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Toshiba HD-A2

HD DVD high-definition player

15 Reviews

Item # 052HDA2

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Our take on the Toshiba HD-A2

Take home theater to the next level with the sleek HD-A2 from Toshiba. This HD DVD player creates stunning high-definition images that are even sharper and more vibrant than HD television broadcasts. Movies come alive with startling detail and exceptional depth.

Take home theater to the next level with the sleek HD-A2 from Toshiba. This HD DVD player creates stunning high-definition images that are even sharper and more vibrant than HD television broadcasts. Movies come alive with startling detail and exceptional depth.

HD DVD: true high-def video from a disc
While regular DVDs look good on an HDTV, they can't deliver true high-def video, even if you're using an "upconverting" DVD player. On the other hand, HD DVD has been designed from the ground up with high-definition television sets in mind. HD DVD discs have a much greater storage capacity than regular DVDs, and can hold multiple hours of true high-definition material. Additionally, HD DVD uses newer, more advanced forms of video compression that allow for smoother, more natural images.

Better sound from your home theater system
This increased disc capacity allows for higher-definition audio, too. New versions of the Dolby® Digital and DTS® surround sound formats — known as Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD — offer purer sound with an unprecedented level of detail. The 'A2 can even decode 5.1-channel Dolby TrueHD soundtracks, which employ lossless compression to deliver a remarkably faithful reproduction of the movie theater experience.

Compatible with your current DVD and CD collections
The versatile HD-A2 can play standard DVDs and CDs, as well as home-burned CD-Rs and CD-RWs. The 'A2 can upconvert standard DVDs to resolutions that better match high-definition TV sets, so your existing DVD collection will look better than ever. It also includes a network port for possible future upgrades. And the remote has buttons that glow in the dark, making it easy to operate the player even when the lights are low.

Learn about the ins and outs of HDMI connections at
Shop our selection of HDMI cables.

Shipping Note: Sorry, we can only ship Toshiba products to the 49 continental United States and Washington D.C.; we can't ship them to Hawaii or U.S. Territories. (Solamente es posible enviar productos de la Toshiba dentro los 49 estados unidos continentales y Washington D.C.)

Product Highlights:

  • plays HD DVD high-definition discs (selectable 720p/1080i output available through HDMI output; 720p/1080i output also available via component video on discs lacking ICT copy-protection)
  • plays DVD-Video, DVD-R & DVD-RW
  • plays CD, audio CD-R & CD-RW
  • HDMI digital output (combines video and multichannel audio with HDCP copy protection)
  • HDMI version 1.2a
  • selectable 720p/1080i video upconversion for DVD (upconverted video available through HDMI output only)
  • 5.1-channel Dolby TrueHD available via HDMI output only
  • 1 set of A/V outputs (composite video, S-video, and component video)
  • stereo audio outputs
  • optical digital audio output
  • Ethernet port for possible future upgrades
  • remote control (multibrand for TV)
  • 32-bit SHARC® Digital Signal Processor for detailed, next-generation audio
  • 16-15/16"W x 2-9/16"H x 15-1/16"D
  • warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • viewing high-definition HD DVD content requires an HDTV or HD-ready TV with HDMI, DVI, or component video input
  • DVD movie playback is restricted to "Region 1" coded discs

What's in the Box:

  • Single-disc HD DVD player
  • SE-R0252 Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 6' Detachable AC power cord
  • 5' AV cable with a composite video RCA connection and stereo audio RCA connections on both ends
  • Owner's Manual
  • Product Registration card
  • Firmware Update card
  • "Important Firmware Update Information" sheet
  • "Stop Need Help" sheet

This is a sweet unit. Picture perfect. Booting up is fast enough. I rent the HD DVDs from the internet, so I dont care too much about the format war.

Buy it! You wont be disapointed.

