pros: Great sound. Easy setup. Crutchfield Support provided clearer instructions for Remote Learning and process was smoother.

    Cons: No visual display of sound level. Yamaha instructions for Remote Learning hard to follow.

    Yamaha Yas 101 Speaker Bar

    Steve C from Milwaukee Wi on 1/14/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This speaker bar really made a difference with my 40 Samsung LCD Tv.It added a richer sound,especially the bass,which is adjustable with the built in woofer.Especially enjoy this speaker watching DVD movies,I almost think I'm in a theatre.Nice looking also,blends right in with my black tv.Very good sound for a reasonable price.

    Pros: Good sound for a reasonable price.Very easy to hook up.Has built in woofer.Sleek and nice looking.

    Cons: None

    Sleek soundbar

    Chris from Great Falls,Mt. on 1/13/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This Yamaha sound bar delivers much better sound quality over the tiny factory speakers of my T.V. The remote sensor on the back of the unit is a nice touch when it comes to changing channels. The soundbar itself is 41/2" tall and 35" long, making for an unobtrusive and sleek look. Plus it has a bit of a curve too it. The subwoofer delivers adaquate sound along with the two side speakers. Overall it's a vast improvement,especially when it comes to viewing movies. The sound is clear and the bass deep and rich. I am well pleased with my purchase,as I am with all my purchases with Cructhfield.

    Pros: Small, sleek,and decent sound quality.

    Cons: A bit difficult too set up in that the instructions said to plug the optical wire into the T.V. But a simple phone call to Tech Support solved the issue suggesting plugging into the DVD port. That worked. Problem solved.

    inexpensive but effective sound bar

    TomN from Captiva FL on 1/5/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    There is a lot of bang for the buck in this relatively inexpensive sound bar. Our Panasonic TV has a fine picture but inadequate speakers that give muddled sound at best. I am please with the ease of setup and the audio results.

    Pros: Inexpensive Ease of setup Impressive results


    Yamaha YAS-101

    Anonymous from Fl on 12/26/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great sound...perfect for the bedroom. easy to add a sub and add to the sound. Built in sub is good for low volume and night listening, but when you crank it up you lose the underpowered sub. The great option with this sound bar is that if you already have a good sub, you can add it with the easiness off holding down two buttons and plugging in your cable. Really a good idea from yamaha. At night I can turn off my sub so I don't wake my girlfriend and simply use the built in subs!

    Pros: sound is great for its size. While its not going to compete with a true 5.1, the reflection does effect sound and will add to the experience, more than having a 3.1 bookshelf system would and without an additional receiver and wires! black piano finish looks good

    Cons: At around half volume the built in subs are a bit overwhelmed, so plan on adding a sub if you crave more bass, or just get the 201

    Yamaha YAS-101

    Stroms from Seneca, SC on 12/25/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    It was very esay to set up and the sound is significantly better than the TV sound.

    Pros: Easy set up.

    Cons: None

    Yamaha YAS-101

    Rich S from Aberdeen Wa. on 12/10/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great sound easy set up plan on buying another



    Ymaha YAS-101 soundbar

    Dave... from Connecticut on 11/30/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    A great replacement for my previous bookshelf speakers and subwoofer wired thru a stereo A/V receiver to the HDTV. The soundbar requires just 1 digital connection cable directly to the TV... and the power cord to an electrical outlet. This eliminated all the wiring work that I would have to do to use the previous setup... because I moved just the TV to the opposite end of the room from the A/V setup. Sound from it is very good... noticably better that the HDTV's speakers. But... not as good as the previous setup. We very very seldom can turn the volume way up since people live above our place.

    Pros: Very easy hookup to TV. Looks great. Sounds very good.


    Yamaha YAS-101 sound bar

    Lynne B. from San Francisco, CA on 11/30/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I bought this to improve the audio from my t.v. and it performs that function marvelously. I did not want a sound bar with a separate sub woofer because of space. I can now understand what they are saying when I watch a DVD.

    Pros: Functionality. appearance and satisfaction

    Cons: Study your equipment carefully in terms of required connections. The sound bar is limited but serves my purpose. You do not want to order and return because you did not do your research.

