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Kenwood KAC-8105D

Mono subwoofer amplifier — 500 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms (New Stock)

22 Reviews

Item # 113KAC8105

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Our take on the Kenwood KAC-8105D

Kenwood Performance Series car amplifiers offer long-term reliability and superior sound quality in a compact, no-nonsense package. The KAC-8105D mono sub amp punches out up to 500 watts RMS to your subwoofers. A rugged cast-aluminum heatsink keeps this amp running at optimal temperatures, even when you're pushing your system hard.

Kenwood Performance Series car amplifiers offer long-term reliability and superior sound quality in a compact, no-nonsense package. The KAC-8105D mono sub amp punches out up to 500 watts RMS to your subwoofers. A rugged cast-aluminum heatsink keeps this amp running at optimal temperatures, even when you're pushing your system hard.

A built-in low-pass filter lets you adjust the output so you'll get the best sound possible from your subwoofer/box combo. You can dial in up to 18 dB of bass boost if you want to fatten up the sound. A switchable subsonic filter eliminates inaudible, ultra-low noise that could detract from your sub's performance.

An aluminum cover plate covers and protects the amp's controls and connections, giving your installation a professional look. Speaker-level inputs and signal sensing turn-on allow these amps to hook up to factory radios without preamp outputs.

Confused about impedance? Check out our article on matching subs and amps.

Product Highlights:

  • mono subwoofer amplifier
  • 300 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (500 watts x 1 at 2 ohms)
  • CEA-2006 compliant
  • variable low-pass filter (50-200 Hz at 24 dB per octave)
  • bass boost (0-18 dB at 40 Hz )
  • subsonic filter (15/25 Hz, 18 dB/octave )
  • Class D design
  • speaker-level inputs with signal sensing turn-on
  • preamp inputs and outputs
  • fuse rating: 30A x 2
  • 8-gauge power and ground leads recommended — wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
  • 11"W x 2-3/8"H x 9-1/2"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Mono amplifier (with two 30-amp fuses inserted into the chassis)
  • Speaker-level input harness
  • 4 Self-tapping screws
  • Hex-key
  • Instruction Manual (Eng/Fre/Spa)
  • Warranty Card

My factory system has very good highs and mids, all that was missing was some serious bass. l bought this amp and hooked it up to a Sound Ordinance subwoofer. This amp has tons of power ..putting out loud clean bass. This amp rocks!

Mabel, Old Bridge, NJ


Kenwood KAC-8105D Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(22 Reviews)

Reliable, economical power.

Anonymous from Marion, IN on 5/15/2015

I am the third owner of my KAC-8105D and I must give it a thumbs up for reliable, economical power. I am not traditionally a Kenwood guy, but I must say in a pinch it worked great on a pair of Memphis M-series 15" subs until one fried and after running the other as a single setup the basket broke on that one. Yes, the cast aluminum basket broke! Never in my life have I even heard of that happening before. I picked it up for cheap and will probably keep it in my collection unless a friend needs it. I would recommend this amp to anyone looking for power on a budget. Not competition quality, but it will get you pounding down the road quickly and easily cor many years. The amps really only downfall is it needs a cooling fan as it tends to run hot at continuous peak power. Other than that, two thumbs up!

Pros: Reliable, economical power.

Cons: No cooling fan or means of efficiently dissipating heat. Can't be run continually at peak without shutting off

Great item

Thad from Denver, CO on 7/12/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This amp has is a great value for powering a sub. It has great power for the price. Another feature that I am really happy about is the crossover below 200 hz. When I hooked this up to my sub outputs on my deck, I was really disappointed with how muddy things sounded. My sub output is 120 hz and lower. I switched the connection to one of the full range outputs from my deck, and let the amp crossover do its thing, and I get much better sound and punch than the 120 hz output. I am also only powering one 10" 4ohm sub, so I'm not even using this amp to capacity. Very happy with the purchase.

Pros: Value, power, easy hookup, rca outputs for adding full range speakers.

