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Valor ITS-301D

DVD receiver

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Item # 077ITS301D

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Our take on the Valor ITS-301D

Looking for a full-featured multimedia system that doesn't break the bank? Valor's ITS-301D DVD receiver deserves your attention. Built-in Bluetooth® connectivity provides you with the safety and convenience of hands-free calling with your compatible phone. And this stereo comes with an iPod® cable, making it easy to control and charge your iPod while you're on the road.

Looking for a full-featured multimedia system that doesn't break the bank? Valor's ITS-301D DVD receiver deserves your attention. Built-in Bluetooth® connectivity provides you with the safety and convenience of hands-free calling with your compatible phone. And this stereo comes with an iPod® cable, making it easy to control and charge your iPod while you're on the road.

The ITS-301D plays music from almost any source you throw at it — it features an SD™ card reader and an audio/video input, plus it plays DVDs and CDs. The 3" display helps you find your way through all of these source options and lets you watch movies when you're parked. An included remote control makes it easy for your passengers to make system adjustments and music selections.

Add a rear-seat monitor to the receiver's video output, and switch on the dual-zone function. The kids can watch a movie in the back seat while you listen to the something else up front.

The built-in amplifier delivers clean sound, and a pair of preamp outputs lets you upgrade your power if you need extra punch. You can remove the motorized face to protect your receiver when you're away from the car.

Bluetooth note: Use of this receiver's Bluetooth features will depend upon your phone's Bluetooth capabilities. Learn more in our article explaining Bluetooth profiles.

Note: If you're going to use your iPod with this receiver, be sure to check "Details" for specific iPod model compatibility with this receiver or its optional iPod adapter.

Product Highlights:

    General features:
    • DVD receiver with built-in amp (15 watts RMS/35 peak x 4 channels)
    • motorized, detachable face with 3" color LCD screen
    • remote control
    Audio/visual features:
    • plays MP3/WMA files on CD/DVD
    • plays DVD video and displays JPEG picture files
    • dual zone capable
    • built-in Bluetooth capability for hands-free calling
    • inputs: SD card slot, A/V input, and iPod connection with cable
    • input for a rear-view camera
    • outputs: 5-channel preamp outputs (front, rear, mono subwoofer), A/V output
    Other information:

    What's in the Box:

    • AM/FM/CD/DVD Receiver with 10A fuse inserted in chassis
    • Face with built-in 3" LCD screen
    • Sleeve
    • Trim ring
    • Power/ground harness
    • Speaker harness
    • Wireless remote control
    • CR2025 Lithium battery
    • Microphone with attached 10' cable terminated by a male 3.5mm connector (visor-clip attached to cable)
    • 5' Composite video cable
    • 2 Removal tools
    • Backstrap
    • Mounting screw
    • 4 Machine screws
    • 2 Lock-washers
    • 2 Flat-washers
    • Nut
    • Operating Instructions
    • iPod Compatibility note
    • Warranty Validation Card

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    Valor ITS-301D Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (21 Reviews)

    Don't Buy-EXTREMELY dissatisfied.

    Reed from Va on 5/4/2010

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Various problems at the 2 month mark. The screen will go blank while playing music for periods of time. Blue tooth issues with phones. The microphone cord is too short. EXTREMELY dissatisfied. I would not buy this again. I may not ever purchase from Valor again.



    glad it had a waranty

    bryan from belton mo on 2/17/2010

    1998 Ford Econoline
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I too had the same dvd overheating issue. the dvd's were almost too hot to touch. and it would freeze up and not play again untill it had cooled down. i also had to ship it back to VALOR for repair. not happy at all.$14.00 i wasnt expecting to dish out. screen brightness isnt that bad. the bluetooth works well as long as you disconnect the phone before leaving. but its bearable. only had the unit for 3 months.



    Broke in 3 months

    Anonymous from Allentown, PA on 1/11/2010

    2002 Ford Windstar
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The stereo is acceptable for the low price. (if you get one that works) Pros: I can listen to the radio while the kids watch a movie. I also hooked up their PS2 on a long trip (24 hrs.) Cons: Can't dim the screen, too bright for night driving. Playing with the tilts made it bearable. Sd had issues ( wouldn't play music). Biggest complaint: DVDs felt hot when they came out. Had it for 3 months, Disc player overheated (smoke and stink in van while driving). DVD broke completely (won't even give me my dvd back). Had to call Valor's customer service. Their tech says cooling fan must have quit causing the disc player to overheat. They say they will fix or replace, I have to take it back out and pay to ship it back.



