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Blaupunkt Bluetooth/USB Interface

Add hands-free calling and a USB adapter to select Blaupunkt receivers

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Our take on the Blaupunkt Bluetooth/USB Interface

Add hands-free calling and a USB input to your compatible Blaupunkt audio/video receiver. This handy Blaupunkt Bluetooth/USB adapter lets you answer incoming calls and place outgoing calls with compatible phones — all without fumbling around for your cell phone. You can also stream music from a phone with MP3 storage to your stereo.

Add hands-free calling and a USB input to your compatible Blaupunkt audio/video receiver. This handy Blaupunkt Bluetooth/USB adapter lets you answer incoming calls and place outgoing calls with compatible phones — all without fumbling around for your cell phone. You can also stream music from a phone with MP3 storage to your stereo.

To get started, plug the adapter into your compatible Blaupunkt stereo, then mount the included microphone and push-to-talk Call-Button. Setup only takes a few minutes, and you'll be on your way to safer driving, talking with both hands on the wheel and keeping your eyes on the road.

For even more fun, the adapter has a USB input — connect a thumb drive or other USB device, and you'll have hours of music on tap.

This adapter works with the following Blaupunkt audio/video receivers: St. Louis MP56, Memphis MP66, Melbourne SD27, London MP37, and Kingston MP47.

Note: Compatibility of this device may vary, depending on your phone and service provider.

Product Highlights:

  • Bluetooth wireless adapter for Blaupunkt "Bluetooth ready" audio/video receivers
  • USB input for USB storage devices and portable players with USB outputs (except iPod®)
  • plugs directly into the stereo for an easy installation
  • place/accept calls via the wireless connection
  • Bluetooth digital technology ensures crisp, static-free performance in the car
  • included microphone and push-to-talk switch
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • BT-USB-Interface
  • Hands-Free microphone with self-adhesive backing and 39" cord
  • Call-button with attached 38" harness
  • Instruction booklet
  • "Note" sheet
  • "FCC-Statements" sheet

Blaupunkt Bluetooth/USB Interface Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(5 Reviews)

Phone function: Great, but streaming? No...

Georg from Belmont, CA on 7/24/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Installation and set-up were a breeze. Got the latest firmware and configuration updates from the German web site - and it loaded flawlessly. Works great with my iPhone, except for a somewhat low default volume (I have to turn it up all the time when using the phone). Streaming music using A2DP? Not so hot. The function is new in the iPhone with OS 3.0, and I think it's the iPhone software having problems: It starts playing nicely, but after 20 seconds it starts to skip, and shortly thereafter it just stops. Setting the iPhone to "internal speaker", and then back to "Bluetooth" gives me the next 20 seconds of music. Not what I expected, I hope Apple fixes this with the next update. Not blaming Blaupunkt here, they don't claim it's compatible with the iPhone (well, they don't claim it to be compatible with any phone that is still on the market, their compatibility list dates back to 2007).



Not much US support

Donovan from Temecula, CA on 5/12/2009

Crutchfield says that this unit isn't compatible with the Bremen MP74, but it is. I have an Iphone and I was able to make it work with the bluetooth by downloading the OS update (1.4Meg file) from the German Blaupunkt site as mentioned on an earlier review of this product. It seems to work fine, but I am still trying to find a way to run music from the Iphone through the USB port. There isn't much support for Blaupunkt products in America, and that really bums me out. I would have given a better review if the manufacturer had better product support here in America. Otherwise I am a big fan of Blaupunkt radios and accessories.



iPod for Key West

freauwaru from LA on 5/5/2009

I can confirm that the software update from the German site works with the iPhone (version one with most recent updates) and Key West MP36. Thanks to the previous poster! While I have not tried my USB drive, I'm hoping the German website updates fix my USB MP3 problem--randomly quitting and not recognizing the USB drive until I turn the unit off and then on.



Doesn't work with everything

Leon from California on 4/14/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I installed the Bluetooth adapter with a complete system and the unit worked great till my V3 phone died and I upgraded to the V3xx (that's the only thing they had that I could use my software to manage the files on my phone) and when I tried to pair to the new phone, the phone would see the Blaupunkt but it will not connect. After spending money for a new head unit and bluetooth adapter, I now find it won't work. I tried going to other sites to find better software for it but I don't read german. I don't know how to fix this and I have tried to contact Blaupunkt with no response.



Works with iPhone

vsc from IL on 4/13/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Installed the adapter on a San Francisco CD72 with good results (handsfree and phone book - 100%). In short the adapter ships with older software which is identical to the firmware offered by the US Blaupunkt site. But newer software is offered by Blaupunkt's Germany site which permits the interface to interoperate correctly with the iPhone (tested with OS version 1.1.4). With regards to sound quality the results are better than Blaupunk's Compact Flash Drive unit which I have used with the CD72 from the point I installed the system in my vehicle (2-3 years ago). That said there are some MP3's which don't play correctly on the unit. I have tried scaling the volume of the file and/or bit rate without any effect on the result. What occurs is that strange tones occur throughout the playback of the song in question. But one point is important. For the songs in question I didn't encode the file and have no idea what was used for the encoder. All MP3's I encoded with LAME sound great and have no issues. In fact the vast majority of the MP3 files tested play just fine. Thus the issue cited might be attributed to a questionable encoder. With regards to MP3 tags I note that if the song title is very long the interface doesn't display the title on the head unit's display. Editing the title such that it was shorter resolved the problem. I would have given the interface 5 stars if the MP3 issue cited above wasn't present.




