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Toshiba SDV296

Tunerless DVD player/VCR combo

8 Reviews | 6 questions - 27 answers

Item # 052SDV296

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Our take on the Toshiba SDV296

Toshiba's combined DVD/VHS SD-V296 combines a basic DVD player and VCR in one space-saving package. It's an easy way to enjoy movies on both discs and tapes. You can also connect a cable box or satellite receiver to record your favorite TV shows on VHS tape. Convenient front-panel inputs provide a quick and easy way to record from other sources, such as a camcorder. And if you have an HDTV with a component video input, the SD-V296 can provide a crystal-clear 480p resolution picture from your DVDs.

Product Highlights:

  • no built-in TV tuner — requires a connection to a cable box or satellite receiver to watch or record TV programs
  • selectable progressive-scan DVD playback (up to 480p) for smoother video with compatible TVs (via the component video output)
  • 2 VHS recording speeds (SP, SLP)
  • coaxial digital audio output for Dolby® Digital/DTS®/PCM (DVD only)
  • 2 sets of audio/video inputs (composite video, 1 front and 1 rear)
  • 1 set of audio/video outputs(composite video for both DVD & VCR; S-video and 480i/480p component video for DVD only)
  • plays DVD-Video, DVD-R & DVD-RW, DVD+R & DVD+RW, and DivX® discs
  • plays audio CD, CD-R & CD-RW, and MP3 & WMA CDs (per Toshiba, "use of CD-RW for MP3 files is not recommended")
  • plays digital picture CDs (JPEG)
  • one-touch VCR timer recording
  • DVD/VCR remote control
  • 17-3/16"W x 3-3/4"H x 10-1/16"D
  • weight: 6 lbs.
  • warranty: 90 days
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • designed for use with "Region 1" coded DVDs
  • Note: Internal dubbing of copy-protected DVDs is not possible.

Was up and running in nothing flat with this machine. The remote control is laid out pretty well - really didn't even need to consult the owner's manual.

Anonymous, Ohio

What's in the Box:

  • DVD/VCR combo player
  • Remote control (SE-R0323)
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • 58" Composite video cable
  • 58" Stereo audio RCA cable
  • Owner's Manual
  • Quick Start Guide (En/Sp)
  • Limited Warranty Information
  • Toshiba Contact Information sheet

Toshiba SDV296 Reviews

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collector from USA on 5/20/2015

Many people still have video tapes. Why are manufacturers no longer making them, especially combos? Related, why aren't tuners built in any more in the few recorders around? Most of us still have access to online tv and not every tv in the house is connected to the pay box.



Simple solution to playing your VHS and DVD collection!

Anonymous from Ohio on 1/1/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Was up and running in nothing flat with this machine. The remote control is laid out pretty well - really didn't even need to consult the owner's manual.



Great Deal

Bill from United States on 11/11/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My mom has a collection of VHS and DVD's that she hasn't been able to watch so I got this for her as a present. It was simple to install and easy to use. She is thrilled to be able to watch both types of media with just the one unit.

Pros: easy to install and easy to use


Great DVD/VHS Combo

Gary from Castle Rock, CO on 12/30/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy installation and ease of use are the keys to this unit. Instructions were easy to follow, as well. Plug and play!

Pros: Simple unit to use. Worked the first time and every time after.

Cons: none

A great replacement

Suz from Schuyler, VA on 10/22/2013

This was bought to replace a combo DVD/VHS player. It is very easy to use and was not difficult to install. It plays very well.

Pros: Easy to install

Cons: Could not be connected directly to the cable box.

Toshiba SDV296 VHS/DVD

Vince L from Wallace, N.C. on 6/23/2013

Excellent product-works great.. Arrived in two days. Easily connected. Great service (as always) from Crutchfield. One minor thing: The buttons on the remote are so small and the letters are hard to read--especially by an old fart like me).


Cons: Buttons/lettering on remote are tiny.