Cons: Can't think of any

KAC-8105D Refurbished

JayGrif from Clementon, New Jersey on 12/4/2012

I bought this amp refurbished from CRUTCHFIELD to power an MTX JH 4510-XD enclosed sub woofer system.The controls are simple & straight forward, the amp has preouts for simplified future expansion, & the amp runs cool. The power consumption seems a little high as my lights are dimming noticeably on significant bass drops.(A Big 3 Wiring Upgrade should take care of that.) Overall the value of this amp can't be beat. It supplies good clean power, doesn't take up a lot of space,(foot print is about the size of a sheet loose leaf paper) and it looks good. My subs sound great with the gain set at about 60%. It's a great product for a moderately powered sub woofer set up.

Pros: Great price. Simple controls & connections. Small footprint. Looks good. CRUTCHFIELD technical support & customer service.

Cons: Seems a little power hungry.

reliable & clean power!

miguelito from Hawaii on 7/12/2012

This is my 2nd KAC-8105D, my first one is about a year old and still going strong! So it wasn't hard to choose this one for our 2nd car. The setup is nothing too fancy just clean cut controls and bottom line reliability. Both amps were purchased factory refurbished and such a huge amount of cash was saved going this route. The footprint of this amp is minimal so you still have choice for optimal placement in the car. I have yet to come across any complaints or shortcomings with this solid amp. I highly recommend this amp for anybody that needs solid performance at a thrifty price!

Pros: inexpensive power and solid reliability

Cons: none to report

KAC-8105D Refurb

Glenn from Tanner, AL on 6/9/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The amp worked perfectly with straight forward connections and controls. My configuration uses the remote power on and a subwoofer signal from my Clarion radio. With my mounting the controls are easy to access for tweaking the levels. It is going to be hard to beat this amp at this price. Even with the 2 year extended warranty that I bought it was just over $100.

Pros: My track record with this series of subwoofer amplifier is it is solid and reliable.

Cons: None to note


Mabel from Old Bridge, NJ on 6/9/2012

My factory system has very good highs and mids, all that was missing was some serious bass. l bought this amp and hooked it up to a Sound Ordinance subwoofer. This amp has tons of power ..putting out loud clean bass. This amp rocks!

Pros: Very cool looking design and tons of power!

Cons: Absolutely none!!

What a Bargain!

KennyE from Stapleton, NE on 6/5/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this amp for my daughter's Blazer, to run a single Polk Audio 1240D. It's rated for 500w/rms into 2 ohms, perfect match for the dual 4ohm voice coils on the Polk sub. Used 8 ga. power and ground wire, and RCA cables to her Kenwood head unit. Bought this as a factory re-furb for a GREAT PRICE! It did have a couple light scratches on the face, but they were weren't objectionable based on price. Great amp for the money!!!!!

Pros: Small footprint, runs cool, lots of power! Awesome bargain! Looks nice.

Cons: NONE!

Horrible amp

Ef0401 from Menifee ca on 5/23/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Horrible amp dont waste your money!

Pros: Sounds ok when it stays on

Cons: Only lasts about a minute before shuts off. Then you have to Turn radio on and off to restart it

Kenwood Amp

BlackIrish from Denver, CO on 5/18/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this amp as part of a package and its worth the money. Im powering two 12" Kenwood subs in a sealed enclosure and the whole thing hits so hard it makes my deck skip when I try and play a cd. Looks like its Ipod from here on out.

Pros: Amp is easy to hook up straight forward and since its a Class D runs very cool.

Cons: The cover plate for the connections does not allow for disconnects unless you remove plate again. Not a big deal since it cleans up that area nicely,

Great amp for being refurbished

Nathan from Leesport, PA on 5/9/2012

Amp looks amazing, easy to setup, nice looking on the outside, powerful for kicking two rockfords i hooked to it

Pros: Loud sound with minimal heat dissipation mounted vertical on back of box, sleek looking aluminum plate to cover wire terminals, switches and the adjustment knobs and make the amp look amazing

Cons: Don't put the cover on the amp until you are sure you are done, it's a bit of fun to try and adjust the voltage for the preamp signal when theres not much light cause of cover

awesome product

jith from kuwait on 4/21/2012

great amp for my polk audio db1212 strong deep bass that shakes my montero.



