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Plug-and-play HD Radio™ tuner
Enjoy HD Radio sound quality in your car or home

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Item # 105KTHDP1

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Our take on the JVC KT-HDP1

HD Radio's digital broadcasts offer improved AM/FM sound quality, along with extra programming that's not available with regular AM/FM radio. JVC's KT-HDP1 tuner allows you to enjoy HD Radio in your car, home, or office. You'll also need to purchase at least one of the following installation kits in order to use this tuner: the "professional" permanent mount car kit, the plug-and-play car kit, or the home kit.

HD Radio's digital broadcasts offer improved AM/FM sound quality, along with extra programming that's not available with regular AM/FM radio. JVC's KT-HDP1 tuner allows you to enjoy HD Radio in your car, home, or office. You'll also need to purchase at least one of the following installation kits in order to use this tuner: the "professional" permanent mount car kit, the plug-and-play car kit, or the home kit.

The slim-line tuner doesn't take up much room, and there's no extra hide-away box to install. You can use its audio output to send the HD Radio signal to your car or home receiver, and the tuner also includes a wireless built-in FM transmitter so you can use it in just about any vehicle.

A bright, legible display shows off four lines of text for station and program information, and the intuitive 5-way control makes it easy to navigate stations. You'll find 18 presets for your favorite stations, and the tuner will seek or scan for HD Radio broadcasts so you'll be able to quickly find participating stations.

The KT-HDP1 includes a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter plug and a remote control. It requires an antenna to operate, which is not included. To be sure you have everything you need to install it in your car, choose between the permanent installation kit or the plug-and-play kit. Give us a call at 1-888-955-6000 if you need help deciding which is best for your needs. The home kit contains everything you need to connect the tuner to your home stereo system.

Note: For your convenience, we offer three packages which include the KT-HDP1 tuner and an installation kit: the "permanent installation" package, the plug-and-play package, and the home package.

Product Highlights:

  • universal add-on HD Radio tuner
  • improved sound quality and static-free reception from participating AM and FM stations
  • built-in wired and wireless FM modulator
  • 3.5 mm audio output jack
  • connects to factory and aftermarket stereos
  • receives multicasting content (where available)
  • song title/artist info and other text content appears on display
  • installation kit necessary for operation — see above for details
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • HD Radio receiver
  • RM-RK71 IR wireless remote control with CR2025 Lithium Cell 3V battery installed
  • Cigarette lighter adapter with attached 6' cord
  • Instructions booklet (English/Spanish)
  • Product Registration Card
  • "JVC is here to help!" note

JVC KT-HDP1 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(4 Reviews)

When it works, it works good

Donald from Leesburg, VA on 7/21/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

When the radio can receive at least 2 bars of HD broadcast the dynamic range is better than CD quality in my opinion. If you are going to use this in a car get the K1017 "professional" car mounting kit that ties in to your external antenna. Using the K1018 "do-it-yourself" car mounting kit you won't get reliable reception when car is in motion unless you are real close to the transmitting tower. The K1017 provides much better signal capture. If you know how to pull your radio out of the dash this is not difficult to install. If you tune into a station's primary digital signal the tuner will fall back to the analog signal if digital reception becomes spotty. When this happens you will then get static associated with analog broadcast, but, you still maintain the audio. If tuned into one of the secondary multicast channels off of the prime if the signal gets to weak the unit goes to "silence"; no static, but, you loose your audio. If this happens frequently you stop listening to that station's multicast station. A feature the unit lacks is an ambient light detection to dim the display backlight at night to reduce the backlight. At night the display reflects up on my windshield which is very distracting. Turning the brightness down so its acceptable at night means you can't read some of the smaller enunciator info during the day due to sunlight washout. If you can mount on the front of your dash this may not be an issue.



Easy install More HD

Tim from Yonkers New York on 2/18/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The JVC was very easy to install with the proper connections. Sound is crisp. I expected more HD channels and a wider variety, but it is still a growing technology.



Does not work

Justardnck from Palm Beach, FL on 12/18/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this with the DIY install kit and got no stations so Crutchfield sent me a new unit. Still no stations so I checked the area and we have 21 stations to listen to so Crutchfield had me return the DIY antenna kit and had me buy the Pro antenna kit and guess what... NO STATIONS!!! What a drag, this unit is a complete waste of money. I call JVC and their answer was I needed to be no more than 10 miles to a tower, I don't know where the towers are but if I need to be within 10 miles of a tower they can keep this. Don't waste your money or time on it.




