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Focal Polyglass 165 VB

6-3/4" component speaker system

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Item # 091165VB

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Our take on the Focal Polyglass 165 VB

Focal's Polyglass VB component speaker systems use precision craftmanship and advanced materials to make a strong sonic impression. Each system includes two tweeters, two woofers, two crossover networks, grilles, and assorted hardware.

Focal's Polyglass VB component speaker systems use precision craftmanship and advanced materials to make a strong sonic impression. Each system includes two tweeters, two woofers, two crossover networks, grilles, and assorted hardware.

2-layer woofer cone and ABS basket
The 165 VB system features a 6-3/4" woofer with a Polyglass cone that's created by depositing a layer of hollow glass microbeads over a layer of cellulose pulp. This unique material combines the warm sound of cellulose with the incredible strength of glass, for a cone that responds rapidly with extremely low resonance. The basket is made from a fiberglass/ABS mixture, providing a non-magnetic, non-resonant housing that won't color the sound. A butyl rubber surround helps control cone movement and promotes high power handling.

Aluminum/magnesium tweeter
Focal designed the aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter to disperse high frequencies evenly for a big, open soundstage. The external 2-way crossover ensures a smooth transition from lows to highs, so vocals and instruments sound natural. You can select from 3 tweeter levels to get the right balance in your vehicle. Grilles are included.

Note: Focal describes this model as a 6-1/2" speaker. Most manufacturers designate this same frame size as a 6-3/4" speaker. For simplicity's sake we list it as a 6-3/4" speaker.

Product Highlights:

  • 6-3/4" component speaker system (includes 2 woofers, 2 tweeters, 2 crossover networks, and hardware)
  • Polyglass woofer with butyl rubber surround
  • aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter
  • fiberglass/ABS basket
  • outboard crossover with 3-level tweeter control (-3, 0, +3 dB)
  • grilles included
  • 2-70 watts RMS power range (140 watts peak)
  • frequency response: 60-28,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 93 dB
  • depth: 2-9/16"
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Since putting this component set in my 11' tacoma its like hearing music for the first time. So detailed and well rounded. I'm stoked

haleiwaben, oahu

What's in the Box:

  • Two 6-3/4" Woofers
  • Two inverted dome tweeters (with attached 22" length of speaker wire)
  • 2 Tweeter flush mount cups (installed)
  • 2 Tweeter angle mount cups
  • Tweeter removal tool
  • 2 Crossover networks
  • 2 Woofer grilles
  • 2 Woofer grille mounting rings
  • 2 Tweeter flush mount clamps
  • 2 Woofer mounting gaskets
  • 8 Speed clips
  • 2 Machine screws (for flush mounting)
  • Four 5/8" Self-tapping screws
  • Twelve 1" Self-tapping screws
  • Owner's manual (English/ French)
  • Focal window sticker
  • Serial number card

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Focal Polyglass 165 VB Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(10 Reviews)

Amazing sound

Anonymous from Woodbridge, BA on 3/15/2013

2000 Lexus GS400
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I installed 2 sets of 6.5 components in my car and I have to say the sound from these speakers are amazing. I am hearing details in music I have heard for years and listened to hundreds of times however never heard the clarity and true richness presented in the Polyglass speakers. I wish these were still on sale as there were a steal at 300 per set. I have found more online and will be getting a few more to add to my other car.

Pros: Well made, truly amazing rich and clear sound.

Cons: Absolutely no cons.

Focal Polyglass 165 VB

haleiwaben from oahu on 7/29/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Since putting this component set in my 11' tacoma its like hearing music for the first time. So detailed and well rounded. I'm stoked



Going active with Focal 165 vb I'm a believer!!

