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Delphi SKYFi2

XM Satellite Radio receiver

10 Reviews

Item # 040SA10101

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Our take on the Delphi SKYFi2™

The second generation of the best-selling plug-and-play satellite radio receiver around is here! And Delphi's SKYFi2™ adds more spectacular features to help you enjoy the endless programming variety of XM Satellite Radio at home and on the road!

The second generation of the best-selling plug-and-play satellite radio receiver around is here! And Delphi's SKYFi2™ adds more spectacular features to help you enjoy the endless programming variety of XM Satellite Radio at home and on the road!

The SKYFi2 features a built-in FM transmitter which can broadcast XM directly to your vehicle's FM radio. The receiver's TuneSelect™ feature can save the names of up to 20 songs, and alert you when any one of them is playing on XM. You can create a scrolling stock quote list (up to 20 stock symbols), and select from more scrolling options, such as sports scores.

Even better — the SKYFi2 records the last 30 minutes of whatever it's tuned to. If you have to leave the room, just pause the live broadcast, so you don't miss a thing. You can also listen to any of the recorded material again, then jump back to the real-time broadcast. (The memory resets when you turn the receiver off.)

You can search by channel number or category using the rotary dial, and program up to 30 presets. In addition to TuneSelect, you can save up to 10 artist names and song titles for reference the next time you go shopping for music. The receiver also allows you to listen to one station while you preview the programming information on others, displaying five channel numbers and names while you're searching.

The basic package includes the receiver and a wireless remote control only. For the system to work, you'll also need to order a car kit, a home kit, or Delphi's innovative, portable Audio System boombox (or all three, if you'd like to use the receiver in multiple locations without having to get multiple subscriptions). The SKYFi2 works with all existing SKYFi kits and boomboxes.

The kits allow you to hook the receiver up to your car or home stereo system, and include everything you need to receive the XM signal. The Audio System boombox integrates stereo speakers, a high-gain XM antenna, and a dock for the SKYFi™ receiver, and lets you listen to XM everywhere you go.

A subscription to XM Satellite Radio is also required. It brings you digital-quality music, news, sports, and entertainment, anywhere in the lower 48 states. (Service not available in Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. Territories.)

Product Highlights:

  • package includes tuner and remote control
  • car kit and/or home kit required for XM reception
  • built-in FM transmitter (broadcasts to your vehicle's FM radio)
  • light blue display with adjustable contrast, brightness, and font size
  • 30-minute memory (allows you to pause and review a show)
  • 20-symbol customizable stock ticker, plus scrolling info extras (such as sports scores)
  • TuneSelect saves the names of up to 20 songs and lets you know when any one of them is playing on XM
  • five lines of information, including song title, artist, and channel name and number
  • channel preview — allows you to preview other channels
  • rotary control
  • direct numerical key input
  • 30-channel programmable preset memory
  • 10-entry artist name and song title memory
  • compatible with Delphi's Audio System boombox and CD Audio System AM/FM/CD/MP3 boombox
  • wireless remote control
  • 4-11/16"W x 2-15/16"H x 1-1/2"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • SKYFi2 add-on XM Satellite Radio receiver
  • Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • Clip for remote
  • User Guide (English/Spanish)
  • Quick Guide (English)
  • Quick Guide (Spanish)
  • XM Satellite Radio channel guide
  • Activation/Accessory sheet

Delphi SKYFi2™ Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(10 Reviews)

Meets expectations

Ollie from Chantilly VA on 1/9/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

System works fine..very clear reception, at least in this area during winter when the trees have no leaves. Clouds and Wx don't seem to be a problem. Rather than run the antenna thru the trunk to the suggested roof mounting, I ran the wires under an after market dash cover to the near where the dash meets the windshield, and the reception is very good. (My car is a 2001 Acura CL.) I use the cassette adapter, and the audio is very good--clearer than with its built in FM transmitter. My only complaint is that the vent mounting system is not very solid...I think my vent louvers are a bit thicker than optimal, so is sloshes a bit when I operate the buttons and dial controls. I like the's easy to operate offers flexibility in scanning thru the XM stations. I'd buy it again.



