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Jensen VM9512

DVD receiver

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Item # 110VM9512

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Our take on the Jensen VM9512

Jensen built its VM9512 with connectivity in mind. The 7" touchscreen can control an iPod through the included adapter, a USB thumb drive, or an optional navigation system. You'll find more than enough built-in options to keep you and your passengers entertained, with DVD playback and an integrated SD card reader for up to 4GB of extra digital music. And built-in Bluetooth® controls let you place and receive calls through your compatible phone, as well as stream A2DP audio files through your stereo.

Jensen built its VM9512 with connectivity in mind. The 7" touchscreen can control an iPod through the included adapter, a USB thumb drive, or an optional navigation system. You'll find more than enough built-in options to keep you and your passengers entertained, with DVD playback and an integrated SD card reader for up to 4GB of extra digital music. And built-in Bluetooth® controls let you place and receive calls through your compatible phone, as well as stream A2DP audio files through your stereo.

A remote mount MediaLink4 center makes it easy to add entertainment components, with connections for Jensen's included iPod® cable, a mini jack auxiliary input, a USB port, and RCA connections. All ports are on the front of the MediaLink4 interface, which can be placed under your dash, in a glove compartment or cargo area for easy access.

For entertainment options, the DVD/CD player is compatible with many formats, including DVD+R, DVD+RW (single and dual layer), MP3, WMA, DivX and XviD. Dual zone capability allows you to enjoy music in the front while passengers watch a movie on an optional backseat screen.

The VM9512 also works with Jensen's optional navigation system, so you can add turn-by-turn instructions with voice guidance through an easy-to-use graphic interface. The system comes with a 2GB SD card preloaded with U.S. and Canadian maps.

Note: If you're going to use your iPod with this receiver, be sure to check "Details" for specific iPod model compatibility with this receiver or its optional iPod adapter.

Bluetooth note: Use of this receiver's Bluetooth features will depend upon your phone's Bluetooth capabilities. Learn more in our article explaining Bluetooth profiles.

Product Highlights:

    General features:
    • DVD/CD receiver with built-in MOSFET amp (18 watts RMS CEA-2006/60 watts peak x 4 channels)
    • plays CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs and DVD+RWs (including discs loaded with MP3 and WMA files), SVCD, VCD, DivX, DVDs, DVD+Rs, and XviD
    • built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity
    • included iPod adapter cable
    • wireless remote
    Audio/video features:
    • picture-in-picture capable
    • dual-zone capable
    • Dolby Digital and Pro-Logic II/5.1 with Time Delay
    • remote-mount MediaLink4 auxiliary input module: includes USB connector, minijack, iPod cable connector, and RCA jacks
    • compatible with Jensen navigation system
    • SD card input
    • XM Satellite Radio-ready (you can add satellite radio for under $70, plus subscription)
    • 3 audio/video inputs
    • 2 video outputs
    • rear camera input
    • four sets of 4-volt preamp outputs
    Other features and specs:

    What's in the Box:

    • AM/FM/DVD/CD receiver with integrated motorized flip-out monitor
    • Sleeve
    • 2 Sleeve mounting brackets (installed on receiver with 4 small machine screws and 2 flat head ISO screws)
    • Trim ring
    • Wiring harness (has in-line noise filter and 15A fuse)
    • Wireless remote control (RC4501AVX)
    • CR2025 battery
    • MediaLink module with 56" cable that terminates into 4 connectors (Left and Right audio RCAs/Composite Video/Proprietary Bus terminal)
    • 40" Stereo-minijack cable with a 3.5mm male minijack connector on each end
    • 55" iPod adapter cable with an iPod dock connector on one end and a proprietary 8-pin connector on other end
    • 8.25' Parking brake light detection wire (pink)
    • 6.625" Mounting back strap
    • 2 Metal mounting brackets (for mounting head unit)
    • Rear support stud
    • Rubber bushing
    • Large self-tapping screw
    • 4 Small self-tapping screws (for mounting MediaLink module)
    • 2 Flat-head machine screws
    • 4 Large pan-head machine screws
    • 4 Small pan-head machine screws
    • Phillips-head self-tapping screw
    • Screen cleaning cloth (6" x 6")
    • Installation and Operation Manual
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Jensen sticker
    • On-line installation card