Toshiba SDV296

Anonymous from Bremen,ME on 5/31/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very satisfied in all respects....Crutchfield is my go to source



Toshiba review

William D from Longs, SC on 5/13/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Toshiba was a replacement for one I had from 10 or so years ago which had "retired" itself. It was just what I was looking for with both the VCR and DVD functions in one simple to use piece of equipment. Thank you for having just what I was looking for!!!




Hands-on research

Product Research

DVD Player
VHS Recorder
Audio/Video Features
Remote Control

DVD Player

Disc Compatibility: The Toshiba SD-V296 DVD/VCR combo player supports the playback of the following disc types.

Disc Type Disc Description
CD CD-Audio, CD-R, CD-RW

Note: This unit will only play back DVD and CD discs. It does not record to disc. Not compatible with MP3/WMA/AAC audio files.

Dolby Digital/DTS Compatible: The Toshiba SD-V296 supports playback of Dolby Digital and DTS encoded DVD discs and outputs the Dolby Digital/DTS signal to your connected home theater receiver (with built-in Dolby Digital/DTS decoder) via a digital coaxial output.

Search Functions: The Toshiba SD-V296 offers various search functions to help you find your disc content.

  • Title Search: The Title Search feature allows you to check the titles recorded on your disc easily. You can choose a title to play back from this list and easily edit the titles as you prefer.
  • Time Search: This feature allows you to go to a specific point on a disc by entering the exact amount of time you wish to skip in order to reach the point.

Markers: This function allows you to store markers on a disc that can be easily recalled. You can bookmark up to 3 scenes at a time. The markers are cleared when you open the disc tray or turn the unit off.

Zoom: The Zoom feature allows you to get an increasingly close-up view of the image. Each press of the Zoom button increases the magnification to Zoom 1 (1.3x), Zoom 2 (1.5x) or Zoom 3 (2.0x). You can also move the zoomed image around the screen.

Camera Angles: Some DVD-video discs have scenes shot from two or more angels to choose from.

JPEG Viewer: JPEG Viewer enables a user to display digital photographs on a television set in the JPEG digital format. The DVD player supports playback of JPEG images recorded onto CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and DVD+R/RW discs. The unit supports JPEG images with a maximum resolution of 6300 x 5100 and maximum file size of 7 Mbytes. The player can recognize 500 files and 255 folders. You can continuously playback all JPEG images automatically; you can set the JPEG interval to 5 or 10 seconds.

Parental Lock: Some DVD-video discs feature a parental lock level. Playback will stop if the ratings exceed the levels you set; it will require you to enter a password before the disc will playback. This feature prevents your children from viewing inappropriate material.

VHS Recorder

Simultaneous DVD playback/VHS Record: The Toshiba SD-V296 offers simultaneous DVD playback & VHS record for watching a DVD while recording a TV program.

VCR Recording Speeds: You can record VHS tapes in either of two speeds: SP (Standard Play) or SLP (Super Long Play).

Record Speed Tape Type Recording Playback Time
SP mode T60 1 Hour
T120 2 Hours
T160 2 Hours, 40 Minutes
SLP mode T60 3 Hours
T120 6 Hours
T160 8 Hours

Note: In order to see the Recording Speed/REC MODE display on the television screen when recording utilizing the VCR side of this device, a connection from the VIDEO OUT jack is required.

Recording Methods: There are several methods for recording content onto a VHS tape.

  • One-Touch Recording: You can record content from an external tuner source while watching the program.
  • One-Touch Timer Recording: This function allows you to set the recording time in blocks of 30 minutes up to 8 hours for recording from an external tuner source.
  • Timer Recording: You can program the unit to record up to 8 programs from an external tuner source for up to a year in advanced. You can choose between Once, Daily, or weekly program recordings.
  • Satellite Link: You can set the unit to start recording whenever it detects the video signal from the connected external tuner source.