    Yamaha YAS 101

    TBurke from Greenwood, DE on 11/19/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The quality of the this product is excellent. I love it. However be sure it is compatible with your components. I just have an HDTV and Blu ray player, no internet. The sound bard was hooked up to the TV using the optical cable supplied but the soundbar was only showing PL II (PCM) playback not Dolby. Of course I wanted the Dolby. So I was getting enhanced PL II (Stereo) plus the soundbar surround effect. Nice but.... So now I am waiting for a coaxial audio digital cable to hook the sound bard and blue ray up directly and have adjusted the setting for the blue ray player accordingly. We shall see.

    Pros: Great heft and appearance. Super sound if someone desires not to foll with 5.1 and 7.1 wires etc. It is not true surround in that regard but is a darn good option for an average space where speaker wires etc. would be a problem.

    Cons: The directions do not address my problem i.e. getting the Dobly to the sound bar. Yahama support was laughable. They just said the sound bar was not "blocking" the Dolby. What I asked them was what I need to do with my components to change that. That is why three stars. If I can get it so it utilizes its full capability I am sure it will be a five star.

    Yamaha YAS-101

    Dave from Texas on 11/11/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a top nothch sound bar for medium sized TVs and smaller spaces. It greatly enhances the sound from the television. We use this in an RV with a 37" tv which works great. I found that with a blu-ray disc you must set the TV sound output to the sound bar to PCM, otherwise you get no sound. Great improvement over the internal TV speakers.

    Pros: Great sound, easy to set up and use

    Cons: none

    Good Sound and Good Look

    Cliff from Scottsdale, AZ on 11/2/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The unit looks great in its Piano black finish. Sound is also very good and the clear voice does make it easier to understand dialog in those scenes that it feels like you have to turn it way up just to understand the dialog. Bass is a little anemic. Its there and it sounds good, just don't expect anything that booms.

    Pros: Aesthetics, sound, ease of setup

    Cons: Bass could be more significant

    Yamaha has 101

    Dave Stewart from Phila PA on 9/23/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    After reading many of the reviews here on Crutchfield I decided to go with this soundbar. I was not disappointed it was everything I was looking for at this price point. With clear voice it makes the voices more up front and the background music less so you can hear. As with the other reviews this soundbar is good for a small family room which I have. It is not made for a large room as it does not have enogh for a bigger room. But if you are looking for a sound bar at a decent price point Ina smaller room this does not disappoint . The only con I can say is true is the supplied optical cable is very thin and fells cheap . I had another laying around and used it .That is the only reason I did not give it five stars.

    Pros: Great sound at a decent price

    Cons: Supplied optical cable

    Yamaha YAS-101

    Jth from Cary,NC on 9/21/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Get reverb from t.v. It bothers my wife to the point I don't turn it on unless I am the only one listening.

    Pros: Looks great and easy to connect.

    Cons: Sound is delayed from t.v. Speakers


    JR: from Florida on 9/12/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I've been looking for a soundbar unit with dolby digital,and DTS surround sound decoding,and not just PCM: with an LFE preout,for a wired SUB! with at least 30 WATTS:per speaker channel avalible! So I found this one! I connected my DIREC TV reciever,and WD live steamer,for netflix to the unit.I only have digital coaxial out on my magnavox 37"tv,but I wouln't use the tv's preout anyway!your BEST sound comes from the source! your using.I use the YAMAHA'S remote,and the unit on another stand.I also have my POLK SUB! PSW110 connected to the bar.the DTS is GREAT when looking at netflix!the WD live,decodes DTS very well on 5.1 HD audio format:I have the RECIEVER/DVR connected to the TV in,and WD live connected to the BD/DVD in to the unit.for the price of the bar having two OPTICAL PORTS: is OK!you can always purchase optical selectors,wich normally have 3 ports avalible.and 1 in/out port.there prices are reasonable now can also turn the volume up,and not be annoyed at high volume LEVELS! thats what the CLEAR VOICE feature is for! and the SUBS LFE: affect is GRAND!if you keep the SUB! level reasonable,you'll get good clean deep bass,and I have to tell you! it sounds really good!and great sound QUALITY! when using a POLK SUB psw110: this SUB can peak 200 watts: easy! I only have a medium size room,and these to units do VERY well together! I like a WIRED SUB! it's always on QUE! PS: DIFFERENT STROKES,for DIFFERENT FOLKS:



