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Valor DDN-888W

Navigation receiver

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Our take on the Valor DDN-888W

Valor's mission: build an in-dash navigation receiver that raises the bar for ease of use, with a rich set of multimedia options. And every indication suggests they've succeeded with the DDN-888W.

Valor's mission: build an in-dash navigation receiver that raises the bar for ease of use, with a rich set of multimedia options. And every indication suggests they've succeeded with the DDN-888W.

Easy to use navigation
Valor has worked hard to make it easy to use the big 6.95" screen on the DDN-888W for navigation, and they've streamlined the interface so you can dive right in without tedious searches through the manual. You'll find some cool features like a split-screen nav display that gives you both a map view and 3-D view of your current position, along with a Navigation-In-Picture (NIP) display that lets you see your multimedia source while keeping the navigation map up.

Detachable face
The receiver's screen uses special sensors that allow you to access all menus by sliding your finger across the display. You can even turn the music up and down by moving your finger around the virtual volume knob. For extra security, you can remove the DDN-888W's display face when the car's parked. But the face isn't just a paperweight when it's detached — you can also use it as a stand-alone navigator with an optional car mount and charger.

Multimedia options to suit your needs
The DDN-888W has a pretty impressive playlist. Of course, the DVD/CD mechanism behind the face plays your store-bought and burned discs, as well as your movies when you're parked. A USB input (no iPod® control) and SD™ card slot give you even more multimedia options. You can connect this Valor to a monitor in the rear seat, so your passengers can be entertained while you concentrate on driving. Dual-zone controls let you separate the front- and back-seat programming.

Hands-free calling and music streaming
Keeping with Valor's emphasis on usability, this receiver's Bluetooth™ functionality allows you to conduct phone calls with a compatible cell phone without taking your hands of the wheel. And, with one press of a button, you can stream music from a compatible cell phone or other Bluetooth device straight through your car's speakers.

Product Highlights:

    General features:
    • DVD/CD player with AM/FM tuner
    • built-in navigation system with maps of US, Canada, and Puerto Rico (over 11 million POIs)
    • built-in amplifier (20 watts RMS/45 peak x 4 channels)
    • detachable 6.95" motorized touchscreen with multiple display angles
    • built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming
    • fits double-DIN (4" tall) dash openings
    Audio/visual features:
    • plays CDs, DVDs, SD card, and USB memory devices (see Hands-on Research for full capabilities)
    • five preset EQ settings
    • dual-zone A/V output
    • inputs: rear USB input (no iPod control), rear A/V input, rear-view camera input
    • outputs: two A/V outputs; 5-channel preamp outputs (2.5-volt front, rear, subwoofer)
    Other information:

    What's in the Box:

    • Double-Din multimedia/navigation receiver (with 15A fuse inserted in chassis)
    • Trim ring
    • Wiring harness
    • Remote control (with installed CR2025 battery)
    • GPS antenna (with attached 9.75' cable terminated by a proprietary connector)
    • Magnetic square
    • 3M tape
    • Microphone (with attached 9.75' cable terminated by a 3.5mm connector) Visor-clip
    • Velcro-mount
    • 40" USB extension cable (with a male USB type-A connector on one end and a female USB type-A port on other end)
    • SD-card/USB reader
    • 8 ISO-mount screws
    • 2 Metal brackets
    • Owner's Manual
    • Navigation User Manual
    • "Multimedia Safety Alert" note
    • Limited Warranty information

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    Valor DDN-888W Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

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    Not Worth the Money

    Jonathan from Eielson AFB, Alaska on 12/11/2011

    2008 GMC Envoy
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    In a nut shell I'm not happy with this unit. It's defiantly not worth the money I spent on it. I took the time before purchasing this to do the research and get as much info on this unit as I could. I looked at videos on YouTube and also read the review for this unit on Crutchfield. It all looked good and sounded good from what people were saying about it. They even said it was a big improvement on the previous model that was apparently all the rage at some car audio show. This unit is not a quality unit for the money. The unit freezes on the navigation load screen (don't know why). When you are playing blue tooth audio there is no way to change the EQ setting. The EQ sucks, (bass. Treble) really?! There are no other options other than the preset rock, jazz, flat, etc. I have paid less money for units that have way more options. The saying, 'you get what you pay for" doesn't hold true with this unit. For the money I spent on this I should have gotten more. Maybe I should have stuck with more known name brands instead of trying to be different. Don't get me wrong, it works but, this unit should cost no more than around $530. Like I stated before, I have paid less and got more. This time I paid more and got less. Thumbs down to Valor.

