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Kenwood Excelon KAC-X10D

Mono subwoofer amplifier
600 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms (New Stock)

11 Reviews

Item # 113KACX10D

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Our take on the Kenwood Excelon KAC-X10D

Kenwood packs some exciting technologies into their Excelon amplifiers, along with versatile tuning features and options that give you ultimate control over the sound. Unique circuitry analyzes the signal coming back from your speakers, then eliminates unwanted overtones and harmonics for a cleaner sound.

Kenwood packs some exciting technologies into their Excelon amplifiers, along with versatile tuning features and options that give you ultimate control over the sound. Unique circuitry analyzes the signal coming back from your speakers, then eliminates unwanted overtones and harmonics for a cleaner sound.

The KAC-X10D subwoofer amplifier powers your subwoofer system with up to 600 watts RMS, plenty of power for your music's low end. The switchable infrasonic filter removes extreme low bass that can hamper your sub's performance, while the variable low-pass filter maximizes the impact of your sub in your vehicle. The optional wired control allows you to boost the bass from the driver's seat.

Product Highlights:

  • mono subwoofer amplifier
  • 300 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (600 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms)
  • stable to 1-ohm loads
  • CEA-2006 compliant
  • Dual Sigma Drive eliminates acoustic resonances
  • variable low-pass filter (40-200 Hz, -24 dB/octave)
  • switchable infrasonic filter (15/25 Hz, -24 dB/octave)
  • optional remote bass boost
  • Class-D amplifier design
  • frequency response: 5-200 Hz
  • preamp inputs and outputs
  • fuse rating: 40A x 1
  • 8-gauge power and ground leads recommended — wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
  • 12-1/2"W x 2-9/16"H x 11-11/16"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Have this powering 2 Kenwood KFC-W3012 12" Woofers. Doesn't get too hot and packs a good deal of power!

Alistair, Dallas, TX

What's in the Box:

  • Mono digital power amplifier with one 40-amp fuses inserted into the chassis
  • 1 Allen wrench
  • 4 Self-tapping screws
  • Rubber terminal cover
  • Instruction Manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • Warranty Card

Kenwood Excelon KAC-X10D Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(11 Reviews)

less then what you think

kevin from boston on 11/24/2010

i have used this amp for some time now powering 2 type E subs.. figuring 600 watts would go a little over the rms to drive them really clean and they have been pretty good. A friend came over to tune my system put the multimeter to it and it was only getting less then less then 400 watts so i was actually under powering the subs we realised their is only a 40amp fuse on the amp.. so how you can get 600 watts from what they say may be a little harder then that. So i decided to go with the sound ordnance amp and it def drives it cleaner... the kenwood is still a very stable amp if you want to power 1 or 2 subs with low rms




Alistair from Dallas, TX on 6/24/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Have this powering 2 Kenwood KFC-W3012 12" Woofers. Doesn't get too hot and packs a good deal of power!



better then expected

sadistic~customs from Detroit, MI on 10/3/2008

i got the kac x-10d hooked to two infinity kappa perfect 10.1's 350 rms each sub. the amp is the cleanest amp i have used yet besides a mtx thunder 250x. for those that thinking spl is setting your gain high think again you can achieve better numbers by using a ported box or even band pass and setting them correctly. by the way the way the amp is better then i expected because of the low amp drawl and high output. the reason others are shutting off above half gain any amp will because it has a protection circuit in it that causes this.



All eXcelon system

Geoffrey from Denver on 8/21/2008

I run a KFC-XW1202DVC sub with this amp, a KAC-X40 for the mains and it's all controlled by a KDC-X891 head unit. Gain is set to approx. 46%, sub wired to 4ohm. I am sure it can play at rediculous levels using a 2ohm load, but the current set-up delivers a very correct and clean bassline to any music I listen to; from metal to Jack Johnson. Quality piece for quality sound. If you are trying to blow up your car, I am not sure 300 or even 600w is going to help much and you need to look at a higher-power setup. Peaking gain on ANY amp is asking for it to cut signal. If it's clean, accurate sound you're after, then this amp is recommended highly.