    Not bad for the buck.

    Christopher from Long beach, CA on 12/20/2009

    2006 Mazda MPV
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I installed this in our 04 Mazda MPV a few months ago. Install was very easy, and I ran the video output up to our flipdown screen as well. Pros: Video and DVD playback are great. Image is good even on that little screen. Sound quality seems fine. Ipod connection is great if you want to just shuffle through your music. It also charges every ipod I've tried...including the iphone. I have an old iPod mini that I just leave in the car. Aux input is a better choice if you want to actually navigate through your music on your ipod. SD cards work great, but the must by SD, not SDHC! I have several .avi's loaded and they play great. Bluetooth works great for how little I use it. I drilled a hole and mounted the mic in my radio bezel. Cons: The screen, while great for movies sucks otherwise. Mostly it's just an annoying bright blue background. I actually cover it while on road trips at night because it's distracting. During ipod mose the font is so small its pretty much useless. If you shut off the car while using the bluetooth, the unit will freeze up and need to be reset.



    save up for a better unit

    scott from scottdale,pa on 12/1/2009

    2007 Chevrolet Cobalt
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    dvd play back does not work untill your car is warm. clock does not keep time. every few days i have to detach the face plate because the screen turns yellow making it hard to see or blank out white.



    good for the price, plenty of quirks

    Abu Nur from Silver Spring, MD on 11/23/2009

    1999 Acura Integra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Yes it does work fine with the iPhone, including video playback, if you use the AV cable from Apple. The only other thing I needed were the Posi-Products connector kit, which makes soldering any wires unnecessary. negatives: -The mic is a joke, pretty much. It worked OK, but not as clear as a good bluetooth headset, and the mounting options are silly. I had it clipped to my seatbelt, and then forgot to take it off and when I undid my seatbelt the wire snapped in two. If you are buying this for the bluetooth handsfree feature, I would do some research on getting a decent mic you can mount in an unobtrusive place in your vehicle. -all the connections are in the back of the stereo, and in my Integra all those wires are pretty crowded - they fit, but barely. -A lot of folks in the reviews complained they couldn't operate the stereo for most functions without the remote. I felt the opposite - the remote is the worst designed feature of this system. For a long time I didn't bother using the remote at all - but you do need it to access DVD movie functions. But the thing is completely useless at night - they should have made the buttons light up, or at least glow in the dark. There are many, many tiny buttons, none of them feel different from each other, and they are hard to read even in full daylight. On top of that, the controls on the remote really aren't place in any way that makes much sense. It's much more convenient to adjust volume, tilt, mode, etc. directly on the faceplate. -the faceplate is NOT easy to put on. In fact, I can't do it with one hand at all - I have to use both hands, and even then I have to really focus to get the thing on right. I consider myself to have pretty good hand-eye coordination - the thing is just not very user friendly. -I have yet to find a single video format that will play back from the SD card. But I've tried every kind of video format that the manual claims this thing can play back, none of them have yet succeeded in playing from the SD card. The manual claims it will play MP4 but the stereo just says 'unrecognized video format'. I don't understand why on earth, when there is this relatively huge screen on hand, that the text displayed by the interface is so tiny that it's completely unsafe, if not impossible, to read while driving.



    save your money!

    MARK from bakersfield on 10/1/2009

    2004 Mazda B Series
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    this stereo is just not ready for prime time! it all works BUT! not good,i have to reset it every time i want to adjust the audio. and every time i get out of car i have to make sure i cancel bluetooth & then when i getback in i have to reconect. the back up cammera if you install one dose'nt have any adjustments (briteness / color/sharp ) so i have a very bright picture that is worthless. the sd disk works but the file is unreadable(to small) the cd works but if somebody calls, you have to weight a few minutes to return to cd mode when call is compleat. I WILL BE UPGRADING REAL SOON!!!




    robert from Talladega AL on 9/10/2009

    1993 Ford Explorer
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Well, I ordered this h/u on Tuesday and I got it in only two days! This is not the first time Crutchfield has impressed me with their incredible service and shipping. I've actually bought almost everything I have in my car off of here. I will be installing this in my 93' Ford Explorer tomorrow and I can't wait to use it!



    great for the $

    mike and bambi from hilton ny on 9/7/2009

    1999 Ford Mustang
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    seem's ok graet for the buck



    love it

    Gabriel from Winston-Salem, NC on 8/14/2009

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is the best value of any radio out there. the screen is clear and looks almost HD. Every one loves it. the bluetooth works like a charm as well as the ipod hook up. I installed it myself and it was a breeze. Love it and would definitly recomend crutchfield and this valor ITS-301D.



