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Denon AVR-3808CI

Home theater receiver with HDMI switching and video upconversion

17 Reviews

Item # 033AV3808C

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Our take on the Denon AVR-3808CI

Outstanding home theater performance is a sure bet with the AVR-3808CI. Denon packed an impressive array of advanced features into this receiver's rock-solid chassis, including PC networking, multi-room audio/video, flexible HDMI switching, and advanced auto setup. They also included built-in decoding for the latest surround sound formats, including Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD™ Master Audio — two high-resolution surround sound formats available with some Blu-ray players and discs.

Outstanding home theater performance is a sure bet with the AVR-3808CI. Denon packed an impressive array of advanced features into this receiver's rock-solid chassis, including PC networking, multi-room audio/video, flexible HDMI switching, and advanced auto setup. They also included built-in decoding for the latest surround sound formats, including Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD™ Master Audio — two high-resolution surround sound formats available with some Blu-ray players and discs.

Superior picture quality from every video source
Home theater owners with multiple high-def sources will appreciate this receiver's video switching capabilities. Four 1080p-compatible HDMI inputs let you connect your high-res video components and switch easily between them. Analog-to-HDMI conversion lets you send all of your video sources to an HDMI-capable TV using a single digital cable — this streamlines video switching and preserves maximum picture quality for each source. Plus you get sophisticated digital video upconversion that can upgrade any non-HD video source to an HDMI digital signal with resolution up to 1080p, to more closely match the capabilities of your HDTV.

Precision auto setup tailors sound to your room
Denon also included Audyssey MultEQ® XT, a sophisticated auto-calibration system that helps you get the most accurate home theater sound possible. The '3808CI uses the included microphone to analyze sound from up to six different listening positions, then automatically adjusts level, equalization, and delay settings for each of your speakers. You get precise response across a wide listening area instead of just a single "sweet spot," so everyone in the room can enjoy precisely balanced home theater sound.

PC music and other digital entertainment options
The '3808CI's Ethernet port lets you connect to your wired home computer network to access music files stored on a PC and listen to Internet Radio stations via your broadband connection. Front- and rear-panel USB ports let you plug in a compatible MP3 player, hard disk drive, or USB flash drive loaded with your favorite tunes.

Multi-room flexibility and more
This receiver's three-room/three-source output lets you enjoy a surround sound movie in your main room while a housemate watches a different video source in a second room, and another housemate listens to stereo music in a third. A handy learning/multibrand touchscreen remote makes it easy to control all of the components in your system. And a new and improved on-screen interface makes it a snap to operate the '3808CI using your TV screen.

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Product Highlights:

  • 130 watts x 7 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.05% THD
  • Dolby® True HD, DTS-HD™ Master Audio, Dolby® Digital Plus, DTS-HD™ High Resolution Audio, Dolby® Digital EX, DTS-ES™, Pro Logic® IIx, and DTS Neo:6 decoding
  • Audyssey Laboratories' MultEQ XT eight-point auto setup and room calibration system (microphone included)
  • XM Satellite Radio Ready with decoding for XM's HD Surround channels (requires XM subscription and optional XM Mini-Tuner package)
  • iPod® integration (requires optional Denon ASD-11R)
  • home PC networking capability
  • Compressed Audio Restorer for better sound with compressed music sources
  • three-room/three-source output:
    • powered and line-level stereo audio output with volume, balance and tone control for 2nd room (using powered 2nd room stereo output allows 5.1 home theater in main room)
    • composite video output for 2nd room
    • line-level stereo audio output with volume, balance, and tone control for 3rd room
  • conversion of optical or coaxial digital signals to analog audio output for 2nd and 3rd rooms (PCM signals only)
  • Pure Direct modes switch off all unused circuitry for the cleanest possible sound
  • 16 PCM1791A 192kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converters
  • HDCD decoder
  • learning/multibrand touchscreen electro-luminescent remote
  • enhanced remote for 2nd or 3rd listening room (requires remote control extender system, not included)
  • 17-1/8"W x 6-3/4"H x 16-15/16"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 1080p-compatible HDMI digital video switching (4 in, 1 out)
  • analog-to-HDMI video upconversion (up to 1080p output via HDMI) with Faroudja DCDi™ video processing and scaling
  • HDMI version 1.3
  • component video switching (3 in, 2 out)
  • component video conversion (composite to S-video, or composite and S-video to component)
  • digital inputs: 4 optical (including 1 front-panel), 3 coaxial
  • digital outputs: 2 optical
  • 7 audio/video inputs, including:
    • 1 front-panel input with composite and S-video
    • 6 rear-panel inputs with composite and S-video
  • 2 audio-only inputs (including phono)
  • 7.1-channel analog audio preamp input
  • 7.1-channel analog audio preamp output
  • front and rear USB ports for audio playback from USB flash drives, hard disk drives, and portable USB music players
  • Ethernet port for music streaming from a PC network, and control via a PC
  • Denon Link jack (3rd edition)
  • RS-232C port for automated control systems
  • detachable power cord
  • 1 set of main speaker outputs
  • back surround speaker channels re-assignable for bi-amping front left and right speakers

What's in the Box:

  • Black AM/FM/Dolby Digital/DTS receiver
  • Audyssey DM-A405 setup microphone with attached 25' cord (has a minijack mono connector)
  • RC-1068 Wireless remote control with LCD
  • RC-1070 Secondary Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 6' AC power cord
  • AM analog loop antenna
  • FM wire antenna
  • Owner's Manual
  • Limited Warranty sheet
  • Denon Service Network sheet
  • "Restorer" function sheet
  • XM channel guide

Denon AVR-3808CI Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(17 Reviews)

Very nice unit upgrade from my Avr 635

Carrie from Buffalo, New York on 5/26/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this unit AVR3808CI as an upgrade to my AVR635 about a month ago and must say I am very pleased with it. I purchased it along with the DVD2500BTCI (Blu-ray transport only) and also am very pleased with it. The unit does take sometime to set-up and a lot of experimenting with the settings and the GUI for the set-up. The manual is not very helpful it is more like a guide but if you are purchasing this kind of unit it must be because you know your gear, and are not looking for the regular run of the mill Home Theater in a box type set-up. The setup is up to you and the knowledge of your gear. If something does not sound right check your other components. I had not put both video and audio through one unit until this one I tried with my H/K and was not happy with it but this unit handles both extremely well. I have several sources hooked up to the unit and must say you better know your other components settings because this unit will handle them differently both audio and video settings long set-up in the end it all turned out very well. I run a 7.1 setup using an Infinity Beta 50 system with two Infinity SW12 subs. In conclusion if you are not a tweak freak this unit may not be for you, but if you want to spend the time to make everything work this unit is probably the best bang for your money and handles both video and audio extremely well. I highly recommend this unit to anyone looking at an alternative to separates. Feature packed receiver.



