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Pro.Fit Package for Galaxy S III

Model BR-ROKS3: contains Pro.Fit's BRAVO universal mount and RokForm's Rokbed v3 integrated case/mounting system for Galaxy S III (With black case)

Item # 042BRRKS3B

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Pro.Fit Package for Galaxy S III

Dock your Galaxy S III in your car

You're loving your Samsung Galaxy S III phone, but it's not so easy to find a spot for it in your car. This Pro.Fit package includes a BRAVO universal mount and a mounting system/case designed for your Galaxy phone, so you can secure your phone in a convenient spot whenever you're on the road.

BRAVO universal mount

The BRAVO universal mount features an adhesive pad on the base that attaches securely to the mounting surface, and won't damage the material beneath if you ever want to remove it. Swivel the BRAVO into a convenient angle, then lock it in place with a turn of the collar.

Device holder for your phone

The package also includes RokForm's Rokbed v3 all-in-one case/mounting system for your Galaxy S III smartphone. The Rokbed v3 isn't just a case for your Samsung Galaxy S III — it's a self-contained mounting system that'll let you secure your phone in many new places. The rugged polycarbonate frame fits perfectly around your Galaxy S III and protects in six directions while still allowing convenient access to all phone controls. Once you get in your car, you simply snap your phone in its case into place on the BRAVO mount, and you're good to go. When you reach your destination, pop the phone out with a twist of the wrist. Warranty: 1 year.


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