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Infinity Kappa One

Mono subwoofer amplifier — 800 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms

6 Reviews

Item # 108KAPPA1

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Our take on the Infinity Kappa One

Infinity designed the latest Kappa Series amplifiers to deliver increased efficiency and performance from an extremely compact package. These slim powerhouses stand only 1-3⁄4" tall, so they'll fit easily in spaces where other amps just won't go. And efficient heat dissipation means these amps won't get too hot in tight quarters.

Infinity designed the latest Kappa Series amplifiers to deliver increased efficiency and performance from an extremely compact package. These slim powerhouses stand only 1-3⁄4" tall, so they'll fit easily in spaces where other amps just won't go. And efficient heat dissipation means these amps won't get too hot in tight quarters.

The Kappa One mono amplifier makes an ideal match for your high-performance Kappa sub, dispensing up to 800 watts of clean power. The amp's Class-D design generates less heat, eliminating the need for large heatsinks. Non-stop Thermal Protection circuitry adjusts the amp's output so it runs cool, no matter how hard you push your system. Balanced speaker-and preamp-level inputs reject engine whine and other noise from your car's electrical system.

The unique detachable power/ground plug lets you connect and disconnect large-gauge power cables in one easy step. The amp's Dynamic Bass Optimization circuit lets you filter and shape the bass for the best possible performance from your sub and enclosure.

Confused about impedance? Check out our article on matching subs and amps.

Product Highlights:

  • mono subwoofer amplifier
  • 500 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (800 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms)
  • CEA-2006 compliant
  • variable low-pass filter (32-320 Hz, 12dB per octave)
  • bass boost: 0-12 dB
  • frequency response: 20-320 Hz
  • Non-stop Thermal Protection ciruitry
  • Class-D amplifier design
  • differential balanced speaker-and preamp-level inputs
  • 4-gauge power and ground leads and a 120-amp fuse recommended — wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
  • fuse rating: 40A x 3
  • 7-1/16"W x 1-13/16"H x 14-9/16"D
  • warranty: 3 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Mono amplifier
  • Three 40A ATO fuses
  • 4-Gauge terminal adapter (installed)
  • Instructions (English/ German/ French/ Spanish/ Dutch/ Italian/ Swedish/ Danish/ Finnish/ Polish/ Russian)
  • Warranty/Product Registration card

Infinity Kappa One Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(6 Reviews)

Solid amp

Canadaaudio from Toronto Ontario on 10/9/2016

Solid amp, it does not over heat if you have good electrical!! I can guarantee 90% or over heats are due to poor electrical. I am running a skar vvxv3 12 @1 ohm in a tline. This amp laughs at 1ohm. Ice cold, but I do have upgraded electrical. Singer 370amp alt, northstar group 31 in back. 2 runs of 1/0. Overall a solid amp. This is a winter setup, only temporary.

Pros: Size, 1/0 to 4ga adapters included ( yes 1/0 on a 800watt amp)

Cons: Subsonic and lpf are a stupid design on this amp. Took a while to fig out. Used to std korean boards.

Amazing amplifier, heat is a settings issue

PedroV from Dixon, CA on 4/13/2013

This amplifier has been nothing but amazing for me. It has powered 2 12" infinity reference subwoofers and is now powering a 12" Soundstream R1. This subwoofer wants 1000 watts rms and this delivers with no issue. As long as you are providing enough current through quality wires and not using the gain as a volume knob this amp will blow you away. The R1 is sitting in a 2.26 ft^3 tuned to 33 hz and 1/3 filled with poly fill. The amp is being provided a 6.4 v signal through a line level booster and is producing a 48.7v signal on the back end, with a 8.8db gain that is nothing to sneeze at. An amazing product and a very solid and clean appearance.

Pros: Compact size, excellent sound quality

Cons: Premium price, you get what you pay for though

An amazing tiny amp!!

SethS from Billings, MT on 4/14/2012

I can't believe just how much power is coming out of that small of an amp!! This thing is half the size of my 500w jensen speaker amp and it has more power! Just so you all know, this amp IS 1-ohm stable as I looked around and people were saying it wasn't but it says right on the box "1-ohm stable." I ran it pretty hard for 15 mins at first to test it out and it was barely warm to the touch even running at 1-ohm!

Pros: Packs a punch for such a small amp. 1-ohm stable!