Denon has a good product here

Dirk from Jonesboro, Arkansas on 3/29/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

First off, I steped up to this unit from a Denon 3803. Second, I still haven't had alot of time to play with this AVR yet. With that said, lets start off with the first impression....a little step down from build quality of the 3803. I never liked the silver face of my 3803, but the feel and overall look of the 3808 seems cheaper. Around back, the connections are plentiful and cover almost all your bases. Denon still needs to put a way to control the AM/FM tuner from the front panel. Alot of people complain about the manual. I must admit it is bad, but if you stick with it you can get it. Having lived with the 3803 made some of Denon's quirks easier to understand (the manual to it was more of a book and not bunch of grids and page references) but some ways the 3803 handled were totally different than the 3808. The GUI is pretty, and makes the control of the unit akin to operating a computer. It is somewhat combersome at times, but not too much. The HDMI is slow to handshake from time to time, althogh I think this is just part of HDMI and not tied to the Denon. I have never used mulitzone output before, but I am thinking of doing it. You just have to realize that higher end components using HDMI and component connections will not be able to be utilized. The only things I would have added (and think Denon could have easily) would be HD-Radio, RDS, and a tape monitor loop.



I love Denon - but this unit is a train wreck

Terry from Illinois on 3/7/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

As noted by nearly most every reviewer, even those with positive impressions of the 3808CI, the GUI will have you pulling out your hair within minutes. The user manual provides little in the area of support for this awkward system. The remote was cut from the same cloth as the GUI. During un-boxing, I almost accidentally threw out the set up mic because it's made out of light, cheap plastic and weighs almost nothing in its' box. In the same spirit I couldn't help but notice a flimsy unattractive quality to the knobs and faceplate of the unit. Heads up to PS3 owners. Even hooked up correctly, you will not get any visual indication that you are decoding HD sound tracks. The PS3 has no ability to output raw HD soundtracks for your 3808 to recognize, only decoded PCM. As reported by at least three other owners on a well posted AV forum, my front left and right full range speakers sounded as if someone had sucked all low frequency information from them when playing music. The only way to fix it was to run in Pure Direct mode. I can only guess why this happened - possibly erroneous Audyssey measurements, but at this point I was far too disappointed with my purchase to further troubleshoot the issue. I simply could not reconcile myself to the inept workings of either the Denon remote or its' GUI. Denon really belly-flopped on this one. Thanks to Crutchfield for return support.



Bite the Bullet..Do it.

Randy from Houston, Tx on 2/6/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Originally, just wanted a big screen TV. Then thought, maybe just a little surround sound. But wait, what formats would it support? What would I need? How should I route cables? If sound went to TV and then back to stereo, what about audio/video sync delays? Would the remote work with my other equipment? Could my wife operate it?....Aaarrrggggg!! So, after reading about 8 different Home theater user manuals in their entirety, I decided on this one. One HDMI cable from 3808 to new TV. Satellite, BRay, DVD, feed into 3808. No need to worry about what to do with sound. Only one device controls sound and video. On screen display is absolutely worth the extra several hundred dollars. Also, remote control is programmable with each key being able to "learn" from other remotes as well. Using my old Denon Stereo System to power my BOSE 901's as the sub-woofer.. Seems I can have my cake and eat it too. Only wish remote control provided was wireless.



No HDMI output for video select or multi-zone

Joe from Cleveland, OH on 1/10/2009

Denon always makes a good product and this is no exception. It seems, though, that they keep missing on the full use of HDMI. You can not output HDMI sources to zone 2 or 3, and while this in and of itself is no big deal, it gets worse when you want to select an HDMI source as the video output and listen to another source and can't do that either. For example I have my PS3 connected via HDMI. I have my ipod connected to the front a/v jack via a mini jack to RCA cable(allows volume control with ipod and receiver). When I have a party I would like to put my memory card from my camera in my PS3, select that for the video output and select my ipod for the audio output. This can not be done. I have to disconnect the HDMI from the receiver and connect it to the TV, OR I have to out and by the PS3 component cable. Yamaha doesn't have this problem. You would think that as top-of-the-line Denon claims to be they'd get these features figured out. What a disappointment. Just shows you need to read the ENTIRE manual before you even purchase.



Superb Performance! Worth the price!

Ram from Michigan on 1/3/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this from Crutchfield almost a year ago and matched it with a pair or Polk RTi10s. I upgraded from a 13 year old JVC. What can I say? I am simply astounded the receiver's performance! My experience: Digital music: The convenience to play music off of USB sticks or off of a UPnP media server (I use MediaTomb) is great. I have hooked this receiver to the internet and the ability to listen to internet radio (and update firmware) without a computer is a plus as well. I cannot speak for iPod as I do not use it. The built in restorer makes the compressed MP3s/flacs sound nicer. I typically tend to use Direct Stereo mode, but the surround modes for audio are also good. Movies: Have only watched movies with Dolby/DTS tracks and they are precise. I don't know how Dolby True HD, DTS-HD sound. HDMI upconversion difference over a direct component video hookup is barely perceptible on a 52" screen. The receiver is loaded with features and that becomes a double edged sword. The manual and remote do not do justice to this fine receiver. The web interface, although very basic, is probably the easiest way to set up this receiver. But, Denon really dropped the ball on the web interface. It would have been really easy to provide useful hyperlinks to provide detailed help to various options. If you are willing to put up with a little annoyances setting this receiver up and reading through the manuals, you will reap the rewards with exceptional audio quality!