    Good bang for the buck, but not perfect

    Brian from Michigan on 8/10/2009

    2003 Honda Pilot
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bugs/Concerns - Ipod does not charge via included Ipod cable (using Ipod classic 80gb) - No video through ipod (see workaround below) - Can not resume ipod after power off / power on. It automatically goes back to the main menu and you need to reselect album, playlist, etc. - I'm still trying to get dual zone to work correctly - Many operations (such as setting the clock) can only be done via the remote - SD card reader is NOT SDHC. 1 gb card = OK, 16 gb card = NG - Would be nice to be able to set a background color/picture instead of the blue screen. - Would be nice to have 4V pre-amp outputs instead of 2V but this isn't a big deal - Text on the display is a little hard to read but again, not a dealbreaker - Navigation through folders and files on an MP3 CD/DVD is a little cumbersome and not overly intuitive. Things I like: + Bluetooth (seems to play well with my Palm Centro) + Dual Zone (if I can figure it out) + Sub, Fr, and RR pre-amp outputs + A/V In + Head unit will play mp3s from a DVD as well as a CD. + Price Video Workaround: I forked out $50 and got a cable from Apple with usb charge, video, and audio out. Add an additional 12V power socket w/ USB adapter. Plug Apple Cable into the A/V In (Video, Audio L/R) on the receiver and plug USB cable into 12V socket. Now Ipod will charge and can pass video through A/V In, don't get song info on the Valor display this way.



    Many Features at a Great Price but Poor Interface

    losman from Fort Thomas, KY on 8/7/2009

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    All the features work as described - of course for the price there are some drawbacks. Something that this unit lacks is a cohesive user interface (menus). For instance, the fonts and screen layouts look and feel different from one mode to the next (radio, SD Card, & iPod). Not a big deal but it takes away from usability and esthetics factor - for instance when you are in Radio mode the clock is displayed on the right corner, but when you move into other modes the clock is not present because the interface is completely different. SD Card mode plays back audio files but not video files - which would have been a nice feature. Only works with older SD standard that supports up to 2Gig cards, although by only holding music you can fit a lot of files on a 2Gig card (took the place of our CD Changer). Additionally thru the iPod mode using my iPhone I could not play video (manual did not list the iPhone as a compatible device for video playback but I was hopeful) - video playback for iPhone requires the Apple AV out cables which can be connected to the decks AV in. The drawback here is that you cannot charge the iPhone while playing back video (unless you have a USB car adapter and connect that to the USB part of the Apple AV cable). One other thing I noticed, the Dual Zone feature will only pair with the radio and not SD card or iPod. Decides the 'Rushed to Market' feel of the interface, I really like the unit and all the features available for the price.



    A lot of functionality... that does not function

    tmnorthr from Chicago, IL on 7/22/2009

    2006 Jeep Liberty
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This unit worked like a charm for the first month. After that it had trouble syncing with my phone correctly. Handsfree calling was out the window. A couple of days later the unit stopped recognizing if an iPod was connected. A few weeks after that it ceased playing mp3s burned onto discs. To be fair I did not try to use the rear composite inputs and outputs so I do not know if they worked or not. However, as it stands the only thing I can recommend this receiver for is the radio function. I suppose (if it is any consolation) the remote has a lot of buttons. So depending on how difficult the receiver decides to be on any given day it has the possibility of having a remote that is very functional.



    Didn't perform as advertised

    Paul from suburban Philadelphia on 7/22/2009

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    First, it didn't fit properly in my dash. When I tried to push the button to remove the face plate it was blocked by the trim. Crutchfield refunded my pre-paid installation because they say on their website it should fit my vehicle. The top of the unit was so close to the top of the trim, my sausage fingers couldn't press the teeny- tiny buttons at the top of the unit. The video out worked to my rear screen, but the dvd audio out jacks didn't supply an audio signal to the audio in at the vcp. This meant that instead of muting dvd sound to the rear speakers and having my kids listen through their headphones, I had to listen to movie sound no matter what. I should have been able to listen to mp3 or fm in front with movie sound to the back, which could have been muted in favor of the vcp in and headphone jacks on the rear of my console. No dice. The lcd on the unit was very sharp, but TINY!!! All in all, a completely disappointing experience. Oh yea, the remote was also very confusing. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE BUY THIS UNIT UNLESS YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FRUSTRATION!



