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Monster Power EP 3650

Empowered PowerCenter™ with IR flashers

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Item # 119EP3650

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Our take on the Monster Power EP 3650

The Monster EP 3650 Empowered PowerCenter provides the level of power conditioning and protection required by advanced high definition audio/video systems. This solid power protector also lets you control up to twelve additional components concealed behind cabinet doors or panels.

The Monster EP 3650 Empowered PowerCenter provides the level of power conditioning and protection required by advanced high definition audio/video systems. This solid power protector also lets you control up to twelve additional components concealed behind cabinet doors or panels.

The EP 3650 features ten noise-filtered power outlets. Each one is electronically isolated, virtually eliminating interference that can cause image streaking, video snow, and audio hum. Protected coaxial jacks guard against surges coming through your cable or satellite TV line. And the PowerCenter's RJ-11 jacks protect the phone lines running to your DVR and Internet modem.

A sophisticated microprocessor acts as a first line of defense against sudden power spikes. It monitors incoming AC power and immediately disconnects your equipment if the voltage reaches unsafe high or low levels. When the voltage returns to a safe range, the PowerCenter reconnects your system. A front panel voltage meter makes it easy to keep tabs on your power. Monster's 5-year warranty includes $500,000 insurance on properly connected equipment.

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Product Highlights:

  • 10 AC outlets (4 switched, 6 unswitched)
  • Clean Power™ Stage 3 circuitry includes discrete filter sections for High Definition Digital, Analog Audio, Video and High-Current Audio components
  • 2 sets of coaxial connections for cable and satellite TV
  • 2 RJ-11 phone input/outputs (one with a splitter for DVR phone line or Internet connection)
  • input AC voltage meter with LED display
  • "Ground OK," "Abnormal Voltage," "Clean Power" & "Switched On" LEDs
  • 6960-joule surge protection
  • 12-volt trigger
  • color-coded labels
  • external IR (infrared) receiver
  • 5 IR flashers
  • 8-foot double-shielded power cord
  • rack mounting brackets included
  • 17-1/8"W x 4-1/16"H x 14"D
  • 5-year $500,000 connected equipment protection (covers equipment damaged by an AC power, cable, telephone or lighting surge while connected to properly installed Monster Cable surge protector)
  • 5-year warranty on the EP IR 3650

What's in the Box:

  • IR PowerCenter with attached 8' power cord terminated by a 3-prong plug
  • External IR receiver with attached 7' cable terminated by a male 3.5mm minijack connector
  • 2 Dual head IR emitters with attached 8' cord terminated by a male 3.5mm minijack connector
  • 42" Coax cable
  • 6' Phone cord terminated by an RJ-11 connector on each end
  • 6' Minijack cable with a male 3.5mm connector on each end
  • 2 Metal brackets
  • 2 Plastic caps
  • 8 Machine screws
  • Owner's Manual (English/French)
  • Information to consumers in application of EU WEEE Directive 96/2002 note
  • Sheet of ID labels

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Overview: The Monster EP-IR3650 PowerCenter does an excellent job of protecting your components from harmful power surges and virtually stops the electromagnetic and radio frequency noise that goes right through typical surge protectors which can degrade sound and picture quality.

Tri-Mode Protection Circuitry: The Monster EP-IR3650 PowerCenter features Tri-Mode Protection Circuitry with a 6,960 Joule Rating that provides a high level of surge protection to your connected components.

T2 Technology: T2 Technology is an active electronic microprocessor-controlled circuit that sits in front of the surge protection circuitry. T2 monitors the line, neutral and ground lines and automatically disconnects the PowerCenter from the AC power line when a low-voltage sag or high-voltage swell occurs (continuous voltage below 80Vrm or above 132 Vrms), shutting down the Monster PowerCenter for 15 seconds. When the under-voltage or over-voltage condition returns to normal, T2 reconnects the PowerCenter to full operation after 15 seconds. If the fault condition does not clear, the T2 comparator circuit keeps the unit shut down.

Clean Power Stage 2 Circuitry: The EP-IR3650 incorporates Monster Clean Power Stage 2 circuitry, which filters both AC powerline noise and reduces noise generated by your connected equipment. Clean Power Stage 2 features ultra-advanced, isolated filters that include video, analog audio, high-definition digital, and an ultra-high current audio filter to provide for the best possible AC powerline noise rejection and inter-component isolation for improved component-generated noise rejection. The result is high quality picture and sound that's free from performance-damaging interference.