Best in class

rtc from Raleigh, NC on 8/15/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've had my eye on this unit for a while now and finally picked it up when a fat commission check came in. The unit is pretty straight forward except for setting up dual zones. I have 2 outdoor speakers on the deck and 5.1 in the living room. The trick was having the surround mode in 7 channel (other surrond modes didn't work). The Amp Assign needs to be set to ZONE2 and speakers connected to Surround Back L/R. Use the Zone 2 feature on the remote to turn it on/off and adjust the volume. The media PC has to be connected to the DVR input if your sound source is being supplied by the HDMI cable. The on screen access for the IPod dock is really nice. To bad you can't access to IPod videos from that interface (you have to switch to IPod control and select it on your IPod). With the unit having the ability to get updates from the internet maybe someday this will be fixed. I would recommend picking up some 3-foot HMDI cables to keep everything neat at the back of the stereo cabinet.




dgtlmn from Augusta, Ga on 7/18/2008

Well, I went from the 3806 to the 3808ci, and I must say it's like putting on a new pair of shoes, familiar shoes that is. The remotes nearly the same so I didn't have to go through any trouble setting it up. thanks Denon for the new user interface it's so intuitive to setup i didn't even try the mike setup yet, just jumped right in so to speak. The onscreen menu's are so easy to setup, don't worry if you're a novice it's easy to get going and the sound oh the sound from movies to mp3's WOW! Oh I put the 3806 in my bedroom of course no trauma eh! Oh I considered the Yamaha RXV863, the Denon 2808CI, but got a last minute Awesome deal on this baby i still can't believe it! And Crutchfield great company to deal with maybe the best! As far as cons iI don't have any at all!!!!! Even if I did the 3808's performance outweighs anything as the British would say it's a great piece of kit! I'd read also of a lot of people having problems setting up the unit or that manual gave them fits really forget the manual and just make your connections the onscreen user interface will help the rest of the way, and if you get into a jam you can always back out of the menu. Truly a great machine well worth the investment and I love the ease of connecting to the web for firmware updates, very well thought out!



Getting what you paid for!

Gil from Rohnert Park, CA on 5/13/2008

I knew it was time for an upgrade and so had to do a lot of homework before picking my next purchase that would not cost me as much as filling a full tank of gas in California. I read the reviews & the features & specs on, thanks for a great source for finding information by the way, and decided that the Denon AVR-3808CI was going to be my next baby. I have my cable box, CD Player, HD DVD and Blu-ray player all going into the receiver and it sounds simply awesome. With the power sub that I have, it shakes the house, God, I love it, scares the heck out of my little kid. Still the manual is junk and really not helpful, but other than that, could not go wrong w/this piece of machinary. Also purchased the Logitech Harmony 1000 so my wife could watch TV or Hi-Def movies w/out pulling her hair out, she really has great hair too. So, if you are looking to do a surround sound the right way the first time, this Denon would be a great start. This is just a fantastic receiver (minus the manual) w/tons of features and for the price, could not get a better bang for your buck!!



Best experience in my life

chris from Lantana, Florida on 3/4/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is by far the most incredible sound in both video and audio I have ever heard besides my 5308. This receiver is worth every penny and the great help and service from Crutchfield came with it. Every question and concern was addressed by Crutchfield without hesitation. Mated this with the Denon 2500 Bluray player and WOW is all I have to say.



Denon AVR-3808CI

EL Guero from Santa Fe, NM on 2/22/2008

After using it for about a week, I must say that the high-quality and versatility of this receiver are amazing. Also amazing is the terribly-written manual and mediocre remote controls. If you are serious about spending the time to play around and experiment and learn by brute-force tenacity, you will be rewarded. A properly-written manual that explains the how's and why's would go a long way to making the power of this device accessible to those with less patience and a less technical bent. The main I selected Denon over comparable brands is the multi-zone support. You really have to read the small-print because all of the offerings have limitations, some very severe such as inability of other brands to play digital inputs in zones other than the main zone. This is a big deal for me and I'm glad I went with Denon. The reason I selected this model over the 2808 is the networking, especially Internet Radio. So far I'm extremely pleased with this receiver.



Exceeded High Expectations

Ron from Tennessee on 2/18/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Outstanding AVR--pure and simple. Denon website instructions on firmware update process are easy to follow. Firmware update installed flawlessly. Automatic speaker setup worked equally well. Impressive capability. Software identified 6.1 speaker setup that was a problem with the initial version and that the firmware update fixed. Graphic on-screen interface is excellent and most useful. Within a few minutes the menu felt natural, and the remote is useful and easy to use with a little practice. Sound is exceptional, and the AVR display graphics are terrific. I have all AV components connected via HDMI--Comcast digital/HDTV box, Apple TV, Sony DVD, and Sony HDTV. The HDMI switching and upscaling appears to work exceptionally well. The video upscaling via HDMI has exceeded my expectations. I have inputs of 480p, 720p, and 1080i--all upscale to 1080p with no problem. I have experienced no noticeable problems with upscaling 1080i to 1080p, even with fast moving sports or movie scenes. I am not an audiophile or a videophile, but I have been able to use the 3808CI effectively. Bottom line--outstanding experience with this marvelous technology.




THE ONE from ST.LOUIS, MO. on 2/7/2008




Neat Receiver if you can figure it out!

Rudy from Rochester, NY on 2/1/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm using this receiver to control all my video and other audio components through ONE HDMI cable out to my wall mounted Panasonic Plasma. During the first two weeks, I came very close to repacking it and sending it back! However, after taking the time to figure it out, this is a very versatile and feature-packed receiver that won't become outdated anytime soon. The ugly: The user manual is just plain awful! Everything is in tables with very little in descriptions. Many button functions do not correspond to what is on the remotes. The multi-zone feature makes the remote confusing at times when it has to scroll through each zone for a particular component. The not-so-bad: The upconverting seems to work well, particularly on non-wide screen DVDs. The GUI on-screen is pretty useful, once you figure out how to navigate through it! I updated the firmware, but it takes about an hour to do. The good: once hooked up to your network, you can setup up and control the deck from Internet Explorer - a nice feature when I'm traveling and my wife can't figure out how to turn everything on. The preset internet radio stations are fantastic - who needs XM? The deck switches between each source easily. After two weeks, today was the first day I felt like I had made a good choice. If you very limited experience with audio/video equipment, you will be very intimidated by this receiver!