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    Jensen VM9512 Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (6 Reviews)

    gud but not great

    magikm from houston, TX. on 2/27/2010

    when I got the unit it wouldnt flip out correctly. Got it sent in. great customer service, Got it back everything works great. Only down fall when if it has a hard time reading a disc you cant do anything else but eject the cd or wait until it decides. so many optional cords in back I have a hard time fitting the head unit in the dash. Worth the money.



    Jensen Customer Service

    Christopher from Dothan, AL on 5/17/2009

    2006 Dodge Ram 1500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The headunit has been not great, but not bad. The bad part of my whole buying experience with this headunit is Jensen. For the year that I have owned this headunit, I have repeatedly tried to contact Jensen for support trying to resolve some of the many bugs with the VM9512. At one point, the unit would not play discs of any sort. After a few weeks of back and forth with Jensen they finally sent me shipping info to have it repaired. To be fair, once I got authorization, I received it back fairly quickly, but it shouldn't have been that hard to get it authorized in the first place. Also, for the last 5 months I have been waiting to receive a firmware update that they said they would send me. They told me that in January, and it is now May. And that was the second time I called them about the same issue and they blew me off. I have gotten fed up with Jensen support and will never buy a Jensen, or for that matter, any Audiovox product ever again.



    Best Value for features

    Pete from NJ on 2/15/2008

    The Good: Its got a great display, though if you do have a convertible I would advise against it, the screen is not good in direct sunlight. Otherwise it is perfect in my car which only has the lightest tinted windows. Another thing I like about this unit is that when its off and folded away it looks like a plane boring $50 aftermarket stereo that no one would want to waste their time to take, and living in the city area I park on the street allot so its much better then the big $1,000 units that can't hide away. With this unit I am just amazed at the amount of options I have. Sat Radio, Bluetooth, Ipod, DVD, Divx and a who slew of other video formats, 2 aux inputs, back up cam, optional NAV (which could be better), etc. All those options for the price you pay is pretty good. But remember you get what you pay for aswell so now onto the bad.<BR><BR> The Bad: Jensen support (audiovox) is there and responsive but updates will never happen. So the same dull blue display with the same silly menu layout will always be there. It cannot play video files from anything other then the CD/DVD player, so you are going to have to burn any video files to a disk to view them, the usb and flash inputs do not allow video play back. As with all fold away display systems eventually they break so you have to be gentle with it.



    High on Features Low on Functionality

    Gerald from Lockport, New York on 1/29/2008

    2006 MINI Cooper
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Purchased to get bluetooth and number of available inputs. Disappointed by the lack of many useful functions on competitors units. Very disappointed in screen resolution since it's in a convertible. Typical OEM's, Garmins, Pioneer, Kenwood much better resolution. Nav is only useful in the dark, backup camera is marginal, DVD's only OK, many menus not readable in daylight. The Garmin 600 I used in the same car before I &quot;finally&quot; got the nav 100 was much easier to read! My Lexus OEM nav is very easy to read! Wish I had spent the extra $1000 for a competitors DVD reciever and forgot about the built in blue tooth and inputs (IPod).