Wade, Denver, Co


Toshiba HD-A2 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(15 Reviews)

Toshiba HD-A2

Russ from Nashville, TN on 9/9/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this player for our bedroom hi-def plasma display, and it's nice player for the price. Even though it's the bottom-of-the-line, it doesn't feel cheaply made. It's easy to use, with straightforward menus, and picture quality from HD DVD discs is absolutely outstanding.<BR><BR>The player has no difficulty with any discs I've tried, even scratched-up rental discs from Netflix. I've had major problems playing less than perfect discs on another brands' players in the past (cough*Sony*cough), so I'm very pleased that there have been no playback problems so far.<BR><BR>The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is the lack of options for audio output. If you're looking for a player to go into a full-blown home theater system, this probably isn't the best one for that purpose. It's only got 2-channel analog outs, and optical digital outs, which limits the sound quality you can get out of it to analog mixdown or garden-variety Dolby Digital/DTS. A player with multi-channel analog outs would be a better choice in order to get access to the latest audio features such as Dolby Digital Plus, and multi-channel TrueHD without buying a new receiver/processor.<BR><BR>All in all, this is a good entry to HD DVD for Early Adopters who want a second player to supplement a primary player, or who don't want to commit a lot of money while the format war rages on.



Excellent Buy!

Gary from Mesa, AZ on 9/1/2007

I have to be real honest I have never been a big fan of Toshiba so it was with great trepidation that I purchased this HD DVD player. But in reading the reviews of Sony Blue Ray I decided to stay away from their product as they seem to be some what problematic and I am a big Sony loyalist. I have a Sony 60&#8221; SXRD now connected to my Toshiba HD DVD and I am totally pleased with the DVD player and the HDMI connection makes stunning audio and video. I also have to admit I seldom buy the cheapest of any product like this DVD player. But my SXRD is a 1080i resolution TV and I am going to have the TV for a long time so there was no need to purchase a 1080p DVD player. The only complaint I have is I think the remote control is too sensitive and some of the colored buttons are difficult to see. But this truly an exceptional product and good value as well so long live HD DVD players! Oh BTW you may want to join Netflix for a terrific source of HD DVD&#8217;s. And lastly you can&#8217;t beat Crutchfield&#8217;s excellent service and support.



Toshiba HD-A2

Eddie from Martinsburg,WV on 7/8/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

A fantastic unit. So far we've watched more standard dvd's due to the relative scarcity of hd dvd discs;a problem that I hope will dissapear with time.I'm using the player with an older model 55"h.d.projection tv which doesn't have a hdmi input so I'm using component connections and am still blown away by the video quality, even with standard dvd's The unit replaced a Sony dual unit(dvd&vcr)and there is no comparison. A fantastic product in a still growing field.<BR>



great product...and even better customer service!

philip from manchester, nh on 6/28/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

i have the Gen1 Xa1 for my HT and got the Gen2 HD-A2 for the bedroom...what can i say that hasent already been said...these are great products! placed my order on june 10th. ...what great customer service...simply the best!!!! i have shopped hear for years and bought many products and will continue to do so...highly recommended.



Crutchfield is AWESOME!!

Jason from Maine on 6/22/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I ordered this player 10 days ago!<BR><BR>Well, it was delivered yesterday, I hooked up last night and it is awesome! The picture, sound everything is great on my 50" Plasma.<BR><BR>I had never bought anything from Crutchfield before, but I will definately check them when I am in the market for more electronics!<BR><BR>Kuddos to Crutchfield!!!




Larry from Cincinnati, Ohio on 6/12/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have been a big Toshiba fan in DVD players and owned 3 over the years. They do have some quirks but are usually good buys for the money. This is my first HD-DVD player &amp; I have been waiting since November to purchase. I have a Samsung 61&#8221; DLP 1080P set and I bought this player as a starting point for HD movies. I have been watching HD content since November on cable and OTA antenna and the picture is very good in relation to these inputs. BTW, the OTA still looks the best! A standard DVD PQ looks much, much better with this player.<BR><BR>The thing that impressed me was the significant improvement in sound clarity. I have a Yamaha AV Receiver with a Bose AM16 Series II speaker system and each format (HD or DVD) sounds incredible and breaths new life into my movie collection. The sound improvement alone is worth the investment in this player!<BR><BR>The entire process with Crutchfield is flawless. I ordered this product on a Thursday evening and the player arrived on Monday. I hooked up the player to the Internet and downloaded 36 firmware upgrades and I was watching Seabiscuit in HD-DVD! I have 350 HD-DVD movies to choose from my on-line account with more on the way. My wife &amp; I no longer go the movies. Pass the popcorn!<BR>