Way too complicated

stepha14 from Philadelphia PA on 12/16/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this Denon because a friend told us "Denon is the best". I made a big mistake, this thing is a major pain, not only to set up, but to operate on a day to day basis. TWO remotes?? Like I don't have enough remotes already. As for the "instruction manual", you might as well use it for kindling, because it doesn't make any sense - looks like it was written by someone with absolutely no grasp of the English language. I seriously want to return it and get something else. For the amount of money this thing costs, it ought to be able to set itself up, and the controls should be straightforward! I was expecting something more along the lines of plug & play, not this aggrevating nonsense.



Denon AVR-3808CI

Daniel from Philadelphia, PA on 9/23/2007

I bought this receiver about a month ago.<BR>I had read different reviews here on Crutchfield but also went on the web to see what some of the major concerns on Denon receivers were.<BR>Denon manuals and the LCD remote control were the most mentioned issues, but no one appeared to have had any problems with the actual receivers themselves.<BR>While I was waiting for the receiver to come from Crutchfield, took about 3 days, I went on Denon USA and downloaded the manual (which is also available from Crutchfield) and just went over the setup part to get an idea of how their manuals were written.<BR><BR> It was pretty straightforward, so by the time the receiver came, it only took about an hour to connect all the wires and set up the Audessey Laboratories MultEQ XT six-point auto setup and room calibration system for a basic setup. Connect the Microphone included and pick out at least 6 spots where you want the optimum sound field to be and follow the automatic on-screen instruction and you will be good to go.<BR><BR>I use a 5 speaker Mirage OmnisatSat v2 speakers with the Mirage 10" sub woofer and the sound was incredibly clean and very natural sounding. I spent the next hours testing the different sound formats. Vivaldi , The four seasons in a DTS format and a live DVD performance by Sade and the landing at Omaha beach in Saving Private Ryan as well as the failed Bank robbery in the movie Heat and finally some rock music to hear high guitar pitches.<BR>All sounding incredible and made me want to go through my entire DVD collection as there were sounds and effects that I had never heard before.<BR><BR>I am the owner of a receiver far more advanced that I probably



Denon AVR-3808CI Impressions

Phil from Saint Louis on 9/21/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a very impressive piece of equipment and thanks to the on screen graphical interface is very easy to set up and control. I now have all audio and video routed through this receiver for the following components .. with room to spare.<BR><BR>Charter Set Top Box - Component<BR>Toshiba HD-XA2 - HDMI 1.3<BR>XBox 360 - Component<BR>Playstation 3 - HDMI 1.3<BR>Sony RDR-VS500 - Component<BR>OPDV971H - Audio Only (DVI to HDMI w/o DHCP was a no go.)<BR><BR>Driving a set of JBL CS6100 Surround Sound speakers with excellent results .. greate separation and zero distortion even when you crank it. All digital audio is also being output via Toslink to drive a set of Sony MDR-DS6000 wireless digital surround headphones (for late at night).<BR><BR>The real bonus is the HQV upscaling for all sources sending less than a 1080p signal. Faroudja upscaler does a great job especially with SDTV broadcasts, much better than the cable box or my Samsung HL-S5088W. All my component sources are being scaled up to 1080p with the added bonus that these signals are output on one HDMI connection. Makes bouncing between units a breeze since it all goes to one input on the HDTV.<BR><BR>Highly recommend this unit, especially if you have a growing number of HDMI devices or just want a single point of control. Logitech Harmony will be next on my list.




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Number Of Channels 7
Stereo RMS Power (watts) 130
THD in Stereo 0.05 %
Frequency Bandwidth (stereo) 20-20k Hz
Minimum Impedance L/R 6 ohms
Minimum Impedance Center 6 ohms
Minimum Impedance Surround 6 ohms
General Features
Internet-ready ---
Bluetooth No
Apple AirPlay ---
App Remote Control No
USB port for iPod/iPhone No
FM Sensitivity 11.2 dBf
HD Radio Tuner No
On-Screen Display
Auto Speaker Calibration ---
HDCP 2.2 for 4K Video No
HDR-compatible No
HDMI Standby Pass-through ---
Composite Video Conversion ---
Component Video Conversion ---
HDMI to HDMI Upconversion ---
DLNA Certified
MHL-compatible ---
Multibrand Remote Control ---
Learning Remote Yes
LCD Remote
Width (inches) 17-1/8
Height (inches) 6-3/4
Depth (inches) 17-15/16
Weight (pounds) ---
Parts Warranty 2 Years
Labor Warranty 2 Years
Multi-room Audio--Video
Powered Multi-room Audio Output No
Preamp Multi-room Audio Output No
Multi-room Video No
Multi-room HDMI Output No
Surround Processing
Dolby Digital Yes
Dolby Atmos N/A
Inputs & Outputs
Phono Input 1
Audio-Video Inputs 7
Audio-only Inputs 2
Component Video Inputs 3
Component Video Monitor Outputs 2
Optical Digital Inputs 4
Coaxial Digital Inputs 3
Optical Digital Outputs 2
Coaxial Digital Outputs None
HDMI Inputs 4
HDMI Monitor Outputs 1
Subwoofer Outputs 1
Multi-Channel Analog Input Yes
Multi-channel Preamp Output Yes
Main Speaker Output Pairs 1
Main Speaker Terminals Posts
Ethernet Port 1
USB Connections 2
Removable Power Cord ---

Product Research

Remote Controls
Inputs and Outputs Notes


7-Channel Equal Power Amplifier: The Denon AVR-3808CI features a 7-channel equal power, discrete amplifier. The amplifier is rated at 130 watts x 7-channels RMS.