XM radio

ajs pop from Beekman NY on 1/6/2006

I received the XM radio via a Christmas gift I love it. The sound is great. I know the other review talks about sound quailty,and thats cool but I find its great. I have it in my 2005 Honda civic. It really sounds great over the 6 stock speakers in the car. I did buy a cable to plug it in the aux input on my radio works better than the fm modulator which works ok but long trips he dead stations change and I prefer to enjoy the music not changing stations. The selection from XM is also up to par. Allways something to listen too. Also very happy with the Crutchfield sales personal they are the best!!



Excellent receiver

Andrew from Boston, MA on 10/22/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have no complaints with the device. It is great and worked easily right out of the box. I have it connected at home and it works great. The antenna is in a window and gets a great signal from both terrestrial and satellite sources. I love the content. It has really revived my love of listening to the radio.<BR><BR>The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is because I think the sound quality could be better. Both Sirius and XM use lossy digital compression, kind of like MP3, and you can tell if you listen carefully. (XM uses something called AAC+.) The compression is most aggressive and noticeable on talk stations, but you can tell on music as well. I've gotten used to it, and I love the programming and content available. But it's certainly not CD quality. A good FM broadcast is actually better, but probably less reliable in a moving vehicle. Over the noise in a typical car I can't imagine anyone would notice, though. Only on a good home stereo or using headphones will this digital compression annoy you (and maybe even not then -- for instance my wife can't tell).



Delphi SKYFi2™

Kenneth from Rosemount, MN on 6/26/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I drive a Semi and got tired of hitting the scan button trying to find a station. This is heaven. I do not drive the same truck every time so I use the FM transmitter and have no problem getting great reception. The advertising of 150 stations is a misconception. I have narrowed it down to less than 10 and still switch between channels but it still beats trying to find a station on the regular radio as you drive down the highway. No DJ's or 'morning shows' to deal with. Just music like it should be. My son has Sirus and said stations have annoying DJ's ??.<BR><BR>Very easy to use once you figure out how evrything works. Remote is nice



Great satellite receiver!

Jennifer from Los Angeles, CA on 6/21/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a great little receiver - the stations come in crystal clear and the connection was up within minutes of connecting on-line. I also bought the car kit and was able to intall it within a few minutes. Running it from the outside of the car through the trunk, then under some molding. We are also buying the special bracket for our VW, as otherwise there is no good way to attach the receiver in a Jetta. Works great - great display and fantastic music of every type!



Great product!

Ken from Las Vegas, NV on 6/17/2005

I started looking at satellite radio when I realized how much I couldn't stand morning drive time radio! After researching both satellite companies, I opted to go with XM - mostly because of the MLB Package. After researching hardware, I decided the Delphi SKYFi2 was the way to go. It installed in my SUV easily, and I got the home kit so I can listen to it on the days I work from home. During baseball games, it gives you the score, inning and number of outs. The sports ticker on the bottom of the screen is really cool too!<BR><BR>I will recommend this to all my friends!



Exceptional Radio

bakergoodman from Southwest Virginia on 6/4/2005

I had a Pioneer XM radio and needed something movable between three cars and my home. I went with the Skyfi2 and have not been disappointed. It is excellent. I no tape deck in two of my vehicles, and the built in FM modulator works like a charm. Hardly any static even with receiver located at driver's window. I like the 30 preset stations, and the large display. My old receiver would only show part of the name for the song I was listening to. This one shows everything, plus an option for a scrolling scoreboard, or stock quotes, not that I am an avid invester, but I can see how my retirement fund is disapating....



pricey piece

Nickou from Austin, TX on 5/13/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This thing would be great if it actually worked more than 60% of the time.<BR>If you live in the arctic I'm sure it's great, the thing has heat problems, and when it overheats it cuts out.<BR>You'd think they would have stuck a fan or at least some vents on it.<BR>Oh yeah, and if it gets too cloudy I tend to loose reception under overpasses and near tall buildings.<BR>Not impressed at all.