    Pros: Not much.

    Cons: Blue tooth, Navigation, Unit gets very HOT, sound quality is crap, Unit freezes on navigation screen, EQ sucks.


    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    AUX Input No
    Audio/video Input Rear RCA
    USB Input Rear
    CarPlay No
    Android Auto No
    Siri Control No
    Android Control USB MSC protocol + Bluetooth A2DP/AVRCP
    Memory Card Slot USB Memory, SD
    Bluetooth Compatible Built-in
    Satellite Radio Ready No
    HD Radio No
    Navigation Optional
    iPod Compatibility
    Full size N/A
    Nano N/A
    Touch N/A
    iPhone N/A
    RMS Power (CTA-2006) N/A
    RMS Power (Manufacturer) ---
    Peak Output 45 watts
    RMS Power Bandwidth 1kHz
    Preamp Outputs 5-channel
    Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
    Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs No
    Video Screen Yes
    Preamp Voltage 2.5 volts
    Display Color
    Key Button Color White/blue
    EQ Bands None
    Wireless Remote Yes
    Steering Wheel Control Compatible No
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year
    FM Sensitivity 10 dBf
    European Tuning No
    Seek/Scan Seek
    Radio Data System No

    Product Research

    Display Features
    Onboard Navigation
    Audio Section
    Radio Functions
    Multimedia Playback
    AV Connections
    Bluetooth/Remote Control

    Display Features

    2-DIN Chassis: The Valor DDN-888W has a 2-DIN chassis (also known as Double-DIN), and will fit in many vehicles with a large dash opening. The unit can be ISO-mounted using your vehicle's factory brackets and the supplied hardware.

    Note: As always, please consult the Crutchfield Car Selector to verify fit with your vehicle.

    Motorized 6.95" Touchscreen LCD Monitor: The DDN-888W Double-DIN navigation receiver features a motorized 6.95" TFT Active Matrix, 16:9 touchscreen LCD monitor. The resolution of the display is 800 x 480 (RGB) for a total of 1,152,000 pixels. The monitor electronically slides down for loading or ejecting a disc. You can adjust the angle of the monitor.

    Touchscreen/Front-Panel Controls: This unit has touchscreen controls with interactive video graphics, making menu navigation easy. In addition to the touchscreen controls, the unit includes frequently used buttons along the bottom edge of the screen.

    Touch Slide Sensor Technology: The DDN-888W's features Touch-Slide Sensor Technology that gives you full access to menus and sub-menus by simply sliding your finger onto the touchscreen's surface.

    Detachable Monitor: The DDN-888W's touchscreen monitor detaches to deter theft. No face case is included.

    Picture Adjustment: You can adjust the touchscreen monitor's Brightness, Color, and Dimmer.

    Video Lockout: For safety reasons, you cannot view a video source on the built-in monitor as long as the vehicle is in motion. In order to display video, the pink wire (in the supplied harness) must be hardwired into the vehicle's parking brake light circuit, and the vehicle's parking brake must be engaged.

    Onboard Navigation

    Built-in GPS Navigation System: The Valor DDN-888W Navigation System features SpeedNavi SQ software and NAVTEQ maps (7/20/2010). The DDN-888W features a complete map database of the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada with over 11 million points of interests (POIs from NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data. The Speed Navi SQ software provides intuitive navigational tools to browse maps, search your destinations, and calculate your route.

    Note: The DDN-888W's map data is stored on a pre-installed 4GB SD-card, which must remain installed in the unit. You can check for map upgrades at

    GPS Receiver & Antenna: The DDN-888W features a 12ch high-performance SIRf III built-in GPS receiver and comes supplied with an external GPS antenna. The GPS antenna features a magnetic base and a 9.75' antenna cord terminated by an SMB connector which plugs into the back of the unit and mounts to the outside of your vehicle.

    Portable GPS (optional): The detached touchscreen can easily be used as a stand-alone GPS receiver in another vehicle, using the Valor Portable NAV Accessories Package (070APNP888, sold separately).