    If you plan on streaming music via bluetooth, don't buy this unit

    Dan from Atlanta, GA on 7/14/2009

    2000 Porsche Boxster
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Installed the ITS-301D in my 2001 Porsche Boxster. Installation was easy and the instructions from Crutchfield were clear. I am using the receiver primarily with an iPhone 3GS so all my comments may not apply to other iPods/iPhones. Pros: Overall sound quality is good, a noticeable upgrade over my factory stereo even though I am still using the same speakers. DVD player works fine and screen is easy to view (the tilt feature really comes in handy in my car as it makes the screen and controls much easier to see). I also had no problem playing mp4 video files from an SD card and the AV input work fine (I ran video out from my iPhone and a portable DVD player just to check). iPod cable works fine for audio (see notes in other reviews concerning pros/cons of controls on receiver) but video does NOT work and it does not charge. Cons: I have only hit one serious problem but for me it is a killer. Streaming music via bluetooth (A2DP) is just not usable. For some reason the sound quality is severely diminished - all the low frequencies are stripped out of the music to the point where there is no sound at all coming out of my door speakers (which usually handle the bass). I have a receiver in our other car that supports A2DP and the sound quality is perfectly acceptable - the issue is definitely with the ITS-301D. Unless I get a useful response from Valor support (I'm not holding my breath) I am going to have to live with it or return the unit.



    Awsome if you have a smaller iPod

    sglaab from Philiadelphia, PA on 6/27/2009

    I was extremely impressed with everything about this unit except the iPod function on a large ipod (30GB or more). The wheel to scroll through songs is a lot like your iPod controls but does not skip ahead as the iPod does after you spin the controls for a while. This makes it hard to select songs at the end of the alphabet. If you had a smaller ipod this may not be an issue at all. DVD works great and the Back up Camera I have installed looks good too. Some complained that the bluetooth has issues. I have noticed that if you dissconnect to talk and then turn off your car the unit stays in phone mode when you get back in. I usually just connect to my voicemail for 1/2 a second and all is well.



    does not charge ipod

    powell from Santa Ana, CA on 7/4/2008

    2000 Honda Odyssey
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Everything about this unit is great except that it doesn't charge your ipod while it's connected. I tried an older ipod nano and an iphone. The controls are decent and easy to use relative to any other head unit. But it's pretty ridiculous for the thing to not charge your ipod/iphone while it's connected.



    Usability problems with iPod/iPhone

    Joe H from Berkeley, CA on 7/1/2008

    1996 Honda Civic
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I'm pretty disappointed with this unit, and will likely return it. 1) The iPod interface is really frustrating. To scroll through a medium-length list like my list of Artists, you have to turn the dial dozens and dozens of times. I can only imagine what it's like to scroll through a long list like the list of songs. There's no way to jump down in the list. 2) I found out on the web that on the iPhone, I can hold down the Home button for a few seconds to get back control of the song selection on the iPhone, which is great. But the Valor still thinks the volume control should be used to scroll through menus, so in that mode I can't change the volume on the receiver. Arggh! 3) The bluetooth on the iPhone doesn't seem to reconnect to the Valor, but the Valor says that it's still connected. So far the only workaround I've found is to un-pair/re-pair the phone every time I get in the car, which is a major pain. If somebody has a recommendation for a better iPod/Bluetooth combo at the same price or cheaper, sure would be nice to hear about it. The Parrot RK8200 looks good, but isn't supposed to ship in the US til Q3 2008.



    Solid, dependable, works well

    conyne from Tucson, AZ on 6/3/2008

    2005 Toyota Camry
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I replaced my stock Camry AM/FM/CD ~2 mos ago with this unit and it's nice to have so many new options - MP3 CDs, DVDs, SD card, iPod, and Bluetooth. The iPod controls, in particular, are worthy of note - many of the radios that claim iPod support have very clumsy controls. On this model, the 3" display lists track names and the controls are a good approximation of the iPod click-wheel. DVDs look good, even on the small 3" display (I don't have an external LCD hooked up). I filled up a 2GB SD card with music and it works well, and it's not too painful to scroll through the list with the "+10" and "-10" buttons. Bluetooth works well, no problem discovering my phone (Blackberry) and the microphone picks up my voice just fine. The *one* caveat is that the controls are a bit difficult to use. There are many multiple-use buttons and it takes a while to get the hang of things like the "hang up the phone" button. It's a small nit though given it's compact size. I purchased a prepaid InstallCard and I highly recommend this route unless you're a "do-it-yourselfer" (in which case you do get fantastic installation guides from Crutchfield). The stereo shop upcharged $25 to route the Bluetooth mic cable and iPod cable, and I thought this was fair since these are "extra" features. All in all, a solid unit that works exactly as advertised. Color me impressed.