Note: If there is a power failure or the unit is unplugged for more than 30 seconds, clock setting and all timer programs will be lost.

Index Search: An index mark will be assigned at the beginning of each recording you make on a VHS tape. You may skip to a specific marked point using Index Search.

No Built-In Tuner: The Toshiba SD-V296 DVD/VCR combo player does not feature a built-in TV tuner. You will need to connect your cable/satellite box to record TV programming.

Audio/Video Features

14-Bit/108MHz Video Digital to Analog Converter: The Toshiba SD-V296 DVD/VCR combo player employs a 14-bit/108MHz video digital-to-analog converter to reduce digital artifacts to give you a better picture.

Progressive Scan: This unit may be set to output a progressive scan video signal from the Color Stream Pro component video output. Progressive-scan picture quality is more film-like, with more fine detail and less flicker. Progressive-scan viewing requires a TV with a progressive scan compatible component video input.

Black Level: You can adjust the black level to control the brightness of the picture in order to get a better picture.

Audio D/A Converter: The unit has a 192kHz/24-bit audio digital-to-analog converter for excellent audio reproduction.

Virtual Surround: To obtain expansive virtual surround sound effects from two speakers, set the Virtual Surround mode to "On".


A/V Inputs: The SD-V296 features two sets of A/V inputs (one on the rear panel and one on the front panel) to connect external sources, such as your cable/satellite box and camcorder. Each AV input features a composite video jack and stereo audio RCA jacks.

Video Outputs: The Toshiba SD-V296 DVD/VCR combo player features one component video output, one S-video output, and one composite video output.

  • Component Video Output: The SD-V296 features ColorStream Pro component video outputs which allow the video signal to be sent from the built-in DVD player to a component video-equipped interlaced (480i) or progressive scan (480p) TV.
  • S-Video Output: There is also a S-video output for DVD playback only (480i).
  • Composite Video Output: In addition, there is a composite video output for both playback of DVD discs and VHS tapes (480i only).

Audio Outputs: The Toshiba SD-V296 DVD/VCR combo player features a coaxial digital audio output (coaxial) and one analog RCA stereo audio output.

  • Digital Audio Output: This unit features a coaxial digital output to allow you to connect the player to a receiver with a Dolby Digital or DTS decoder (for DVD playback only).
  • Analog Audio Output: The unit also has two sets of analog composite audio outputs, if your application only calls for hooking the DVD audio up to your Television. For both playback of DVD discs and VHS tapes. 

Remote Control

IR Remote: The Toshiba SD-V296 DVD/VCR combo player comes with an IR remote control for wireless operation of this unit only.

