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MB Quart Reference RAA1000

Mono subwoofer amplifier
250 watts RMS x 1

9 Reviews

Item # 049RAA1000

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the MB Quart Reference RAA1000

The Reference Series RAA1000 amplifier from MB Quart delivers the high-end performance and reliability you need for a serious audio system. Housed in a sleek, low-profile black chassis, this mono powerhouse can produce up to 1,000 watts to multiple subwoofers. Its convenient top-mounted controls make tweaking the output a snap, while removable end caps hide all of the wiring for a professional-looking installation.

Want big bass? Look at our Subwoofers The Reference Series RAA1000 amplifier from MB Quart delivers the high-end performance and reliability you need for a serious audio system. Housed in a sleek, low-profile black chassis, this mono powerhouse can produce up to 1,000 watts to multiple subwoofers. Its convenient top-mounted controls make tweaking the output a snap, while removable end caps hide all of the wiring for a professional-looking installation.

Use the built-in low-pass filter to get the best sound out of your subwoofer/box combo, then adjust the subsonic filter to eliminate the inaudible, ultra-low bass that can hamper performance. You also get a set of preamp inputs and outputs for tapping into your other audio components — flexibility that means this amp can be incorporated into just about any system.

If you're using an outboard preamp or crossover, you can bypass the amp's built-in gain and crossover controls for a cleaner sound. The included remote level controller lets you adjust low-frequency impact right from the front seat. And all Reference Series amplifiers are exactly the same size, so your MB Quart multi-amp setup will look perfect.

Product Highlights:

  • mono subwoofer car amplifier
  • 250 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (500 watts x 1 at 2 ohms)
  • 1000 watts RMS x 1 at 1 ohm (1-ohm stable)
  • variable low-pass filter (50-250 Hz at 12 dB per octave)
  • variable Bass EQ frequency adjustment
  • variable subsonic filter (15-50 Hz)
  • variable phase control (0-180 degrees)
  • external wired gain and bass boost controller
  • CEA-2006 compliant
  • preamp-level inputs and outputs
  • front end defeat bypasses gain and crossover controls
  • fuse rating: 40A x 3
  • 4-gauge power and ground leads with 150A ANL fuse and holder recommended — wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
  • 11-7/16"W x 2-3/8"H x 17"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

I purchased this amp along with the 10" 4 ohmn Premium Sub from MB Quarts and the sound is Flawless.

Please notice it's deminsions and make sure it will fit. It is quite large.

The alluminum case is very rich.

All the adjustments allow you to make it your Bass!

Emmett, Mobile, AL

What's in the Box:

  • Mono channel amplifier with three 40A ATC fuse inserted into the chassis
  • Three 40A ATC replacement fuses
  • 1 Power plug connector
  • 2 Speaker plug connectors
  • Remote level and frequency boost controller
  • 16.25' Remote controller cable (has RJ45 connectors on each end)
  • 1 Mounting clip
  • Two 7/16" self-tapping screws
  • Four 3/4" self-tapping screws
  • One 1mm Allen wrench
  • One 1.5mm Allen wrench
  • One 2.5mm Allen wrench
  • One 3mm Allen wrench
  • Installation & Operation manual (English/French/Spanish/German/Italian)

MB Quart Reference RAA1000 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(9 Reviews)

Unbelievable Deal

Aanidar from Wisconsin on 8/2/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I currently have this amp hooked up to two Alpine SWR-1042's in a slot ported box. It's run at 1 ohm and I am very pleased, it is clean, well layed out easy to use and hook up. It plays very powerful and clean and as other people have mentioned, you have to set the gain a little shy of your head units actual output because the clipping light tends to come on. However I have messed with it a little and don't notice the speakers clipping even when the light flashes a little... it's pretty sensitive. All in all the amp does everything it says it will without any un necessary extras, just all the power you could ask for. Very good amp and at the sale price almost impossible to pass.



You better jump on this!

Derick from Pittsburgh, Pa on 7/26/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've had the RAA-1000 amp for several months now but had to wait until I had the $ to upgrade my system fully. Let me tell you, if you didn't get one already you better do so before they are gone @ this low price. This amp should not be on clearance, it's that good! I have it hooked up to (2) 12" PWE-302's and my neighbors hate me! I also have the RAA-4200 4 channel amp hooked up to a set of MB Quart QSD-216's and a set of DKE-169's. All MB Quart (except my Nakamichi MB-VI-6 head unit) and all gravy as far as I'm concerned. Blow you dough on this!



This is the perfect amp for Subs that can handle it.

Emmett from Mobile, AL on 7/21/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this amp along with the 10" 4 ohmn Premium Sub from MB Quarts and the sound is Flawless.<BR><BR>Please notice it's deminsions and make sure it will fit. It is quite large. <BR><BR>The alluminum case is very rich.<BR><BR>All the adjustments allow you to make it your Bass!



RF Powerhouse

Joe from Irvine, CA on 7/10/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These rockford made powerhouses are so underrated it's not even funny. I've had two differen 900w rms amps, and this one BLOWS them away in both output and clarity. A hundred or two watts difference usually isn't audible, but this "1kW" amp definitely puts out more than the claimed thousand. I had to set my gains so much lower than my H/U preout voltages, and i had to redo my H/U equalizer settings because there was just WAY TOO MUCH BASS! My two ten inch L5's (ported in 3.5ft^3 tuned to 34hz) just love the thump. And the best part is the engineering of these things. No BS, no bells and whistles, just simple design. And it stays super cold to the touch even after HOURS of thumping it...and there's no internal cooling fans!!! In addition, both amps that I ran before had about a 90A current draw (typical of a 900w amp) and i was kind of hesitant with going with the RAA1000 because of it's 120A draw, thinking I'd get more dimming than I already do. Let me tell you, since my gains are set so low and my h/u settings are turned down so much (and the bass still shakes my neighborhod), this baby is barely pulling any current out of my electrical system and I get hardly ANY dimming at all...NO CAPS, NO UPGRADED GROUNDS!