my first non sony player

WILL from chicago il on 5/28/2007

well this is my first non sony player since standard dvd launched and i must say this is the best piece of video equipment i've owned ever. i thought it would have been my sony 400 disc upconverter but i was wrong. the upconverter on dvds looks hd honestly and i have the matrix set and they are well done i love it am sorry to say but it looks like hd dvd and blu ray will be around for a while if you are a hd daughter is 9 yrs. old and she notice the diffrence in dreamgirls on hd dvd she cant stop watching it. now my 5 movies are on the way and i have to pick up batman begins. this is the best hd player out there for the price and sony needs to step there game up. good investment



Perfect for the price!

Wade from Denver, Co on 4/17/2007

This is a sweet unit. Picture perfect. Booting up is fast enough. I rent the HD DVDs from the internet, so I dont care too much about the format war.<BR><BR>Buy it! You wont be disapointed.




J from Columbus, Oh on 1/27/2007

I bought this player for christmas, and i wanted to wait to write my review. After a month of owning it I love watching dvds again. It doesn't matter if they're hddvd or reg. dvd it just looks great. With everything in life they are some neg. the player doesnt resume when you stop, the slightest mark on the disc may cause disruption, but thats about it. The start up time isnt even that bad, just turn it on a little early and you'll be on your way to great picture and sound. Last but not least more hd dvd titles and lower the price of the movies and you're sure to fall in love.



Great way to experience true HD picture and sound!

MARK from Stockton, Ca on 1/13/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Well, I just got my Toshiba HD-A2 player today after anxiously waiting day by day. Luckily I got my first HD DVD movie in mail the day before.... 'Miami Vice'. Let me tell you, this player has lived up to all the hype. The picture is amazing and the sound even better. 'Miami Vice' is the perfect showcase HD DVD for the player, the water scenes are unbelievable as well as the scenes in the sky (flying jet). The colors are extremely vivid and you can even see the individual water droplets in each wave on the ocean scenes. I have this player running to my Panasonic 37'' plasma and have tried both the HDMI and component cables with no visual difference in quality. I highly reccommend this player to anyone looking for an HD DVD player. And as for 1080p, you're not gonna notice a difference between that and 1080i unless you're looking at a screen greater than 73''...... so save your money and get the HD-A2 model rather than BluRay.



Still not ready

Mickey from Harrisonburg,Va on 1/10/2007

Bought both the HD-A2 and also the Samsung BD-P1000.Bought 5 movies in each format(same titles) to see which player delivered the best performance.While I will give the HD-DVD format a slight edge on PQ at the moment,90 out of 100 for the HD-DVD,and 85 out of 100 for Blu-ray,I can not say the same for the players.I had both for over a week,had no problems with the Samsung,and numerious problems with the A2.As with a previous A1-it still seems to have problems with HDMI,the order that the equipment is turned on,problems when changing chapters(delay and jitters)the need to reboot,and freeze ups.I can not say the same for the Samsung,the inital set-up was a breeze,does a handshake through the HDMI and auto sets to the TV's max display capabilities,from there on there was only 1 problem-Can't read disk-due to a finger print at the begining of the disk,cleaned off and away it went.I returned the HD-A2 and kept the BD-P1000.



good player with a few glitches

Joe from Mountaintop PA on 1/1/2007

Nice HD-DVD player, but there are still problems as with 1st generation Toshiba units, i.e. no stop/resume or search by time, etc. If you stop film, you will be sent back to beginning, and search by time is inoperable. This unit is for region 1 only as are most DVD players sold in the US and it will only play NTSC, not PAL.



HD DVD with DVD in mind...