    Good product, great for price

    Jeremy from Tacoma, WA on 5/19/2008

    2006 Ford Explorer
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    At first, I was skeptical since I was not aware of the Valor brand. The 1st unit sent by Crutchfield apparently was a dud but Crutchfield was great and rush ordered a replacement and this time around the product works. So far so good. I am very pleased with the Valor its-301d especially when considering the price. At first I was just looking for an Ipod adapter for the factory radio but this unit provides Ipod, DVD, bluetooth and CD all in one. Can't beat that for the price. Also, the kit that Crutchfield sends for my '06 Explorer worked out nicely with a professional look. Pretty easy to insall for a first timer.



    Valor ITS-301D

    Robbie from Morganfield, KY on 3/16/2008

    2006 Dodge Stratus
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I was very reluctant to get this product because I have never heard of the brand and it seemed very cheap. I have been pleasently surprised. As always Crutchfield made it super easy to install (installed in 20 minutes at a parking lot in my Dodge Stratus). The DVD Quality is great. I love the Bluetooth feature. It comes with tons of options. IPOD Cable, Video Out, Video In, Camera, Mic.<BR><BR> Here are a few things I did not like -<BR><BR> 1. When playing the IPOD and then going to another function (Radio, Phone, turning the car off, etc.) it starts over everytime. This may be my older IPOD I am not sure; but I know my wife has a Sony and it remembers her song and place. <BR> 2. I wish it had a Scan function. It will Scan through your Presets but I miss my factory radio's Scan button; but I have noticed that most of the after market Receivers don't have this. <BR> 3. It seems to act a little funny when you don't disconnect your Bluetooth. i.e. if you just turn your car off. It locked up on me once and I had to go into my phone and manually connect; even though the Receiver said connected. <BR><BR> Overall I love this stereo. The features are great and it is going to make my one hour drive to work much more enjoyable. Hopefully I can keep my eyes on the road.




    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    AUX Input No
    Audio/video Input 1
    USB Input No
    CarPlay No
    Android Auto No
    Siri Control No
    Android Control No
    Memory Card Slot SD/MMC card
    Bluetooth Compatible Built-in
    Satellite Radio Ready No
    HD Radio No
    Navigation No
    iPod Compatibility
    Full size Classic/5Gen/4Gen/3Gen
    Nano Nano3/Nano2/Nano1
    Touch Touch1
    iPhone No
    RMS Power (CTA-2006) N/A
    RMS Power (Manufacturer) ---
    Peak Output 35 watts
    RMS Power Bandwidth ---
    Preamp Outputs 5-channel
    Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
    Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs No
    Video Screen No
    Preamp Voltage 2 volts
    Display Color
    Key Button Color Blue
    EQ Bands None
    Wireless Remote Yes
    Steering Wheel Control Compatible No
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year
    FM Sensitivity ---
    European Tuning No
    Seek/Scan Seek
    Radio Data System No

    Product Research

    External Device Controls
    Inputs and Outputs


    Overview: The Valor Multimedia ITS-301D is a single-DIN AM/FM/CD/DVD player with a motorized slide-down front panel featuring a 3" TFT built-in monitor. The ITS-301D features CD/DVD playback and built-in Bluetooth and iPod operation, as well as an SD-card slot.

    LCD Monitor: The Valor Multimedia ITS-301D features a 3-inch 16:9 LCD monitor built into its electronic slide-down front-panel. The front-panel and monitor feature four angle adjustments so you can view the unit better. In addition, the front-panel and monitor is removable to deter theft. The ITS-301D also comes supplied with a hard plastic face case.

    Video Setup: The ITS-301D allows you to adjust the Contrast (0-20), Saturation (0-20), Hue (0-20), and Sharpness (0-6) of the LCD monitor.

    TV Type: You can select from the following TV Types when watching a video - 16:9 WideScreen (for 16:9 wide screen content), 4:3 LetterBox (for 4:3 content, black bars will appear on top and bottom), 4:3 PanScan (for 4:3 content, left and right edges will be cut).

    Multi-Disc Playback: The Valor ITS-301D supports the following disc types - CD-Audio, CD-R/RW, VCD, DVD-Video, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DVD+/- DL. This unit is compatible with both NTSC and PAL.