MB Quart Reference RAA1000

Jimmy from Morriston, FL on 7/7/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This amp is a Great Buy! I got two of um that I'm going to power 4 MB Quart 15's with. I got two 15's hooked up now on one amp and it is pretty loud! I recommend for the price and power it puts out its well worth buying one or two!



MB Quart Reference RAA1000

Jeffrey from Chattanooga, TN on 7/5/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great amp. Have it running 2 Alpine Type R 12s and not only is it clean bass, but it will play several hours before cutting off. For this price you will not find a better amp.



oh my godddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cory from Starr,SC on 6/14/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I just got this amp 2day from crutchfield. I cannot begin to tell everyone just how clean and awesome the power of this thing is. I have 2 alpine type r's dual 4 ohm, 10" in a .65 sealed box(the perfect box for those subs). Im not sure what the best thing about my system is, either the awesome sound from my alpine subs, or the unbelievable accuracy of this amp. I have had other amps that say they will do 1 ohm, let me tell you, this is the first one ive ever had to actually do it for hours w/out cutting off. the best sound ive ever had personally,(although some clipping is noticeable at higher volumes-but a 1 farad cap should take care of that). By far, they are practically giving this amp away.look no further, get this amp.



Clean Power

Robert from San Francisco, CA on 6/6/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I hooked this amp up to my friend's two Kicker L7's...and Oh Man!!! They Thump Low Loud and Clean! We Hooked it up to 1ohm Mono, so ea L7 was seeing up to 500rms. Took a bit of tuning, but once we got it down, and set the gain correctly, we shook the neighborhood. Then a couple of bats screamed up above, so we stopped. This amp trumped his old class D 1300w amp. The controls on top are great as well. Don't be fooled by the clean looks, layout, and MB Quart name...this amp pushes watts!



more bass less money

Russell from vancouver, wa on 6/1/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this amp after I was using an audiobahn 4002T to run my two Alpine type R's, and was a little dissatisfied with the bass output, so I bought this mono block. Man is there a world of difference, I used to have my gain set at 50 to 75 percent and now I can't it past 25% and a 4db bass boost without the trunk rattle being annoying as all heck. I do recommend that you get some dual voice coil 4ohm subs so that you can truely take advantage of this amps power.




Hands-on research

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs Notes
Wiring Recommendations


Trans-Nova (Transconductance Nodal Voltage Amplifier): This circuit simplifies the signal path of the amplifier, allowing the signal to travel through the amplifier at a low voltage. The result is greater reliability, cleaner performance and exceptional musicality with the speed, durability and power of MOSFETs.

MEHSA (Maximum Efficiency Heatsink Application): MEHSA is a process that yields up to 5 times better heat transfer than traditional FET mounting techniques using the exact same components. A multiplayer insulated metal substrate operating with minimal thermal resistance spreads heat both downward and outward to quickly dissipate heat from each device across the heat sink.

Low-pass Crossover: The built-in low-pass crossover is adjustable from 50 to 250 Hz. The crossover has a slope of 12 dB/octave.

Bass EQ: The Bass EQ allows you to adjust the Q from 2 to 4. Q changes the effective bandwidth of the boost control at the selected frequency. Higher Q values reduce the effective bandwidth, lower Q values, increase the effective bandwidth with an adjustable frequency control variable from 25Hz to 100Hz.

External Controller: The external controller lets you adjust the gain level (0 to -20 dB) and the bass boost level of the amplifier from anywhere in the vehicle. The external controller has the following dimensions: W=1.979", H=1.131", D=2.995" (including the knobs and attached cable).

Subsonic Filter: The subsonic filter allows the amplifier to block ultra-low frequencies that your subs can't reproduce, improving the efficiency of your speaker system. The filter is adjustable from 15 to 50 Hz and has a slope of 12 dB per octave.

Phase Switch: The phase is a variable control used to adjust the phase of the output signal relative to the phase of the input signal. The phase is adjustable from 0 to 180°.

Line Outputs: The amp includes a pair of RCA line outputs for sending an unfiltered signal to another amplifier or component without splitting the signal.

Front End Defeat: The Front End Defeat is used to reroute the input signal around the signal processing circuitry within the amplifier. While in the On position, all gain and crossover functions are bypassed. This feature was designed for use with external processors to provide the purest possible signal path through the amplifier.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Set-screw Terminals: The power, ground, and remote turn-on terminals are on the power plug connector, which plugs into the power plug receptacle on the amp. The speaker terminals are on the speaker plug connectors, which plug into the speaker plug receptacles. The power and ground set-screw terminals will accept up to 2-gauge wire. The remote turn-on and speaker set-screw terminals will accept up to 12-gauge wire.

Note: The power and ground terminals each have an installed sleeve that allows you to use 8-gauge and smaller wire. The sleeves must be removed to use wire larger than 8-gauge.

Remote: This RJ45 jack allows you to connect the supplied external controller.

Wiring Recommendations

Amplifier Wiring: The amplifier uses three 40A fuses, so its total fuse rating is 120A. Since pre-packaged 4-gauge amplifier wiring kits normally have 60A or 80A fuses, you will need to replace the fuse and fuse holder in the kit with a 150A ANL fuse and ANL fuse holder.

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