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Audiobahn AW1206T

12" subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils

17 Reviews

Item # 037AW1206T

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Audiobahn AW1206T

Audiobahn's high-performance Flame Q subwoofer will put the slamdown on your sound system! A thick aluminum basket acts as a launching platform for bass frequencies projected by the flame-embossed aluminum cone and 4-layer 2-1/2" voice coil. The 2" thick PHAT foam surround and monstrous 7-1/2 pound dual magnet structure control woofer movement for bass that'll shake you.

Got enough juice? Get an amp for your new sub Audiobahn's high-performance Flame Q subwoofer will put the slamdown on your sound system! A thick aluminum basket acts as a launching platform for bass frequencies projected by the flame-embossed aluminum cone and 4-layer 2-1/2" voice coil. The 2" thick PHAT foam surround and monstrous 7-1/2 pound dual magnet structure control woofer movement for bass that'll shake you.

The AW1206T 12" subwoofer features dual 4-ohm voice coils for system versatility — it can be wired for 2-ohm (coils wired in parallel), 8-ohm (coils wired in series), or 4-ohm impedance (each coil wired independently). The unique "flame basket" design has the chrome look of a classic car — but the sound is totally modern. This sub works best in a ported enclosure; it can also be mounted in a sealed box (see "Enclosure Compatibility" under the Crutchfield Hands-on Research tab).

Note: If you are wiring this DVC sub for lower impedance, make sure that your amp is compatible. Most car amplifiers are stable down to 2 ohms in standard mode, or 4 ohms in bridged operation.

  • 12" subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils
  • aluminum woofer cone with 2" foam surround
  • non-resonant cast aluminum basket with polished chrome plating
  • 7-1/2 pound magnet
  • frequency response: 20-500 Hz
  • power range: 50-1,100 watts RMS (550 watts per coil)
  • peak power handling: 2,200 watts
  • sensitivity: 96.4 dB
  • top-mount depth: 7"
  • sealed box volume: 0.5 to 1.25 cubic feet
  • ported box volume: 1.3 to 3.2 cubic feet
  • Recommended Q-Logic Box Type: 1, 2, 3
  • warranty: 1 year

Priced per speaker

i got a pair of these for christmas, but my stereo is weak, and my amp was only $100 so i havent got to hear em anywhere near ther full potential, but even with my weak system they still pound audiobahn for life

Anonymous, lakeview MI

What's in the Box:

  • One 12" woofer
  • Gasket
  • Allen wrench (for speaker terminals)
  • Audiobahn window sticker
  • Warranty information/Product Registration card
  • Caution tape (concerning sharp edges on woofer's design)

Audiobahn AW1206T Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(17 Reviews)

Oldie but goodie!

Anonymous from Ithaca, NY on 3/22/2014

I know this is discontinued but my friend had two of these in a ported Q-logic box with the subs inverted. He bought them back in 2008 and just recently gave them to me for free.. . they were a little dusty but once cleaned up the look great and work perfect! I have them running off of a Hifonics Zues 1500.1 @ 1ohm these subs hit hard and sound great they actually grab the lows very well and play accurate they take a good amount of power getting around 750rms they do start to get hot after a few minutes of continues playing. I'm sure there is better subs out there for sound quality but for what you get from AudioBahn for the money I dont think you can beat it.

Pros: Solid build quality, Good looks, Price!

Cons: None that I can think of from my experience

cant go wrong

Anonymous from lakeview MI on 3/28/2008

i got a pair of these for christmas, but my stereo is weak, and my amp was only $100 so i havent got to hear em anywhere near ther full potential, but even with my weak system they still pound audiobahn for life



Audiobahn AW1206T

Brandon from Kennewick,WA on 9/28/2005

I just installed 1 of these in my grand cherokee. Its in a custom 3.2 cube ported fiberglass box. i was just warming it up at half volume and my neighbor a block away drove to my house and threatend to call the police. Running 880 watts rms. definatley a sick sub.



Great sub

Beau from Florida on 9/24/2005

I just got done building the Ultimate SPL Box recommended by Audiobahn. It's 3.2 cubic feet. I am quite impressed. I have one of these Flame Q with a Hifonics amp. 1000W @ 2ohm. It is really loud and pretty clear considering this sub was made for SPL. Sounds like two 12's or even 15's.



Great Subs

myles from Crookston, MN on 9/18/2005

I have two of these each powered by a KX850.2, very loud and clear. One of the best subs ive ever heard, very high quality and Loud. Very awesome, definitely worth the buying.



Audiobahn AW1206T

Erol from Jacksonville, Fl on 9/7/2005

I have 2 of these subs in my Acura in a vented box and 2 linear amps...... Im acually having to sell them and getting smaller ones......ive been around bass all my life and these subs literally give me a headache from being so loud....i love bass but this is too much!!!..i seriously think id get brain damage if i keep these......if your looking for some eye shaking hair raising bass......get this sub...youll be str8 with just one id say....make sure you put alot of power on the takes it all up.....



sweet and loud

latoyasboy from hampton, VA on 7/24/2005

i got 2 of these for my single cab (yes single) dakota about a year ago, i have a custom built box coming through the bed of my truck into the cab, using the Lightning Audio CRPNR4 4" port tubes, and powered with a 1200 watt profile amp, all i can say is the bass is deep, clean and very loud, i've had no problems with these subs so far and i blast them with all my amp has just about every day.



Audiobahns top of the line

Steve from Detroit,MI on 7/23/2005

I knew that audiobahn was serious about their products when they came out with this sub because i have two of them and they are just as good as my boys two mtx 9500 and the flame q is about a fraction of the price. I must admit though I didnt buy this sub from here, I paid about $100 for mine on ebay brand new still in the factory sealed box taped with the factory tape. They really are worth $300 though.



