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Monster Cable iCarPlay Wireless 1000

FM Transmitter for iPod® and iPhone®

9 Reviews

Item # 119FMCH1K

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Our take on the Monster Cable iCarPlay™ Wireless 1000

The Monster iCarPlay Wireless 1000 lets you play music from your iPod or iPhone through any car radio. It transmits songs from your docking iPod on an FM frequency for playback.

The Monster iCarPlay Wireless 1000 lets you play music from your iPod or iPhone through any car radio. It transmits songs from your docking iPod on an FM frequency for playback.

The system's power adapter plugs into your car's 12-volt cigarette lighter, keeping your player charged while you listen. And the adapter's connected the iCarPlay 1000 through a USB plug. Detach the cord, and you can use the adapter's open USB terminal to plug in and charge a USB-compatible device, such as a cell phone or PDA.

A handy auto-scan function quickly finds the clearest frequency to use, and you can select up to three presets as well. In-line controls let you choose the frequency at the touch of a button, Advanced audio circuitry minimizes cell phone interference so your music sounds clearer.

Product Highlights:

  • for docking iPods, including 120GB iPod classic, curved-screen iPod nano, and second generation iPod touch
  • compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS
  • 3 programmable station presets
  • one-touch tuning control
  • AutoScan automatically finds the clearest available FM frequency
  • LED display
  • 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter
  • detachable adapter plug lets you charge other USB-connected portable devices
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 12-Volt/Cigarette lighter adapter plug
  • 42" USB-to-iPod dock connector cable with built-in FM transmitter
  • User Guide/Warranty Information
  • Information to consumers in application of EU WEEE Directive 96/2002

Monster Cable iCarPlay™ Wireless 1000 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(9 Reviews)

iCar Play--not really

Cevss from New York, NY on 4/25/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was very excited to find a replacement in-car player that would work in my 11 year old car. Unfortunately, it can't compare to the model I used to have. This product cost twice as much as my earlier instrument, but does not pick up radio frequencies as strongly. There is so much static and the fact that it does not allow the phone to be stationary, makes it very difficult to use while you're driving. Knowing Crutchfield's reputation, I thought this would be a wonderful solution. Sadly, it's about the same quality as the $25-$30 version you can buy at retail outlets. On the up side, when it does pick up a signal clearly, the sound is wonderful. I just wish it would work that way more often. By the way, I've used this in the City and outlying areas. The static problem remains the same regardless of where I go.



It's ok, but.....

Patrick from Chester, VA on 12/1/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Monster Cable brand is probably the better made product of this type on the market now, but not worth the price. I'm thinking $40-50 would be more realistic. Ok, with that being said, the only way to really sum up a device like this is, they are only as good as your FM reception on the radio you are listening to.I have owned several of these over the years, different makes, models, etc, but they all really perform the same. It's not uncommon for someone to pull up beside you at a stoplight and hear their music through your radio-that's the truth. They all have a low broadcast wattage (to meet FCC guidelines) which usually result in poor sound quality or dissatisfaction with the product. But this is your only option, if you: lease a car, a rental, or a company vehicle that has no iPod interface to use. Another thing to definately keep in mind is the case you're currently using with your iPhone/iPod. This adapter has the 30 pin connector mounted right at the top of the bulky display module. It will not fit snugly into the bottom of the iPhone/iPod used with a thick case. Like I said in the title, "it's ok, but..."

Pros: Only option if you don't have a radio with an iPod interface, can use it in any vehicle

Cons: Connector will not fit on devices with thick cases, poor sound quality, price

Monster Cable icar play wireless 1000

Carl from Santa Ynez, CA on 3/31/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I need a device to play my ipod in the car, be moveable from one car to another, and charge the battery in the ipod. I am willing to sacrifice a little on the sound quality to get the moveability and charging. I use it in 3 older cars with funky original factory stereos, so I cannot get the best sound anyway. This is the fourth FM ipod player I have owned. This one is the best, easiest to use, and the most expensive. It meets my goals.

Pros: The problem with this type of device is finding an unused frequency on your FM dial. This thing automatically scans to find the unused frequencies. You can easily scan to find another frequency, or you can preset stations.

Cons: If you have an excellent car stereo with good speakers, you probably should look for a device with more permanent installation to get better sound quality. I'm fine with this one.