AL24 Processing Plus: Denon has further developed its propriety AL24 Processing to support the 192 kHz sampling frequency of DVD-Audio. AL24 Processing Plus thoroughly suppresses quantization noise associated with D/A conversion of LPCM signals to reproduce the low-level signals with optimum clarity that will bring out all the nuances of the music. AL24 Processing Plus is applied to not only the front left and right channels, but also the surround left and right, center and subwoofer channels.

24-Bit, 192 kHz D/A Converters: The AVR-3808CI uses highly accurate Burr Brown PCM-1791 Digital-to-Analog converters, two for each channel, for a total of 16. The 192kHz sampling and 24-bit word length capabilities of the DACs allows you to play high-resolution recordings and hear the increased clarity, detail and dynamic range of those recordings.

DDSC HD-Digital (Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit): The Denon AVR-3808CI is equipped with the latest technology in surround audio performance, DDSC HD-Digital, featuring dual Analog Devices Hammerhead SHARC 32-bit floating point DSP processors. All elements of the Surround Processor are optimized to the highest standards by the use of selected high performance and discrete components, particularly the A/D and D/A converters and the sophisticated DSP surround decoder.

Custom Integration: The AVR-3808CI carries the "CI" stamp, which is Denon's certification to custom installers that the receiver has advanced connectivity and control features often required for custom home integration and theater applications using premium control systems. These features include a RS232C jack for use with whole house control systems, remote in/out IR command control, and assignable +12-volt triggers.

Video Up-Conversion Powered With DCDi By Faroudja: The AVR-3808CI is equipped with a flexible video switching system that converts video signals in an effort to only require one video connection from receiver to TV. The video switching system features a Directional Correlation De-interlacing (DCDi) special video processor developed by Faroudja that involves advanced algorithms to remove the jagged edges that appear when standard interlaced video is viewed on progressive scan displays. DCDi converts standard interlaced signals into progressive scan signals in order to eliminate the stair-casing effect that conventional up-converters can introduce to diagonal edges. Unlike most other conversion circuits, this receiver will convert analog signals from composite video, S-Video, and component video to HDMI up to 1080p.

  • Composite Video: can be converted to S-Video, component video, or HDMI
  • S-Video: can be converted to composite video, component video, or HDMI
  • Component Video: can be converted to composite video, S-Video, or HDMI (480i signals only when down converting)

Note: Video signals input as HDMI must be output via HDMI.

Noise Shaped Video (NSV): The NSV precision video feature works in the digital domain to reduce noise in the video signal frequency band in order to enhance video signal linearity, provide accurate signal representations, and enhance the picture quality. Noise shaping techniques can be combined with dynamic element matching techniques in order to reduce the matching requirements of DAC elements by converting the analog mismatch into  and out of band noise. This approach of dynamic element matching and noise shaping has been shown to allow the use of sigma delta modulation at video data rates. NSV can achieve ultimate precision with 12-bit fidelity in both digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital domains.

HDCD Decoding: The AVR-3808CI automatically detects and decodes the digital bitstream from a CD that has been encoded through the special High Definition Compatible Digital (HDCD) process. HDCD discs use 20-bit encoding and other proprietary processing to provide the ultimate in CD listening.

Surround Modes: This receiver incorporates a wide variety of surround modes to bring you maximum enjoyment from your audio and video software. The surround modes include:

  • Dolby Digital: Dolby Digital is a 5.1 multi-channel digital surround format.
  • Dolby Digital EX: Dolby Digital EX is a 6.1 multi-channel digital surround format.
  • Dolby Digital Plus: Dolby Digital Plus is an improved Dolby Digital surround format that is compatible with up to 7.1-channels of discrete digital sound and also improves sound quality due to extra data bit rate performance.
  • Dolby TrueHD: Dolby TrueHD is a high definition audio technology, using lossless coding technology to faithfully reproduce the sound of the studio maters.
  • Dolby Pro Logic II: Dolby Pro Logic II technology processes any high quality stereo (two-channel) movie and music audio into five playback channels of full-bandwidth surround sound. A matrix surround decoding technology, Dolby Pro Logic II detects the directional cues that occur naturally in stereo content and uses these elements to create a five-channel surround sound playback experience. You can choose from the following Dolby Pro Logic II formats - Cinema, Music, or Game.
  • Dolby Pro Logic IIx:  Pro Logic IIx expands any existing stereo- or 5.1-channel audio for a 6.1- or 7.1- channel playback, creating a seamless, natural surround soundfield that immerses you in the entertainment experience. You can choose from the following Dolby Pro Logic IIx formats - Cinema, Music, or Game.
  • DTS Digital Surround:DTS Digital Surround is a 5.1 multi-channel digital format used for both commercial/theatrical and consumer grade applications.
  • DTS-ES Extended Surround:  DTS-ES features two 6.1 multi-channel formats:
  • DTS-ES Discrete 6.1:DTS-ES Discrete 6.1-channel is a 6.1-channel discrete digital audio format adding a surround back channel to the DTS digital surround sound.
  • DTS-ES Matrix 6.1: DTS-ES Matrix 6.1-channel is a discrete 6.1 channel digital audio format inserting a surround back channel to the DTS surround sound through matrix encoding.
  • DTS Neo:6 Surround: DTS Neo:6 is a matrix decoding technology for achieving 6.1-channel surround playback with 2-channel sources. You can choose from two DTS Neo: 6 Surround formats - Neo: 6 Cinema and Neo: 6 Music
  • DTS 96/24: DTS 96/24 is a digital audio format enabling high sound quality playback in 5.1-channels with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz and 24 bit quantization of DVD-video.
  • DTS-HD High Resolution Audio:DTS-HD High Resolution Audio is an improved version of the conventional DTS, DTS-ES and DTS 96/24 signal formats that is compatible with sampling frequencies of 96 or 48 kHz and up to 7.1-channels of discrete digital sound. High data bit rate performance provides high quality sound.
  • DTS-HD Master Audio:DTS-HD Master Audio is a lossless audio format compatible with up to 96 kHz and up to 7.1-channels. The lossless audio coding technology faithfully reproduces the sound of the studio master.
  • Combined Surround Modes: The receiver features several combined modes using existing Dolby and Digital Theater Systems (DTS) surround modes:
    • Dolby Digital+Dolby Pro Logic IIx (Cinema and Music)
    • DTS+Neo:6
    • DTS+Dolby Pro Logic IIx (Cinema and Music)
  • Neural Surround: Neural Surround has been adopted by XM Satellite Radio for digital radio broadcasts of XM HD Surround recordings and live events in surround sound. Neural Surround employs psychoacoustic frequency domain processing which allows delivery of a more detailed sound stage with superior channel separation and localization of audio elements.
  • Denon Original Surround (DSP) Modes:
    • Wide Screen: this mode is for enjoying the atmosphere of viewing a movie on a large screen
    • Super Stadium: this mode is suited for viewing sports programs
    • Rock Arena: this mode is for enjoying the atmosphere of a live concert in an arena
    • Jazz Club: this mode is for enjoying the atmosphere of a live concert in a jazz club
    • Classic Concert: this mode is for appreciating classical concert programs
    • Mono Movie: this mode is for playing monaural movie sources with surround sound
    • Video game: this mode is suited for achieving surround sound with video games
    • Matrix: this mode lets you add a sense of expansion to stereo music sources
    • Virtual: this mode is for enjoying surround effects using only the front speakers or headphones
    • 7CH Stereo: this mode is for enjoying stereo sound from all speakers