Our Product Research Team

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

6 questions already asked

1) No tuner 2) No recorder We bought it basically to play old VHS tapes and CD's without having two units. It does a great job for that purpose. [ GLENN  Nov 01, 2014 ]
Evonne, This VCR does not have a tuner, It can be programmed to record as far as I know but I do not use it for that purpose so I cannot speak to that function. We purchased this to let our grand daughter watch movies so we use the VHS function often which works pretty well. Hope this answers your question. [ SHAUN  Nov 01, 2014 ]
I wish I could be of more help. I only use mine as a player. (Anything beyond that is beyond ME!) [ WILLIAM  Nov 01, 2014 ]
I don't know whether or not it records. I only wanted to play my VHS tapes and DVDs on it. I have a DVR on my Cable so didn't need a device to record on. [ MONDA M  Oct 31, 2014 ]
Only have played videos on this machine. Had old movies and needed a VHS player to play them. Works for that purpose. [ DOUG  Oct 31, 2014 ]
Kathy, I wish I could give you an easy answer, but as I do not record programs, I have never sought out the method of designating a channel to record. Sorry I couldn't be helpful! Bill... [ WILLIAM  Jun 30, 2014 ]
Dan, I have the unit run through my Aventage 2020 so everything passes through the amp. I would imagine that this unit will not pass through seeing as it is a pretty basic unit. I am pretty pleased with it but I would prefer it did a better job upgrading the picture. We only use it for old Disney VHS for my grand daughter. [ SHAUN  Apr 30, 2014 ]
No. [ MELVIN D  Apr 28, 2014 ]
It is a pass thru unit. It does not have to be turned on for your TV to work. Lew J [ LEWIS W  Apr 28, 2014 ]
This.unit is stand alone. The unit is cabled to the tv and you have to go to the A/V mode to view either vhs or dvd. [ GLENN  Apr 27, 2014 ]
Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question. That is not what I use this unit for. Sorry [ DENNIS R  Apr 27, 2014 ]
The unit can be turned off [ JOHN R  Apr 27, 2014 ]
Jimmy: I used this Toshiba SDV296 to record old VHS tapes of my dad's art interviews through computer software and USB interface to my computer to upload to my website. I have never tried to copy a DVD to VHS tape. This Toshiba SDV296 worked good for my application though. Sincerely,Terry. [ Terry  Mar 11, 2014 ]
I haven't recorded any DVD's to VHS tapes but I believe this product will do that providing the DVD's are not copy-protected - and you will have to connect the DVD output to the VHS input. [ MELVIN D  Mar 10, 2014 ]
It will record DVD to VHS and very easily I might add [ JOHN R  Mar 09, 2014 ]
No, but they have a model that does. We just kept the old tapes and play them on this.......easier. [ GLENN  Mar 09, 2014 ]
Will not record but will play VHS Tapes and DVDs [ MONDA M  Mar 09, 2014 ]
I thought this might be possible so I ran the experiment this morning - the only connection I have from the SDV296 is from the VHS to the tv - no connections back to the SDV296. I could not get a movie transferred from the DVD player to the VHS recorder. [ MELVIN D  Feb 08, 2014 ]
All you have to do is dig out your VHS player, connect to inputs in the back (DVD recorder) and record the disc. Be sure to finalize the disc, a separate procedure, so that you can play back the disc on another player. You can get better quality by playing back on a bluy-ray as it will up-scale and deliver a better picture. The Toshiba 430 is only $119 at Crutchfield; you can't go wrong with this unit. Connected to a TV is a good idea if just to monitor what is going on. It is downstream, so it will not effect the disc.You can save a lot of work if you bought the unit that directly dubs from tape to disc, but it will cost more. But why wouldn't you connect to a TV in any type of set-up? [ DAVID  Feb 07, 2014 ]
I dunno. Haven't tried it yet. I can't imagine you would need to do that...but that's just worthless speculation. Sorry! [ PHILLIP  Feb 04, 2014 ]
This unit only plays VHS and DVD's. There is another model available, at about twice, the price that records and dubs. [ GLENN  Feb 04, 2014 ]
Really don't know. Never tried to do what you are asking about.Frankly did not know that this product was capable of transferring vcr tapes to dvd. [ ROBERT  Jan 22, 2014 ]
I have no idea and I won't know how to do that so I'm of no help to you sorry [ JERRY  Jan 21, 2014 ]
I don't know whether it will. I only wanted this machine to play my old VHS tapes and my new DVDs which it does. There are machines out there somewhere that will transfer VHS tapes to DVDs. [ MONDA M  Jan 21, 2014 ]
sorry as a gift to an octogenarian who uses it to watch DVD 's....unfamiliar with other capabilities [ JOHN F  Jan 21, 2014 ]
Keith, No, this will record onto VHS but only has playback capabilities on DVD. The Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS Recorder will record your VHS tapes to a DVD [ SHAUN  Jan 21, 2014 ]
Keith, The tech guy I talked to at Crutchfield said this model does not transfer/record VHS to DVD. However the higher priced model did, so check with Crutchfield about that Toshiba model. [ TED  Jan 21, 2014 ]