    Good but not great

    John from Hanover, NH on 11/24/2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Hard to believe there is still only one head unit that has built-in bluetooth AND full (sort of) iPod functionality. Positives: It has the two most important features I wanted - built-in bluetooth and iPod functionality. It has a full screen display. It was relatively easy to install (see notes below). And it works as documented. Negatives: Crutchfield's install kits are not what they once were - lot's of soldering, cutting plastic on the stereo mount, cutting(!) install screws shorter so they didn't contact the innards of the stereo. While it says audio and video iPod functionality here are some things it doesn't do (so should it be partial?): no shuffle feature (the single most important iPod feature...), can't control photos or videos from the head unit so you can't completely hook up the iPod and forget it, display lyrics on screen (and it has lot's of screen to do so!). Bluetooth bummers: it won't work at all if the power is off (still an advantage on the factory radio in my Passat which I have a Parrot 3400 GPS interface for). Ring volume is set by the system's volume control so if you have the volume turned way down, the audio mutes, but you can't hear the phone ringing. Miscellaneous oddities: the clock does not display by default unless you press and hold the display button for two seconds - weird. Default &quot;on&quot; volume setting is way too high. Visual clarity of the on-screen menus is blurry - weird since it has pretty good display quality for movies and photos. I agree that the 'AS' menu function to auto-tune stations is way too prominent - could have been buried in the setup menus. And the manual tuning presets are way weird - you have to switch to page 2 of the tuning menu where you don't see the presets and then you have to remember which preset you want to program too, since you can't see what is already programmed! Clearly this HU was programmed by a programmer and not a &quot;real&quot; person..... It'll be great when there are some other competitive units including both full iPod and built-in bluetooth functionality out there.



    Jensen VM9512

    Mystick from Maryland on 10/12/2007

    Overall, the 9512 is a nice piece of equipment. However, it has some problems.<BR><BR> As near as I can tell, through use and documentation, there is no on-screen or on-face means of random or shuffle playing of MP3 DVD-R's. This function can only be accessed from the remote, and the unit does not remember the setting when you turn the vehicle off, then back on. Kinda inconvienient, imo. <BR><BR> Also regarding MP3 DVD-R's, it takes about a full minute to load disc. Every time you turn on the vehicle. A provision in the device for remembering the properties, the FAT, or whatever of the disc to eliminate this would be helpful. It is present in other head units I have utilized. This unit will remember what song you were listening to, and where in the track it was turned off, but that's it. <BR><BR> In radio mode, the AS button is featured too prominently in the control scheme. This function erases all of your presets and finds the 6 strongest stations. And it is very easy to hit it by mistake while manually tuning, especially if the TTS calibration is off even by just a little. This function should be a secondary function, not the biggest button on the screen as far as tuning controls go.<BR><BR> On the plus side, this head unit has lots of inputs. The NAV 101 and satellite compatibilities are a must, especially in applications like mine, in an SUV that is regularly taken off the beaten path. DVD playback is great.<BR><BR> I think this unit could benefit from alternate skins and control configurations, as well as better information retrieval routines for the DVD-R. That is why it only ranks three stars in my opinion. Perhaps these will be made available from Jensen, through the internet and the convienient SD slot on the front. They may already be available, but I couldn't find them so far...




    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    AUX Input A/V
    Audio/video Input 3
    USB Input Front
    CarPlay No
    Android Auto No
    Siri Control No
    Android Control No
    Memory Card Slot USB Memory/SD Card
    Bluetooth Compatible Built-in
    Satellite Radio Ready XM
    HD Radio No
    Navigation Optional
    iPod Compatibility
    Full size ---
    Nano ---
    Touch ---
    iPhone ---
    CEA-2006 Compliant Yes
    RMS Power Output 18 watts
    Peak Output 60 watts
    RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
    Preamp Outputs 6-channel
    Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
    Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs No
    Video Screen Yes
    Preamp Voltage 4 volts
    Display Color
    Key Button Color Blue
    EQ Bands 7
    Wireless Remote Yes
    Steering Wheel Control Compatible No
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year
    FM Sensitivity 9 dBf
    European Tuning Yes
    Seek/Scan Seek/Scan
    Radio Data System Yes

    Product Research

    General Features
    DVD/Video CD Features
    External Device Controls
    Inputs and Outputs Notes

    General Features

    Motorized 7" TFT LCD Monitor:The VM9512 features a motorized 7" TFT Active Matrix, 16:9 touchscreen LCD display with an adjustable viewing angle and anti-glare coating. The resolution of the display is 1440 x 234 for a total of 336,960 pixels. The screen has a 130° horizontal viewing angle (65° left or right), and a 105° vertical viewing angle (40° up and 65° down). Menus appear on screen for making function choices, audio adjustments, and setting up the system.