Surround Parameters: You can adjust the following surround mode parameters:

  • CINEMA EQ (Cinema Equalizer): The Cinema EQ function gently decreases the level of the extreme high frequencies, compensating for overly-bright sounding motion picture soundtracks. Select this function if the sound from the front speakers is too bright. This function only works in the Dolby Pro Logic (including PL II and PL IIx), Dolby Digital, DTS Surround, DTS Neo:6, and Wide Screen modes.
  • D.COMP (Dynamic Range Compression): Motion picture soundtracks have tremendous dynamic range (the contrast between very soft and very loud sounds). For listening late at night, or whenever the maximum sound level is lower than usual, the Dynamic Range Compression allows you to hear all of the sounds in the soundtrack (but with reduced dynamic range). This only works when playing program sources recorded in Dolby Digital or DTS. You can select one of the four settings: "OFF", "LOW", "MID" (middle), or "HI" (high).
  • LFE: This setting adjusts the low-frequency effects level (LFE). You can adjust the LFE from -10 to 0 dB.
  • Center Image: This function assigns a center channel signal to the front left and right channels for wider sound. You can adjust the center image range from 0.0 to 0.3 to 1.0.
  • Panorama: This feature assigns front left and right signals to surround channels for wider sound. You can turn this feature On or Off.
  • Dimension: This settings shifts the sound image from the center to the front or rear to adjust playback balance. You can select from 0 to 3 to 6.
  • Center Width: This function assigns a center channel signal to the front left and right channels for wider sound. You can select from 0 to 3 to 7.
  • Delay Time: This feature adjusts the delay time to control the sound stage size. You can select either 0 to 30ms to 300ms.
  • Effect: This settings switches the effect signal for multi-surround speakers either On or Off.
  • Effect Level: This function adjusts the effect signal level from 1 to 10 to 15.
  • Room Size: This feature determines the size of your acoustic environment. You can select from Small, Medium small, Medium, Medium large, or Large.
  • AFDM: This feature auto-selects the surround mode by the connected source's content.
  • SB CH Out (for multi-channel sources): This setting selects the playback mode for the surround back channels of the receiver. You can choose from Non Matrix, Matrix, PLIIx Cinema, PLIIx Music, ES Matrix, ES Discrete or Off.
  • SB CH Out (for 2-channel sources): You can select either On or Off for the surround back channels when listening to a 2-channel source.
  • Subwoofer: This feature selects whether or not to output subwoofer signals when the receiver is in the Direct or Stereo mode.

Tone Settings: You can independently adjust the system's overall Bass and Treble settings from -6 to +6 dB. These settings can be set for the main zones, as well as zones 2 and 3.

Night Mode: This mode is optimized for late night listening. You can select from the following Night Modes - Low, Middle, High or Off.

Restorer: This function restores compressed audio signal to how they were before compression and corrects the sense of volume of the bass to obtain richer playback sound. You can select from one of the following modes - Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3 or Off.

Two-channel Music Modes: There are three 2-channel playback modes exclusively for music:

  • Pure Direct: plays back music with an extremely high level of sound quality. All the video-related circuits are turned off so that music signals are reproduced with high quality. When an analog mode is selected, the digital processing circuits are also turned off to achieve the highest purity.
  • Direct: audio signals bypass the tone control circuits, and are transmitted directly, resulting in good quality sound
  • Stereo: allows you to adjust the tone to achieve the desired sound

Personal Memory Plus: The receiver has a personal memorize function that automatically memorizes the surround modes and input modes selected for the different input sources. When the input source is switched, the modes set for that source last time it was used are automatically recalled. The surround parameters, tone control settings, and playback level balance for the different output channels are memorized for each surround mode.

Auto Setup:The receiver is equipped with an Auto Setup and Room Equalization function, to achieve the most ideal sound field for your room. The AVR-3808ci's Audyssey MultiEQ XT function is designed to optimize the sound quality at each listening position in the room. The included DM-A405 microphone is used to measure test tones at each listening position. This measured data is then analyzed using a program to improve acoustic characteristics in the listening area. For best results at least 8 positions should be measured, including a main position. The main position is given more weight in the calculations. The Audyssey function adjusts the following measurements automatically: Speaker Configuration, Distance, Channel Level, Crossover Frequency, and Room EQ.

Room EQ: The Room EQ function offers the following adjustments:

  • Audyssey: Adjusts the frequency response of all speakers to correct the effects of room acoustics.
  • Audyssey Byp. L/R: Optimizes frequency response of speakers except front speakers to match room acoustics.
  • Flat: frequency response of all speakers are flat.
  • Manual EQ: This feature adjusts the tonal quality for each speaker using the receiver's built-in graphic equalizer. You can select -20 to +6 dB for the following frequencies for each speaker - 63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2khz, 4kHz, 8kHz, and 16kHz.
  • Off: Turns equalizer off.