telecom99 from Atlanta GA on 7/18/2012

My goal was to build a quailty, dynamic,2 way plus sub, active crossover audio system for my daily driver (01 VW GTI VR6) that provides sound quality rivalling my home speakers: Event 20/20 studio monitors. I knew i wanted 6.5 components and as a general rule, I only buy speakers from speaker manufacturers. I wont consider Sonys or Kenwood etc. I compared the following models:db 6501,MM 6501,CDT, Hertz ECX ,JL Audio C5-650 and Focal Access.I thought i wanted the Focal access based upon reviews / feedback. I even had the Focal access in online shopping basket when i called Crutchfield and other online vendors for their opinon before taking the plunge. They all assured me that I would be happy with the Focal 165 access but it bothered me a little to be choosing the entry level model so I inquired about the polyglass series. I noticed that most of the differences from the vb to say the 165 ps polyglass were the crossover and basket, the woofers and tweeters basically the same. The 165 vb included free shipping. I recieved them in 2 bus days and had them installed yesterday. I played Lucasfilms THX intro sound clip on a lossless wav file from my flash drive. Awesome. I now Im smiling in my rear view mirror. I then played mostly vocal or accoustical tunes to get a feeling of the staging and spatial imaging. I can assure all but the most critical listeners would love these spkrs. If you can commit $ to your front speakers get these.

Pros: Staging and Imaging are outstanding and the speakers arent even broken in yet. For the price point probably the best sounding comps out there. Best value option in the Focal line for the price.

Cons: I cant think of any


YiDianHoong from Philadelphia, PA on 2/23/2012

Well, it's been a year since I first reviewed this pair of unbelievable components (see the March 16, 2011 review below), and all I can say now is: Wow! WOw!! WOW!!! These glass-fibered woofer/aluminum-mag tweeter component speakers have sounded so good that they are almost LETHAL to the ears. Focal-JMLab hit the nail on the head when they figured out that the best way to get deep, tight midbass response from woofers is to coat the original cellulose material with a layer of liquid polyglass. This results in rigid, yet flexible membranes that give loud, yet tight sonic responses all the way down to the middle midbass range. And the aluminum-magnesium tweeters, once inverted, will give a more even spread of the soundstage in the high range. No wonder it sounds as if I have a 360-degree sphere of music encapsulating my head when I drive. The Polk db6501 components that I had in the front before these were moved to the passenger part of the cabin, and now, when these two pairs work in concert with each other (and if you tuned everything right in your amp and HU), I can guarantee you, you won't even need a sub. Yes, these may all be just 6.5" woofers, but the Polks can hit all the way down to 30 Hz and these Focals can supplement the Polks on the higher end of the Mids at around 60 (beautiful) Hz, and what you'll get is just pure, seamless, almost-perfect audio paradise in your car. Trust me on this coz I had a sub before, blew it, but now I don't need it anymore.

Pros: Mids, Highs, 360-deg sound sphere.

Cons: NONE !!!

great replacement

AD from Raleigh on 1/29/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

For the price, these are perfect for fronts.



Probably best speaker on market at this pricepoint

Drew Diggy from Park City, UT on 1/10/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

see above

Pros: I had polk mm6's (1 gen older than current version) prior to the Focal's, and they don't even sound like the same class of speaker. These focals blow them out of the water and I got them for the same price. Very surprised about the bass that these provided.

Cons: The size is odd. Had to make some custom spacers. Screws provided didn't work with the tweeter housings. Ended up using double sided outdoor tape to hold onto my mounts.

Focal Polyglass 165 VB

Cal from Montrose on 12/21/2011

Sweet,,true quality. These are some hard hitting musical speakers. If you like tight bass and crisp highs than these are the speakers for you. I have heard them all and Im now a Focal fan for life. This will be my second vehicle using Focal. My first was an open top jeep rock crawler with a big V8. I can clearly hear my tunes running with open top at 70mph.


Cons: Id like them to be free please

Great sound, a little bright

Arie from Toronto, ON, Canada on 9/4/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I really enjoy the sound of these speakers. While my installer had a heck of a time trying to get them to fit in the factory door locations on my 2001 Chevy Venture (these speakers are DEEP), the end result was fantastic. They sound like a high end speaker should. I would recommend these to anyone who listens to rock, country, techno, ect. They may be a bit too bright for rap though. Overall, very very happy with these.



