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Infinity Kappa 202a

2-channel Car Amplifier

Item # 108202A

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Infinity Kappa 202a

The finest autos come with more than the usual performance options. That's just as true with the Infinity Kappa 202a amps, and the sweetest part is we were able to grab a limited supply of them at sweetheart prices.

The finest autos come with more than the usual performance options. That's just as true with the Infinity Kappa 202a amps, and the sweetest part is we were able to grab a limited supply of them at sweetheart prices.

You want performance? The Kappa 202a draws from a unique, sliding power supply that gives it the broader output range of unregulated power, yet still ensures that it achieves its rated power of 200 watts RMS per channel even with every vehicle accessory running.

You want style? The Uniblock heatsink not only provides superior heat dissipation and protection from RF interference, it overhangs all connections for a cleaner look. The back-lit, top-mounted control panel glows Kappa green, adding a colorful mojo to your installation.

If a subwoofer is part of your set-up, you'll rave about the Dynamic Bass Optimizer. It gives you control over both the bass roll-off frequency and the amount of boost applied. Essentially, you can adjust the sub's output so that your vehicle's interior reinforces the bass instead of fighting it.

Important Note: A single 8-gauge amp wiring kit alone is not sufficient for installing this amplifier.


  • stereo, bridged mono or Tri-way output
  • 600 watts in bridged mode (4 ohms)
  • 300 x 2 at 2 ohms
  • 32-320 Hz high/low-pass crossover, 12 dB/octave
  • signal-to-noise ratio 95 dB
  • preamp output
  • dual MOSFET power supplies
  • direct connection of 8-gauge power and ground cable
  • variable bass boost (0-8 dB) from 20-80Hz, 12 dB/octave
  • accepts high voltage (up to 9 volts) input
  • 2 year warranty

What's in the Box:

  • Gray-colored amplifier w/ two 40-amp fuses
  • 2 spare fuses
  • Control cover plate
  • 2 weco 2-pin power/ground connectors
  • 1 weco 5-pin speaker/remote connector
  • 2 cover plate screws
  • 4 mounting screws
  • Manual
  • Warranty/survey card

Hands-on research

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Power Output: 300 watts RMS per channel in stereo mode (2 ohms)

Preamp Outputs: There is a set of auxiliary RCA pre-output connections that may be used to feed another amplifier with full-range, high-pass, or low-pass signals.

Crossover: The built-in 12dB per-octave electronic crossover is variable from 32 to 320Hz. There is only one frequency adjustment screw, so, if both the "AMP" and "AUX" filter switches have been turned on, the crossover point selected will apply to both the amp speaker level and auxiliary pre-amp level outputs.

DBO (Dynamic Bass Output): Conserves power at the frequencies where a subwoofer system normally suffers from over excursion and boosts bass output at a usable frequency (user selectable) by as much as 8dB. A "FREQ" (frequency) adjustment and "Q" adjustment must be made to optimize DBO operation. The method of DBO adjustment depends on the type of sub-woofer system being used:

  1. Ported sub-woofer systems- Since a sub-woofer in a tuned (ported) box is prone to over excursion below the tuned frequency, the "FREQ" should be set below the box's resonant (tuned) frequency. Power typically wasted in that region will be conserved and instead be available for frequencies the system will reproduce without over excursion. The "Q" control can then be used to boost output just above the tuned frequency by as much as 8dB.
  2. Sealed sub-woofer systems- For sealed enclosure sub-woofer systems, DBO can be used to make the system sound more like a ported system. This is done by setting the "FREQ" control to the frequency where response normally begins to roll off (this adds an additional 12 dB of roll off) then adjusting the "Q" control to add boost to the point where roll off begins.
  3. Infinite baffle (free-air) systems- For infinite baffle systems, set the "FREQ" control to the speaker's Fs value
    (to keep the subwoofer from trying to create bass below the resonant frequency) and adjust the "Q" control according to personal taste.

System Status LEDs: There is a LED array on the amp that lights green when the amp is on and working properly and lights orange when protection is activated. When the amp first powers up, the LEDs will light orange (until the amplifier finishes a system check), then will light green.

Protection Circuitry: The Kappa 202a has five levels of protection that monitor the amp and will shut it down if:

  1. the electrical system drops below 10V
  2. the electrical system voltage exceeds 15.5V
  3. the amplifier's temperature exceeds 194 degrees (90 degrees Celsius)
  4. there is a shorted speaker/speaker lead
  5. current draw exceeds product specifications

Unibloc Chassis: Provides improved heat-sink capacity and exceptional RFI shielding characteristics.

Cable Connections: There are two removable 2-pin terminal strips (called a "WECO" connectors) that accept up to 8AWG power and ground wires directly. There is a separate removable 5-pin terminal strip for the remote turn-on and speaker connections. Note: There are two power and two ground connections that must be made. The power and ground wires attach to two removable terminal strips (WECO connectors) that accept up to 8AWG wire directly. Each power/ground WECO connector accepts one power and one ground wire.


  • Crossover: variable adjustment screw (32-320Hz)
  • Output: two switches that are used to individually set the "AMP" speaker level and "AUX" preamp output modes to "LP" (low-pass), "HP" (high-pass), or "FLAT" (full range)
  • Input: two controls - a "GAIN" screw for gain adjustment and a "MODE" switch to put the amp in "ST" (stereo) or "BR" (bridged) mode
  • DBO: two adjustment screws - one screw (labeled "FREQ") sets the DBO frequency (variable from 20 to 80Hz) and the other (labeled "Q") adjusts the amount of bass boost applied.

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