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Monster® Turbine Pro Copper

Monster's most accurate earbud headphones

13 Reviews

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Our take on the Monster® Turbine™ Pro Copper

A new level of sonic accuracy from Monster

Looking for audiophile sound from a portable in-ear headphone? Monster's Turbine Pro Copper fits that bill. These earbuds feature special lightweight drivers voiced for maximum accuracy and clarity. The copper-tinted, all-metal housings aren't just for good looks — they help eliminate unwanted resonances for clean, pure sound. These tiny headphones reveal subtle nuances in your favorite music, from the delicate interplay of a jazz quartet to the spine-tingling power of an orchestra at full tilt.


High-quality Monster Cable ensures you hear every note


The Turbine Pro uses some of Monster's best cable technologies, too. Ultra-fine conductors and a patented Magnetic FluxTube™ design faithfully deliver even the most subtle details in your music. The eartips create a seal in your ear to naturally block out external noises — five different sizes are included to help you find the most comfortable fit. You get two attractive cases to protect your headphones from damage and keep them looking brand new.


Product Highlights:

  • in-ear design provides natural sound isolation
  • machined metal casings shaped like Monster's RCA turbine connectors
  • multi-strand conductor with Magnetic FluxTube™ preserves signal quality
  • 24k gold-plated mini plug resists corrosion
  • 45" cable with Duraflex® protective jacket
  • includes three pairs of cone eartips and two pairs of triple-layered tips
  • two semi-soft protective cases
  • weight 15.2 oz.
  • limited lifetime warranty — includes one-time product replacement, even if you break them

What's in the Box:

  • In-ear headphones with attached 45" cable (terminated by a male right-angle 3.5mm connector)
  • 3 Pairs of silicon single-section eartips (small/medium/large)
  • 2 Pairs of silicone triple-section eartips (small/large)
  • Gold-plated mini-to-standard plug adapter
  • Clip
  • Earbud-headphone carrying case
  • Accessory carrying case
  • Eartip organizer
  • Quick Start Guide/Warranty booklet
  • Monster product brochure
  • "Information to consumers in application of EU WEEE Directive 96/2002" note

I have had some nice upper end Sony and other earbuds but these are a cut above. Very clear sound while maintaining tight bass. They came with about a dozen sets of rubber / silicone plags and finding a good fit is no problem. Thay also seem to be very solidly built and look very cool.

Vince, Pittsburgh, PA


Monster® Turbine™ Pro Copper Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(13 Reviews)

Monster Pro Copper

John from Fort Smith, Ar on 12/6/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought these to replace a set of Bose headphones, after reading the reviews I thought I would give them a try. I did not want a set of headphones that was all base, but these have a bit more treble sound than I prefer. This might be due to I only use them for my IPhone 5 on a better sound system they probably have great sound

Pros: quality in build and more comfortable than the bose headphones

Cons: too much treble

Great sound

Jim from Graham, NC on 7/24/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Like any other set of buds, proper fit is the key, I tried every ear piece provided and found the one that works best for me. Great sound, noise reduction, comfort, and durability make these an outstanding purchase. I have a pair of Beats and a pair of B&W's and these far out perform both. If you want bling, buy Dre, if you want performance invest in these!

Pros: Sound. Outstanding and improve over time. Comfort. I wear them for hours at a time and have no issues Noise Reduction. Forget the rest of the world for a while.

Cons: None. A superior product

Great Ear Buds

Vince from Pittsburgh, PA on 2/14/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have had some nice upper end Sony and other earbuds but these are a cut above. Very clear sound while maintaining tight bass. They came with about a dozen sets of rubber / silicone plags and finding a good fit is no problem. Thay also seem to be very solidly built and look very cool.

Pros: Clear sound, solid build, Look very cool

Cons: None so far

Great sound!

MikeS from Houston, TX on 12/13/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After reading so many great reviews about these headphones I decided to give them a try. The sound quality is the best I have heard using earbuds and the copper construction makes them very sturdy. The only complaint I would have is that the wires feel very flimsy but beyond that I can't find a reason to second guess my purchase.

Pros: Great sound quality!