    Monitor Angle Adjustment: You can adjust the monitor's angle for better visibility. The display tilts forward and backward to multiple tilt positions (12), and can be controlled by buttons on the front of the frame of the screen and the supplied remote control. In addition, you can manually adjust the left/right angle of the screen by pulling one side or the other outward.

    Auto Open/Close: When this feature is active, the display automatically opens when the ignition switch is turned on and closes when the ignition switch is turned off.

    Display Adjustment: You can adjust the picture's brightness and contrast between -10 and +10.

    Secondary LCD Display: In addition to the 7" motorized flip-out monitor the Jensen VM9512 features a secondary 8-character/Segment type LCD display. This display can be used during CD-audio, Aux-in or AM/FM playback and to select from the preset EQ settings. You will need to use the 7" LCD monitor display for menu functions and to view video.

    Hard-Key Controls: In addition to the unit's LCD touch-panel controls the VM9512 also features hard-key controls on the front of the unit, such as Volume, Source, Open, Display, Band, Rear, Repeat, PIP, and Mute. One of the hard-keys is a 5-way joystick tracking control while another is a is 3-way rotary dial audio control.

    Remote Control: The VM9512 also comes supplied with a 38-Key/5-way joystick, full-function, infrared wireless remote control. The remote measures 2.075" wide x 5.512" long x 0.569" deep.

    MediaLink Module:  In addition to the preamp outputs, A/V auxiliary inputs and satellite radio inputs found on the rear chassis of the unit, the Jensen VM9512 utilizes a separate MediaLink module for easy connection and disconnection of your portable A/V equipment and portable MP3 player. The MediaLink features a 3.5mm minijack, left and right audio RCA jacks, one composite video jack, an USB port, and a proprietary jLink adapter port. The MediaLink uses an attached 56" Bus-cable that plugs into the rear chassis of the VM9512 which allows the MediaLink module to be installed under the dash or in other various locations to make hooking-up and unhooking your portable A/V equipment much easier. Dimensions: W = 2.923" (3.744" w/tabs), H = 1.392", D = 3.945"

    Multi-Zone Capability: The VM9512 has front and rear multi-zone capability, giving you the option of playing an A/V source to front seat passengers and a different audio/video source to rear seat passengers. Rear zone audio is fed to a pair of stereo RCA jacks for use with a wireless headphone system. Rear zone video is sent to two composite video outputs for connecting up to 2 video monitors. An additional RCA pigtail is provided for one of the rear video monitors to allow touchscreen control. You can select the rear source using the remote control or the main unit.

    Audio Controls: Preset EQ curves are stored into memory, allowing you to recall the best setting for different types of music. You may choose from the following presets: Acoustic, Urban, Rave, Latin, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock or User. When in the User preset only, you can independently adjust the level of seven EQ bands (80Hz, 250Hz, 600Hz, 1kHz, 4kHz, 10kHz, and 16kHz) between -12 and +12. In addition, the subwoofer has a low pass crossover (50Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, and 150Hz) and phase control (0°/180°).

    Surround Sound: This unit has two surround modes: Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II. DPL II offers three modes: music, movie, or matrix. When in surround mode, you can independently adjust the relative volume of each channel from 0 to -24. At 0 (zero) the volume of a particular channel is the same as the master volume. The channels that can be adjusted are Front left, Front right, Center, Rear left, Rear right, and Subwoofer. You can also select the type of surround to match your system: 4 channel, 4.1 channel, or 5.1 channel. A delay can be set for the center channel of up to 5 ms, and for the rear speakers of up to 15 ms.

