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Infinity TSS-1200

5 compact satellite speakers and a powered subwoofer (Charcoal)

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Item # 108TSS12HC

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Our take on the Infinity TSS-1200

Enjoy thrilling, wraparound sound with Infinity's TSS-1200. This system gives you all the speakers you need for a complete home theater experience in one convenient package. Five compact satellite speakers and a powered subwoofer work together to dish out superb sound for just about any room, large or small. And the system's modern-looking design with smooth lines and curved edges makes it a nice addition to any decor.

Enjoy thrilling, wraparound sound with Infinity's TSS-1200. This system gives you all the speakers you need for a complete home theater experience in one convenient package. Five compact satellite speakers and a powered subwoofer work together to dish out superb sound for just about any room, large or small. And the system's modern-looking design with smooth lines and curved edges makes it a nice addition to any decor.

Flexible placement options
The front and rear satellite speakers come with two kinds of wall brackets, for extra mounting flexibility. Fixed brackets let you mount the speakers flat against the wall — great for placement around a flat-panel TV. The included adjustable brackets make it easy to experiment with aiming the speakers, so you can find the right position for your room and listening preferences. Optional floor stands, available separately, give you more placement alternatives.

Outstanding Infinity performance
All five satellite speakers house Infinity's exclusive drivers inside extruded aluminum enclosures. These solid enclosures virtually eliminate sound-muddying resonances for faithful sound reproduction. Infinity's Metal Matrix Diaphragm™ driver material uses a stiff aluminum core for clean, vibrant tones — even when you turn your system up loud.

The included powered subwoofer completes the system and provides plenty of low-end punch for movies and music. A built-in 250-watt amplifier drives the 12" woofer for clean, authoritative bass. The satellite speakers feature gold-plated binding posts to ensure a solid connection to your receiver or amp.

Product Highlights:

    Front and surround satellites:
    • acoustic suspension
    • each handles up to 125 watts
    • 3/4" MMD tweeter
    • dual 3-1/2" MMD woofers
    • sensitivity 89 dB
    • fixed and adjustable wall brackets included
    • 3-13/16"W x 12-7/8"H x 2-15/16"D
    Center channel speaker:
    • acoustic suspension
    • handles up to 125 watts
    • 3/4" MMD tweeter
    • dual 3-1/2" MMD woofers
    • sensitivity 89 dB
    • center channel base included
    • 13-1/8"W x 3-13/16"H x 2-15/16"D
    Powered subwoofer:
    • bass-reflex
    • 250-watt RMS amp
    • 12" side-firing MMD woofer
    • 12-5/8"W x 18-3/8"H x 18-5/8"D
    System specs:
    • video-shielded (except subwoofer)
    • frequency response: 29-20,000 Hz (±3dB)
    • warranty: 5 years (2 years electronics on subwoofer)
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    What's in the Box:

    • 4 Charcoal (black) SAT1200 satellite speakers
    • Charcoal (black) CENTER1200 center channel speaker
    • Charcoal (black) TSS-1200 Subwoofer (powered)
    • 5 Fixed 2-piece wall-brackets
    • 5 Adjustable wall-bracket assemblies
    • 4 Removable table-top stands
    • Center speaker base
    • Three 20' lengths of speaker wire (with bare ends)
    • Two 40' lengths of speaker wire (with bare ends)
    • 15' Mono RCA subwoofer cable
    • 4 Phillips-head short screws
    • 8 Phillips-head medium screws
    • 2 Phillips-head long screws
    • 5 Mounting clips
    • Metal adjustment bar
    • Owner's Guide
    • Warranty sheet

    Infinity TSS-1200 Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (3 Reviews)


    Vinnie from WA on 6/5/2008

    Listening to this system with movies is like sitting in a theater. The 250W sub really puts out the lows and the bass as well as could shake the pictures off the walls. The satellites put out very clean nice highs that blend perfectly with the sub. I really enjoy finally having quality AV gear in the house. There is no subsitute for what this system sounds like, or can do. Very satisfied.