Its alright

babajan from san fernando, CA on 8/17/2008

it hits pretty hard and my gain is less than half way up, i didnt choose to have my gain half way, fuse blows when i put it more than half way could be from under powerering my subs, the subs are pulling too much out of it, or it could just be a wack sub...



good amp

clark from pa on 8/15/2008

i have to say this amp (WHEN OPERATED CORRECTLY) can push some good clean power. dont run it at 1ohm or crank the gain all the way up like some of these other reviewers have done. i have a 12" sub wired to 2ohms with the gain set at about 1volt i can still shake my car plenty hard and keep great sq. i gave this amp a 4 out of 5. i cant compare it to other amps in the price range.



save 200 more. its worth it.

Tom from Mayland on 5/8/2008

Well let's start with the most important part. This is not a very good amp. That's all there is to it. I have it powering 2 10" JL audio w3v3 4 ohm subs and it powers them decently however it cuts out at full gain and doesn't fully power your subs. If you like big bass like me this is not for you. Another note: Crutchfield recommends 8 ga. wiring for this amp-which is what I started out with, however the amp draws too much current for 8 ga. and i upgraded to 4 ga. and did see a small rise in the volume it could handle before it cut out on me. However, it still does, which makes this a bad amp. i have a pioneer DEH-P790BT headunit that has a max volume of 62. This amp cuts out anywhere above 50. My recommendation, save your money, and get the Alpine PDX 1.600 which runs the same wattage at the same impendence and is much smaller.



Kenwood Excelon KAC-X10D

RJF from ct. on 1/16/2008

terrable cant use full power ,cuts out at higher volumes unlike any other amps ive owned



Not bad

Breimann from Long Island, NY on 12/21/2007

It runs very cool and seems pretty efficient with power. I have it hooked up to a Rockford Power Stage 1 10" sub (4ohm coils). Hits pretty hard and like the other guy said (i forget his name) you can't turn the gain up too high. Having a good pre-amp voltage helps this amp along too. I'll give it 5 stars because its a good value, and being 1ohm stable is always nice.



Kenwood Excelon KAC-X10D

Darek from Derby, CT on 10/29/2007

I installed this as apart of a complete system powering 2 Kicker CompVR 12" dual voice coil subs. The system hits so nice. I'd give this amp 5 stars but it cuts out when the gain is up. In fact I can't even turn it up over 3/4 because it will cut out. It still knocks though even without the gain up so I can't complain. Doesn't get hot at all.



Kenwood Excelon KAC-X10D

Brad from Ontario, Canada on 7/24/2007

If you buy one of these you have to run it at 2 ohms, no point in running it at 4.<BR><BR>At 2 there's tons of clean punchy power, nothing bad to say, nothing stellar to say! Just does what it's supposed to; well.




Hands-on research

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs


CEA-2006 Compliant: CEA-2006 is a new system of testing & measurement methods for mobile audio amplifiers. This voluntary standard advocates a uniform method for determining an amplifier's RMS power output and signal-to-noise ratio. The criteria for measuring power uses a DC input voltage of 14.4 volts and the RMS power output is measured into a 4-ohm load, with 1% or less Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) plus noise, and at a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000Hz, when applicable. Signal-to-Noise ratio is measured in weighted absolute decibels (dBA) at a reference of 1 watt into 4 ohms. CEA-2006 allows consumers to compare car amplifiers and receivers on an equal basis. The Kenwood KAC-X10D under CEA-2006 regulations is rated at 300 Watts RMS x 1 channel with a 80dBA signal to noise ratio.

Mono-Power Amp Design: The Kenwood KAC-X10D is designed with specific features to power your subwoofers with a frequency range between 5 to 200 Hz. This amplifier is not designed to power a full-range speaker.

1-Ohm Stable: The Kenwood class D mono-amplifier is capable of handling load impedances down to 1-ohm. The amplifier is rated at 600 Watts RMS x 1 channel in 2 ohms at 100Hz with 0.5% THD. The amp is rated at over 600 Watts RMS x 1 channel in a 1ohm load.

Class D Amplifier Design: The KAC-X10D is a Class D mono-block amplifier, which uses digital switching to amplify audio signals. This design results in high efficiency and less heat.