    Source Level: You can adjust the relative volume of the unit source inputs up or down to 6 dB to match the external source's output level. The Source Level can be used for the VM9512's iPod, Disc, Radio, Satellite, Navigation, Aux In 1 and Aux In 2 sources.

    D/A Converter: The VM9512 is equipped with a high-performance 24-bit, 192kHz digital-to-analog converter with a multi-bit Sigma-Delta modulator.

    MP3/WMA Playback: The VM9512 can play MP3/WMA files with ID3 Tag capability that have been recorded on CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW discs. The files must be recorded in ISO 9660 or Joliet formats. The recommended bit rate is 128 kbps and sample frequency is 48 kHz. Up to 1500 songs/files can be supported from a compatible disc (DVD).

    SD-Card Slot: The Jensen VM9512 features a front-panel SD-card slot which allows you to playback saved MP3/WMA audio files from an SD-card. Once the SD-card is loaded, the unit will read the audio media files on the card automatically. The unit supports up to a 4GB SD-card.

    Note: The SD-card slot does not support video or still images. Not SD-card is included.

    AM/FM Tuner: The unit features 3 FM bands and 2 AM bands with the capability of storing 6 presets for each band giving you a total of 18 FM presets and 12 AM presets. You can also automatically store the six strongest stations in your area inside the current selected band. The built-in AM/FM tuner also allows direct frequency tuning through the unit's touch-screen panel or supplied wireless remote control. In addition, the tuner features an Preview Scan function which allows you to preview the available stations in your area. The unit's tuner also is equipped with a Seek mode that when used with the Local function, only allows radio stations with a strong local radio signals to be played. The  tuner features selectable USA, Europe, Latin America, and Asia frequency spacing.

    RDS: The unit's tuner supports RDS which allows the VM9512 to receive FM station identification call letters, artist and song information for display on the unit's monitor.

    Rear View Camera Compatible: The VM9512 features a composite video input and a green/white wire lead attached to the harness for connection of a rear view camera. If a rear-view video camera is connected, the unit is on, and the TFT monitor is retracted inside the unit, the TFT monitor automatically moves into the viewing position and Camera modes is selected upon shifting into Reverse gear. When shifting into Drive gear, the TFT monitor is retracted back inside the unit. If the monitor is already in a viewing position and in display mode, the monitor automatically switches to Camera mode upon shifting into Reverse. When the reverse driving stops, the monitor returns to its original input display mode. You can choose for the monitor to display a Mirror mode image or a Normal mode image from the rear-view camera.

    12 or 24 Hour Clock: You can set the unit to display a 12 or 24 hour clock.

    Beep Tones: An audible beep tone confirms each function selection. The beep tone can be disabled/enabled in the General Setup Menu.

    Heat Management: The unit has a heat management system which incorporates forced-air cooling to keep the chip-sets operating at nominal temperatures.

    Anti-Theft Feature: The VM9512 is equipped with an anti-theft feature requiring the user to enter a 6-digit password upon initial power on. Once the default user password is used to unlock the unit, you can change to a new password, if desired.

    Mounting: The unit can be mounted as either an E, I, or J mount. For proper operation of the CD/DVD player, the chassis must be mounted with 20-degrees of horizontal.

    DVD/Video CD Features

    Video Lockout: For safety reasons, you cannot view a video source on the built-in monitor as long as the vehicle is in motion. In order to display video, the supplied pink wire must be hardwired into the vehicle's parking brake light circuit, and the vehicle's parking brake must be engaged in a preset sequence.

    Disc Compatibility: The VM9512 is compatible with the following discs:

    • VCD: Video CD, Super Video CD
    • CD: Audio CD (CD-DA), CD-R, CD-RW
    • Other: MP3, WMA, JPEG, MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, XviD, DivX

    Note: 8 cm discs should not be used in this unit.

    MediaPlex Twin Core Technology: The Jensen VM9512 utilizes MediaPlex Twin Core Technology which incorporates twin DVD chipsets into the unit for outstanding audio and video performance.