Great Amp

Jason from Tampa, FL on 3/11/2012

I have had this amp for 2 years now and it is amazing. I have 2 12 inch Kenwood subs wired at 4 ohms and they hit extremely hard. I have never had any problems with this amp at all. It is a lot louder than it should be for the price and from experience, it is deffinately reliable.


Cons: None

Clean Tight Bass

islandreamer from Virginia Beach, VA. on 11/14/2011

Paired this with a Rockford Fosgate R1S410 sub on a custom built sealed box. Sounds solid and stays cool. This has so much extra power that I might add another sub so I can extract the 500 watts at 2 ohms.

Pros: Mono setup. 300 watts at 4 ohms. Infrasonic filter. Vent holes. Blue and Red lighting.

Cons: None so far.

Kenwood KAC-8105D

RockinTacoma from North Augusta , South Carolina on 6/2/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a very nice amp for not alot of money. Very good bang for your buck. The only thing I would like to see different is the controls to be relocated to the top side of the amp. I have this amp mounted upside down in my 2006 Tacoma and have had no problems so far. I did this so I could get to the controls easier.



Kenwood Amp

T-F-L-O from Indiana on 5/25/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this a few weeks ago and it works great! It's listed at a very good price and you will not be disappointed with your purchase! Definitely recommend if you are looking for something affordable to buy.



2007 Lincoln Mark LT

Marcus M. from Douglasville, GA on 5/24/2011

I recently upgraded my factory system. I have a complete Kenwood system. This amp was the finishing touch to my project. Powerful amp! I still have it set at zero!! AWESOME!!



Great Amp

John G from Madison, Wi on 4/6/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this amp to go with my Rockford P3 and it has done a great job. Handles it flawlessly and the lights look cool too.




abe from arlington tx on 3/1/2011

Just got this amp hooked up to two infinity 10s and it rocks sounds great in my 2010f150 plus the mb quarts help out too! but the price and someone who knows ho to hook it up right this amp ROCKS!



Strong amp for the money

Bobby from Pearland, TX on 1/12/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This amp is pushing a 12" Bazooka tube in my corvette. Plenty of power for 12" Bazooka's. I have the gain turned about 1/4 of the way and still get good bass.



Simple, works as advertised.

alex from Bozeman, MT on 11/15/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a relatively simple sub-woofer amp. It works exactly as advertised. I'm using this to power a 12" JVC in a sealed box, and it sounds great. Amp runs relatively cool pushing fairly loud @ 300w RMS/4Ohms. The unit looks much sharper in person than it does in the photos.



sweet amp

fortybelow7 from Kansas City on 7/15/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Sweet amp, got it hooked up to two 10" kenwoods. Barely got the bass turned up and it pumps out some power. I'd recommend it if you are looking for a decent amp but don't want to spend a ton of money.



Love it!!

gtjinter from Downingtown ,PA on 7/11/2010

I just bought this amp and I love it, just enough power to push my one 10" alpine type R. I normally listen to my music at a moderate level and it bumps!! I can hear my plate rattling from the outside of my car , Might need to buy some dynamat for that. Get the warranty because eventually you will start turning up the stereo louder and louder and it might get fried since it's not fan cooled!! For right now it's great even at low volume I cant see in my rear view or side mirrors because it shakes from the bass ..Highly recommended...




Hands-on research

Product Research



Class D Amplifier Design: The KAC-8105D is a Class D mono-block amplifier, which uses digital switching to amplify audio signals. This design results in high efficiency and less heat.

MOSFET Switching Power Supply: The amplifier utilizes a MOSFET switching power supply providing thermal stability and efficient switching speeds guaranteeing performance and dependability.

Mono-Power Amp Design: The Kenwood KAC-8105D is designed with specific features to power your subwoofers with a frequency range between 10-200 Hz. The amplifier can handle impedance loads down to 2-ohm.

CEA 2006 Compliant: The KAC-8105D's power ratings are measured according to the strict standards dictated by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). These standards allow you to accurately compare the rated power output of all CEA 2006-compliant amplifiers, even if they come from different brands. Manufacturers who adhere to the standards can display the CEA 2006 logo on their products and packaging. CEA 2006 Compliant Ratings:

  • Mono-Channel (4-ohm): 300 watts x 1 channel RMS (20-200 Hz, 1% THD)
  • Mono-Channel (2-ohm): 500 watts x 1 channel RMS (100 Hz, 1% THD)

Note: This amplifier is not designed to power a full-range speaker.