Delphi SKYFi2 in my Lexus RX330

David D from Dallas, TX on 5/2/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I decided to purchase XM radio and I went with the Delphi SkyFi2. I got a really good deal at Crutchfield where I was able to get a vehicle kit (usually $49.99) for free. It is required with the SkyFi2 unit since it can't play by itself. I looked at my friend's XM MyFi 2 go but I thought I would not use the portable much. I will not take it to the gym or a ballgame. I primarily will use it in my Lexus. The display on the SkyFi2 is large so that is very nice. I read in the instructions that the cassette deck installation gives you the best signal and sound so I went with that type of install. The wire does not look great coming out of the cassette deck but it is no big deal. I bought a universal goose neck - about 15 inches long that attaches to the seat bolt and I installed that. I did not want to drill any holes in the Lexus and there is not much room anyway with the GPS I have in dash. After I hooked up the cigarette lighter / power cord and installed the antennae in the back of the car; the test channel (ch. 1) came right up. I went on the internet and pay my subscription fee for 3 years so I could get the lower rate and it came up in 1/2 hour. There is a $9.99 activation fee. It is more expensive if you call them to activate it. It has the ability to save 30 channels on preset buttons - 10 physical buttons and A/B/C groups make for a lot of stations. It even has a memory button to remember your favorite song or artist. It will let you know if the song comes up on another station. It has a pause feature to capture the last 30 minutes of music. I am glad I got XM because it is such a beating to have to listen to commercials all the time.



Awesome, just Awesome

Tom from Ridgewood, NJ on 3/22/2005

This is my third XM radio. My other two are just standard Pioneer recievers with the Pioneer XM Tuner. I decided to get this one so it could be more mobile, especially since XM now carries all the MLB games, so now I can listen in the house too. I installed the car kit into a '97 Grand Caravan and had no problems whatsoever, installation was a breeze. The Delphi Skyfi2 is absolutely amazing though, the way it looks is so sleek and cool. It's display is plenty bright and it scrolls very nicely and smoothly. In addition it's ability to show sports scores and stock quotes is very awesome. Next Im going to buy the boombox for this thing, cause it's just awesome, i defintely recommend it if you're looking for one!




Hands-on research

Product Research

Remote Control
Warning Against Aerospace Use


Overview: This Delphi SKYFi2 package includes the tuner and a wireless remote control only. For the system to work, you'll also need a car kit and/or a home kit, or a compatible boombox (see note below). The kits allow you to hook the tuner up to your car or home stereo system, and include everything you need to receive the XM signal. A subscription to XM Satellite Radio is also required.

XM Satellite Radio: XM Satellite Radio programming features over to 130 channels of digital-quality music, news, talk, sports, weather & traffic, entertainment, and children's programming nationwide, many of which are commercial free.

Display: While tuned to an XM channel, the display contains the following information: channel category, channel name and number, artist name, song title, signal strength indicator, and keypad mode (Direct, Preset A, or Preset B). The display has a bright white LED backlight for excellent visibility. The display's brightness and contrast can also be adjusted. In addition to the default display (artist name/song title), you can select the default + stock ticker, default + info extras, and large scrolling artist name/song title display.

FM Modulator: The receiver has a built-in FM modulator that transmits the XM audio signal to any nearby FM radio. You can use the wireless FM modulator in a vehicle, in your home, in an office, or one a boat, using the appropriate kit. The receiver transmits on the following frequencies: 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, 88.9, 106.7, 106.9, 107.1, 107.3, 107.5, 107.7 and 107.9 MHz. If you choose not to use the FM transmitter, you can turn it off in the menu.

Adjustable Audio Level: If you find that the default audio level causes distortion, or is too low compared to other sources (CD, Cassette, other FM stations), you can adjust the audio level up or down. Note: This is not a volume control; it should be used to match the level of other audio sources in the system.