    Yamaha YAS-101

    HHB3 from Tulsa, OK on 9/9/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The Yamaha YAS-101 is an excellent sound bar. It is not the surround sound like you would get from a seven speaker setup, but the surround feature on the unit is excellent for movies and music. The bass is not earth shattering, but is impressive for being built in the unit. I am very impressed with this unit and its performance and the price point of $ 225.00. This is exactly what I was looking for. I believe in simplicity and this unit fits the bill.

    Pros: Impressive bass Excellent value Simplicity

    Cons: None

    Integrates Nicely

    Anonymous from Baltimore, MD on 9/8/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Sound is excellent. A little tricky to program to work with the TV remote, but once setup it works flawlessly. The TV remote relay on the back is genius. The sub puts out nice bass. The Uni-volume feature doesn't seem to really work, so I deducted one star.

    Pros: Ease of Use and Sound

    Cons: Uni-volume doesn't seem to be effective.

    Nice Product

    Bob Z from Elkton FL on 8/28/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Very nice soundbar for the price. Much better then the TV speakers but not up to a 5.1 system as I expected. The unit is very nice lookinmg and the bass is decent. The soundbar blokcks the remote signal from the TV but Yamaha thought of that and it has a remote pass throuh. Great touch!

    Pros: Nice looking, very good sound

    Cons: couldn't seem to get the external subwoofer connected to my Velodyne sub. Crutchfeld exchanged my original one with the same result. Maybe my sub is the problem.


    Txgrandad from Plano, TX on 7/15/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Outstanding sound quality. Choice of surround or stereo with remote. Plug and play. Using it with new Samsung 60" Smart TV and Harmony One.


    Cons: None

    Sound Bar

    Yamaha YAS-101 from Boynton Bch, FL on 7/1/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This sound bar adds much more sound depth over the TV speakers but it will never replace a true 5.1 system. Good for a small room.

    Pros: Very easy to set up and low cost.

    Cons: None

    Yamaha YAS-101 Powered home theater sound bar

    PatrickJ from Gloucester, VA on 6/23/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Based on the sound quality and low price, this is a Best Buy. I love the "Uni Volume" feature; now my wife doesn't shout, "Turn the volume down!" every time a commercial comes on. That alone makes it a Best Buy.



    YAS 101

    George from Amarillo, TX on 6/18/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The surround sound does not really surround. There is little difference between stereo and surround and the other sound adjustments. It might get louder, but not clearer. An annoying lack of features is that there is no mute button on the sound bar so that it could learn to mute from the tv remote. I was hoping to not have to track yet another remote, but must.

    Pros: Easy to set up. Does improve sound compared to the TV.

    Cons: No mute function.

    Kitchen Sound

    Mike from Maumelle, AR on 5/3/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    We have a large kitchen and the small 19" TV my wife watches did not have enough sound to fill the large room. This unit is doing a great job.

    Pros: Will hang with the supplied materials. Good sound for the money. Looks great.


    Great sound to price ratio

    Gene from Chicago, IL on 4/29/2012

    Wow! This works! We're a fairly "amish" (i.e. low tech) family looking for a better sound for cool movies (Cars, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean) without the home theatre hassle and price tag. The YAS-101 did it with style... nice full sound in our family room and it looks nice also. I called a Crutchfield rep to "convince" me to take the plunge. They were knowledgeable, assuring and nice. This has worked out great! If you are looking for great sound without breaking the bank, go for it! Enjoy!



