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Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F

Shallow-mount 12" 4-ohm subwoofer

12 Reviews | 2 questions - 2 answers

Item # 113XW1200

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Our take on the Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F

The Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F 12" "flat" subwoofer produces serious bass output in the hard-to-fit areas of your compact car or truck. And this shallow-mount sub measures less than 4" deep, so you can get creative with your installation.

The Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F 12" "flat" subwoofer produces serious bass output in the hard-to-fit areas of your compact car or truck. And this shallow-mount sub measures less than 4" deep, so you can get creative with your installation.

The carbon-glass fiber cone employs a honeycomb pattern to deliver quick response in demanding conditions without flexing. The beefed-up rubber surround maintains control over the cone, minimizing distortion caused by resonance. A die-cast aluminum basket offers a rock-solid housing with plenty of venting to keep the heat down. The silver-plated push terminals offer convenient connections and provide excellent signal transfer.

To drive this single subwoofer, we recommend a mono amplifier rated between 260 and 525 watts RMS at 4 ohms. For more information, please refer to our article on How to Match Subwoofers and Amplifiers.

Priced per speaker

Product Highlights:

  • 12" 4-ohm shallow-mount subwoofer
  • carbon-glass fiber composite cone with butyl rubber surround
  • cast aluminum basket
  • power range: 50-350 watts RMS
  • peak power: 1,400 watts
  • frequency response: 30-700 Hz
  • sensitivity: 91 dB
  • mounting depth: 3-15/16"
  • sealed box volume: 0.8 cu. ft.
  • ported box volume: 0.8 cu. ft.
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

I put two of these in my four door Silverado behind my back seat in a custom built ported box and they fit perfect. I have them on a 2800 watt amp with the kenwood indash and they just sound amazing. It catches almost every bass super clear. Defiantly got my money's worth.

Craig, plaquemine, LA

What's in the Box:

  • One 12" SVC Woofer
  • Rubber concealing ring (installed)
  • Self-adhesive foam strip
  • 8 Mounting screws
  • "Kenwood" logo sticker for woofer
  • "eXcelon logo sticker for woofer
  • Cardboard template
  • Instruction Manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • Warranty Card

Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(12 Reviews)

10/10 would buy again.

Matthew from Concord, CA on 6/18/2017

2013 Dodge Challenger
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Extremely well built, feels as solid and heavy as a non shallow 12". Sounds fantastic. Has no problems holding up to any regular 12". I would recommend this one to any one looking for a shallow 12" sub. Using it in a shallow mount sealed box in my Challenger. Did not want to give up trunk space. Best of both worlds in this sub.

Pros: Very well made. Solid construction. Nice clean non vibrating rubber ring that covers the screws. Solid tight bass. Get full 12" bass with out giving up a ton of space.

Cons: None.

Great subwoofer!!!

Logan from Oklahoma City, OK on 2/23/2017

For it being a 4 inch thick subwoofer it sure does thump. It great where space is a issue. I got it in a custom ported box in my SUV and it gives it the nice full sound I love to have. I've played with a few shallow mount subwoofers now and this one is up there next to Kicker's CVT's. And I really love the CVTs! Only down fall on me is I wish they made these in a DVC setup or even a 2 ohm version, but at this point it doesn't bother me cause it's a great subwoofer in my vehicle.

Pros: Doesn't need a whole lot of space. Can handle some power. Looks really expensive and nice

Cons: Wish they would of made a DVC version or a 2 ohm version.

Best shallow mount I ever owned

Craig from plaquemine, LA on 3/12/2016

I put two of these in my four door Silverado behind my back seat in a custom built ported box and they fit perfect. I have them on a 2800 watt amp with the kenwood indash and they just sound amazing. It catches almost every bass super clear. Defiantly got my money's worth.



You won't be disappointed!

Harrison from Cherryville, NC on 12/8/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Exactly what I was hoping for! This sub delivers the perfect amount of bass in my 2011 F150 with a box by and a Kenwood X500-1 amp from Crutchfield. Perfect combination!

Pros: Small Easy to install Powerful

Cons: None

Great speaker!

Anonymous from Fairfax, va on 9/7/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product. Looks awesome and sounds great

Pros: Good, sleek look


very good product

lee from yucaipa ca. on 10/24/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

this sub Hits very nice and clean.. performence is very good and stable. for a shallow mount you just couldnt get any more bass im sure.

Pros: clean hard bass


sound great and hit hard

Joe from Utah on 4/16/2013

I have two of these in a ported box in my superduty powered by a kenwood x1200m amp with a cap. They hit insanely hard and the sound quality is amazing. I am yet to hear or feel anything close shallow mount or otherwise. 3 yrs and they still work great, so all I have to say is if you need shallow mount subs you will not be disappointed with these

Pros: hit hard and sound quality, they don't make noise, they make bass you feel in the chest


Very Very Impressive

Logan from Spring Mills, PA on 8/29/2011

Wow. I bought this subwoofer (just one) in June and now it's late August and everyday I get closer and closer to this thing. This subwoofer, in gereral, is incredible given it's relatively small depth. I've heard many different types of sound systems with different subwoofer setups. My opinion may be biased, but I like mine the best. I have this sub in a sealed Sound Ordnance BB12-T paired with the Boston Acoustics GTA-800m amplifier and together, they put together a clear, loud, and beautiful sound unlike any I've ever heard. Now, I'm sure that a setup that costs a lot more will sound better, but in this industry, you most definitely get what you pay for and by most people's standards, at this price it isn't a cheap subwoofer (though there are plenty of more expensive ones). A friend of mine has two Sony X-Plode subs in his trunk (both in ported enclosures) taking a very similar RMS wattage to this one and yes, his is louder but mine is almost as loud and sounds way better! Plus, you're probably looking at shallow mounts due to a lack of space in your vehicle and the full sized subs generally are louder to begin with. I personally would rather the sound quality than the unnecessary noise just to make a statement. A lot of the sound has to do with the enclosure but definitely not all of it! Paring it with a good amp and headunit is essential because this sub will not let you down by iself. I promise. As always, Crutchfield's assistnace is second to none.



Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F

mike from janesville on 5/17/2011

I have 2 kenwood 12's shallow mount. powered by 1000 rms alpine v power and a alpine head unit.



A lot of sub in a small package

mtucker from Escondido, CA. on 5/11/2009

I had a very specific requirement. I found a box (sealed) that made the most of the space behind the seat on my 2003 Tacoma double cab (0.85 ft^3 of volume) and I wanted to find the largest sub that would sound good in that box. After many hours of searching and comparing response graphs (from owners manuals or speaker software programs), I chose the KFC-XW1200F. There were a few other competitors, but the Kenwood had a beautiful low frequency response in a 0.85 ft^3 box. Many other 12" subs had a large mid-bass hump and rolled off quickly below that hump (for that box volume). The Kenwood -3dB point isn't until about 40Hz. It plays nice and low and loud. I drive the Kenwood with two channels of a bridged amplifier for about 130WRMS. That isn't a lot of power, but the high sensitivity of the Kenwood turns a lot of those watts into music. The shallowness of the sub was a benefit as some 12" subs were too deep for my box. The carbon/glass-fiber looks nice. It was a little stinky at first. The sub set in my office for two days waiting for my box to arrive. People that walked in would say "what is that smell?". The smell of big bass! I liked the push-in wire connectors on the sub.... easy but seemed sturdy. Matt



'94 silverado reg cab

todd from Jefferson City, MO on 2/7/2008

ive got two of these on a V power alpine amp and a pioneer head unit, they are insane in my truck, i cant even see when i turn it up so be careful! people dont want to ride in my truck they are so loud, the shallow mount doesnt affect their performance at all im 6'6" made my boxes, barely moved my seat forward, still plenty of room for me and i got good sound.



Very good sub for limited space enclosures, 2007 Sport Trac

David from York, NE on 9/7/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

First of all here was my order:<BR>Kenwood Excelon KAC-X1R (running single 4 ohm load for 600w RMS at 14.4v)<BR>Kenwood KCA-WR10 Wired Bass Boost Remote<BR>Kenwood KFC-XW1200F 12&quot; 4-ohm Thin Component Subwoofer<BR><BR>plus an old Rockford Fostgate 1 Farad Cap that I already had <BR><BR>Installed in a 2007 Sport Trac, in a box I built that fit behind the right rear seat. It had an internal volume of about .8 cubic feet and I used polyfil. I connected it to the factory 6 disc in dash MP3 player and kept the 8&quot; factory sub as well. Without lowering the rear seat the whole truck looks stock, but as soon as I turn up the sound BOOM! I was very very impressed with the sound I can get from this setup. It hits very deep and very loud. I've told people I have a pair of 15's in the bed with a huge box, then when I showed them I only have the one 12&quot; they don't even believe me until I open the bed up and they see it's empty. I honestly think this is the best single speaker setup I've ever heard as far as deep sound and loudness. It has been handling the power excellent for the last week. I really liked the clean look of it compared to the shallow mount Sony. I would totally recommend this sub!




Hands-on research

Product Research

Enclosure Compatibility


Flat Subwoofer: The Kenwood eXcelon flat subwoofer design is approximately 40% slimmer in height than a standard subwoofer. This makes them ideal for installation in the tightest of spaces such as behind or under the seat of a pickup truck.

Carbon-Glass Fiber Cone: The eXcelon flat woofer uses a carbon-glass fiber honeycomb cone which allows the woofer to be efficient and durable at the same time.

Rubber Surround: The Kenwood woofer features a smooth linear rubber surround for added durability and increased excursion resulting in exceptional deep bass response.

Super Linear Spider: The flat woofer utilizes a super linear spider for maximum control over the woofer's linear motion to improve overall sound quality.

Heat Transfer System: The Kenwood woofer features an advanced Heat Transfer System designed specifically for its slim-design to provide proper ventilation to keep the woofer cool.

Aluminum-Cast Basket: The woofer is housed in a cast-aluminum basket for increased rigidity and long-lasting reliability.

Spring Terminals: The flat woofer utilizes a pair of silver-plated spring terminals on one side of the woofer for connection to your amplifier's speaker wiring. The spring terminals will accept up to 10 AWG speaker wire.

Concealing Ring: The eXcelon woofer comes supplied with a removable, rubber concealing ring used to hide the woofer's mounting screws for a neat and professional looking installation. The concealing ring increases the top mounting height to 1".

Enclosure Compatibility

Sealed Box Volume: The sealed box size recommended by Kenwood is 0.8 cu/ft.

Vented Box Volume: The vented box size recommended by Kenwood range is 0.8 cu/ft. One 3" diameter x 14" long port should be used with a 0.8 cu/ft enclosure.

Our Product Research Team

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Needed a 12" 4 ohm shallow mount sub. Replacing an MB Quart 12" that I blew (my fault). It sounds fantastic, is very well made. [ Matthew  Jun 17, 2017 ]

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Kenwood doesn't specify a break-in period for this particular model; however we've found that most car audio subwoofers require a break-in period of 12 to 24 hours of playback before they will deliver optimum sound quality. I hope that helps. My Bio: [ Larry  Apr 25, 2016 ]  Staff
We show the max air space as 0.8, so for 2 it would be 1.6 cu/ft. [ Jeff  Apr 04, 2014 ]  Staff