30-Minute Replay: The SKYFi2 receiver features a memory buffer which allows you to pause and replay up to 30 minutes of programming. While a song is playing, you can press a button to rewind to the beginning of the current song. Each time the rewind button is pressed, the unit skips backward to the beginning of each song previously played (during the current listening session up to 30 minutes). You can fast forward through songs if you wish to return to the live broadcast. The 30-minute replay feature applies only to the current listening session; the buffer is cleared when the unit is turned off.

Stock Ticker: The SKYFi2 can track up to 20 of your favorite stocks, displaying the price and daily movement on the screen. The unit has an embedded list of more than 9000 regularly traded stock symbols. Any stock symbol and most indices listed on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ can be tracked. The market data is delayed approximately 25 minutes, and is provided by Comstock, Inc.

Info Extras: XM Satellite Radio will broadcast additional information such as sports scores and other useful information from time to time. To view the most recent list of available information, you can press the Menu button on the unit.

Tune Select: The unit's Tune Select feature notifies you when a favorite song or artist is playing on a channel other than the one you are currently listening to. You can choose to search for songs either by song title or by the artist's name. Tune Select can memorize up to 20 songs or artists.

Auto On: Normally the receiver turns on whenever it receives power. If it is wired to a power source that is constantly on, you can disable the Auto On function.

Auto Off: You can set the SKYFi2 to automatically turn off 15 minutes to 3 hours after your last input or action. This feature is helpful if the unit is connected to a constant power source. The Auto Off feature can also be used as a Sleep timer to shut off automatically after a period of time.

Direct Tune: Normally, you can preview artists and song titles on other channels by turning the scroll wheel, and pressing the "XM" button to tune to the desired channel. You can change the tuning method to "Direct Tune", and the receiver will act like a traditional radio or TV dial and change channels as you turn the scroll wheel.

Searching: The SKYFi2 allows you to search channels by category, scan through all the presets, or scan through all the channels.

Direct Entry: Using the numeric buttons on the supplied remote or the face of the receiver, you can directly access XM channels.

Jump: The Jump feature lets you switch between the current channel and the previously tuned channel.

Channel Presets: The receiver can store up to 30 preset channels. They are organized into three different groups, or memory banks, Preset A, Preset B, and Preset C. Each memory bank can store up to 10 channels.

Note On Kit Compatibility: To use the SKYFi2 receiver, you must connect it to the SKYFi2 Vehicle Adapter kit (item # 040SA10102), or the SKYFi2 Home Adapter kit (040SA10103), the Marine Adapter kit or a compatible boombox. The unit can also be connected to the older SKYFi Home Adapter kit (040SA10004 or 040SA50004). It is not recommended for use with the older SKYFi Vehicle Adapter kit (040SA10002 or 040SA50002), because the newer kit was designed to maximize the performance of the SKYFi2.

Remote Control

IR Remote Control: The supplied remote gives you access to all the controls that are on the receiver's front panel, as well as audio mute (except for menu). It is powered by 2 "AAA" batteries (supplied). The package includes a clip that attaches to the remote to allow you to attach the remote to a visor or pocket.

Remote Dimensions: Width=1.589", Length=4.607", Height=0.939"


Receiver Front Panel:

  • 30-Minute Replay Buttons (left arrow, pause, right arrow): use for pausing and replaying up to 30 minutes of live XM broadcast
  • Scroll Wheel: use the scroll wheel to scroll through and select a channel or a menu option
  • XM: used to select channels and menu options
  • Display: displays additional information on screen such as stocks or sports scores
  • Memory: saves and recalls song information such as artist and song title
  • Menu: allows you to select and change receiver configuration options
  • Preset/Direct: switches between Direct Entry, Preset bands A, B, and C
  • Search: changes search mode between search by category or search by scanning
  • Jump: switches between current and previous channel
  • Power: turns the receiver on or off
  • Number Keys: used to select a channel or channel preset directly


Receiver Bottom Panel:

  • Cradle/Stand Interface Connection: proprietary connector that interfaces with the vehicle cradle or home stand

Warning Against Aerospace Use

Warning: The SKYFi system is not designed for use in airplanes. The receiver produces a level of electromagnetic interference that may negatively affect the instrumentation in planes and cause potentially dangerous situations.

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