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Beltronics STi Magnum

Radar detector

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Item # 083STIMAG

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Our take on the Beltronics STi Magnum

The radar pros at Beltronics upped the ante with the original STi Driver radar detector, the world's first detector that was completely invisible to detection by VG-2 and Spectre devices. Now, the Beltronics STi Magnum radar detector delivers the same stealthy protection with improved performance to keep you safe as you drive.

The radar pros at Beltronics upped the ante with the original STi Driver radar detector, the world's first detector that was completely invisible to detection by VG-2 and Spectre devices. Now, the Beltronics STi Magnum radar detector delivers the same stealthy protection with improved performance to keep you safe as you drive.

Complete invisibility
The STi Magnum's magnesium housing provides extra durability and shields the STi Magnum from detection. TotalShield™ technology removes all radio frequency emissions from the unit, so it can't be detected by the latest devices — including VG-2 and Spectre — or any future technologies.

The info you need — when you need it
Beltronics doesn't skimp on the advanced warning systems, either. Dual low-noise amplifiers provide top-notch coverage against X-, K-, and Ka-band radar, including "POP" Ka-band instant-on radar, while multiple sensors protect against laser detection. The patented AutoScan™ feature scans through all incoming signals to reject false alarms. The detector also alerts you to Safety Warning System (SWS) messages, so you'll know about road hazards and other conditions in the area. The STi Magnum gives you distinct audible tone alerts for the different bands detected, or you can choose voice announcements.

Traffic Signal Rejection
Escort's innovative Traffic Signal Rejection software puts your false alert worries behind you. It detects strong K-band signals emitted by common highway traffic flow sensors and weeds them out, so you won't be annoyed by meaningless alarms and can stay focused on actual threats.

Make it fit your driving style
The STi Magnum offers nine programmable features to optimize the detector for your own driving style, including text display mode, brightness, AutoMute, and voice alerts. You can program the STi Magnum's sensitivity for highway, AutoScan, or two different city modes, while the helpful alphanumeric display keeps you informed with bar graphs and text messages. Turn on the detector's dark mode for discreet night driving.

The included SmartPlug™ cord features alert indicators and a mute button for added convenience. To top it off, you get a durable travel case from Beltronics.

Sorry, but we cannot ship radar detectors to Virginia or the District of Columbia.

Product Highlights:

  • radar/laser detector
  • molded travel case and quick-release windshield mount
  • coiled power cord with remote mute and alert LED
  • digital voice and audio tone alerts for radar, laser, POP, SWS, VG-2 and Spectre
  • TotalShield offers complete invisibility from detection, including VG-2 and Spectre
  • Traffic Sensor Rejection software eliminates false alerts from roadside traffic flow sensors
  • 360° laser protection
  • 9 programmable features
  • 280 LED alphanumeric display
  • 2 city modes, plus highway and AutoScan modes
  • dimensions: 3-1/16"W x 1-1/4"H x 4-3/4"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Radar detector
  • Suction cup windshield mounting bracket
  • 2 Spare suction cups
  • Coiled SmartPlug with cigarette lighter adapter on one end and an RJ11 modular plug on the other end
  • Semi-hard travel case
  • Owner's Manual

Beltronics STi Magnum Reviews

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STI Magnum Initial Review

Wink from Sand Springs, OK on 8/25/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have only been using the STI Magnum for less than a week. My previous radar detectors have included Valentine 1, Redline by Escort, and K40 RL 360 installed unit. The STI magnum is proving to be a trusted radar detector thus far. Advance warning (sensitivity) to Ka band and K band radar is very acceptable. The threat display is what I primarily keep the unit on, this allows me to see a numerical intensity of multiple radar bands at one time. The screen will auto dim at night and does a great job with this. Volume of the detector is more than adequate. Overall construction is solid, yes, there are some that think the unit can get very warm during operation, but so does the Valentine 1 with its similar metal body construction. The City mode is very helpful on diminishing K band and X band falsing. Overall, I am beginning to trust the unit while driving, this is not the norm with other detectors I have used. The only comparison to this unit would be Redline and Valentine 1.

Pros: Great sensitivity Solid body construction Comes with protective soft body case Proving to be reliable unit

Cons: Would like greater ability to differentiate traffic radar (K band) from actual radar threats.


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

X Band Radar Yes
K Band Radar Yes
KA Photo Radar Yes
KA Wideband Radar Yes
Laser Front/Rear
Pulse Warning Yes
VG-2 Protection Yes
Display & Alerts
Dimmer Yes
Dark Mode Yes
Visual Alerts Bar/Text
Audible Alerts Voice
Mute Yes
Earphone Jack Yes
Visor Clip No
Straight Cord Opt
Coiled Cord Yes
Case Included Yes
Battery Powered No
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research


Overview: The Beltronics STi Magnum provides full detection of radar and laser, as well as the Safety Warning System. The unit features a rugged magnesium exterior, and comes fully equipped with a suction-cup windshield mount, SmartPlug coiled power cord, and a durable molded travel case.

Detection Capability: The Beltronics STi Magnum includes full X, K, Ka and Safety Warning System radar capability, front and rear laser detection, and digital signal processing for superior range and fewer false alarms. You can program the unit to enable all bands at once or you can select one or more bands to turn off (once you have determined there are no traffic radar units using the disabled bands in your area).

Dual LNA: The STi Magnum has dual LNA (low-noise amplifiers) receivers, which provide the longest possible warning against all radar threats, including the latest "POP" mode threats.

