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Kenwood KCA-BT300

Bluetooth® adapter for Kenwood receivers (New Stock)

18 Reviews

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Item # 113BT300

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Our take on the Kenwood KCA-BT300

Add the convenience of hands-free calling to your compatible Kenwood receiver. The KCA-BT300 Bluetooth adapter lets you answer incoming calls, place outgoing calls, and scroll through your phone book entries — all without ever touching your Bluetooth compatible cell phone.

Add the convenience of hands-free calling to your compatible Kenwood receiver. The KCA-BT300 Bluetooth adapter lets you answer incoming calls, place outgoing calls, and scroll through your phone book entries — all without ever touching your Bluetooth compatible cell phone.

When a call comes in, the adapter mutes your Kenwood stereo, routing your call through the car's speakers. Your voice is picked up by the included microphone — mount it in whatever location works for you. Automatic phonebook synchronization drops your phone numbers into your Kenwood stereo without any fuss, and you can select numbers for outgoing calls with a few touches of your finger.

The KCA-BT300 supports music streaming from Bluetooth enabled music players and cell phones with music players, so there's no need to run wires to auxiliary inputs.

Note: Compatibility of this device may vary, depending on your phone and service provider.

Product Highlights:

  • Bluetooth® interface adapter for Kenwood stereos
  • offers wireless connection between select Kenwood car stereos and Bluetooth compatible cell phones
  • supports music streaming
  • send and receive calls with the stereo's controls
  • pass-through port lets you keep your Kenwood CD changer or other Kenwood accessories
  • handles up to five different phones
  • dimensions: 4-3/4"W x 1-1/4"H x 4-3/4"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

It works great, the only thing that I don't like is that it keeps saying it's downloading all the time. Cannot see the radio functions

Norman G, Ocala, FL

What's in the Box:

  • Bluetooth hands-free hide-away module with attached 58" cable (has a round 13-pin male connector)
  • Microphone with attached 10' cable (terminated by a right-angle minijack connector)
  • 7" adapter cable (Round 13-pin female connector on one end and a male 9-pin connector on other end
  • 1 Strip of self-adhesive Velcro tape
  • 2 Self-tapping screws
  • Instruction Manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • Warranty Card

Kenwood KCA-BT300 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(18 Reviews)

Kenwood KCA-BT300

Norman G from Ocala, FL on 12/18/2013

1993 Chevrolet C Series
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It works great, the only thing that I don't like is that it keeps saying it's downloading all the time. Cannot see the radio functions

Pros: Works great

Cons: Can not see radio face or any other control on head unit, constantly downloading when it connects with phone.

Kenwood KCA-BT300

juan from north riverside, il on 3/7/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It works great I love this Bluetooth kit



Kenwood KCA-BT300

KIPP527 from MANCHESTER, MO on 12/29/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)




Kenwood KCA-BT300

Stanley from St.louis Mo. on 10/28/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

works fine, have htc phone,


Cons: none so far

Kenwood Bluetooth

Greg W from Florida on 7/1/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love this thing. Had several of the portable types that you could not hear and the people on the other end could not hear you. Very easy hookup.

Pros: Easy and nice

Cons: None

Accessory to Kenwood DDX-514

MECPofPA from Willow Grove, Pa on 6/7/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I hope writing this review encourages Crutchfield to offer future savings. My in-dash DDX-514 manual indicates that BT-200 should be used but that model is no longer available and Kenwood has indicated that BT-300 is just as compatible. Well my findings show that it does work but it seems that all features indicated in DDX-514 manual do not all work or are available. This could or could not be because of the phone it is syncing with. My phone (Samsung Juke U-640) is on Kenwood's compatibility list to work with this unit but there are no special notes on full functionality on not. I find the 'basics' do work to answer or place a call and that, because the Juke can also store music, it has full access to its library of songs. I find that definition of "auto-response setting" is the number of rings before the in-dash will 'auto-answer' the incoming call which can be set from 1 to 99(or 0 to defeat auto-answer). If you do allow it to answer, you will hear a set of musical tones that are substituted for YOUR ringer and if you allow the in-dash to actually go off-hook and answer the call you will get warble-tone(like the ones you hear if you press send when you're on a call too many times) , then after that you will be connected to your call. In trying to send my phone contacts from phone to in-dash it seems like after 32 entries, it chokes and completely looses bluetooth connectivity and then you either have to reboot phone or turn in-dash off then on again to re-connect

Pros: Seems to be THE only current replacement for BT-200 for the most part.

