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Escort Passport 7500S

Radar Detector

Item # 0367500S

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Our take on the Escort Passport 7500S

Escort raises the bar in radar and laser detection with the cutting-edge Passport 7500S radar detector. Advanced circuitry increases range for earlier warnings without annoying false alarms, and the 7500S offers improved VG-2 protection against radar detector detectors.

Escort raises the bar in radar and laser detection with the cutting-edge Passport 7500S radar detector. Advanced circuitry increases range for earlier warnings without annoying false alarms, and the 7500S offers improved VG-2 protection against radar detector detectors.

If you do a lot of driving, this compact radar detector makes a great traveling companion. AutoSensitivity mode in this detector automatically reduces false alarms. You'll also appreciate the easy-to-read, ultra-bright matrix display with its 280 LEDs and three high-resolution meter modes. The "ExpertMeter" display identifies band and relative signal strength on up to 8 signals simultaneously.

The EZ Programming feature lets you customize your Passport 7500S with your preferred settings for up to ten different functions, including meter type, brightness, AutoMute, audio tones, sensitivity mode, and more.

  • digital and audio alerts for radar, laser, SWS, and VG2
  • VG-2 protection minimizes the chance of radar detector detectors spotting your radar detector
  • multiple laser sensors for optimum coverage
  • "ExpertMeter" identifies band and strength of up to 8 signals
  • EZ Programming lets you store preferred settings for up to 10 functions
  • three sensitivity modes — city, highway, and AutoSensitivity
  • power-on indication
  • signal strength meter
  • auto mute
  • 3 brightness levels plus dark mode
  • dimensions: 2-13/16"W x 1-1/8"H x 5"D
  • warranty: 1 year

Sorry, but we cannot ship radar detectors to Virginia or the District of Columbia.

What's in the Box:

  • Radar Detector
  • Cigarette lighter adapter with attached 8' coiled cord
  • 1 Windshield mount bracket
  • 4 Suction cups
  • Owner's Manual
  • Product Registration Card with extended warranty information
  • Passport G-Timer information card

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Technical Information


Improved Radar Detection Range: The Passport 7500S radar and laser detector provides long-range warning on radar bands: conventional and "instant-on" including X-band, K-band, and SuperWide Ka-bands. Extremely fast Digital Signal Processing provides even longer warning distances, without increased false alarms.

Multiple Laser Sensors: The Passport 7500S laser detection section incorporates multiple low-noise laser sensors (2 front and 1 rear) for maximum protection.

Ultra-Bright Matrix Display: The matrix display uses 280 individual ultra-bright LEDs to provide crystal-clear signal strength readouts and text messages for programming options and safety radar signals.

Auto Sensitivity Mode: The detector's AutoSensitivity mode provides long-range warning, with minimum false alarms. In this mode, the internal computer continuously analyzes all incoming signals and intelligently adjusts the sensitivity circuits. You can also select conventional Highway and City modes.

Audible Alerts: For radar signals, the detector uses a Geiger-counter-like sound to indicate the signal strength and type of radar signal being encountered. When you encounter radar, a distinct audible alert will sound and occur faster as the signal gets stronger. When the signal is very strong, the audible alerts will blend into a solid tone. Since laser signals are a possible threat no matter how weak, the detector alerts you to all laser signals with a full laser alert. For safety signals, the detector will alert you with a double-beep tone, and a corresponding text message.

AutoMute: The Passport 7500S features the patented AutoMute feature. After the detector alerts you to a radar encounter at the volume you have selected, the AutoMute feature will automatically reduce the volume to a lower level. This keeps you informed without the annoyance of a continuous full-volume alert.

Mute: The Mute button allows you to silence the audio alert during a radar encounter. To mute the audio for a single specific signal, briefly press the Mute button. After that radar encounter has passed, the mute will automatically reset and the audio will alert you to the next encounter.

Signal Strength Meter: The detector's alphanumeric display consists of 280 individual LEDs, to provide an intuitive ultra-bright display of signal strength and text messages. The standard bar-graph signal strength meter only displays information on a single radar signal. If there are multiple signals present, the internal computer determines which is the most important threat to show on the bar-graph meter.

ExpertMeter: The ExpertMeter option is an advanced display for experienced detector users. In ExpertMeter mode, the detector simultaneously tracks up to 8 radar signals. It shows you detailed information on up to 2 Ka-band, 2 K-band, and 4 X-band signals.

VG2: If the VG2 band (Radar detector detector) is turned on, VG2 units will be detected with an audible and visual alert. Once detected, the detector's internal oscillator will shut down for a period of time, making it undetectable. The oscillator will then periodically turn back on to see if the VG2 unit is still present.

EZ-Programming: EZ-Programming offers 10 user-selectable options, allowing you to customize the radar detector. The user-selectable options let you adjust the following: Power-on Indication, Power-on Sequence, Signal Strength Meter, AutoMute, Audio Tones, City Mode Sensitivity, Brightness, Dark Mode, Safety Warning System, and VG-2 Alert.

Safety Warning System: The detector has a Safety Warning System (SWS) with over 60 visual text message alerts. SWS alerts you of highway construction/maintenance, highway hazard zones, weather related hazards, travel/convenience information and emergency/slow moving vehicles.

Memory Retention: Memory retention eliminates the need to reset your preferred feature settings each time your unit is turned on/off.

Technical Information

Receiver Frequencies:
  • X-band 10.525 GHz +/- 25 MHz
  • K-band 24.150 GHz +/- 100 MHz
  • Ka-band 34.7 GHz +/- 1300MHz
  • Laser 904nm, 33 MHz bandwidth

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