HD Clean Power Filters: The EP-IR3650 PowerCenter features  HD Clean Power filters specifically engineered to get the best picture and sound performance from today's high definition digital home theater components.

10 Isolated Filtered Clean Power Outlets: The EP-IR3650 PowerCenter features 7 isolated filtered Clean Power 3-prong outlets.

  • 4 High Definition Digital Filter Outlets: The PowerCenter features 4 HD Digital Filter Outlets (unswitched) for your DVD, DVR, Cable/Sat and HDTV/TV components.
  • 2 Standard Video Filter Outlets: This unit features two standard video filter outlets for connection of your TV and VCR.
  • 2 Analog Audio Filter Outlets: The unit features 2 analog audio filter outlets (switched) designed for your A/V receiver and processor.
  • 2 Ultra-High Current Audio Filter Outlets: The EP-IR3650 also features 2 ultra-high current audio filter outlets (switched and PLC compatible) for connecting your main power amplifier and powered subwoofer.

IR Control Technology: EP-IR-3650 PowerCenter also incorporates exclusive Monster IR Control technology which lets you keep your components out of sight behind a cabinet door, and still maintain full remote control capability. the Power Center does this be receiving your remote control's commands via the PowerCenter's built-in IR receiver and the included external IR receiver by distributing them to your audio and video components via the included IR emitter cables. The PowerCenter is equipped with one 3.5mm IR input and six 3.5mm IR outputs. The unit comes supplied with two dual-head IR emitters, as well as a 6' minijack cable. The IR emitters have an approximate range of 5-10 feet. The included IR receiver measures 4.255" wide x 0.915" tall x 2.585" deep.

Coaxial Protection: The PowerCenter features two gold-plated coaxial connection inputs and two gold-plated coaxial connection outputs which provide protection against damaging voltage surges and spikes on the incoming coax cable from Off-air, Cable or Satellite TV. A single 42' coax cable is provided.

Phone Line Surge Suppression: The one RJ-11 input and two RJ-11 outputs provide surge protection against damaging voltage surges and spike coming from your phone line. A single 6' RJ-11 cable is provided.

Network Surge Suppression: One RJ-45 output and one RJ-45 input provide surge protection against damaging voltage surges and spikes coming from the Internet network line or local are network (LAN).

Remote Trigger: The unit's voltage sense trigger input uses a standard 3.5mm (1/8") mini-mono plug. This features provides an On/Off trigger for the EP-IR-3650 using a direct current voltage signal. You can connect the DC Trigger Input to a remote trigger device that use a DC output to trigger a star-up/shutdown sequence.

AC Cord: The PowerCenter is equipped with an extra-long 8' PowerLine 100 cable.

Circuit Breaker: The EP-IR3650 features a resettable 15-amp circuit breaker.

LED Indicators/Voltage & Amperage Meter: The PowerCenter features six LED status indicators along with a digital input voltage and amperage meter on the front panel. The LED status indicators are labeled - Clean Power On, Protection On, Ground OK, Unswitched On, Switched On, and Abnormal Voltage. The units Voltage Meter display can be dimmed.

Rack Mounting: This Monster PowerCenter includes two rack ears, mounting plates and mounting screws for installation into a standard size equipment rack.

Connected Equipment Warranty: For 5 years from the date of purchase, Monster Cable will replace, pay to repair or pay the fair market value of equipment that is damaged by an AC power, cable, telephone or lighting surge while connected to a properly installed Monster Cable PowerCenter. This warranty covers up to $500,000 worth of connected equipment. In order for the warranty to be valid every wire leading into or out of your equipment must be connected properly to the surge protector and the unit must be connected to a properly grounded 3-wire outlet. 


  • Continuous Duty Electrical Rating: 120VAC / 60Hz
  • Maximum Input Rating: 15A / 1800W
  • Protection Modes: Line-Neutral (L-N), Line-Ground (L-G), and Neutral-Ground (N-G)
  • Total Energy Dissipation: 6,960 Joules
  • Clamping Level (TVSS Voltage): 330 Volts (PLC Outlet-Suppression Voltage is 400-500V max. Steady state clamping voltage is 330V)
  • Clamping Response Time: Less than 1 Nanosecond (<1NS)
  • T2 Voltage Range: 70-135V
  • Coax Connectors Frequency Response: 3.0-GHz

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