Cons: Because not full functionality is obtained as it should be with a BT-200, this should be offered for less $$$.


CoachG from Aiea, HI on 4/24/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

i think NOW, i need a newer phone...

Pros: easy to install, recognized the phone, quiets what ever is playing when a connection is acquired.

Cons: mic is not picking up enough volume and dosen't work well with Direct Connect.

KCA-BT300 Bluetooth

ThomasW from Orlando, FL on 4/2/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The KCA_BT300 matches very well with my Motorola Atrix cell phone and connects everytime I enter my car. I had no problems insatlling it myself to my KVT512 reciever. I attached my mic on my overhead inside light mount in the middle of the lights on my 2000 Lincoln Towncar and it picks up my voice very well and the recieving and output sounds are very clear. I'm loving it !!!

Pros: It makes me much safer while driving !!

Cons: Couldn't find any

A good addition

Mitch from Altanta, GA on 2/10/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I got this bluetooth kit and connected it to a KOS-A300 factory upgrade solution for my wife's Honda Odyssey. It paired up perfectly with her newer Verizon Thunderbolt 4G cell phone so no firmware upgrade needed. For the most part, it works great. Occasionally, there have been some linking/connection issues, but turning the phone's bluetooth on/off usually solves it. 95+% of the time, it automatically connects when she gets in the car though. She can also now play audio directly from her phone as well and has an additional audio source to choose from in the car. Call quality has been good too. At first, I was hearing some slight echoing when I called her, but after a few minutes, it pretty much cleared up. Maybe it "learned" what my car acoustics are like so adjusted accordingly and as needed. Mic mounted right on top of steering column so its easy to talk into. Was able to mount the box under the driver seat. I also connected a SIRIUS VDOC1 adapter (w/ Starmate 6) to this unit and it worked great as well. I'm glad I purchased it and now results in safer driving.

Pros: easy install allows for bluetooth audio safer hands-free calling in car pass through port works good can hook up additional accessories (SIRIUS or HD radio)

Cons: occasional (less than 5%) phone linking issues.

Simple way to add Bluetooth

JoeB from Concord, NC on 2/5/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was buying Kenwood's KOS-A300 when I came across this. Since BMW wants a fortune to add factory bluetooth to my used vehicle I thought I'd give it a shot. Installation was easy and it interfaces well with the Kenwood portal. Clarity is average but it works as intended. If I walk away from the car and back again I have to turn it off and back on but when starting the car it picks up my phone every time.

Pros: Easy to add to Kenwood's portal system.

Cons: Microphone lead is about 2 feet too short.

Range of unit measured in inches

Scot from Charlotte, NC on 10/6/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I received this unit new on Oct 5th, 2011 and have had problems from the beginning. When I first hooked it up, I could not make my phone (Nexus S 4g) pair with it. I then made my phone physically contact the BT device and I got a connection. When playing music, I have to have my phone within 3-4 inches of the device or it gets fuzzy and disconnects. The device was shipped at 3.11 so I decided to upgrade to 3.12 to solve the problem. After multiple attempts, the fw upgrade slowly chugged along for 90 minutes before I gave up on it. I will be sending this device back tomorrow. Not sure if I want a replacement or not at this point considering my level of frustration. 10/17/11 This is an update of my previous review of this product. After calling Crutchfield and notifying them of the problem, the sent out a new device to me immediately. After installing, it is apparent that the first device was defective. The new device has good range from anywhere in the car. It responds as expected and sound quality is good as a phone and audio device. My only complaint is with the size of the device and it takes time to download phone book entries each time I connect. I might be able to stop the downloads with a setting but I have not seen this option yet. The size of the device is large to the point that mounting options are limited. Why does it need to be so large? My cell phone (Nexus S 4G) is 1/2 to 1/3 the volume of this device. It seems that they could have made this device much more compact. Otherwise, I am happy with the purchase.



Kinda Works

Matt from Huntsville, AL on 9/12/2011

I'm using the HD545U head unit. I get regular errors causing my phone to disconnect. HF error 68. I've gotten this error with my iPhone 3g, Droid 2, and a Droidx. I've installed all head unit and bluetooth module firmware updates. Kenwood support says that I just need to find another phone as mine are not officially supported. The error condition requires me to hit the reset button on the head unit to restore blue tooth functionality. Oddly enough after hitting the reset button, the phone will pair right up and work. I usually have to reset the unit once every week or two.