    Its pretty big, but not real strong for a large room

    Larry from Washington, DC on 4/11/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    We purchased this soundbar for a 50 inch plasma that we intended to use in our master bedroom, but we then actually placed it with the same tv in a much larger living room area. Even though it is one of the larger units in the price range, this one simply doesn't have the power to fill a larger room. In the smaller confines of the master bedroom it is okay, although the bass is not real strong AND (my biggest complaint) there is no indicator on the soundbar as to the relative volume level (if you raise the volume, lights go in one direction and vice versa but there isn't anything showing relative volume overall as you might see on the tv). We're going to return it and go with one of the models that has a separate wireless subwoofer.



    Yamaha YAS101 Sound Bar

    BillU from Sun City Centerr (FL) on 4/5/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Crutchfield is a pleasure to deal with, fast shipping, considerate follow up. Could not be better. I'm comparing this speaker to an excellent stereo sound system used in my Family Room. Overall, this speaker gives you just about what you pay for. It sure beats the sound of my 32 inch led TV but it "ain't no Bose."

    Pros: Low cost, easily handled,actually has built-in subwoofer, several nice features which others have adequately described, sound overall is fair to good.

    Cons: No tweeters (no sizzle from cymbal crashes), bass sound is present but thin, mid range is adequate but not crisp

    Excellent Sound Bar

    Greg B. from Evansville, IN on 4/5/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I recently purchased the Yamaha YAS-101 sound bar in order to improve upon the weak sound from my flat-panel HD TV which I had put up with for four years, not having found a better option that I wanted. I had not been interested in the heavy duty home theatre systems but wanted something essentially to give more clarity and depth to the sound. A friend suggested that I look into sound bars. The Yamaha brand was a plus for me since my rack system from several years back was a Yamaha and has continued to perform very well over the years. The prompt shipping process from Crutchfield was great and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. This front surround system is exactly what I was looking for and the price was great as well!! Connecting to my TV was a breeze. (Consult your TV owner's manual to first turn your TV speakers off.) The sound quality is a vast improvement over the lackluster TV speakers. Bass sounds are impressive and just what I was looking for, yet not so overpowering to drive my Jack Russell from the room, which was also a big consideration. This product has actually exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone who is "on the fence" about purchasing a sound bar vs. the often highly touted (and much more pricey!!) full home theatre systems.

    Pros: Easy set-up. Simple "user friendly" remote. Attractive appearance that blends with my flat-panel TV and is very unobtrusive.

    Cons: None at all.

    The Total Package

    Steve M. from Staten Island, NY on 4/1/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I added this to my 55" 3D Panasonic to make up for the lack of sound. This little speaker fills the room quite well. I can even feel the bass. It is not the loudest speaker bar. If you are looking for sound quility at a great price this is total package.

    Pros: Remote learning feature is great. I can operate this speaker bar with my Direct TV remote. Very simple set-up. Great sound for the fraction of the cost of other speakers.

    Cons: None, if you know what you are looking for.

    high quality sound bar

    molanza from hellertown,pa on 3/15/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    the yas101 is a great product and is very well made. It does what it advertises and then some. has more than enough power and easy to connect to the tv which only has an optical output. one of the biggest pluses is that it does not block the signal from my harmony remote to the tv and everything works seamlessly. Wife won't allow any subwoofer in the room so I have to be satisfied with the sound bar bass, which is only ok. Order shipped very fast and i received it 2 days later in perfect condition. Crutchfield is a terrific company to deal with. Kudos to Crutchfield.

    Pros: great product and easy to use and setup. sits in front of my 47inch tv and is virtually invisible.

    Cons: none

    Good product

    Mike S from Pennsylvania on 3/11/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I did a lot of research on-line before purchasing the YAS-101. I also waited a few weeks before reviewing it so I could really get a feel for its capabilities. It is a definite improvement over the TV speakers and is great when watching movies. The sub may not give you a the sound of a separate sub, but to me it is more than adequate. I agree with one of the reviewers that the optical cable provided is somewhat flimsy. Solved that problem for under $10 by going to CableMart. The only shortcoming I see is that the univolume control doesn't seem to control the sound level as good as the TV did when switching from one channel to another. If you want an easy cost-effective way to improve the sound from your TV I would recommend this product.