Subwoofer Control: You can adjust the cutoff frequency of the subwoofer output from 40Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz, 90Hz, 100Hz, 110Hz, 120Hz, 150Hz, 200Hz or 250Hz. You can also select the subwoofer output level between 0, 5, 10 or 15 dB.

Amplifier Assign: There are seven amplifier channels built into the receiver. These channels are typically used for 7.1 channel surround in the main room, but the amplifier assign function gives you the option of configuring the system differently if you prefer. The amplifier features four different amplifier assignment configurations.

Bi-Amp: Four of the seven amplifier channels can be used to bi-amp the front speakers, leaving three to power other channels.

Dual Surround Speaker Mode: The AVR-3808CI provides the ability to connect two different sets of surround speakers, and place them in the appropriate locations in your home theater room, so that you can enjoy both movie soundtracks and music listening, with optimum results and no compromise. If you play one pair of surround speakers at a time (Surround A or B), the minimum impedance of the connected speakers is 6 ohms. If you play both pairs of speakers simultaneously (Surround A + B), the minimum impedance of the connected speakers is 8 ohms.

Multi Zone/Multi Source Operation:Denon's Multi-Zone/Multi-Source function lets you select different audio/video sources for listening and viewing in different locations of your home. The AVR-3808CI features a Main Zone (Zone 1), Audio/Video Zone (Zone 2) and Audio Only Zone (Zone 3). The Main Zone 1 contains 7.1-channel playback of your audio/video gear in your main entertainment room. The Audio/Video Zone 2 allows stereo audio and video playback of another AV source connected to the receiver in another room of your home via left/right RCA audio or speaker terminal output connections and a composite video connector. Audio Only Zone 3 allows you to play a stereo audio source connected to the receiver in a 3rd room of your house via left/right RCA audio or speaker terminal output connections.

Note: Zone 2 and Zone 3 feature either a preamp-output or speaker terminal output so you can use this amp or a separate amp to power speakers in another room. When using the AVR-3808CI to power speakers in a second room of your home, the main zone is restricted to 5.1-channel at the same time. Also, when using the AVR-3808CI to power speakers in a second and third room of your home at the same time, the main zone remains 5.1 channels, but the 2nd and 3rd Zone speakers are mono. When using the receiver's preamp output terminals for the second and third room you need an additional amplifier in each room to power those speakers and the main Zone of the receiver remains 7.1-channel.

Home Network Function: The AVR-3808CI is equipped with an Ethernet port that lets you build various types of network environments. You can use these network environments to take advantage of 3 home audio network functions:

  • Music Server: The AVR-3808CI's Music Server function lets you stream audio and still image files (MP3/WMA/WAV/MPEG-4 AAC/FLAC) stored on your PC to the receiver. This network connection uses 2 standard technologies: Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service or Windows Media DRM10. To access iTunes library and playlists you need to install Twonky Media software to your PC. Twonky Vision is a software program needed to manage your iTunes database and can be downloaded for a one time fee of $29.99. The AVR-3808CI also supports MP3 ID3-Tag (ver.2) and WMA META tags. The AVR-3808CI only supports files that are not copyright protected.
  • Internet Radio: Internet Radio is a system that lets you hear radio broadcasts from stations on the Internet. A wide variety of stations, both large and small and some which are operated by individuals, can be found on the Internet. Until now, radio stations could only be heard if you were within listening range of their radio waves, but with Internet Radio, you can listen to broadcasts from all over the world. The list of stations that the AVR-3808CI uses comes from the vTuner radio station database that has been customized for Denon.
  • A/V Receiver Network Setup (Web control): This function lets you set up and control the A/V receiver over a network using Internet Explorer on a PC. The AVR-3808CI's Ethernet port also supports serial controls that use Crestron and others.

Note: A computer with the following specifications is required to use the Music Server feature: Operating Systems include Windows XP Service Pack2 or Windows Vista, Installed Software includes .Net Framework 1.1 and Windows Media Connect (Windows XP)/Windows Media Player ver. 11/DLNA-compatible server software, Internet Browser needs to be Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later, a LAN port is needed along with 300 MB or more free disk space.

iPod Compatibility: Using the optional Denon ASD-1R iPod dock (033ASD1RBK or 033ASD1RWT), you can connect your iPod to the AVR-3808CI. Folder and file names appear on the receiver's display panel. The iPod can be controlled using the buttons on the main unit and the remote control. In addition, you can view photo and video data stored on an iPod on a TV or monitor. The AVR-3808CI also supports Denon's optional iPod/Network adapter docks (ASD-3N/ASD-3W, sold separately) through its iPod terminal.

Note: The ASD-1R is compatible with 3rd generation and later iPods with a dock connecter.

USB Terminals:  USB terminals that let you connect a USB-compatible portable music player are located behind the trap door on the front panel and on the receiver's rear panel. You can connect your player or PC to these terminals and play the MP3 or WMA (Windows Media) files directly through your AVR-3808CI system. When an MP3 music file includes album art data, the album art can be displayed on your connected TV while playing the file. You can also play JPEG still picture files in a slideshow fashion that are stored on a USB memory device. The AVR-3808CI is compatible with mass storage class and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) USB memory devices in FAT16 or FAT32 format.

Note: You cannot use the front USB port and rear USB port at the same time. You must select which port you want to use - Front or Rear.

Denon Link: This receiver features the Denon Link (3rd edition), an RJ-45 jack on the back panel, which allows a one-cable connection to a compatible Denon DVD player equipped with a Denon Link connector. This digital connection allows the input of uncompressed Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio digital signals with jitter-less data transfer and ultra-low noise.

AM/FM Tuner: The receiver features an AM/FM tuner which allows you to preset up to 56 radio stations (8 stations each in 7 separate banks). You can delete any unused tuner banks.

XM Ready: With the optional XM Mini Tuner and Mini Tuner Home Dock, you can enjoy the variety and sound quality of XM Satellite radio. XM offers over 150 channels of music, news, sports, and talk radio and even has weather and traffic information in several major markets. The channel number, channel name, artist name, and song title are listed on the AVR-3808CI's display and on the connected TV monitor. XM stations are stored as presets and recalled in the same way AM and FM stations are. A subscription to XM Satellite Radio is required.