Cons: Flimsy cables

Monster Turbo Copper In Ear Buds/Headphones

Lloyd from Dallas, TX on 9/9/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought these based on reviews I had read at this and other websites. They lived up to those ratings. Outstanding in ear buds/headphones. I am hearing instruments that I didn't even know existed in songs I have heard 100s of times. Bass is not over blown, mids are tight, and highs are exceptional. I can't say enough about these phones, if you buy these you won't be disappointed. Most merchants are charging MSRP for these which is $399.99, but Crutchfield prices is around $120.00 less.

Pros: Sound quality in all ranges.

Cons: None


Patrick from California on 6/4/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I just purchased the monster pro copper ear buds and these are the best ear buds i ever had. The sound quality is good and the style is very nice. The price is better on crutchfield than any other website.



Purrfect sound

Victoria from California on 11/15/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I would buy these, at a great price, again if I had to do it again. You will not regret them at a fantastic price, I don't.

Pros: The sound is absolutely fantastic. Once you get used to the sound, you will not turn back and use your old unnamed ones. Cancels out sounds from outside. Listening to music is not the same - someone wrote you can hear the guitar strings played...that's true. Never thought it could be true, but yes, sound is pristine.

Cons: Feel like the cord is short and fragile.

New Industry standard

Ray from sakt Lake Cuty, Utah on 9/9/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These are hands down the best IEM's on the market ! What is best about them is that they are neutral sounding, meaning they relay the music exactly as the artist recorded it. There is no extra bass added to music ! These IEM's are bar none true reference pieces of art . The sound stage is huge, you are in the front row rather then the music sounding like your 4 rows backs. I have spent thousands of dollars though out my life searching for an all around neutral IEM, one that isn't adding extra bass where the artist didn't intend it to be, This is hard to find, and to also have an IEM that allows for every instrument to be heard is just wonderful. In a nut shell, if your looking for a bass heavy IEM with a limited sound stage , go for the Monster gold's, but if you want to hear the music exactly as the artist intended, you will find no better IEM then these copper pro's



Best IEMs I have ever tried, period!

Arjun from CA on 8/6/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought these to replace some aging Shure E4c's I had. I was expecting great sound since they were so highly regarded and so well reviewed. Just after handling them I was very happy with the build quality, the weight(heavy!), and materials. After my first listen I was literally blown away by the difference in sound versus my Shures. The turbines are technologically superior in every way. The sound is clean, accurate, natural, warm, with a level of bass that is unexpected from IEMs. Of note, the warmth and bass these phones produce is addictive and appropriate to my tastes(I am not a bass head but love tight bass rather than booming bass). I listen to a wide variety of music, from pure instrument, hip-hop, electro house, alternative, hindustani classical, to vocal. These phones take everything I throw at them. Maybe I will have a more balanced opinion after I get over how awesome these are but for anyone looking for an incredible set of IEMs to satisfy their portable needs, these are what you are looking for. They come with two cases and so many eartips you will definitely find a set that work perfectly for you. These are worth every penny at full price, a no brainer at Crutchfield's promotional price.



Monster® Turbine™ Pro Copper

Ken from Sherman Oaks, CA on 7/29/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I just want to keep it short. I own the regular Monster Turbines and was already so pleased with the way they sounded I was curious as to how these would sound. I gotta say, it was such a great investment. The bass is amazing, it doesn't take away from the music but it's still got it's touch. It's not too thumpy and is a lot more tight. Great clarity, you can hear so much detail from your music. The build quality is very well constructed. Overall, very satisfied with the product and great service buying through Crutchfield from beginning to the end, and still going.



Product Works as Advertized !

music from CO on 7/18/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Definately has adequate bass for metal/rock once proper ear tips are chosen and the plugs are inserted correctly. Also noticed the sound improved with usage to the point I use instead of my over the ear phones a lot of the time on my home unit through a high end DAC. And yes I am extremely happy with their sound on protable MP3 players which I really purchased them for. I have several other ear bud sets and this is by far the best!!!!



