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Jensen NAV-102

Navigation system for select Jensen navigation-ready receivers

5 Reviews

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Item # 110NAV102

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Our take on the Jensen NAV-102

Jensen's NAV102 navigation system makes the perfect add-on for your navigation-ready Jensen in-dash receiver. The system includes a SD card that's loaded with detailed maps of the United States and Canada, featuring over 11 million points of interest. Mount the NAV102 conveniently out of the way, connect it to the receiver's media module, slip the map card into the NAV102, and you're ready to go.

Jensen's NAV102 navigation system makes the perfect add-on for your navigation-ready Jensen in-dash receiver. The system includes a SD card that's loaded with detailed maps of the United States and Canada, featuring over 11 million points of interest. Mount the NAV102 conveniently out of the way, connect it to the receiver's media module, slip the map card into the NAV102, and you're ready to go.

When you're on the road, the system provides turn-by-turn directions so you can get to your destination quickly and easily. You'll enjoy easy-to-read maps that appear on your video screen, along with closeups of intersections and voice prompts that warn you of upcoming turns. Select from over 50 different voices to guide you along the way.

Product Highlights:

  • in-car navigation system for select Jensen navigation-ready receivers
  • GPS antenna
  • SD card included with maps of U.S. and Canada, with 11 million points of interest
  • turn-by-turn instructions
  • enlarged intersection maps
  • voice prompts, with selectable language and voice
  • dimensions: 4-1/4"W x 1"H x 3-3/4"D (navigation unit)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Hideaway navigation unit
  • 13' SmartBus cable with proprietary connectors on each end
  • Magnetic base GPS antenna with an attached 16.25' cord
  • 4 Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • 2 Machine screws
  • 2GB SD-card preloaded with Tele Atlas Map (in plastic case)
  • NAV102 Back-Up Map Data disc
  • Installation/Operation Manual (Eng/Spa/Fre)
  • Quick Reference Guide (Eng/Spa/Fre)
  • Wiring Diagram/Installation Guide (Eng/Spa/Fre)
  • "STOP" sheet
  • "Victory Technologies Installation excellence" card
  • emusic offer
  • Jensen sticker

Jensen NAV-102 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(5 Reviews)


James from Sussex, NJ on 12/5/2012

I use the NAV102 with a VM9512. It works great. I disagree with the one review who said that you can't use NAV and listen to the radio at the same time. Set your NAV, switch to Radio, then press and hold Display button. NAV will show and sound will be Radio. It even mutes teh radio when voice guidance comes on. In terms of getting you to your destination, I've never had it fail me. So those are some of tthe good points. Now the bad. The NAV software does not always choose the fastest way. It will take you on a back road with lights when you could have stayed on a HWY. One other annoyance is that when you are driving, it will mute the radio to say continue on the current road. Even when there's no way to get off the current road. Finally searching for things like Route 22 can be difficult. It;'s looking for US Route 22. Sometimes when you have an adress, it wont let you enter the #. It wants to know the closest crossroad. ANNOYING!

Pros: Gets you to correct place 100% of the time. Listen to one source while navigating as the NAV will auto mute the other source during voice guidance. Auto recalculatiion. Fast satelittle accusition.

Cons: Doesn't always choose main roads for the fastest route. Will take you off a HWY to back road with traffic signals when the HWY would have been much faster. Interupts radio sound to say continue on the same road even when there's no way to get off the current road. Sometimes slow to tell you turs when there are multiple turns involved ina short distance.


Ark209 from Stockton, CA on 7/5/2011

I had this unit installed for over 2 years now. It is not worth it. The locations are inaccurate, it is off by half a block. It is very slow to recalculate for alternate routing while moving even at the speed of 10 to 20MPH around the neighborhood. It is difficult to input the destination. Asking you to put state, city, street, and number in that order instead of just punch in the address like we would normally write it on paper. I had this unit hooked up to the Jensen VM9313 and this unit is not capable of displaying maps while you listening to radio or cd or ipod. Because it only allows you to pick the NAV first, then back out to pick the 2nd input. Once the 2nd input has been chosen that stays on screen. The NAV still prompting you turn-by-turn in the background. All and all it is worthless.



Not a bad upgrade for the price

Macline from Philadelphia, Pa on 2/1/2011

I was looking for a unit that i could upgrade my Jensen uv9 so i could use navi with. I found the nav 101, but was looking with something more up to date an more poi(points of interest) already pre installed. Since my radio unit is so old i didn't have many choices. I purchased this Nav 102 i found reviews by just googling Nav 102 haven't heard to many bad reviews. I had this Product for about 6 months. I loved it it was so easy to use, and set up i.e. the serial bus in the back the first step up takes the longest but after that it moves pretty quick, and recalculations are very fast. i was able to obtain satellite uplinks pretty quick once i pressed my navi button. I installed this item into a 95 chevy lumina and the only thing i think would be great for this item is to be able to add the real time traffic somehow, and for the updates not to cost $80 a pop. other then that a great bang for your buck if your on a budget due to some of the other remote units costing about as much as a radio unit with navi built in.