Howard from Columbus, OH on 12/29/2006

This 2nd generation of the Toshiba line of HD DVD players is faster, sleeker and a perfect fit along side your other fine A/V equipment. The player does have a fan, but it is very, very quiet (completely unobtrusive). It plays CDs well and upconverts DVDs excellently (almost as good as HD). Because HD DVD is by its very nature non-regional, you can purchase films from the world over and play them all equally well on this player. No more worries about Pal or NTSC, because HD DVD does away with that obstacle. Sound quality is excellent with HD DVD and even DVDs sound clearer on the Toshiba HD-A2 (thanks, in part, to its 32-bit floating point SHARC DSP). In my mind, HD DVD was designed as a clear and logical extension to DVD. It compliments it without obsoleting it. The A2 incorporates the high quality ingredients one should demand from a hi-def disc player. Those include: Dolby&#174; TrueHD, Dolby&#174; Digital Plus, and DTS&#174; HD, excellent live overlay menu system, HDMI 1.2a interface, Ethernet (10/100BASE) terminal, and all this at a most reasonable price. Go for it!!!



Very nice HD player

John from Torrington, CT on 12/22/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Quick and easy HD picture. This low profile, light player fits right in the cabinet. Picture clarity is superb. Current HD TV doesn't have a HDMI port but with composite output the result is bright, vivid colors with excellent detail. After reading all the issue with software problem people were having with Blu-ray I decided to go with HD A2. Little pricey but much less than Blu-ray. Very Nice unit.



I'm impressed!

Igor from Los Angeles, CA on 12/19/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm impressed with this wonderful unit. The picture quality of my HD-DVDs is nothing short of spectacular (not to mention the upgrade in sound!!! Wow!!!). It also does a sensational job upconverting my standard DVDs to a level that reinvents my entire collection.<BR><BR>The player is really easy to set up, too. You don't have to be a rocket scientist (or a ranking member of the AVS Forum) to get this thing up and running. I was good to go within minutes. <BR><BR>If you are on the bubble about upgrading to High Definition DVDs, then the price, ease of use, and picture &amp; audio quality of this Tosh HD-A2 (a second generation product, which is another plus) should make this purchase a no brainer. Think about it this way, you'd pay the same price or more just to buy a really good upconverting standard DVD player. But with the HD-A2 you get the added advantage of playing HD-DVD discs that look and sound even more amazing.<BR><BR>So thanks, Crutchfield. You are the Mack-Daddy of my Audio/Visual universe. Your in-depth analysis on your products, as well as your superior service has always been top notch in helping me with my purchases.<BR><BR>One last thing to add...Bring on the 2nd gen Blu-Ray players! Who cares about the format wars! I'm a High Def that I've seen the performance level of the Toshiba HD-A2.<BR>




Hands-on research

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs Notes


HD DVD Overview: HD DVD is a new high-definition disc format that is up to six times the resolution of standard DVD-video and is designed from the ground up to maximize the viewing experience available from today's HDTVs. HD DVD discs and players offer several advantages over the standard DVD format:

  • Better picture quality: HD DVD is a true high-definition format offering video at 1080i or 720p resolution. While standard DVDs look very good on an HDTV, they don't provide a high-definition signal (not even when you use an "upconverting" DVD player). HD DVD delivers an extraordinarily sharp, clean, detailed picture, with deeper, richer colors.
  • Better sound quality: HD DVD offers the same multichannel sound formats - Dolby Digital and DTS - you're accustomed to with DVD. But HD DVD goes further, offering advanced new versions of Dolby Digital and DTS formats that will give soundtracks startling clarity and dimensionality.
  • Much greater storage capacity: What makes HD DVD's superior picture and sound possible is the much higher storage capacity of HD DVD discs. A single-layer HD DVD can hold 15 gigabytes of data, which is over three times the amount a standard DVD can hold. (Dual-layer HD DVDs hold 30 gigabytes.) This increased storage capacity allows HD DVD to fit several hours of high-definition video and high-resolution multichannel audio, plus the added features and material that require multiple discs with standard DVD.
  • Compatibility with your current disc collections: To ensure backward-compatibility with your existing library of discs, HD DVD players actually use a dual-laser mechanism: a blue laser for playing high-definition HD DVD discs, and a conventional red laser for playing DVDs and audio CDs.
  • Internet access: HD DVD players include an Ethernet jack for use with a high-speed Internet connection.

Slim Cabinet Design: The Toshiba HD-A2 has a slim profile design and a depth advantage that allows them to fit into almost any home entertainment environment. The player measures only 16.9375" wide x 2.5625" tall x 15.062" deep (including cables).

Supported Surround Sound Formats: The HD-DVD player supports Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD (core only). The HDMI output will transfer all these surround formats while the optical digital output will transfer the Dolby Digital, DTS and a down-converted version of the Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD signals.