    Amazing sound!

    bob from Las Angolas, calif on 7/8/2007

    We have a very large and open living room and were concerned about having anough sound pressure to fill it. Well it did, we watched our first movie last night in dts surround sound and there were a lot of parts that made our picture frames vibrate. Very sleek looking with minimal depth to the speakers which really helps with the decor when you mount them flat on the walls. Oh the mounts that came with are awesome. This system will blow you away when you sit down to watch a movie, seriously sounds better than when we go to the Imax and watch movies with their THX surround sound system (and pay twice as much for our movie tickets). Also sounds excellent for music in 5.1 stereo. The clarity is amazing. But the bread and butter are in watching movies. Very nice all in one theater speaker system.



    Amazing Sound Quality and Build Quality

    ed from SF, CA on 3/29/2007

    The Infinity TSS-1200 system has been a perfect match to round out my home entertainment system. The design is very sleek and modern. My first impression with the TSS-1200 system was the craftsmenship and build quality! These speakers are build very well and have a distinct quality feel about them. <BR><BR>However, my 5 star rating comes from the sound quality! These speakers sound excellent. They are perfectly balanced and the sub-woofer kicks! <BR><BR>I have tested many (about 50) different speaker systems and the TSS-1200s were the hands-down winner. They are great for surround as well as for straight two channel CD audio. The highs are crystal clear and the system sounds warm and balanced.<BR><BR>If you want a high quality speaker system that has been perfectly balanced, this is the system! GET the TSS-1200s!!!




    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    Enclosure Acoustic Suspension
    Video Shielded Yes
    Pieces in System 6
    Color Charcoal
    Tweeter Dome
    Midrange size (inches) 3-1/2
    Woofer size (inches) 12
    Woofer Composition M.M.D.
    Woofer Surround Rubber
    Impedance (Ohms) 8
    Connector Type 5-way post
    Mounting Bracket Included Yes
    Recommended Stand Height (inches) 31
    Parts Warranty 5 Yrs Speakers/2 Yrs Amp
    Labor Warranty 5 Yrs Speakers/2 Yrs Amp
    RMS Power Range (watts) 10-125
    Subwoofer RMS Power (watts) 250
    Main Speakers (inches) 12-7/8H x 3-13/16W x 2-15/16D
    Center Speaker (inches) 3-13/16H x 13-1/8W x 2-15/16D
    Surround Speakers (inches) 12-7/8H x 3-13/16W x 2-15/16D
    Subwoofer (inches) 18-3/8H x 12-5/8W x 18-5/8D

    Product Research

    Specs and Dimensions


    Total Speaker Solutions: The TSS-1200 5.1-channel speaker system consists of four identical SAT1200 satellite speakers, a matching CENTER1200 center speaker, and a 250-watt TSS-1200 12" powered subwoofer. If your home theater system is 6.1- or 7.1-channel, you can expand the TSS-1200 system by purchasing additional SAT1200 satellite speakers (item # 108SAT12HP/C). Speaker wire and subwoofer cable are included.

    Metal Matrix Diaphragm (M.M.D.): All the speakers in the TSS-1200 system features Infinity's proprietary Metal Matrix Diaphragm (M.M.D.) drivers. M.M.D. features a stiff aluminum core, anodized on both sides for increased strength and rigidity. M.M.D. transducers deliver crystal-clear, distortion-free sound from dynamic digital sources, even at high listening levels.

    Acoustical Waveguide: The TSS-1200 satellites and center speaker utilize an acoustical waveguide tweeter design to deliver a wider and more even high frequency response. This ensures that no matter where in the room you sit, you won't miss any of the sound.

    SAT1200 Satellites: The four identical SAT1200 satellite speakers each have dual 3-1/2" M.M.D. cone midranges and 3/4" M.M.D. dome tweeters. The acoustic suspension enclosures are made of brushed extruded aluminum. The unique, all-metal construction provides extreme rigidity and internal damping to virtually eliminate resonance, so you hear the music or movie soundtrack just the way it was intended. All four satellite speakers come supplied with a removable table-top stand to allow you to place the speakers on an existing shelf. Recommended Amplifier Power Range: 10-125 watts.