Symphony to my ears

SHK from Chicago, IL on 6/11/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased these primarily from what the reviews and the descriptions state: MTPC produce detailed, natural and very clean sound for symphony type music. And they were not wrong. Pros: These earphones shine with specific genre of music (acoustic, orchestrated, vocals, new age) and are really competent with others. The sound is clean, warm and natural. Excellent details. The higher the quality of your source the better these earphones will sound. If you listen to MP3s at lower than bitrates of 256kbits/sec you're doing these earphones an injustice. Good quality equipment will reward you with quality sound if you give it quality to begin with. It's what you paid for. These deliver. Cons: These are not made for bassheads. Get the Monster Turbine Pro Gold if you predominantly listen to bass laden rock/metal, trance or rap/hip-hop. These do not have the soundstage that some of the other earphones in this price range do. Something I did miss. If I could buy a pair all over again, I would've gotten the Monster Turbine Pro Gold ONLY BECAUSE bass makes up for 50% of music I listen to a lot of grunge/alternative/rock, trance and lounge music, and therefore I am experiencing bass 100% of the time. BUT if you don't care for bass that much then these will give you details and warmth that few earphones can rival. Give the Shawshank Redemption soundtrack (my fav orchestral score) a listen with these. They will bring a tear to your eye.




Anonymous from Tampa, Fl on 8/15/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

At first I was a bit scepitcal, but then after listening to some of my favorite songs, I heard notes and beats I had missed before, even on bose home audio. Now I cant stand using any other headphones, but the price is little steep, but if you love rockin out to your favorite music (like never before) these are the only headphones you should use. The provided carrying cases are also really neat! I'm actually going to purchase another pair soon!




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Fit Style In-ear/Earbud
Earcup Type Closed
Earcup Width x Height 1/2" x 1/2"
Noise-canceling No
Bluetooth No
Mic For Taking Calls No
iPhone Control ---
Lightning Connector No
Android Control ---
Frequency Response Not Given
Sensitivity Not Given
Impedance Not Given
Weight 15.2 ounces
Cord Length 45"
1/4-inch Adapter Included Yes
Volume Control No
Parts Warranty Limited lifetime
Labor Warranty Limited lifetime

Product Research


Overview: The Monster Turbine Pro (Copper Edition) High Performance In-Ear Speakers deliver clarity, detail, and dynamic range.  The Monster Turbine Pro (Copper Edition) can even accurately reproduce even the lowest bass notes without distortion.

Advanced In-ear Speaker Design: The Monster Turbine Pro (Copper Edition) features an advanced in-ear speaker design that offers low mass, ultra-wide bandwidth driver for superior accuracy.

All-Metal Housing: The Monster Turbine Pro's (Copper Edition) all-metal housing cancel unwanted resonance for pure sound.

Advanced Sound Isolating Eartips: The Turbine Pro (Copper Edition) eartips special materials and form factors are designed to perfectly conform to every ear shape and provide a perfect seal. Multiple eartip sizes are provided to offer the perfect fit and to seal out noise.

Pro Strain Relief: The Monster Turbine Pro's (Copper Edition) rugged construction provides strain relief between the headphone cord and earpiece to withstand heavy-duty use.

MicroStrand Conductors: Ultra fine, super flexible conductors are used for subtle detail and clear audio reproduction.

Patented Magnetic FluxTube: The earphones cable also features a patented magnetic FluxTube (found in the best Monster speaker cables) for more natural audio reproduction.

Cable Management System: The Turbine Pro (Copper Edition) includes a removable cable-clip and integrated cable-slider.

  • Cable-Clip: The cable-clip is designed to control the cable and keep it out of your way, reduce accidental pulling of the in-ear speakers from your ears, and keep the cable weight off the in-ear speakers so they stay snug and in place in your ears.
  • Cable-Slider: The Turbine Pro (Copper Edition) also features an integrated cable-slider. The cable-slider is designed to reduce tangles during storage, as well as work in tandem with the cable-clip to eliminate sway and bounce while in use.

24K Gold Contacts: The Turbine Pro (Copper Edition) features a 24K gold-plated right-angle male 3.5mm connector for maximum signal transfer and corrosion resistance. The Turbine Pro (Copper Edition) earphones also include a gold-plated mini-to-standard headphone plug adapter.

Carrying Cases: The Monster Turbine Pro (Copper Edition) earphones come with a compact protective case which features a suede lining and magnetic clasp for superior protection. The earphones also come with a protective suede pouch and organizer for the included eartips.

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