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RetroSound Exile® EX-1 Battery Keeper™

4-stage battery charging system


Our take on the RetroSound Exile® EX-1 Battery Keeper™

It's great to drive your classic car every day. But if your car gets saved for special occasions, you may need a way to maintain your battery's charge at the proper level and a powerful battery charger.

Keep your battery ready

It's great to drive your classic car every day. But if your car gets saved for special occasions, you may need a way to maintain your battery's charge at the proper level and a powerful battery charger.

Not just a charger

Designed with vintage and classic vehicles in mind, the Exile EX-1 Battery Keeper from Retrosound is perfect for anyone who doesn't drive their vehicle every day. It offers four charging stages:

  • a diagnostic stage that reads battery status and starts the process with a gentle charge;
  • a primary charge stage that charges the battery up to 90% capacity;
  • a finishing charge stage that brings the battery up to 100% capacity;
  • a “battery keeper” stage, which maintains a healthy charge.

This versatile charger works with 6-volt and 12-volt systems, and charges AGM (gel cell) and standard/maintenance-free batteries. You'll enjoy longer battery life because the "battery keeper" stage monitors the charge level continuously and automatically maintains the battery at a safe, normal level without any over-charging that can shorten battery life.  

Foolproof operation

The dust- and water-resistant Battery Keeper can be mounted permanently next to the battery in almost any vehicle. When you're ready to drive, just unplug and hit the road. If you forget to plug it back in when you get home, the EX-1's low backcurrent drain means it won't run down your battery. It's also designed for safety, with reverse polarity protection, short circuit fault protection, and “no spark” technology to help take the danger out of attaching it to your battery.

Two quick connect harnesses—one with battery clamps and one with O-rings—are included with the EX-1, along with a handy storage bag. You'll have everything you need to keep your ride ready for the road and enjoy the security of knowing that your baby is ready for a drive whenever you are.

You can also purchase this battery charger in a package with a battery monitor.

Product Highlights:

  • 4-stage battery charging system
  • works with all 6- and 12-volt lead-acid and gel cell batteries
  • maintains charge at normal indefinitely without over-charging
  • designed to prevent reverse polarity, short circuits, and sparking
  • IP65 water and dust resistant
  • quick-connect harnesses included
  • comes with a storage bag
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Battery charger/keeper (with attached 6' AC power cord and 5' DC power cord)
  • 24" Charging cable w/ battery clips
  • 23" Charging cable with O-rings
  • Storage bag
  • Owner's Manual

Hands-on research

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Battery Charger: The Exile EX-1 Battery Keeper is the perfect solution to keep your vehicle's battery charged when you don't drive your vehicle every day.

AGM/STD + 12V/6V Battery Compatibility: The EX-1 is user-selectable between AGM (gel cell) and standard/maintenance-free batteries, and works with both 12-volt or 6-volt systems. There are four LEDs to indicate which type of battery (AGM/STD) and charging system (12V/6V) you have.

4-Stage Charging: The EX-1 Battery Keeper offers a four-stage charging system; (1) a diagnostic stage to read battery status with gentle "soft" charge, (2) a primary charge stage up to 90%, (3) a finishing charge stage up to 100%, and (4) a "battery keeper" stage which maintains battery charge without "gassing" or over-charging the battery; greatly increasing battery life.

Permanent Installation: The Battery Keeper is IP65 water and dust resistant, so it can be mounted permanently in any vehicle next to the battery; just unplug it from the AC outlet before you drive the vehicle. Low back-current drain means the EX-1 will not drain your battery when it is not plugged in.

Charging Cables: The Battery Keeper includes two quick connect harnesses, one with battery clamps and one with O-rings (0.5625" ID), to connect the charger to your vehicle's battery. An attached AC power cord connects the EX-1 to an AC wall outlet.  Four LEDs indicate charging status (Power/Start/Charging/Full).

Battery Fault Protection: The Battery Keeper features reverse polarity protection, fault protection in case of a short circuit, and "no spark" technology to prevent sparking when attaching it to your vehicle's battery. Tow LED indicators (Reverse/Fault) will light up, if it senses a fault or short andaudible alert will be heard.

Storage Bag: A nylon, drawstring storage bag is included to protect the Battery Keeper when not in use.

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