    Map Display: As you travel, the DDN-888W's on-screen map guides you to your destination with a highlighted route, directional arrows, and turn directions at the top of the map (with estimated distance to next maneuver). The map screen also indicates your current speed, the remaining travel time, and remaining travel distance. If you depart from the original route, the navigation system recalculates the route and provides new directions. You can adjust the map Color (Daytime/Nighttime), Orientation (2D/3D), and Zoom level.

    • 2D/3D Map: You can changes the perspective of the map from 2D North-Up (displays the map in 2 dimensions with North at the top), 2D Track-Up (displays the map in 2 dimensions with  your direction of travel at the top of the screen), 3D Track-Up (displays the map in 3 dimensions with your direction of travel at the top of screen).
    • Color Modes: Select between Day (for a bright background), Night (for a black background) or Auto (to automatically switch between the two). The display's brightness can also be adjusted manually for daytime and nighttime driving.
    • Zoom Levels: You can choose from 15 different zoom levels for the map screen.

    Split-Screen View Guide: When you are approaching a turning point, the screen will be divided into two sections to give you more specific guidance. One section will be your normal map screen, while the other section is an enlarged view of your approaching turn.  In addition, the Navigation-In-Picture (NIP) allows you to access a "screen-within-a-screen" mode, letting passengers run any multimedia source inside the small screen while the outside, larger area of the touch-screen display remains navigation-active for the driver - or vise versa.

    Voice Guidance (Text-To-Speech): In addition to on-screen visual guidance, the DDN-888W utilizes turn-by-turn instructions with Text-to-Speech voice guidance. so you don't have to take your eyes off the road. The unit offers 4 voice languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). You can also adjust the volume level of the voice guidance system.

    Destination Menu: The Valor multimedia navigation headunit provides various ways to select your destination.

    Destination Search Description
    Browse Map Allows you to search for a destination by touching the map.
    Address Input your destination address by house number, street, and city.
    City Center Allows you to search by city's name.
    Recent Choose from a list of recent destinations.
    Favorites You can store 3 of your most traveled to destinations (such as Home, Office, etc.)
    My Point You can save favorite destinations as your personal POIs.
    POI Allows you to search for over 11-million points of interests by Category, City, and Name.
    Nearby Search for a POI that is nearby your current location based on category.
    Theme Lets you search by Restaurant theme (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, English)
    Coordinates You can search for a destination by longitude and latitude.

    Route Preferences: You can set the unit to calculate your route by Recommended, Avoid Freeway, or Shortest Route. You can also select for the navigation unit to avoid Toll Roads, HOV lanes, and Ferries.

    Way Points: You can add additional way points along your calculated route.

    Auto Recalculation: The Valor DDN-888W will automatically recalculate your route if you veer off the original calculated route so you can get back on track.

    Simulation Mode: The unit can create a driving simulation of your calculated route.

    Audio Section

    24-Bit D-A Converter: For superb quality audio playback from DVDs, CDs, and Flash media, the DDN-888W is equipped with a 24-bit digital-to-analog converter.

    MOSFET Amplifier: The Valor DDN-888W is equipped with a MOSFET amplifier. Compared to conventional power supplies, the MOSFET amplification circuit is smaller and more efficient, and it delivers increased power with less distortion and absolutely zero on/off switching noise. More power means louder and cleaner music at higher volumes because you're not pushing the limits of the amplification circuit. The power output specs for the DDN-888W are as follows:

    • RMS Power: 20 watts RMS x 4 channels (at 4 ohms, 1kHz, 10% THD)
    • Peak Power: 45 watts x 4 channels (180 watts total)

    2.5V/5ch Preamp Outputs: The DDN-888W features front, rear, and mono-subwoofer 2.5V preamp outputs.

    Subwoofer Level: You can independently adjust the headunit's mono-subwoofer preamp output volume level (0-50).

    Preset EQ: The in-dash navigation receiver features a preset EQ (User, Flat, Pop, Classic, Jazz, and Rock).

    Bass & Treble: The User mode lets you independently adjust the Bass & Treble (+/-10dB)

    Fade/Balance Controls: You can individually adjust between the unit's Fade and Balance. The unit's mono-subwoofer preamp output is non-fading.