    Fantastic sound bar!

    Henry from Anthony, NM. on 2/29/2012

    After having this product for about two weeks I fell ready for a proper review. First of all this Yamaha YAS-101 sound bar is amazing! I've been researching sound bars for about a month  prior of making my final decision, going to a local electronic stores, which was only one and also read reviews online. Which It came down to these sound bars: Sony HT-CT 150, VIZIO sound bar, Samsung D450, Samsung D550, Polk Audio IHT4000 and 6000, Boston Acoustic TVee25, Yamaha YAS-101, and Sony HTC-T550.  I consider myself an audiophile due to the fact I have a good sense of hearing and appreciate good quality sound. After couple of weeks of looking and researching and reviewing it only came down toa final winner, Yamaha YAS-101!!  Comparing also with the price the Yamaha YAS 101 beats them all, all these other units were MORE expensive and u had to worry where to place the sub, which meant more wires.  The setup took less then 3 minutes, has an internal sub woofer, clean curvy simple beautiful design, synced my dish network controller and my Samsung controller to it, clutter free, amazing crispy clean sound, no distortion even with the volume at highest!!!! The sub is perfect, the lows on this subwoofer are amazing, and the highs aren't  that high but it works for me even with an option for an external sub I didn't find a need for that :) works wonders with movies and also with your gaming consoles and your music sounds like no other. Highly recommend!

    Pros: Beautiful design, good internal sub, fast and easy to connect, perfect audio quality

    Cons: No Bluetooth/AirPlay

    Amazing sound bar!

    Henry from El Paso, TX. on 2/28/2012

    After having this product for about two weeks I fell ready for a proper review. First of all this Yamaha YAS-101 sound bar is amazing! I've been researching sound bars for about a month  prior of making my final decision, going to local electronic stores, and also read reviews online. Which It came down to these sound bars: Sony HT-CT 150, VIZIO sound bar, Samsung D450, Samsung D550, Polk Audio IHT4000 and 6000, Boston Acoustic TVee25, Yamaha YAS-101, and Sony HTC-T550.  I consider myself an audiophile due to the fact I have a good sense of hearing and appreciate good quality sound. After couple of weeks of looking and researching and reviewing it only came down to a final winner, Yamaha YAS-101!!  Comparing also with the price the Yamaha YAS 101 beats them all, all these other units were MORE expensive and u had to worry where to place the sub, which meant more wires.  The setup took less then 3 minutes, has an internal sub woofer, clean curvy simple beautiful design, synced my dish network controller and my Samsung controller to it, clutter free, amazing crispy clean sound, no distortion even with the volume at highest!!!! The sub is perfect, the lows on this subwoofer are amazing, and the highsB aren't  that high but it works for me even with an option for an external sub I didn't find a need for that :) works wonders with movies and also with your gaming consoles and your music sounds like no other.

    Pros: Amazing sound, clean nice unique curvy design, very loud, good internal subwoofer, good built quality

    Cons: No bluetooth/AirPlay

    Simple, sleek, effective

    Philo from Hudson, NY on 2/20/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    First of all, Crutchfield on the phone was very helpful and listened to our needs and this fits them perfectly. We were looking for simple clutterfree hookup with appreciable enhancement over TV sound, which is notoriously not great. One cable, looks great, and the features of the small remote are right on - raises and sharpens voice levels at the touch of a button, ditto raise and lower bass, and keeps volume levels consistent channel to channel and for commercials. The sound is great (we are not audiophiles) and is easily monitored by ear and by the lights on front panel. Also, I have my blue ray connected to it and also play CDs - great for music; better than the single BOSE boxes by far. So far (it's just been a few weeks) we're very happy with this purchase!

    Pros: Appearance, performance, ease of set up and use

    Cons: None yet


    Kris from Miller Place, NY on 2/10/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Works great. I love that it has 2 IR eyes. One for the Yamaha remote and another that can learn my cable remote. Once it was set up, I put away the Yamaha remote. Simulated surround is not a myth.