Good add-on for Jensen Nav Ready Unit

Oskar from Brentwood, CA on 12/5/2009

When I decided to get this unit, there was only 1 review that I could find for it. Even with the bad review, I decided to give it a shot. I installed it on a VM9022HD unit. Install was very simple.. the hardest part was looking for a location to conceal the unit. No need for power since all is coming via the "bus" cable from the head unit. Prior to closing up the unit in its location, I decided to test to see if it actually works. If you follow what the instructions say, it may take up to 5 min to work the first time. The unit has its GPS location in less than 30 seconds. The nav software is up to date according to the Horizon Nav website. The maps have all the newer streets that my 2 year old garmin unit does not. I have tried the navigation sofware, and seem pretty good. In some aspects better than my nuvi 680. The only reason that I do not give it 5 stars is that unlike my nuvi, you can not get live traffic. POI seem pretty current as well. Previous reviewer might have just a bad unit.



one star is one star too many

toolsit4 from madison wisc on 9/15/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I installed this unit and it never functioned correctly. It would not recognize the street I live on or my address. This house has been here for over 50 years. I then tried to enter other streets in my neighborhood, I could find only one street that it would allow me to enter and then, it kicked me out when I tried to enter an address. All of the streets in this neighborhood have been in place for 30 to 60 years. When I was in the car moving (anything over 5 miles an hour) the maps would disappear. The only thing that did seem to function normally was the trip computer. Which indicates to me that the unit was communicating with the sattelites. I thought the database might be corrupt so I reloaded the memory card using the disk which is included with the product. This process isn't even mentioned in the manuals so, you have to figure out exactly how to do this all on your own. Once I had reloaded the memory card i put it back in and turned it on. Now it is telling me that I need an activation code. I called Cutchfield and they referred me to Horizon. I called Horizon and they didn't answer instead referring me to their website. All of this took place over three days. At this point I'd had enough and decided to send the NAV102 back. One of the most frustrating online purchases I've ever had.




Hands-on research

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs


Overview: The Jensen NAV102 is an add-on GPS navigation module designed to integrate with select Jensen navigation-ready touchscreen monitor multimedia head units such as the; VM9213, VM9223, VM9224, VM9413, VM9423, and the VM9312HD It includes routing and map software and provides turn-by-turn route guidance.

Note: NAV102 is backward compatible with the following 12 Series head units;VM9512HD and VM9022HD. If the NAV102 is to be connected to the following head units, a software update to the head unit will be necessary. The software update DVD-ROM is available from for $89.99.

Map Software: The Jensen NAV102 comes supplied with a 2GB SD-card preloaded with the NavMate navigation engine and Tele Atlas map data. The map data covers the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. All user information such as settings, bookmarks and recently visited location are stored on the SD memory card and not on the device.

Note: The DVD disc that comes supplied with the NAV102 is only for back-up map data in case the SD card becomes corrupt. If the SD card needs to be reloaded with navigation engine/map data, then the DVD map disc should be loaded onto your desktop or laptop computer along with an SD card reader, so the data can be loaded to the SD card. The VM series Jensen headunits will not read the DVD map data discs directly.

GPS Antenna: The Jensen NAV102 features an external Sirf III 20-channel GPS antenna. The antenna features a 16.25' cord and a magnetic base. The preferred antenna location, free from obstruction) is on the top of the vehicle (roof or trunk area). When placed on the dashboard of a vehicle, performance may be reduced due to obstruction caused by the vehicle's windshield or roof. The antenna measures 1.375" wide x 0.5" tall x 1.5625" deep.

Installation: The NAV102 should be installed under the back or front seat. It can also be installed in the trunk, if necessary. The unit is supplied with a 13' SmartBus cable to connect to your compatible Jensen headunit. The navigation module features integrated mounting brackets to secure the unit in place (screws not supplied). You should not install the NAV102 where it will come in contact with water or direct sunlight.

Map View Modes: The NAV102's map is the core component of the unit. It will be centered on your current location by default, provided you have a GPS connection. You can browse the map, display information about the different locations shown on it and choose them for routing and navigating from your connected Jensen multimedia touchscreen headunit. The map features two view modes.