Hands-on research

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Overview: The Blaupunkt Bluetooth-/USB-Interface allows for hands free calling from your Bluetooth mobile phone via your car speakers when used with a compatible Blaupunkt headunit. The interface also allows you to listen to MP3 tracks from your Bluetooth mobile phone wirelessly in stereo or from your portable MP3 player or other USB storage mediums via its USB port through your vehicle's sound system.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology: The Bluetooth wireless technology enables voice and data to be sent via a short-distant digital radio link. As such, it extends the wireless communication possibilities for mobile phones and hundreds of electronic devices and ensures crisp, static-free audio performance. The Bluetooth-/USB-Interface supports Bluetooth Standard 1.2 Profiles which include.

  • Hands-free Protocol (HFP)
  • Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP)
  • Remote Control (AVRCP) for Bluetooth devices

Radio Compatibility: The Interface is compatible for all Blaupunkt aftermarket radios and navigation systems from model year 2002 and up that are equipped with CD changer controls, telephone mute and phone line-in functions. The following Blaupunkt CD players are compatible with the Blaupunkt Bluetooth-/USB-Interface - 023BAHAMAS, 023BERMUD6, 023KINGSTN, 023LONDON, 023MELBOUR, 023MEMMP66, and 023STLMP56.

Mobile Phone Compatibility: The Bluetooth-/USB-Interface is compatible with the following Bluetooth compatible mobile phones - Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia and Motorola. The Interface will support the following functions of these phones - Hands-Free operation, take/reject/end call, redial and language selections.

Note: Currently this adapter is not compatible with the iPhone or iPhone 3G.

USB 2.0: The Interface also features a standard USB 2.0 Type-A connection that is compatible with USB mass storage devices such as portable MP3 players, USB sticks and hard disks. This way you can listen to your MP3 audio through your vehicle's sound system. Your Blaupunkt receiver will need to be in the CD-changer mode for this function to operate. The Interface will support the following MP3 audio functions - directory and track searches, scan and mix features. The unit will also support USB version 1.2 standard. You can update software for this device from downloaded content from the Blaupunkt website,, via the USB connection.

Registering Cell Phones: You can register up to five Bluetooth compatible cellular phones to the Interface. Once five phones are registered, if you add an additional mobile phone the data of the phone registered first is deleted from the list.

Microphone: The Interface comes supplied with a hands-free microphone that plugs into the pigtail lead of the Interface. The microphone measures 1.655" wide x 0.826" deep x 0.604" high. The microphone is a metallic dark grey color with an adhesive backing to secure the unit in place. The microphone has an attached 39" cord with a 1mm male minijack connector that plugs into the Interface.

Call Button: The Interface also comes supplied with a wired Call-Button for answering and rejecting phone calls. The Call-Button measure 2.14" in diameter x 0.679" tall. The Call-Button has a metallic dark grey color surround with a blue button. The Call-Button also features and adhesive backing for secure placement and an attached 38" harness with and 8-pin molex plug that connects to the Interface.

Voice Recognition: If your cellular phone features voice recognition technology, you can make a call by voice commands. By speaking the name of your contact into the microphone, the call is placed automatically. If you place your compatible Bluapunkt receiver in CD-changer mode, the car sound system is muted to ensure trouble-free voice recognition.

Phone List Control: If your Bluetooth compatible cell phone supports Phone List Control and your compatible Blaupunkt receiver supports CDC text you can download and view your phone's phone book entries on your receiver's display. Your Blaupunkt receiver must be in the CD-changer mode. When in the CD-changer mode you can search for phone entries by the following selections on your receiver, then use the Call-Button to place an outgoing call.

  • CD1: All phone book entries
  • CD2: ABC
  • CD3: DEF
  • CD4: GHI
  • CD5: JKL
  • CD6: MNO
  • CD7: PQRS
  • CD8: TUV
  • CD9: WXYZ

Manual Call: You can also use your Bluetooth compatible mobile phone to dial a number to start your phone call. Once your call is answered the Interface take over the conversation automatically so you have instant wireless communication. Your cell phone must remain connected with interface.

Audio Streaming Via Bluetooth:Once this function is activated on your compatible Bluetooth mobile phone you can transfer audio files according to AAD Profile from your phone to your car's sound system wirelessly through the Blaupunkt Interface. You can also wirelessly transmit audio from Bluetooth compatible MP3 player or MP3 player with a  Bluetooth streaming adapter.


Left Side Connections: The following connection is located on the left-hand side of the Interface.

  • Receiver Connection: The Interface features an attached 14", 14-pin harness that plugs into the back of your compatible Blaupunkt stereo receiver's CD-changer and phone/remote ports.

Right Side Connections: The follow connections are located on the right-hand side of the Interface.

  • Call-Button Harness: The Interface features an attached 6", 8-pin harness that plugs into the wired Call-Button remote for accepting, ending, and rejecting incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Microphone Input: The Interface also features an attached 59" microphone input that uses a 1mm female plug for connection of the hands-free microphone.
  • USB Input: In addition the Interface features an attached 21" USB cable that uses a female standard USB 2.0 Type-A plug for connection of your portable MP3 player or other mass USB storage device.


Certifications: e1, CE, FCC, and Bluetooth

Supported Profiles: HFP, SPP, GAP, SDAP. AADP (A2DP), and AVRCP

USB: Version 2.0

USB-voltage: 5V, 0, 5 A

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