Kenwood KCA-BT300

Friesen from Phoenix, AZ on 3/21/2011

My largest complaint is a design issue with the KCA-BT300. It claims it does voice dialing but that's not exactly true. I'm using this with my iPhone which does voice dialing. I've found it to be very reliable and in fact you can use it to call a number not in your phonebook by saying, "Dial 480-555-1234" and it will dial the number for you. Unfortunately the Kenwood voice dialing feature actually uses the technique found in cell phones in the 1990s where you have to record your voice saying the person's name and associating that with their phone number (called making a voice tag.) There is no way to use your cell phone's built in voice recognition technology. I had a phone nearly twenty years ago that had that type of voice recognition. Would you install a car stereo from 20 years ago? I also had constant problems with the deck communicating with the phone. I followed the pairing instructions and it worked the first time and paired easily. However 25% of the time when I got in the vehicle instead of detecting the phone the deck would either display HF DISCONCT or HF ERROR 68. If you search on these error messages you'll find many complaints about them. Lastly updating the firmware on the Bluetooth module requires that you have a Windows (no Mac or Linux) laptop with Bluetooth which I don't own. This doesn't provide even basic functionality that I expect a modern Bluetooth car stereo unit. I simply cannot say enough negative things about my experience with this hardware.



Parrot Rocks

txplshrk from Corpus Christi TX on 3/14/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is built by Parrot for Kenwood, and it works very well. Works just as good as the factory blutooth that I have in my work truck. My wife loves having the hands free in her Van now. Wish I would have bought this a couple years ago when I actually bought my DNX 7100 because it is well worth it. Just make sure you have somewhere to hide this box in the dash under the dash, or under a seat or something.



Kenwood KCA-BT300

Frank from Essex, VT on 2/12/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This was an easy add-on to my Kenwood stereo in my Ranger truck. The bluetooth works well, good clarity on both ends. I might have saved money by buying a stereo with BT incorporated in it, but the stereo was a gift and I added this afterwards. It's pretty well integrated with the rest of the Kenwood menu, but it took me awhile to learn how to navigate around the menu quickly.



not quite up to par

sam from chattanooga, tn on 2/1/2011

used with kdc-h545u. easy installation (if you have room under the dash) poor microphone reception firmware updates are easy but selecting the correct firmware is difficult. The unit does not disconnect from your phone gracefully, it just shuts off. When some part of the pairing fails, either handsfree or music, it continually shows "disconnected" on the the head-unit's main display, blocking the head unit from displaying any other information.



Needs Firmware

ScottG from Baltimore, MD on 1/20/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have this connected to a DNX-7100 and am using a DroidX. This unit randomly connects and requires that I reset the 7100 regularly. I currently hate this setup but am hoping that Kenwood will release a firmware update soon. The Droid update helped but did not fix the issue.



Works great w/ a iPhone 3 and 4

RR from Somewhere on 9/17/2010

I have it connected to a Kenwood DNX-5140. Ive been using it for a few weeks now and its works great. Super easy to hook up and use. I first had it connected to a iPhone 3, I upgraded to a iPhone 4 a couple weeks back and it works fine with that as well. Despite the manual saying to mount it on top of the steering wheel column I choose to mount it above my overhead console in my '06 Toyota Tundra so the mic is hidden. I havent had any problems w/ dropped calls and the clarity of both ends is amazing and theres no echo or hollow sound like im talking in a hall. You cant even tell Im not using the bluetooth mic to speak through. Id recommend this, especially since police now a days are looking to pull you over if they see you on your cell phone.




Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The Kenwood KCA-BT300 Bluetooth Hands Free Box allows you to make and receive calls on your Bluetooth-equipped cellular telephone, including the Apple iPhone through select Bluetooth-ready Kenwood head units that feature a 5L or KAB connector. The KCA-BT300 Bluetooth has caller ID (subscription required through your cell-phone) and can be paired with up to five Bluetooth-enabled phones and download each phone's address book. The keys or touchscreen of your compatible Kenwood head unit can be used to dial a number, answer an in-coming call, or end a call. The unit also has a microphone that can be mounted on the dash or clipped to your sun-visor, so you can listen to the conversation through your car's front speakers.

Note: Not all Bluetooth mobile phones will be compatible. Visit for a complete list of compatible Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Profiles: This unit conforms to the following Bluetooth specifications.