Monster does it again!

PeteM from Ewa Beach, Hawaii on 5/28/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have purchased several Monster products in the past and have always been satisfied with the decision. Once again Monster delivers in this product. The fit and finish is nice and the unit is easy to use. I live in a region with crowded airwaves the iCarPlay lets me store several presets to easily switch between frequencies if necessary. Even if your head-unit is sensitive enough to pick up distant stations on a particular preset frequency the Monster iCarPlay seems to have enough signal strength to overcome it with a clear and clean signal. The ability to use the USB adapter as a car charger for all my other gadgets is a bonus as well.



Big let down

JT from San Diego on 5/26/2011

FM transmitters are notorious for poor to avg at best sound quality but my choices were limited so I went with Monster because they're "the best". This is better than other fm transmitters but it is still terrible, don't spend this much money for it! I've had great experiences with Monster, so this product is a disappointing exception.



Not Compatible With iPhone4

Don from Minnesota on 5/20/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this on a whim hoping that it would work with my iPhone4 because there was no mention of it being incompatible, and now I'm out this much. Be sure that what you are looking at is compatible.<br> <b>[Editor's Note: Crutchfield's web presentation states that it is compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS.]</b>



Monster Cable iCarPlay™ Wireless 1000

kl from green river utah on 11/11/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I like it .My car is older and my cd player stopped working so hooking up my ipod works great. I'm pretty technically illiterate and I figured it out.




FTS from San Francisco on 9/4/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I decided to spend the extra money for this model because it was a charger too. Turns out that's all I got out of it. Its autoscan function repeatedly led to FM stations already in use and when manual tuning was used there was minimal to no sound out put. I am returning this product. However, Crutchfield has been great.



Monster Cable iCarPlay™ Wireless 1000

Anonymous from Chicago, IL on 8/30/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This device works fine if you are in a rural area, however if you are in a big city you will have to constantly change the channel because static continues to come across each channel.




Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The Monster iCarPlay Wireless 1000 lets you listen to your iPhone or iPod through your vehicle's FM radio. It also charges while you play your music so you can listen to your music during long road trips. You can also plug the iCarPlay into a computer USB port to listen to your iPod on an FM radio at home or at the office. The Monster iCarPlay Wireless 1000 consists of a 12-volt/cigarette lighter adapter, and a 42" cable with a iPod dock connector and built-in wireless FM transmitter on one end and a USB type-A connector on other end.

iPod/iPhone Dock Connector: The Monster iCarPlay Wireless 1000 feature an iPod/iPhone dock connector and is compatible with the following iPods and iPhone models (as of March 2010).

  • iPod color display/photo (4th gen)
  • iPod mini (1st/2nd gen)
  • iPod video (5th gen)
  • iPod nano (1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th gen)
  • iPod classic (80/120/160GB)
  • iPod touch (1st/2nd/3rd gen)
  • iPhone (2G/3G/3GS)

FM Transmitter: The iCarPlay Wireless 1000 features a built-in FM transmitter which allows you to listen to your iPod or iPhone through your vehicle's FM radio (up to 30'). The iCarPlay Wireless 1000 features AutoScan 3D to automatically find the best, clearest FM channel in your local area (88.1-107.9). You can store 3 FM transmitter presets.

Note: Remember that as you drive through different areas the FM signal conditions change, so when driving long distances, you can repeat the AutoScan 3D selection whenever FM interference occurs.

LCD Display: The integrated LCD display indicates FM frequency. The LCD display can be left on continuously or set to automatically turn off after a few seconds.

12-Volt/Cigarette Lighter Adapter: The iCarPlay Wireless 1000 features a 12-volt/cigarette lighter adapter which allows you to charge your iPod or iPhone in your vehicle.

USB Port: The iCarPlay Wireless 1000's USB port can be used to charge virtually any USB device; such as a cell-phone, camera, MP3 player.

Note: The iCarPlay Wireless 1000 can charge other USB devices, but only supports playback of the Apple iPod and iPhone.

USB Connector: The iCarPlay Wireless 1000's USB connector allows you to charge your iPod or iPhone through your computer's USB 2.0 compliant port and listen to your iPod or iPhone on your home stereo's FM radio.

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