Picture Adjustments: The receiver allows you to make the following picture adjustments to incoming video through the unit's component, composite or S-video inputs - Contrast, Brightness, Chroma Level and Hue.

Auto Lip Sync: Auto Lip Sync automatically compensates for timing shifts between audio and video output.

Audio Delay: The audio signal can be delayed, from 0-200ms, to match the video signal.

Volume Setting: You can set a maximum volume level of 0, -10, or -20 dB to limit the receiver's total volume output. You can also indicate a Turn-On Volume setting from -80 to +18dB or Last (whatever volume you used last before turning the unit Off).

Muting Level Adjustment: You can set the amount of attenuation for the audio muting circuit from -40dB or -20dB from the present volume level.

Source Delete: You can delete inputs you are not using from the receiver's display and on-screen menu to make accessing your connected sources quicker and easier.

Last Function Memory:This unit is equipped with a last function memory, which stores the input and output setting conditions as they were immediately before the power was switched off.

Back-Up Memory:The unit is also equipped with a back-up memory. This function provides approximately one week of memory storage when the main unit's power switch is off and the power cord is disconnected.

Panel Lock Mode: The buttons on the main unit can be locked if not using them

Remote Lock Mode: This setting can be made so that the remote control unit cannot operate the AVR-3808CI.

On-Screen Display (OSD) With GUI Menus: An OSD with GUI menus can be displayed on your television for easy system setup. The OSD and GUI menus are sent through all monitor outputs (composite video, S-video, component video, and HDMI).

Dimmer: The receiver features 4 display brightness settings - Bright, Dim, Dark or Off.

Remote Controls

Learning MainRemote Control (RC-1068): The receiver's main remote control (RC-1068) features a back-lit LCD touch panel as well as hard-key buttons for operation of the AVR-3808CI. If your other audio/video devices are of a brand other than Denon or if they cannot be operated with the preset memory function, the other device's remote control signals can be transferred and stored in the AVR-3808CI's main remote control (RC-1068). The remote control is equipped with "System Call" functions, allowing a series of remote control signals to be transmitted by pressing a single button. Up to 32 sequential signals can be stored in each of the 3 System Call buttons.

Sub/Multi-Zone Remote Control (RC-1070): The receiver's sub remote control unit is equipped with frequently used buttons, so it can be used for simple remote control unit operations. The sub remote (RC-1070) can also be used for multi-zone, so you can use it to control the AVR-3808CI from other rooms using an optional IR repeater system. The following operations can be performed using this remote:

  • Switching the input source
  • Adjusting the volume
  • Tuner (AM/FM), XM, and iPod operations
  • NET/USB direct play
  • GUI menu and Zone2 on-screen display operations
  • Zone power on/off

Note: It is not possible to operate devices other than the amplifier with the Sub/Multi-Zone remote.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Rear Panel Connections: The following connections are found on the rear panel of the receiver:

  • HDMI Inputs/Output: This unit has 4 HDMI version 1.3a inputs and 1 HDMI version 1.3a output. The HDMI inputs are assignable to different input sources. The HDMI jacks support HDCP copyright protection and are compatible with 30 and 36 bit Deep Color and xvYCC  technology.
  • Component Video Inputs/Outputs: The receiver features 3 component video inputs and 2 component video outputs. The component video inputs are assignable to different sources. The two component video outputs are wired in parallel and used for monitor outputs (the same video signal is broadcast through both).
  • Assignable Digital Inputs: The AVR-3808CI features 3 optical digital (Toslink) inputs and 3 coaxial digital inputs. Each input can be assigned to any of the different input sources except Phono and Tuner. Optical Digital Inputs 2 and 3 also have corresponding Optical Digital outputs for use with a CD, MD or other digital recording device.
  • 7.1 Multi-Channel Input: The AVR-3808CI is equipped with a 7.1-channel input to accommodate present and future multi-channel formats.
  • Speaker Terminals: All of the receiver's speaker terminals are binding posts. They are not 5-way binding posts because a plastic collar prevents their use with spade lugs and they are positioned too far apart to be used with dual banana plugs.
  • 7.1 Multi-Channel Pre-Out: The receiver features a 7.1-channel pre-out for connection to an external power amplifier.
  • XM: This proprietary terminal allows you to connect and optional XM Mini Tuner and Mini Tuner Home Dock.
  • iPod Connection Terminal:  You can connect and play an iPod that has Apple's Dock connector using the optional Denon ASD-1R iPod dock (033ASD1RBK, 033ASD1RWT) or iPod network dock (033ASD3N, 033ASD3W).
  • USB Port: A USB terminal that lets you connect a USB-compatible portable music player.
  • RS-232C Port: The AVR-3808CI includes an RS-232C port for connection to external whole-house control systems, from companies such as AMX, Crestron, and others, and provides a software/firmware upgrade pathway.
  • Ethernet: Ethernet port that lets you build various types of network environments.
  • Denon Link: Proprietary input that allows muti-channel playback of Denon DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD players that are also equipped with a Denon Link connection.
  • Room-to-Room Remote Jacks: The receiver has a mini-jack input for use with an optional Denon RC-616, 617, or 618 IR re-transmitter. The adjacent room-to-room output is for future use.
  • 12V Trigger Outputs: The AVR-3808CI has 2 mini-jack outputs to send a 12-Volt DC "turn-on" signal to another component that accepts a 12V trigger, such as a power amplifier. These trigger outputs can be assigned to the Main Zone, Zone 2 or Zone 3.

Front Panel Connections: The following connections are found on the front panel of the receiver behind the unit's fold-down door:

  • A/V Inputs: The receiver features a front panel S-video, a Composite-video, a pair of Left/Right RCA-audio, and one Optical digital input on the front panel behind the unit's fold-down door.
  • USB Port: A USB terminal that lets you connect a USB-compatible portable music player is located behind the trap door on the front panel.
  • Headphone Jack: The receiver has a standard 1/4" headphone jack on the front panel, positioned behind the fold-down panel.

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