  • Tracking Mode: In the Tracking mode, the map follows your actual position (GPS position), displaying information about your geographic position, your speed, etc. The GPS position is indicated by a red/blue arrow on the screen of your compatible Jensen headunit.
  • Browsing Mode: During Browsing mode, you can use your finger or stylus to browse the map on your Jensen's touchscreen headunit. The selected position will be identified by a crosshair cursor. The screen is highlighted in orange when in Browsing mode.

Navigation Screen With Voice Guidance: The unit's navigation screen displays your route (in yellow) and your surroundings on your connected Jensen multimedia headunit. A green arrow identifies your current position. The red arrow will indicate the direction of your next turn. The upcoming maneuver is also visualized in the upper left corner, along with the distance to that turn. When you come up to a turn, you will hear a voice command at the appropriate time through your vehicle's speaker system once this unit is connected to your compatible Jensen multimedia headunit. You can select either a male or female English voice for the unit's voice commands as well as increase or decrease the volume of the unit's voice commands. A checkered flag symbol will indicate your destination.

Map Settings: The NAV102 allows you to select which and how many icons are displayed on the map screen. You can also adjust the brightness of the map screen from Day, Night or Auto. Choosing Auto will allow the map screen to dim or brighten automatically according to the time of day. In addition, you can choose from a 2D or 3D display mode with the following options.

  • Track Up: This mode will display the map with the vehicle direction always pointing up. The map will rotate and move accordingly during navigation while the green arrow representing your vehicle stays up and still.
  • North Up: This mode will display the map with North always pointing upward. The map will not rotate during navigation. The green arrow representing your vehicle will rotate and move according to the vehicle location on the map.
  • Split Screen: You can choose to view both 2D and 3D mode simultaneously on a split-screen.

On-Screen Keyboard: The NAV102 displays an on-screen keyboard on your compatible Jensen headunit's touchscreen monitor so you can easily type in your destination.

Look Ahead Feature: The NAV102 offers a convenient interactive look-ahead search function to prevent your from misspelling a destination. Only keys that lead to a search result can be pressed; all other are grayed out. After entering the second character, only letters that can be used to spell an existing destination will be available for selection of the third character, the fourth character, and so on.

Navigation Search Modes: You can choose your destination, either by searching for an address, choosing an entry from the POI (point of interest) directory, selecting a location from the map, or by choosing a destination from a saved list of recently visited locations or your saved address book (favorites)

  • Address Book: The Address Book allows you to save a Home and Work address, Favorite addresses and Trip addresses so you can navigate back to them quickly.
  • Find Address: This mode allows you to select your destination by entering address information such as State, City, Street, and House Number.
  • POI Search: The POI finder allows you to quickly find points of interest such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, banks, etc. in a database of over 11 million POIs. These places can be near your current position or at any other location. You can also create personalize categories of Point-of-Interest destinations.
  • Map Location: This mode allows you to use your finger to press a location on the map using your Jensen headunit's touchscreen to select a destination.
  • Coordinates: You can use this feature to route to a destination by directly entering latitude and longitude values.
  • Recent Location: This list stores the last 15 addresses or destinations you traveled to in which you can choose to navigate back to. After 15 entries, the oldest destination will be deleted and the newest entry added to the top of the list. Recent addresses cannot be deleted manually.

Route Type: You can choose for the NAV102 to guide you along either the shortest or fastest route. You can also select the unit to use or avoid the following types of roadways - Toll Roads, Highways, or Ferries.

Intersection Zoom: As you approach an intersection, the map will automatically zoom in to show a close-up view of the roads near the intersection point on the right side of the screen.

Turn-By-Turn List: This is a list of all the upcoming maneuvers (turns) along your route.

Route Interruptions: If you intentionally or accidentally leave your current route, the NavMate software will automatically recalculate the route and prompt you to get back on track to your destination. If you leave a route to make a stop, the NavMate software will remember your destination and ask you if you want to continue on your route.

Detour: If you are unable to complete a route as calculated, you can add a Detour to the route that will allow you to stay on track to your destination. You can avoid the current road or next road, avoid a specific road, and set the detour distance and routing criteria.

Trip Computer: The Trip Computer provides information about your vehicle speed, trip related timing, elevation, odometer, and clock.

Trail Book: The Trail Book feature allows you to create a path using map points when navigation data is not available.

Simulation: This feature allows you to plan your route in advance, choosing multiple stopovers along your trip. The NAV102 will then simulate the route for you by calculating the route based on your entered destination, but not actually perform navigation guidance based on GPS signals.

Inputs and Outputs

Smart Bus: Proprietary plug for included cable to connect from the NAV102 to compatible Jensen head unit.

GPS ANT: Threaded connector for supplied GPS antenna.

SD Card: SD memory card slot for supplied SD-card loaded with map data.

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