    MP3 File Playback: It is possible to playback MP3 files recorded onto a CD-R or CD-RW disc or SD-card.

    Parental Lock: The DVD system has a built-in parental lock feature to prevent unauthorized person from viewing restricted disc content. DVD playback can be limited by an 8-level rating system protected by a 4-digit password.

    Equalizer Presets: The ITS-301D features four preset Equalizer Modes. You can choose from Flat, Classic, Rock or Pop.

    Bass And Treble: The unit features independent Bass and Treble controls that can be adjusted from -7 to +7.

    Dynamic Range: The Dynamic Range feature compresses the audio output of the receiver so there is less change in volume between the loudest and quietest passages on a disc. You can set the Dynamic Range to Off, Full, 6/8, 4/8 or 2/8.

    Dual Zone: This function lets the driver listen to the AM/FM tuner through the vehicle's speakers while the passenger in the back can watch a DVD when the ITS-301D is connected to an external monitor.

    Remote Control: The ITS-301D comes supplied with an IR wireless remote control to operate all the major functions of the unit including Bluetooth operation.

    External Device Controls

    Built-In Bluetooth: The Valor ITS-301D features built-in Bluetooth Technology which allows you to answer and place calls from your Bluetooth-enabled wireless phone through the Valor multimedia receiver. It works with Bluetooth Version 2.0 (v1.2 compliant), and communicates with most Bluetooth enabled cell-phones. The ITS-301D supports the following BT profile:

    • Hands-Free Calling (HFP): You can make, receive or end phone calls using the unit's IR wireless remote control or front-control panel. You can dial out using the head unit's wireless remote control's numbered buttons as well as redial a number with a simple press of a button. Incoming calls will broadcast an audible ring tone hrough your vehicle's speakers so you know when someone is calling. Using the supplied noise and echo-canceling external microphone, you can carry on a mobile conversation through the vehicle's speakers without picking up your cell-phone. The ITS-301D also features voice dial recognition if your Bluetooth enabled mobile-phone also supports this function.
    • Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP): The ITS-301D also supports A2DP wireless streaming music audio from your Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing you to listen to audio wireless from your Bluetooth compatible mobile phone or portable MP3 player.

    iPod Control: The ITS-301D has a built-in iPod control interface which allows you to play and control your iPod through the system, including photo and video files. Using the unit's rotary control knob, you can sort your iPod tunes by playlist, artist, album, genre, song, or composer.

    The Valor DD-858W is "Made for iPod" compatible and supports the following iPod model features (as of Nov. 2009):

    iPod/iPhone ModelMedia Type ControlDisplayCharge
    AudioVideoUnitiPodSong/Artist Track
    iPod w/ dock-connector (3rd gen.)YNYNYYY
    iPod w/ click-wheel or color-display (4th gen.)YNYNYYY
    iPod mini (1st/2nd gen.)YNYNYYY
    iPod video (5th gen.)YYAudio onlyVideo onlyYYY
    iPod classic (80/120/160 GB)YNYNYYY
    iPod nano 1st gen.YNYNYYY
    2nd gen.YNYNYYY
    3rd gen.YNYNYYY
    4th gen.NNNNNNN
    5th gen.NNNNNNN
    iPod touch1st gen.YNYNYYY
    2nd gen.NNNNNNN
    3rd gen. NNNNNNN

    Note: While in Audio mode, the front panel controls of your iPod are nonfunctional when connected to this unit. During Video/Photo mode, the ITS-301D will not be able to control your iPod and you must use the iPod's controls. Apple firmware updates may change functionality results.

    SD-Card: The ITS-301D features a front-panel SD-card slot for playing back MP3 audio files. The SD-card is located behind the unit's electronic sliding front-panel. The front-panel needs to be detached to access the SD-card slot.

    Inputs and Outputs

    Audio/Video Inputs: The unit has an auxiliary A/V input with RCA composite video and stereo audio jacks. You can use this aux input for connecting a VCR, game console, or other audio/video device.

    Rear-View Camera Input: An additional composite video input is provided, dedicated to an optional rear view camera.

    Audio/Video Outputs: There is one composite video output and a pair of stereo RCA audio outputs for feeding an audio/video signal to an optional external monitor in your vehicle.

    5-Channel Preamp Output: The unit features five 2-volt preamp outputs (Front L/R, Rear L/R, Mono Subwoofer).

    Our Product Research Team

    At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.