    Electronic Shock Protection: The VM9512 has a 2 MB memory buffer for DVD, CD, MP3, and WMA playback to prevent skipping and audio dropouts.

    Aspect Ratio: You can choose from the following aspect ratio modes for the unit's motorized monitor:

    • Cinema: the entire screen is extended horizontally to the aspect ratio of 16:9
    • Normal: the conventional display image has a 4:3 aspect ratio of horizontal to vertical, leaving a blank area on the right and left sides of the display

    Multi-Angle Display: This function allows you to choose the viewing angle of scenes that were shot from a number of different angles. 

    Note: This function is limited to DVDs recorded with multiple camera angles.

    PIP: You can use the unit's PIP button on the remote control or front-panel to view a Piture-In-Picture image of the Front source, Rear zone or NAV screen (when applicable). You can use the left and right arrow keys on the remote

    Dynamic Range Compression: This function reduces a Dolby Digital soundtrack's dynamic range so you can hear quieter dialog without being overwhelmed by loud sections. You can choose a setting of On or Off.

    DVD Touch-Screen Controls: While playing a DVD you can press the center-top portion of the screen to display the disc's playing information and press the bottom 1/3 of the screen to display the on-screen control menu. The following are some of the playback controls that are displayed when the bottom 1/3 of the screen is pressed while viewing a DVD disc.

    • Fast Forward/Fast Reverse: When playing a DVD, there are four fast-play speeds in both directions: 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x.
    • Slow Motion: When playing a DVD, there are four slow motion speeds in both directions: 1/2x, 1/4x, and 1/8x.
    • Repeat Play: When playing a DVD, you can repeat the current chapter or title.
    • A-B Repeat: A-B Repeat allows you to repeat any portion of a DVD.

    Note: When playing a Video CD, you can repeat the current track. For MP3/WMA, you can repeat the current file.

    Random Play: When playing a DVD, Video CD or audio CD, you can play the tracks/chapters in random order. The Random Play button is found on the remote control.

    Track Scan (CD-DA discs only): During CD-audio playback you can play the first 10 seconds of each track.

    Direct Chapter or Track Selection:During DVD, VCD and CD playback, you can use the numeric keypad on the remote control or on the touch-screen display to access a chapter or track directly.

    Zoom: When playing DVDs and Video CDs, you can enlarge the picture using the zoom feature. You can choose one of three zoom settings - 1.5x, 2x or 3x.

    Parental Lock: The DVD system has a built-in Parental Lock feature to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing restricted disc content. By default, the rating system is unlocked. You can choose from 8 different levels of Parental Lock. Once setup, the parental lock is released only by entering the user 4-digit password.

    External Device Controls

    iPod Controls: The supplied jLink iPod cable allows you to connect an iPod to this unit through the supplied MediaLink module's proprietary jLink port. Once an iPod is connected, you can control the iPod from the head unit's touchscreen, joystick or remote control. If you have a photo iPod or video iPod, you must use the iPod to control video and photo playback. During music playback, the controls on the iPod are disabled. The unit will automatically switch to iPod mode when an iPod is plugged into the MediaLink using the supplied jLink iPod cable.

    Note: The iPod is charged when it's connected to the head unit.

    USB Controls: The VM9512's supplied MediaLink adapter is equipped with a USB port for audio playback and basic control of your portable MP3 player that features a USB audio/control output.

    Note: USB cable not provided.