SmartPlug: The SmartPlug power cord has a power-on indicator, a bright alert light that warns of radar or laser and a convenient mute button right on the plug. It's a perfect solution for when your radar detector is out of reach or for discreet night driving when you are using the unit's Dark mode. An optional Direct-wire SmartPlug module, which can be wired directly into your vehicle's electrical system with an 8' straight cord, is available from the manufacturer.

Note: The owner's manual incorrectly states that the Direct-wire SmartPlug module is included with the unit. It is only available from the manufacturer.

TotalShield Technology: TotalShield technology prevents RF signals from radiating from the detector, thus making it completely invisible against any type of radar detector-detector. Not only will it keep you unseen by the current detector-detectors, including VG2 and Spectre, it will be completely undetectable by any future threats as well.

Traffic Signal Rejection: The STI Magnum utilizes Traffic Signal Rejection to eliminate false alerts due to location or certain frequencies. Radar-based traffic flow sensors, mounted along major highways, transmit strong K-band signals for a half-second approximately every minute. These signals help produce traffic flow data for personal navigation devices, but also create numerous false radar alerts. Beltronic's proprietary Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR) software, found in the STi Magnum, helps eliminate annoying false alerts.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing): The digital AutoScan feature continuously analyzes all incoming signals and automatically rejects unwanted false alarms. This gives you the perfect balance of long-range detector performance without annoying false alarms.

Next Generation Laser Protection: Multiple laser sensors, strategically positioned in the unit, continually search for laser gun signals.

Digital Voice Alerts: The STi Magnum's easy to understand digital voice alerts keep you informed without taking your eyes off the road. If you prefer, you can turn off the voice announcement feature and have the unit provide audible tones instead.

Audible Alerts: The STi Magnum uses audible alerts for Radar, Laser, POP, and Safety signals:

  • Radar Signals: The STi Magnum uses a geiger-counter-like sound to indicate the signal strength and type of radar signal being encountered. When you encounter radar, a distinct audible alert will sound and occur faster as the signal gets stronger. This allows you to judge the distance from the signal source without taking your eyes from the road.
    • X-band: Chirping sound
    • K-band: Buzzing sound
    • Ka-band: Double-Chirp sound
    • POP: Full Double-Chirp sound
    • SWS: Double Buzz sound
  • Laser Signals: Since Laser signals are a possible threat no matter how weak, the STi Magnum alerts you to these bands at full signal strength.
  • POP Signals: Since POP signals are extremely fast K or Ka bursts, and a possible threat no matter how weak, the STi Magnum alerts you to these bands at full signal strength.
  • Safety Signals: The STi Magnum will alert you to these signals with a double-beep tone, and a corresponding text message.

Sensitivity: You can set the STi Magnum to four sensitivity modes:

  • Highway Mode: detects all signals at maximum range
  • AutoScan Mode: the unit's internal computer continuously analyzes all incoming signals and intelligently filters out unwanted X and K-band false alarms. Full sensitivity is maintained on all other bands.
  • City (Standard): the X and K-band sensitivity is further reduced to eliminate unwanted false alarms in congested urban areas
  • City NoX: the K-Band sensitivity is the same as City Standard, however the X-Band is completely turned off.

Display: The STi Magnum features a bright, alphanumeric display that consists of 280 individual LEDs, visible from virtually any angle. The unit offers three display options:

  • Signal Strength Meter: The standard bar-graph signal strength meter only displays information on a single radar signal. If there are multiple signals present, the unit's internal computer determines which is the most important threat to show on the bar-graph meter.
  • Threat Display: Designed for experienced users, the Threat Display is a miniature spectrum analyzer that simultaneously tracks multiple radar signals and their relative strengths which can help you spot a change in your normal driving environment.
  • Tech Display: The Tech Display option, also for experienced detector users, will display the actual numeric frequency of the radar signal being received.

Brightness Control: The STi Magnum offers five levels of brightness, including an Auto Mode, which automatically changes the brightness based on the ambient light in the vehicle. You can also select Minimum, Medium, Maximum, or Dark. Dark Mode uses the power-on and alert indicators on the SmartPlug as the only visual indicator.

Mute and AutoMute: The STi Magnum features the AutoMute feature, which automatically reduces the volume level during an alert. Or, you can simply press the large front-mounted Mute button on the detector or on the SmartPlug during an alert to instantly quiet the audio.

Programming: There are 9 user-selectable options so you can customize the STi Magnum for your own preference:

  • Display: choose between Display Standard or Display Inverted (when the unit must be mounted upside down)
  • Power-On Indication: choose between a Full Description display for the sensitivity setting, a one-letter display, or a one-letter display plus the vehicle's voltage read-out
  • Alert Lamp: turn On to have the backlit Volume/Mute button flash when there is an alert or choose to turn it Off
  • Voice Alerts: turn digital voice announcement On or Off
  • Power-On Sequence: choose between the standard Power-On function or the Fast Power-On function
  • Signal Strength Meter: choose between a Standard, Threat or Tech display
  • AutoMute: turn this function either On or Off
  • Display Brightness: choose between the following settings - Auto, Minimum, Medium, Maximum, or Dark
  • Bands: select between the radar detector's default setting (all bands) or choose to turn one or more of the bands off

Mounting: You will get optimum performance from the detector if you mount it at a point approximately in the center of the vehicle, as low as possible on the front windshield without obstructing the view of the road to the front or rear. The supplied windshield mount adheres the detector to the windshield with two suction cups. The angle can be adjusted for best visibility.

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