Bluetooth Hands-free Version Profile
Bluetooth Standard Ver. 2.1 + EDR HFP (Hands Free Profile)
OPP (Object Push Profile)
PBAP (Phonebook Access Profile)
SYNC (Synchronization Profile)
Bluetooth Audio Player Bluetooth Standard Ver. 2.1 + EDR A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
AVRCP 1.3 (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)

Pairing: Your cell phone must be paired with the KCA-BT300 before you make and receive calls. You can register up to five cell phones.

Note: Only one paired (registered) phone can be used at one time.

Downloading Phone Book: You can download phone book data from most cell phones to the KCA-BT300. Up to 1000 numbers can be stored for each registered cell phone. Each number can be up to 32 digits long and each name can be up to 50 characters long. Note: This feature is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Private Mode: During a conversation, you can switch between the Private Mode (talking directly on your cell phone) and the Hands Free Mode.

Dialing Phone Numbers: Using the KCA-BT300, you can dial a phone number in one of the following ways:

  • Entering a Phone Number: Allows you to directly dial a phone number from your compatible Kenwood head unit.
  • Preset Dialing: Allows you to register up to 6 phone numbers for quick dialing from your head unit's presets.
  • Phone Book: You can dial by using the downloaded phone book. You can search for a number by the initials, or you can search the phone book in alphabetical order.
  • Outgoing Call List: Allows you to dial by using the outgoing call list. Up to 10 phone numbers are stored in the outgoing call list.
  • Incoming Call List: Allows you to dial by using the incoming call list. Up to 10 phone numbers are stored in the incoming call list.
  • Missed Call List: Allows you to dial by using the missed call list. Up to 10 phone numbers are stored in the missed call list.
  • Voice Dialing: If your phone supports voice recognition, then you can dial out by voice command. You can register up to 35 voice tags.

Automatic Answer: This function automatically answers a call after a user-selectable period of time. You can choose to have a call answered immediately, or after 0 or 99 seconds have elapsed.

Call Waiting: The KCA-BT300 supports the Call Waiting function, so you can answer another incoming call while suspending the current call you are on. Your compatible cell-phone must also support this feature.

SMS: You can wirelessly download the short message (SMS) arrived at your cell-phone so that is can be read on your connected Kenwood head unit via the KCA-BT300. Your cell-phone must support SMS for this feature to function. The SMS downloaded to this unit is cleared when this unit is turned off.

Note: You cannot send text messages using this unit (read only).

Voice Output: You can specify which speakers the caller's voice comes through in your vehicle. You can choose one of the following:

  • Front: Outputs voice from the front left and right speakers.
  • Front Right: Outputs voice from the front right speaker.
  • Front Left: Outputs voice from the front left speaker.

Audio Beep: An audible "Beep" is output from your speakers when a call comes in. This features can be turned On or Off.

Microphone: A small bracket with a self-adhesive base allows the included microphone to be mounted on a flat surface or clipped to your sun-visor. The microphone swivels on the bracket. You can adjust the Mic Gain (+/-3dB), Noise Reduction Level (+/-3dB), and Echo Cancellation (+/-2dB). The microphone has an attached 10' cable terminated by a male right-angle 3.5mm minijack connector which plugs into the KCA-BT300. The microphone measures 0.5625" (diameter) x 1.5" (deep).

Bluetooth Audio: The KCA-BT300 is compatible with Bluetooth audio players that have A2DP or AVRCP profiles. Playback functions include: Play/Pause, Skip Back/Forward, Fast Forward/Reverse, and Stop. The KCA-BT300 also provides on-screen song information display for compatible Kenwood Bluetooth-ready head units.

Dip Switches: The KCA-BT300 has a set of dip switches on the back that need to be set to match the receiver it's connected to. If not set correctly some features may not work or function properly.

Pass-Through Ports: The KCA-BT300 features pass-through ports for Kenwood components which feature a 5L or KAB connector. Only the terminal which has the same shape as that of the connector connected to your Kenwood head unit can be used. Only one external device can be connected to that port.

Optional 2-Changer Switch: The KCA-BT300 is compatible with Kenwood's KCA-S220A 2-Changer Switch interface module, which allows connection of two CD-changers, only when the KCA-BT300 is connected to your Kenwood head unit via a 5L port.

Note: The KCA-S220A is not compatible with KAB Kenwood head units.

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