    Yamaha sound bar

    John from Greenbsboro NC on 2/10/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Huge difference over the tv's sound system... I have ordered the sub woofer and I have no clue how much it will add to the sound

    Pros: The thing kind of dissappeared when I slid it under the front of the tv which was rather cool!

    Cons: not a con to be had

    Great Single Design

    Phil N from Salisbury, NC on 2/9/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Really like this speaker. It has surprisingly full sound for a single bar system. The integrated subwoofer is powerful enough but not extremely powerful. But the convenience of not having a woofer on the floor in our already small room outweighs in performance that may ne lacking. I really like this speaker.



    Awesome product

    Mike D from NJ on 1/28/2012

    After reading your reviews I decided to compliment my new big screen with a sound bar. Amazing product. I cant believe how good it sounds. Compact, good looking and internal sub. The internal sub woofer is just enough bass to make anything from a concert, movie or game sound rich and full. Very pleased with the product and the price

    Pros: All in one unit with infrared pass through for the remote

    Cons: No bluetooth

    Nice addition

    Stan Mc from Fayetteville on 1/5/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I'm another that read reviews, listened to various soundbars at brick & mortar stores, yet I didn't find the sweet spot between price and function until Yamaha produced the YAS 101. The sound bar is an excellent addition and blends so well sitting in front of the LCD that it's barely noticeable (piano black plastic as most TV bezels). The sound is excellent for a unit this size and fits with what I wanted - better sound while subduing the shrill commercials of TV programming. While the built-in subwoofer is adequate, I hooked the YAS 101 to a Yamaha compact subwoofer that was used in my former system and it works nicely. For me the greatest surprise isn't the clearer, smoother dialoque coming from the YAS 101, it is the way it handles music. I listen to Music Choice many evenings while reading (smooth jazz & easy listening)and the YAS 101 sounds as good as my primary stereo speakers. For those looking for theater sound the YAS 101 may disappoint. As another reviewer mentioned - it's about expectations. I normally get movie sound through my Pioneer TRE D800 headphones anyway so I wasn't looking for surround sound. On a down note, the YAS 101's mute function can't be learned by the cable/TV remote (at least not in my hands). The functions offered for learning are volume and power. For all other functions the YAS 101's remote is necessary although there isn't that much need to be switching once the sweet spot is gained. I just leave it in surround mode.

    Pros: Much better than normal television sound (reduced harshness)and the volume of commercials is suppressed. Excellent music reproduction for a soundbar.

    Cons: Not all YAS 101 funcitions are transferrable to the cable/TV remote, most specifically the mute capability. Instructions are limited.

    Great product!

    PN from Hudson Valley, New York on 1/4/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The Yamaha YAS-101 is a great buy. If you wish to enhance the sound of your television at an affordable price, you cannot go wrong with this product. Of course, you have to have realistic expectations - it will not give you the exact effect of having speakers dispersed throughout the room, but it absolutely creates a most pleasing bottom end stereo sound that is a vast improvement over the sound quality one can expect from a flat screen TV. Because of some reviews I had read, I was a bit hesitant, but my conclusion is that those individuals had unrealistic expectations. My example: I watched an Oscar Peterson DVD (jazz for those who do not know) and could not even hear Ray Brown's bass. When played through the YAS, the bass frequencies sounded awesome. I highly recommend it.

    Pros: Price, sound quality, ease of use


    Nice option to replace tv speakers

    AaronR from New Bedford, MA on 12/18/2011

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I have used the unit for two weeks now with music and movies. This unit is replacing my very good surround sound system with all PSB speakers and a Pioneer Elite receiver. We just remodeled the living room and the wife got sick of all the space a surround system takes up. Movies: The faux surround of this unit is just average and only occasionally will make you think sound is coming from all directions. The unit can sound hollow and dialogue a little muffled. The clear voice option helps a bit. The unit does have a subwoofer output but a good sub will easily overpower the unit. Music: The unit shines a little brighter when playing music but still a bit hollow. The units internal sub does a decent job of adding bass to music but pop/hip hop is not what the bar plays best. Classical and jazz sound really good though.