Cons: It's way cheaper to buy it off amazon.

pretty good

ernie from san pedro, CA on 2/7/2012

I had initially bought a kenwood 500 watt amp that was just too little power for me and also it started to go bad after only a few months. I decided I needed more Power and this infinity was perfect for my new 10" sub. Anyway Ive been running this amp and pushing it rather hard because I also have an audiocontrol eq that i use to shape the sub sound to have a flatter response. my DD 2510 can handle this amp and be plenty loud, just don't expect to win any SPL awards. For the novice and beginner subwoofer's I think this amp will serve you well. I personally am upgrading to a 1200- 1600 watt amp and also moving up in the line to a 1200 watt sub 10. I just wanted to let buyers know this is a great amp and i'm still rocking it hard today. FYI it does over heat if you push it to 800 watts but Remember I'm pushing the eq hard so thats expected to overheat an amp. When my eq is flat this amp will hit pretty dam hard.

Pros: good for price

Cons: wish infinity made a higher power one

It's Okay

Cosner90 from Baltimore MD on 9/3/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is pretty good for the price, but as said doesnt deal with heat too well... i'm runnning this amp on 2 12's. it's overheats after 30 mins of being on half power. i just order another; so i can run one Kappa per sub. so i guess i'll see how it goes from there.



Infinity Kappa One = Amazing

Zane from Matoonn, IL on 8/17/2011

First off I cant believe anyone hasn't written a review for this amp yet... so I will. I'm currently running two Infinity Kappa 120.9w subs with this. This amp has exceeded my expectations. Like I have said before; I know Infinity is not known for their amps, but these amps will help change that. Its putting out its full 800 Watts RMS at 2 ohms and it performs flawlessly. Of course in 100 degree summer temps in my cars trunk it is going to run rather warm. I have the amps gain around 60% or so and my Kappa subs slam! This amp looks and performs great. If anyone is hesitant about purchasing this amp or Infinity amps in general... DON'T BE.




Hands-on research

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Class D/DirectFET Technology: The Infinity Kappa One features high-power Class D circuit topology with DirectFET transistors, a design that increases power output and overall efficiency, with improved heat transfer from the transistors to the chassis.

CEA-2006 Compliance: The specifications given by Infinity for the Kappa One comply with the CEA-2006 Amplifier Power Standard from the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). All manufacturers who comply with the standard can display the CEA-2006 logo on their product.

Protection Circuitry: The amp features protection circuits and will shut itself down in the following cases:

  • DC Output: DC voltage is detected on the amplifier output
  • Over/Under Voltage: Voltage at the +12V (Battery) terminal is too high or too low
  • Short Circuit: Short circuit in speaker or speaker wire

Non-Stop Thermal Protection: Kappa amps protect themselves against excess heat with circuits that cool the amplifier down by gradually reducing output, instead of shutting down completely.

Status LEDs: Three LEDs on top of the chassis indicate the status of the amplifier. Two Power LEDs indicate the amplifier is on. The Protection LED indicates one of the protection circuits has engaged.


Input Level: Rotary control to match the level of the preamp input signal; 200mV to 6V.

Low Pass Crossover: The Kappa One has a 12 dB per octave low pass crossover; continually variable from 32-320 Hz.

Dynamic Bass Optimization (DBO): The Dynamic Bass Optimizer (DBO) is used to enhance low frequency reproduction in your vehicle. Conventional bass-boost circuits only increase bass at a fixed frequency, and cause the amp to consume considerable power. The DBO allows you to adjust the frequency, as well as the boost level (up to 12dB), allowing you to fine-tune the bass in your system to optimize performance. The frequency control is a subsonic filter.


Power: Set screw terminal for power wire from battery; handles up to 4 gauge wire.

Remote: Set screw terminal for remote turn-on lead; handles up to 12 gauge wire.

Ground: Set screw terminal for ground; handles up to 4 gauge wire.

Preamp Input: 1 pair of RCA jacks. The amp will accept a speaker level signal through the RCA inputs. A speaker wire to RCA adapter is needed (136XDCLR2S, sold separately).

Preamp Output: 1 pair of RCA jacks (full range signal for adding amplifiers).

Speaker Output: 4 Set screw terminals for connecting speaker wires; handles up to 8 gauge; there are two sets of terminals to make it easier to connect multiple subwoofers; they are internally wired in parallel.

Fuses: 3 Slots for 40A ATO fuses (installed).

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