Digital Audio Processing: The Toshiba HD-A2 features an advanced high-performance 32-bit SHARC Digital Signal Processor to provide you with incredible audio detail.

Dolby TrueHD: The HD DVD player supports Dolby TrueHD which provides you with surround sound that is equal to the original studio master.

HDMI Upconversion: The HD-A2 has the ability to upconvert a standard DVD signal to HD-compatible 720p or 1080i and pass it through its HDMI video output. Because this conversion is performed inside the player, the signal remains free from excessive digital to analog artifacts.

ColorSteam Pro Component Video: The player's component video outputs allow the video signal to be sent from the DVD player to a component video equipped interlaced or progressive scan TV. When this connection is utilized with today's HD-compatible sets, typical NTSC artifacts-like video noise, dot crawl, and flicker-are virtually eliminated, resulting in a low-noise, highly detailed picture with color purity.

Resolution Setting: The HD-A2 allows you to select the video resolution output for the HDMI and Component video outputs. You can choose from 480i, 480p, 720p, or 1080i for both. The component video output will only display 480i or 480p resolution on copy protected discs.

Simultaneous Video Output: The HD DVD player supports simultaneous output of video on its HDMI and component video ports. However, when both are connected the HDMI will only output the maximum resolution of the component video cable when watching a copy protected disc.

Auto Video Adjust: The HDMI output can be set to change automatically to match the maximum available resolution of your display. If you have the HDMI and component video cables both connected the resolution on the component output will also change when the HDMI output auto-adjusts.

Compatible Discs: The HD-A2 is capable of playing back the following disc formats.

  • HD DVD
  • DVD
  • Audio CD
  • CD-R, CD-RW

Note: This unit is not capable of MP3 or WMA playback and does not support Blu-ray discs.

Playback Speeds: The HD-A2 offers the following playback speeds when viewing your disc.

  • Skip: allows you to skip to the beginning of the previous or next chapter or track
  • Frame by Frame: while the picture is "Paused" you can playback the video frame by frame
  • Fast Forward/Reverse: allows you to fast forward or fast rewind through a scene or track at 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x speed.
  • Slow Motion: allows you to play a video forward in slow-motion at a 1/4x, 1/2x or 1/8x of normal speed

Resume Play: Resume play allows you to resume playback of a disc from the point where you last stopped. The stopping point is cleared when the Stop button is pressed more than once or the disc tray is opened.

Title Search: Title Search allows you enter the number of the Title, Chapter and/or elapsed time of a scene you want to view on a disc and then directly go to that spot on the disc.

Repeat Mode: The Toshiba HD-A2 features the following repeat functions - All Repeat, Chapter Repeat, Track Repeat, Disc Repeat, and A-B repeat.

Extension Ports: The two USB extension ports may be used in the future for additional control options and firmware updates. Future control options include extra storage for downloadable content off of HD DVD discs.

Note: The USB ports are simply "gateway" interfaces for the player and its movies so their potential is limited to downloadable disc content.

Cursor Function: Future HD DVD discs may include game software and drawing software. If they do, this function lets you use the Cursor button on the remote to move the onscreen cursor, allowing you to interact with the software.

Internet Connection: By utilizing the rear-panel Ethernet port, you connect the player to the Internet via an always-on broadband connection. Future HD DVD discs will enable you to access special HD DVD sites. If an HD DVD site includes content such as movie trailers, you can watch the content on the player via the Internet if your internet connection provides sufficient bandwidth. You may also use the Internet connection feature to update the player's firmware.

Camera Angle: If a scene has been recorded with multiple angles, you can change the camera angle of the scene you are watching on the disc.

Picture Settings: The Toshiba HD-A2 offers the following picture adjustments through its Picture Setting screen.

  • TV Shape: select between 16:9, 4:3 or 4:3 letter box
  • Enhanced Black Level: select this feature "On" to adjust the black level to a deep richer black
  • Picture Mode: select between Film, Video or Auto

Audio Settings: The HD DVD player provides the following audio adjustments within its Audio settings screen.