Awesome Sub!

Brian from Indiana on 7/7/2005

All I can say is wow! I have this sub hooked up to the Audiobahn A8000T in a 2-Ohm load (800x1) and in a ported box. I only have 1 and I can't begin to tell you how loud it is. I don't even have the gain turned up 50% and it's too loud. This sub hits deep and hard....definitely have to be careful not to shatter the rear window in my car.



Thumbs up!

Wayne from Beloit, KS on 6/30/2005

i own this sub and i would like to comment on another reviewer, dont let him discourage you from buying this sub, he did not break in this subwoofer properly, if you break it in properly and give it the recomended power it will work fine for years. Wayne.



Audiobahn is Weak....

Perry from Houston, TX on 5/18/2005

I bought my two audiobahn flame q subs, about 2 years ago. They hit harder than any other sub that I have ever had, with my 1200 watt POS sony amp. Problem is....the cone cracked on the first one after about a week, and the voice coil separated on the second one about a month later..which means, they broke after a month. Sure they sounded nice, and it looks nice sitting in my closet...BEST LOOKING SUB EVER! Yet, don't waste your money for a quick 1-2 month thrill. I now have two single voice coil sony subs, and they hit harddddd...I have won two USACI spl competitions, and I bought them about a week after the audiobahns were gone. They are still going strong!



Hard Hiting

Anthony from Myrtle Beach, SC on 5/16/2005

I have 4 in my ford explorer and they are very loud. I have replaced 3 of my windows and had to modify my cd player so it would not skip.




stereo freak from chesterville ohio on 5/7/2005

1 of my dudes has 1 of these, thats right 1. They are in a 1998 S-10, in a coustom box. He has a profile AP 2000 and it is so loud u can't sit in the thing! Thse subs uotpound my KICKER L'7's by far!!.




Dustin from Greensburg, IN on 5/4/2005

I love these subs, They POUND



Audiobahn AW1206T

Britt from Homerville GA on 4/13/2005

These subs are great. I have 2 with a rockford fosgate 1001db amp to each. They are wired in a 2 ohm load. They hit so hard my cd player want play with them all the way up. The only down side is i have busted two already and my amps dont push but 1000 well in the subs limit but they still dont hold the power so....




mike from gooding id on 3/22/2005

best subs ever i have two hooked up to a a15000hct amp and theres a guy in my town who has 2 15 kicker L7s and we were seeing whos were louder and my subs were making his rattle to my song and he even hed them on




Balla from Detroit, MI on 2/13/2005

Hey. You have to get this sub, its crazy. It has so much bass I blew out my back window. I think this is one of audiobahns best.




Hands-on research

Product Research

Enclosure Compatibility
Power Handling Note


Dual Voice Coils: For increased system flexibility, the woofer has two 4-ohm voice coils. When the voice coils are wired in parallel, the woofer presents a 2-ohm load. When the voice coils are wired in series, the woofer presents a 8-ohm load. In addition, each coil may be connected to a different amplifier channel and each channel will see a 4-ohm load.

Cast Basket: The dual voice coil woofers use a polished chrome aluminum 6mm cast basket. This ensures a perfect alignment on each and every woofer. Unlike stamped baskets, the cast basket cannot bend or tweak. Rigidity is important when trying to achieve strong bass and high SPL.

Flame Basket: Audiobahn's Flame series cosmetics are integrated into the cast aluminum basket, the back cover on the magnet, and the cone.

Aluminum Cone: This woofer uses a stamped and balanced aluminum cone. Aluminum cones are light, fast and accurate for excellent sound quality.

Surround: This woofer has a PHAT 2" multi-layer foam surround.

Magnet: This woofer has 120-ounce double-stacked strontium magnets, giving it superior power handling capability.

Vented Back Plate: The back plate is vented to ensure efficient cooling of the voice coil.

4-layer Voice Coil: This woofer has a 2.5" 4-layer voice coil.

Chrome Finish: This subwoofer has a protective chrome finish.

Speaker Terminals: Each voice coil is equipped with Audiobahn's patented Multi-connect Lug Lock speaker terminals, giving you 4 inputs (2+, 2-) for each voice coil. Each terminal can accept bare wire up to 8 gauge. The wire is held in place by tightening Allen Head bolts using the included 4mm Allen wrench.

Wooden Box: Each subwoofer is packaged in one of Audiobahn's trademark wooden boxes.

Enclosure Compatibility

Recommended Ported Box Volume: For best response and sound quality, Audiobahn recommends a ported enclosure with an internal volume of 2.3 cu/ft with one 4" diameter x 7.25" long port, so that is the enclosure recommended by Crutchfield. If box space is lacking in the vehicle, Audiobahn suggests a "Space Saver" box can be used with an internal volume of 1.3 cu/ft with one 3" diameter x 6.75" long port. For high performance applications, Audiobahn's "Ultimate SPL" box design has an internal volume of 3.2 cu/ft with two 4" diameter x 12" long ports.

Recommended Sealed Box Volume: This woofer is best suited for ported box applications; with all other factors being equal, the woofer will sound better in a ported box than it will in a sealed box. If you must mount this woofer in a sealed box, Audiobahn recommends a sealed enclosure with an internal volume within the range of 0.5 cu/ft to 1.25 cu/ft.

Power Handling Note

Power Handling: The woofer has two 4-ohm voice coils, and each coil can handle up to 550 watts RMS (1100 watts peak).

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