Max from Forest Lake, MN on 11/28/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great reception here, Also, my Saturn doesn't have an AUX port so the wireless was real nice and reduced all the clutter on my dash. Yes, it doesn't seem like the CD quality they say but there is a real difference, I'm lovin it so far. The shipping on the other hand was pretty bad... Ordered it 2 days before thanksgiving, and I just got it yesterday. Im sure VA to MN is a long trip, but I've had better shipping w/ Crutchfield before. All in all if your car can't fit the box because the wire's are too long, this is a great alternative.




Hands-on research

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Overview: The JVC KT-HDP1 Transportable HD Radio Receiver features a compact design with Built-In HD (With Multi-Cast), FM, and AM Tuners. Using the optional accessory kits, the KT-HDP1 allows you to listen to your favorite High Definition Radio programming in your vehicle, or in your home or office. The KT-HDP1 adapts to most vehicles using the optional vehicle kit.

Note: There are two vehicle kits available - KV-K1017 and KV-K1018. There is one home kit available - KV-K1019.

HD Radio: HD Radio can deliver high-quality digital sound. AM digital stations will have FM-like sound quality (in stereo) while FM digital stations will have CD-like sound quality with static-free and clear reception. In addition, HD Radio offers text and data information such as artist names and song titles. Many HD Radio stations also feature multicasting which offers more than one channel of programming for that particular HD Radio station. Visit to find HD Radio stations in your area.

Tuners: In addition to the KT-HDP1's HD Radio AM/FM tuner, the unit can also receive conventional analog AM/FM broadcasts. The unit features three FM bands and a single AM band. You can preset up to 6 AM/FM (digital or analog) stations in each band giving you a total of 24 presets.

LCD Display: The JVC KT-HDP1 features a full dot matrix 2-7/16" x 1-7/8" LCD display with a light blue backlight and dark blue key illumination. The receiver's display can be adjusted for brightness, contrast and LCD type.

On-Screen Information: When the HD Radio receiver receives a digital (HD Radio) signal, the following information is indicated - Source, Frequency, Station Name, HD Symbol, Digital Signal Strength, Artist, Program Type, Song Title, Equalizer Mode and Preset Radio Station. During an analog AM/FM signal the unit will only display Source, Equalizer Mode, Preset Radio Station, Frequency and Stereo/Mono Symbol.

Cigarette Lighter Adapter: The portable HD Radio receiver comes supplied with a cigarette lighter adapter to supply power to the unit in  your vehicle.

FM Transmitter: The unit features a built-in FM Transmitter which allows you to create suitable FM frequencies between the HD Radio receiver and your vehicle's radio so you can listen to HD Radio through your vehicle's audio system via a wireless FM transmission.

Audio Output: The KT-HDP1 is equipped with a 3.5mm miniplug audio output for connecting the unit directly to your vehicle's headunit or home receiver via an auxiliary input if equipped. A minijack cable is not supplied.

Audio Level Control: The Audio Level setting adjusts the level of the audio output of the KT-HDP1 to match the audio output of other audio sources connected to your vehicle's factory stereo system.

Equalizer: The unit features the following equalizer settings - Normal, Pop, Rock , Jazz, Classic or User. When choosing the User mode you can define the level of the 10-band EQ (32Hz, 65Hz, 130Hz, 261Hz, 523Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, and 16kHz) between -7 and +3 dB.

Tone Control: The KT-HDP1 offers independent Bass And Treble adjustments. You can also balance the sound Left or Right.

Loudness: The KT-HDP1 utilizes a Loudness function that when activated enhances the unit's bass and treble output so you can still hear you HD Radio stations comfortably at lower volumes.

Remote Control: In addition to the unit's front-panel controls, the KT-HDP1 comes supplied with an IR wireless remote control which will operate all functions of the HD receiver. The remote measures 1.989" wide x 0.377" deep x 3.534" long.


Antenna In/Out: The unit's 3.5mm input and 2.5mm output connections are used to connect this unit to your vehicle's headunit via an optional vehicle kit (KV-K1018 or KV-K1019, sold separately)

Audio Out: This 3.5mm output is for connecting the KT-HDP1 to your vehicle headunit's or home receiver's auxiliary input (if equipped).

12V DC: This connection supports the supplied cigarette lighter adapter as well as the optional AC adapter that comes supplied with the KV-K1019 Home Kit (sold separately).


FM Receiving Frequencies: 87.9 to 107.9 MHz

AM Receiving Frequencies: 530 to 1710 kHz

Digital Audio THD: <0.1%

Digital Audio Stereo Separation @ 1 KHz: >70 dB


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