  • Digital out SPDIF: This allows you to choose the digital audio format that is passed through the optical and coaxial outputs. You can choose from the following:
    • Bitstream: Select this when an amplifier equipped with built-in Dolby Digital, DTS or MPEG decoder is connected to this player. When you play a standard DVD recorded in Dolby Digital or DTS format, digital audio signal (bitstream audio) is output. When you play an HD DVD, the player decodes the Dolby Digital off the disc, then re-encodes it as DTS 5.1.
    • PCM: Select this when a 2 channel digital stereo amplifier is connected to this player. When you play an HD DVD or DVD video disc recorded in Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS or DTS-HD format, sound is converted into PCM (2 channel) format and then passed through the optical output.
  • Digital out HDMI: This allows you to choose the digital audio format that is passed through the HDMI output. You can choose from the following:
    • Auto: Select this when an HDMI device equipped with built-in Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG or linear PCM decoder is connected to this player. When you play a standard DVD recorded in Dolby Digital or DTS format, digital audio signal (bitstream audio) is output. When you play an HD DVD, the player decodes the Dolby Digital off the disc, then re-encodes it as DTS 5.1. If a connected HDMI device does not support Dolby Digital, DTS or MPEG, sound is converted into linear PCM to output.
    • PCM: Select this when an HDMI device that has multi-channel output is connected to this player. When you play an HD DVD or DVD video disc recorded in multi-channel in Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS or DTS-HD format, the sound is decoded and output in multi-channel in linear PCM format.
    • Downmixed PCM: Select this when a 2 channel digital stereo amplifier is connected to this player. When you play a disc recorded in Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG1 or MPEG2 format, sound is converted into PCM (2 channel) format to output.
  • Dynamic Range Control: The DRC function makes faint sounds easier to hear even if you lower the volume during late-hour playback. You can choose from On, Off or Auto. This function is only available for HD DVD and DVD video discs recorded in Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus or Dolby Digital TrueHD format.
  • Dialogue Enhancement: This feature increases the dialog volume of a DVD video disc during playback. You can turn this feature On or Off. This function is only available for Dolby Digital recorded HD DVD or DVD video discs.

Language Settings: The HD-A2 allows you to make the following language adjustments to your player and disc.

  • Disc Menu Language: select between English, French, Japanese or German for your disc's menu if applicable
  • Subtitle Language: select between English, French, Japanese or German for the subtitle language if applicable
  • Audio Language: select between English, French, Japanese or German for the disc's sound track audio if applicable
  • On Screen Language: select between English, French, Japanese or German for the player's on-screen menu display

Parental Lock: The Parental Lock feature allows you to use to activate an 8-level ratings system protected by a 4-digit password to limit what discs can be played back on your player.

Screen Saver: When activated a Screen Saver will appear if a picture is paused continuously for about 20 minutes.

Auto Power Off: When activated the Auto Power Off feature will turn the player off if picture pausing continues for about 20 minutes.

Dimmer: From the remote control you can dim the display of the unit or turn the display completely off.


Front Panel Controls: The following controls are located on the front panel of the unit behind a fold down door accept for the Open/Close button.

  • Open/Close: opens and closes player
  • Skip: skips to previous or next chapter or track
  • Pause: stops playback momentarily
  • Stop: stops playback
  • Play: starts playback

Multibrand Remote Control: The supplied full-function IR wireless remote control is pre-programmed to operate this unit and a number of functions on other brands of TVs.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Rear Panel Connections:

  • HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface): The unit's HDMI simplifies A/V connections by carrying video and digital audio all in one cable. This unit features HDCP copyright protection technology, and must be connected to an HDCP-compliant device. If your TV has a DVI input instead of an HDMI input, you can connect this unit to your TV using an HDMI-to-DVI adapter. You will also need to connect audio cables to the player because DVI is a video only cable.
  • LAN: The rear-panel Ethernet port gives you access to Internet-based content on some HD DVDs.
  • Audio Out: The HD-A2 features a single optical digital output for transferring Dolby Digital and DTS information as well as a stereo analog output.
  • Video Output: The HD DVD player is equipped with one component video output, one S-video output and one composite video output.

Front Panel Connections:

  • Extension Ports: The HD-A2 has two front-panel USB Extension ports hidden behind a fold-down door.


Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.