    Bluetooth Controls: The Jensen VM9512 features built-in Bluetooth technology and supports HFP, A2DP, AVRCP Bluetooth profiles. Bluetooth's Hands Free Profile (HFP) allows you to operate your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, including Apple's iPhone through the VM9512 without having to pick-up your cell-phone. You can dial and answer phone calls using the VM9512's hard-key or touch-screen controls and the supplied IR remote control. You can also select the VM9512 to automatically answering any incoming calls. Audio from the call can be heard through vehicle's speakers while you carry on your side of the conversation through the integrated microphone built into the left side of the VM9512's face panel. You can also transfer the phonebook of your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone wirelessly to the VM9512, allowing you to view your phonebook on the unit's built-in monitor and use it's touch-screen panel to select the number you want to dial out. In addition to the Bluetooth's HFP profile, the VM9512 supports Bluetooth A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) which allows you to play back audio files from your phone, PDA or personal music player using a wireless Bluetooth connection. Along with A2DP, the VM9512 also supports Bluetooth's Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) which allows the VM9512 to operate a Bluetooth enabled audio player via its controls. You can control basic playback functions such as Play, Pause, Stop, Song Select, etc. from the VM9512.

    Note: Song information cannot be displayed on this unit through Bluetooth. Currently the Apple iPhone does not support A2DP or AVRCP.

    XM Satellite Radio Ready: The Jensen VM9512 supports XM Radio via the optional CNP2000UC XMdirect2 Tuner (sold separately) and the Jensen CNPJEN1 Connection Cable (package # 700XMJEN1). In addition, you will need a subscription to XM Satellite Radio.  XM Satellite Radio programming offers 170 digital radio channels including 69 channels of commercial free music, plus news, sports, talk, comedy, and other entertainment programming from coast to coast. XM also offers instant traffic and weather alerts for 21 major US cities, as well as live sports broadcasts from Major League Baseball, NHL, the PGA tour, Indy car racing and several major college conferences.

    Note:  XM Satellite radio service is available only within the continental United States. Service is not available in Alaska and Hawaii.

    Navigation Controls: This unit can control the optional NAV101 navigation module (110NAV101, sold separately). The NAV101 connects via a proprietary input on the rear chassis of the receiver labeled "SMB".

    Inputs and Outputs Notes

    Multimedia Receiver: The following connections are found on the rear chassis of the VM9512.

    • 6-Channel Audio Preamp Outputs: This unit has six audio preamp outputs on 6" pigtails attached to the rear chassis: front left and right, center, rear (surround) left and right, and mono-subwoofer.
    • Aux Input 1 and 2: Aux Inputs 1 and 2 consist of left and right RCA audio jacks and an RCA composite video jack on 4" pigtails attached to the rear chassis, allowing you to connect external A/V equipment to this head unit and to the MediaLink module.
    • Video Out 1 and 2:These RCA composite video-output jacks allow you add external monitors such as rear headrest monitors (sold separately).
    • Camera: Single RCA composite video input used to connect a backup camera.
    • MediaLink Bus Cable: Proprietary Bus connection that connects to the attached cable of the supplied MediaLink module.
    • SMB: Proprietary input for connection of optional Jensen Navigation Unit (NAV101, sold separately).
    • MZ-TFT: Single RCA composite video output used to connect another Touch Screen panel (sold separately).
    • Headphones-Multi-Zone: Stereo RCA outputs for use with a wireless headphone system in the rear zone.
    • PRK SW: The pink parking brake wire is used to connect to your parking brake light wire (video on the LCD monitor can only be displayed when this unit's pink PRK SW wire senses that the parking brake has been engaged in the vehicle).
    • Antenna: Motorola antenna input for connection of a standard AM/FM antenna.

    Note: There is an SD-card slot located on the front panel of the unit for playback of saved audio files.

    MediaLink Module Connections: The MediaLink Module has the following connections:

    • MediaLink Cable: Attached 56" MediaLink cable with proprietary MediaLink Bus connector, left and right RCA connectors and a composite video connector that plugs into the rear chassis of the VM9512.
    • iPod: round 8-pin jack that connects to an optional iPod using the optional jLink adapter cable
    • A/V Connections: Left and Right RCA stereo audio jacks and one Composite video RCA jack for the connection of external A/V equipment.
    • 3.5mm Minijack: 3.5mm minijack port for connection of your portable audio or MP3 player.
    • USB: single Type-A USB connector for support of hard drives and flash memory drives

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