    Dual Zone: The Dual Zone feature lets you send two separate sources of media to two completely separate locations (front & rear) inside your vehicle

    Key Beep: The in-dash navigation headunit provides an audible beep to confirm button operation. This function can be turned On or Off.

    Radio Functions

    AM/FM Tuner: The Valor DDN-888W features a built-in AM/FM tuner with manual, seek, and preset tuning.

    36 Preset Stations: You can store up to 36 AM/FM station presets. The unit will store 18 AM and 18 FM presets. The preset stations can be entered manually or automatically (BSM). Once your preset stations are set, you can easily scan through only your preset stations.

    Multimedia Playback

    Hidden Disc Slot: The DDN-888W's disc slot is hidden behind the unit's motorized LCD monitor. The monitor electronically slides down for loading or ejecting a disc.

    Compatible Discs: The Valor DDN-888W supports the following disc formats.

    • DVD: DVD-Video, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW
    • CD: CD-Audio, CD-R/RW, VCD

    Compressed Media Playback: The DDN-888W also supports MP3/WMA audio files, JPEG still image files, and MPEG/WMV/AVI video files recorded onto DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and CD-R/RW discs.

    Electronic Skip Protection: This unit is equipped with a high-speed flash memory buffer for skip resistant playback. This ESP offers skip protection for DVD (2-3 sec), CD (10 sec), MP3 (100 sec), and WMA (200 sec) discs.

    Mechanical Vibration: The player has the ability to absorb a certain amount of vibration to prevent disc skipping. The mechanical anti-vibration ability rating is 1.0G (10-200Hz, X/Y/Z direction).

    Disc Reload: If you eject a disc, but do take the disc out, the unit will automatically reload the disc (within 10 seconds).

    USB Port: The Valor DDN-888W features a rear-panel USB type-A port (attached by a 36" pigtail) and comes with a 40" USB extension cable for playing MP3/WMA (audio), JPEG (photo), and MPEG/WMV/AVI (video) files stored on your USB thumb-drive or external hard drive. The USB port has the capability to support a 500GB external hard drive.

    Note: The unit's USB port is not compatible iPod/iPhone or Zune.

    SD Card Reader: The Valor DDN-888W comes with an SD-card reader which plugs into the unit's rear-panel USB port. This allows playback of MP3/WMA (audio) JPEG (photo), and MPEG/WMV/AVI (video) files stored on your SD-card media. The unit supports SD/SDHC memory cards up to 16GB.

    AV Connections

    Audio/Video Input: This rear-panel audio/video input consists of left and right RCA audio jacks and an RCA composite video jack, allowing you to connect external A/V equipment to this receiver.

    Audio/Video Output: This rear-panel audio/video output consists of left and right RCA audio jacks and an RCA composite video jack, allowing you to connect an external monitor and headphone system.

    Camera Input: This RCA composite video jack allows you connect an optional rear view camera. The headunit features a function that automatically switches to the rear camera image when a rear camera is installed on your vehicle. When the shift lever is in the reverse position, the screen automatically switches to the rear view camera. In the menu, you can switch the image from Normal to Mirror Image.

    Note: The brown wire in the wiring harness must be connected to the vehicle's reverse lamp circuit for automatic video switching.

    Bluetooth/Remote Control

    Bluetooth: Bluetooth hands-free communication is built into this receiver, making it easy to integrate a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone (this unit can pair up to 5 mobile phones). Bluetooth is a two-way wireless communication system allowing you to make and receive cell phone calls or stream digital audio from your Bluetooth enabled phone on the Valor DDN-888W.

    • Hands-free Communication: The built-in Bluetooth hands-free feature allows you to talk on your cell phone through the DDN-888W without the need of holding it in your hand, which help avoid any traffic violation by keeping the driver focus on the road. When you receive a call the DDN-888W automatically switches to the Bluetooth mode; it can also be programmed to answer calls automatically. The headunit includes an external microphone for better performance (there is no integrated mic). 
    • Audio Streaming: The built-in Bluetooth audio streaming feature allows you to stream digital audio from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to the DDN-888W and control the playback of the audio through the headunit's touchscreen.

    Remote Control: The unit comes with a 44-button wireless remote control with a numeric keypad (0-9) for direct access of chapters, tracks, and preset stations.

    Our Product Research Team

    At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.