    Pros: Two digital inputs and decent bass

    Cons: The unit is made out of plastic


    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    Enclosure Sealed/Ported
    Design ---
    Pieces in System 1
    Color Gloss black
    Tweeter None
    Midrange 2.5" Cone (x2)
    Woofer 3.0" Cone (x2)
    Separate Subwoofer No
    Subwoofer Driver None
    Surround Sound Decoding No
    Dolby Atmos No
    Dialogue Enhancement ---
    Auto Volume ---
    4K Video Compatible No
    HDR Video Compatible ---
    Audio Return Channel ---
    Remote IR Passthrough No
    Works with TV Remote (IR) ---
    Control by App ---
    Bluetooth Connectivity No
    Wi-Fi No
    Wall-mountable Yes
    Mounting Bracket Included Yes
    Surface Mount Stand Included Yes
    Speaker Parts Warranty 2 Years
    Speaker Labor Warranty 2 Years
    Amplifier Parts Warranty 2 Years
    Amplifier Labor Warranty 2 Years
    System Frequency Response 50-20k Hz
    Powered System Yes
    Sound Bar RMS Power 48 watts
    Subwoofer RMS Power 48 watts
    Inputs and Outputs
    Mini Stereo Audio Inputs None
    RCA Stereo Audio Inputs None
    Optical Digital Audio Inputs 2
    Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs 1
    HDMI Inputs None
    HDMI Outputs None
    USB Port No
    Subwoofer Output 1
    Sound Bar (inches) 4-1/4H x 35-1/16W x 4-3/4D
    Sound Bar Weight 9.3 lbs
    Subwoofer (inches) No Subwoofer
    Subwoofer Weight N/A

    Product Research

    Audio Features
    Remote Control
    Mounting Options

    Audio Features

    Soundbar Speaker System: The Yamaha YAS-101 is a slim, low-profile soundbar speaker system featuring the latest Air Surround Xtreme technologies from Yamaha and built-in dual-driver subwoofer that delivers a 7.1-channel surround sound from a single speaker unit. The Yamaha is a great addition to your flat-panel TV, replacing your television's speaker with rich, virtual surround sound. The soundbar's front panel and top have a glossy "piano black" finish that harmonizes beautifully with today's flat-panel TVs, for a stylishly compact home theater system. The YAS-101 soundbar can be table-top or wall mounted below or above your television.

    Air Surround Xtreme Technology: Yamaha's exclusive Air Surround Xtreme reproduces 7.1-channel surround sound with high quality, excellent imaging, and rich presence; far superior to that of the speakers in your TV. You'll experience an extremely realistic and impressive sound field, with clear dialogue in the front and dynamic sound action at the back and sides.

    Note: You can also set the soundbar speaker system to Stereo.

    2.2 Speaker System: The Yamaha YAS-101 soundbar combines two 2.5" full-range drivers (front-firing) with dual 3.0" subwoofers (down-firing), driven by a digital amp with a total output of 120W (Peak). Although compact, its excellent structural design provides a large volume enclosure for all speakers. The two 2.5" full-range drivers are housed in separate acoustic suspension chambers, while the dual 3.0" subwoofers are housed in separate bass reflex chambers for added efficiency and better bass response.

    Note: The soundbar speaker is not magnetically shielded.

    Digital Amplifier: The Yamaha YAS-101 soundbar's 2.2 speaker system is powered by a built-in 24 watt (RMS) x 2 channel (6-ohms, 1kHz, 10% THD) + 48 watt (RMS) x 1 channel (3-ohm, 100kHz, 10% THD) digital amplifier.

    Dual-Driver Subwoofer: The dual subwoofers employ large magnets and large-diameter voice coils to realize dynamic and robust bass sound reproduction. This ensures that the overall sound has a rich sense of presence, making movie effect sounds more realistic.

    Bass Reflex Port: The YAS-101 employs a bass reflex port (for the dual subwoofers) that has a straight shape and adequate length to provide outstanding bass response together with the large volume cabinet. The duct outlet is shaped like a trumpet bell, which reduces wind noise for better sound clarity.