    CENTER1200 Center Speaker: The matching CENTER1200 center speaker has dual 3-1/2" M.M.D. cone midranges and a 3/4" M.M.D. tweeter, housed in a brushed extruded aluminum, acoustic suspension enclosure. The CENTER1200 rests on a unique angled pedestal designed specifically for the center speaker. Recommended Amplifier Power Range: 10-125 watts.

    5-Way Binding Posts: The satellites speakers use gold-plated, 5-way binding posts for a versatile, secure connection and excellent signal transfer. The binding posts are located on the bottom of the speaker. The center channel also uses gold-plated binding posts that are located on the rear of the speaker but the terminals are too far apart to be considered 5-way.

    Mounting Options: The TSS-1200 satellites and center speaker can be placed directly on a shelf using the supplied table-top stands, or mounted on a wall using the supplied fixed or adjustable wall brackets. The adjustable wall brackets allow the speakers to swivel left to right, up or down and diagonally when attached to the wall. The satellites and center speaker have two 1/4"-diameter threaded inserts on the back of the enclosure to accommodate the supplied wall brackets. The satellites also have a 1/4-20 threaded insert on the bottom for use with the supplied table top stand and most optional wall brackets. The satellites have two 0.3mm threaded inserts on the bottom to attach to an optional floor-standing speaker stand (TS-STAND1200, sold separately).

    Note: The speakers comes supplied with screws to mount the wall brackets or table top stands to the speakers. The speakers do not come supplied with the screws needed to mount the wall brackets to the wall. For proper mounting, the wall brackets require up to four 1-1/2", #10 wood screws (not supplied). The brackets should be fastened to a wall stud, or, if a wall stud is unavailable, an appropriate screw anchor should be installed.

    TSS-1200 Powered Subwoofer: The TSS-1200 powered subwoofer features a side-firing 12" M.M.D. cone driver in a bass reflex enclosure with a down-firing port, driven by a 250-watt RMS amplifier. Other features of the subwoofer include:

    • Auto Stand-By: When the power switch is in the "on" position, the subwoofer will power on instantly when a signal is detected. The subwoofer will automatically enter the Stand-By mode after approximately 10 minutes when no signal is detected. A front-mounted LED indicates the subwoofer mode (green=On, red=Stand-By)
    • LFE/Normal Switch: If you have a Dolby Digital/DTS receiver/processor with a low-frequency-effects (LFE) or subwoofer output, the switch should be placed in the "LFE" position. If your receiver/processor does not have a Dolby Digital/DTS decoder, but has a subwoofer output, the switch should be in the "Normal" position.
    • Crossover Adjustment: The TSS-1200 subwoofer has a low-pass crossover that is continuously variable from 50-150 Hz (24dB/octave). The built-in crossover is bypassed when the LFE/Normal switch is in the "LFE" position.
    • Phase Control: You can switch the phase control between "0" and "180", whichever setting provides maximum bass output at the listening position.
    • Level Control: You can set the overall volume of the subwoofer to achieve the best blend with the rest of the system.
    • Line Level Inputs: The subwoofer has left and right RCA line level inputs. If your receiver/preamp has a single subwoofer output, you can use either the left or right channel input--no "Y" adapter is needed.

    Colors: The TSS-1200 speaker system is available in a Platinum or Charcoal finish.

    Specs and Dimensions


    • Frequency Response:
      • SAT1200: 120Hz-20kHz (+/-3dB)
      • CENTER1200: 120Hz-20kHz (+/-3dB)
      • TSS-1200 Subwoofer: 29Hz-150Hz (+/-3dB)


    • Satellite Speaker On Table Top Stand: W = 3.802", H = 12.9375", D = 2.9375"
    • Center Speaker On Pedestal Stand: W = 13.125", H = 4.3125" , D = 2.9375"
    • Fixed Wall Bracket: The fixed wall bracket attaches the speaker 0.607" from the wall.
    • Adjustable Wall Bracket: The adjustable wall bracket attaches the speaker 2.375" from the wall.

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