Cast Aluminum Heat Sink: The Kenwood KAC-8105D utilizes a cast aluminum heat sink design to ensure that the amplifier stays at its optimal temperature.

Ventilation: There are two vents located on the back side of the amplifier to help dissipate heat and ensure cool, reliable operation. Make sure not to block these vents when you install the amplifier.

Protection circuitry: The amplifier features protection circuits that will turn the amp off in case of the following events:

  • Speaker output contacts ground
  • Speaker wire short-circuits
  • Unit malfunctions and DC is sent to speaker output

Aluminum Cover Plate: The amplifier's controls and connections are hidden under a removable extruded aluminum cover plate. The cover plate provides a professional looking installing while helping to protect the amplifier's connections and control settings. The cover is held in place by two hex head screws. An allen-wrench is supplied to remove the cover.

Blue/Red Illumination: The Kenwood Mono-Channel amplifier features a blue and red LED illumination when the amplifier is turned on. When the power is turned on to the amplifier, the Power indicator will light up red. This indicator will turn off with the amplifier and will turn off if the amplifier goes into protect mode. The amplifier also features a Blue LED lamp on the top of the amplifier which illuminates when the amplifier is on.

Signal-sensing Turn-On Circuitry: When the speaker-level input is used, it is not necessary to connect the power control wire (turn-on lead). The amplifier senses the signal from the speaker-level input and turns the amplifier power on automatically. Shortly after no signal is detected, the amplifier will automatically shut itself off.


Gain:To accommodate the varying range of signal levels coming from today's factory and aftermarket radios, the Kenwood KAC-8105D features an adjustable, independent gain control (0.2-5.0V). This means that no matter what kind of radio is connected to this amplifier, the appropriate gain control adjustment can be made to ensure loud, clear, distortion-free music.

Low-Pass Filter: The KAC-8105D has a built-in 24dB/octave low-pass filter that is continuously variable from 50Hz to 200Hz.

Bass Boost: The bass boost is adjustable from 0-18dB at 40Hz.

Infrasonic Filter: This amp features an 18dB/octave Infrasonic Filter. Ultra-low frequencies that cannot be reproduced by a subwoofer do not become sound but become unnecessary oscillations, which affect sound by causing distortion. These frequencies also waste amplifier power and can cause damage to speakers. Setting the Infrasonic filter switch to 15Hz or 25Hz cuts the frequencies below the respective frequency to improve the reproduction performance of the speakers by eliminating harmful distortion.


Power Connections: The power and ground connections are 0.5625" wide screw terminals that will accommodate up to 4-gauge wire. The remote turn-on terminal is 0.3125" wide and will accept up to 8-gauge wire. A Phillips-head or flat blade screw driver (not supplied) is required to tighten/loosen the terminals. Spade connectors are recommended for the power, ground, and remote wires.

Speaker Outputs: The Kenwood KAC-8105D is equipped with a single pair of speaker terminals. Both speaker terminals are 0.3125" wide screw terminals and will accommodate up to 8-gauge wire. A Phillips-head or flat blade screw driver (not supplied) is required to tighten/loosen the terminals. Spade connectors are recommended for the speaker wires.

Line Level Input: The mono-channel amplifier is equipped with a single pair of gold-plated RCA line level inputs.

Speaker Level Input: The KAC-8105D comes with a two channel speaker level input harness. Once you splice the speaker wires from the receiver to the harness, you have plug-in convenience to the amplifier. This feature makes it easier to add an amplifier to a factory radio or to a receiver with no preamp outputs. The maximum power output from the source receiver can be no more than 40 watts.

Line Level Output: The amplifier has a pair of gold-plated RCA line level outputs for feeding a full-range stereo signal to another amplifier. It is the same signal that is input through the line inputs. The amplifier's crossovers have no effect on the line level output signal.

Fuses: The KAC-8105D is equipped with two 30 amp ATC blade fuses.

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