MOS-FET Switching Power Supply: The amplifier utilizes a MOS-FET switching power supply providing thermal stability and efficient switching speeds guaranteeing performance and dependability.

Dressing Cover: The Kenwood KAC-X10D features and attractive brushed aluminum removable top aluminum cover that eliminates access to power, ground, turn-on and speaker terminals unless removed. This provides a very clean look as well as protects the amplifier's connections from being accidentally touched. The lip of the top aluminum cover also helps protect the amplifier's controls from being accidentally changed. The cover is held in place by two hex head screws. An allen-wrench is supplied to remove the cover.

Dual E Sigma Drive: Kenwood's Dual E Sigma Drive provides a bridged output with an excellent damping factor that allow the amplifier to pump out an extraordinary amount of high-fidelity power.

Aluminum Heat Sink: The KAC-X10D utilizes a cast aluminum heat sink to increase the amplifier's heat dissipation efficiency, increasing the life of the amplifier.

Parallel Connection: The amplifier is equipped with two pairs of gold-plated speaker terminals for an easy parallel subwoofer connection.

Variable Low-Pass Filter: The KAC-X1R has a built-in -24dB/octave low-pass filter that is continuously variable from 40Hz to 200Hz. You can turn the Low-pass filter On or Off.

Infrasonic Filter: This amp features an -24dB/octave Infrasonic Filter. Ultra-low frequencies that cannot be reproduced by a subwoofer do not become sound but become unnecessary oscillations, which affect sound by causing distortion. These frequencies also waste amplifier power and can cause damage to speakers. Setting the Infrasonic filter switch to 15Hz or 25Hz cuts the frequencies below the respective frequency to improve the reproduction performance of the speakers by eliminating harmful distortion.

Line Level Inputs: The one set of gold plated RCA type line-level inputs have a gain (Input Sensitivity) control. The Input Sensitivity control will accept an input signal of 200mV to 5.0 Volts.

Line Level Output: The amplifier has a set of gold-plated line level outputs for feeding a stereo signal to another amplifier. There is a Line Out Filter switch on the amplifier that allows you to set the Line Output RCAs of the amp to have no effects from the amplifiers settings or you can set the Line Output to carry the same low-pass filter, inputs sensitivity and bass boost settings to your second amplifier.

Remote Terminal: The KAC-X10D has a remote terminal jack that is compatible with the Kenwood Bass Boost Wired Remote Controller (KCA-WR10, sold separately). The optional wired remote allows you to have independent bass boost control of the amplifier in your system. Using the optional KCA-WR10 you can set the variable Bass Boost Circuit to 0 to 18 dB and the variable Bass Boost Frequency to 40 to 100 Hz.

Power Indicator: When the power is turned on to the amplifier, the Power indicator will light up. This indicator will turn off with the amplifier and will turn off if the amplifier goes into protect mode.

Protection circuitry: The amplifier features protection circuits that will turn the amp off in case of the following events to protect the amplifier and your speakers:

  • Speaker output contacts ground
  • Speaker wire short-circuits
  • Unit malfunctions and DC is sent to speaker output
  • Internal temperature is too high
  • Voltage is outside of the operating range


Front of the Amplifier: The following amplifier's controls are found on the front of the amplifier:

  • Input Sensitivity: 200mV-5V
  • Low Pass Frequency: 40-200 Hz
  • LPF Switch: On or Off
  • Infrasonic Filter Frequency: Off, 15 or 25Hz
  • Line Out Filter: On or Off

Inputs and Outputs

Front of the Amplifier: All of the amplifier's connections are found on the front of the amp. The amplifier's dressing cover must be removed to access the amplifier's power, ground, turn-on, and speaker terminals.

  • Fuses: One 40A fuse
  • Power: Gold-plated screw terminal (0.5625" wide)
  • Ground: Gold-plated screw terminal (0.5625" wide)
  • Remote Turn-on: Gold-plated screw terminal (0.375" wide)
  • Speaker Outputs: Two set of gold-plated screw terminals (0.375" wide)
  • Line In: One pair gold-plated RCA inputs
  • Line Out: One pair gold-plated RCA outputs
  • Remote: RJ-11 jack connects the optional wired remote controller (KCA-WR10)

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.