    Saran Net Grille: The grille protecting the speaker unit is a saran net that allows unimpeded sound flow. All sounds, including vocals and music, are clear and pleasant.

    Dolby Digital/DTS Compatible: The YAS-101 soundbar is compatible with popular surround sound formats, such as Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround, so you get the full effect of multichannel movie sound.

    Clear Voice: The Clear Voice function raises the level of dialog and narrations while maintaining overall sound quality. Movies, TV shows, sports commentary, and news broadcasts are more clearly audible.

    UniVolume: UniVolume is a Yamaha-developed technology that maintains a consistent volume level between different channels, programs, commercials, and input sources. For instance, when watching TV while using UniVolume, the volume of commercials will not be louder than the program being viewed. The same is true when switching sources to watch a DVD or Blu-ray movie, or to listen to music on CD. This is particularly helpful for late night watching and listening when spikes in volume can disturb others in the house or apartment building. This feature can be switched On or Off.

    Audio Delay Control (Lip Sync): This technology adjusts the timing of the picture and dialog, so they are always in sync with one another.

    Subwoofer Volume: You can adjust the soundbar speaker's subwoofer volume independent from the speaker's main volume for added bass response.


    Digital Inputs: The Yamaha YAS-101 soundbar is fitted with 3 rear-panel digital audio inputs. The YAS-101 features 2 optical digital inputs (labeled TV, BD/DVD) and 1 coaxial digital input (labeled STB). The soundbar's digital inputs support PCM, Dolby Digital, and DTS audio signals.

    Note: Your TV speakers should be turned off, once the soundbar is connected.

    Subwoofer Output: The Subwoofer Out mono-RCA jack on the rear-panel of the Yamaha soundbar lets you connect an additional subwoofer to enjoy even more powerful bass sound.

    Note: You cannot use the soundbar speaker's built-in subwoofer and the external subwoofer connection simultaneously.

    Remote Control

    Simple Remote: The YAS-101's IR remote control is simple and easy to use. It lets you turn the power On or Off, adjust the volume, do other basic operations, and lets you switch the surround modes.

    Note: The remote operates off of 2 "AA" batteries (included).

    Learning Function: The YAS-101 has the ability to "learn" the TV remote control operation, so you can use the TV remote control to turn the YAS-101 On or Off, and to adjust its volume. This allows you to use either the TV remote or the Yamaha remote for easy operation.

    Built-in IR Flasher: Even if the YAS-101 blocks the TV's remote control signal, the IR flasher on the back of the soundbar transmits the signal to the TV so operation is not affected.

    Mounting Options

    Slim, Low-Profile Design: Because both speakers and subwoofers are built into the Yamaha YAS-101 soundbar, it fits easily into the available space you have above or below your television. With a height of only 4.25" (with feet), the YAS-101 can be easily positioned in front of your TV so the soundbar straddles the TV stand, using the included feet.

    Wall-Mount: You can remove the feet and hang the YAS-101 on the wall, using the included wall-mount brackets. A wall-mounting template is provided. Wall mounting screws not included (sold separately).

    Note: The soundbar's height is only 3.5" with feet removed.

    Attached AC Power Cord: The YAS-101 is fitted with an attached 6' AC power cord.

    Our Product Research Team

    At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

    Q & A

    Customer Q&A

    1 question already asked

    I don't. Just used for TV [ BRYAN  Dec 05, 2013 ]
    Unfortunately, you cannot connect your phone/mp3 directly to this sound bar as it does not have analog/stereo mini-plug inputs. It only has optical/coaxial digital audio inputs. You can connect your phone/mp3 to the stereo inputs of your TV (via a headphone to RCA stereo cable), and then connect the digital audio output of your TV to one of the digital audio input ports of the sound bar via an optical (toslink) cable. [ Soumava  Dec 05, 2013 ]
    I haven't tried to connect my phone to the sound bar. Although, the sound bar is better than the tiny built in TV speakers, it still isn't very good. [ KEITH  Dec 05, 2013 ]
    Sorry, I'm low tech. [ PETER  Dec 05, 2013 ]