Focal 165 VB

Joseph H. from Texas on 7/18/2011

These speakers replaced some factory jbl components in my Tundra. In comparison, the speakers superior sound quality is immediately apparent. The highs are crisper and the mids are warmer. Don't get me wrong the jbls were pretty decent but would not play very loud without distorting. But after replacing them with the Focals the differences were very noticeable. I compared the Focals to the following brands in a similar price range. Focal 165 A1 (2nd Best) JL Audio TR 650 CSI (3rd) Hertz ESK 165 (4th) Rockford Fosgate P165-2S(5th) I really didn't like the sound of the Rockford's while the Hertz was ok. The Jl was slightly better and the lower model Focal was slightly better than the JL. If you are in the $200- $300 speaker range I'd highly recommend you give these a listen because they really sounded noticeably better than any others in the bunch. I used MB Quarts in my previous vehicle. I believe these Focals sound slightly better. Also, note that my entire audio system is being powered by an Orion 425 HCCA "old school" amp.



One Word: WOW !!!

YiDian from philadelphia, PA on 3/16/2011

I previously had the Polk db6501 components and they sounded so good that I couldn't fathom anything sounding better than them......until I took a chance on these. Upon installing them, I immediately heard a big difference. If you have ever complained that your speakers don't give you good midbass and midrange sounds, like I did, then get these, and your problems will be solved because those are the sound frequency ranges where the Focal Polyglass series really shine. As of this writing, they're not even fully broken-in yet, and my ears already can't take the loud, deep, and clear mids that they put out, and yes, they do blow the Polks out of the water. You do get what you paid for, with these, and they're not even the top of the line models from Focal. I will end this review short and sweet: If you truly want to enjoy your music to the fullest, then get these, no excuses !!!




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Speaker Size
Design 2-way
Tweeter Design 1-3/4" Inverted Dome
Impedance (Ohms) 4
Tweeter Composition Aluminum/Magnesium
Woofer Composition Polyglass-coated Cellulos
Woofer Surround Butyl Rubber
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
Sensitivity (1W at 1 meter) N/A
Sensitivity at 2.83 volts 93
Frequency Response 60 - 28k Hz
Minimum RMS Wattage 6
Maximum RMS Wattage 70
Peak Power Handling (Watts) 140
Top-mount Depth (Inches) 2 5/8
Bottom-mount Depth (Inches) 2 7/8
Cutout Diameter or Length (inches) 5 9/16

Product Research



Polyglass Cone: The woofer cone has a cellulose pulp base and is coated with a uniform deposit of hollow glass microballs. The addition of the Polyglass layer significantly increases the cone's rigidity without adding much weight. This combination takes advantage of the accuracy and neutrality of the hard outer surface, but maintains the superior damping characteristics of the cellulose pulp.

Surround: The butyl rubber surround is resistant to ultraviolet rays, temperature extremes, and humidity to add to the speaker's reliability and longevity.

Basket: The woofer features a basket made of 20% fiberglass filled ABS.

Voice Coil: The voice coil is wound around a 1" diameter low-mass Kapton former, ensuring no coil deformation.


Inverted Dome Tweeter: The tweeter is an inverted aluminum/magnesium dome, producing a broad sound stage. The tweeter has a Neodymium magnet to provide a powerful magnetic field for the voice coil, while still maintaining the tweeter's compact dimensions.

Mounting Options: The tweeter can be surface or flush mounted using the included adapters. Focal recommends flush mounting, but the included angled cup allows surface mounting at one of two angles; approximately 10° and approximately 30°.


  Flush Mount Angled Surface Mount
Mounting Height 0.274" 1.186"
Depth 0.688" (1.01" including screw) 0.527" (screw depth)
Frame Diameter 2.054" 1.842"
Cutout Diameter 1.828" N/A


Tweeter Level: You can adjust the output level of the tweeter on the crossover to -3 dB, 0 dB, or +3 dB.

Crossover Slopes: The low-pass crossover slope is 6 dB/octave and the high-pass crossover slope is 12 dB/octave. The crossover frequency for both is 4,500 Hz.

Wiring: The crossovers' woofer and tweeter outputs are hardwired; the 12" output wires have female quick slide terminals that plug into the terminals on the speakers. The inputs are also hardwired; the 12" input wires have no terminals.


  • Width: 2.172"
  • Height: 1.107"
  • Depth: 4.325"

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