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Pioneer TS-SWX251

Compact sealed enclosure with one 10" shallow-mount sub

22 Reviews | 3 questions - 3 answers

Item # 130SWX251

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Our take on the Pioneer TS-SWX251

Pioneer's TS-SWX251 loaded enclosure offers a space-saving solution for vehicles with limited room for a sub. This rugged enclosure comes preloaded with a shallow-mount TS-SW251 10" sub — at under 6" deep, you can fit it just about anywhere.

Pioneer's TS-SWX251 loaded enclosure offers a space-saving solution for vehicles with limited room for a sub. This rugged enclosure comes preloaded with a shallow-mount TS-SW251 10" sub — at under 6" deep, you can fit it just about anywhere.

Engineers at Pioneer designed this innovative enclosure to face in any direction, so it'll work in multiple configurations. You can mount it facing downward in the trunk of your compact car, and still pile groceries and luggage on top. You can also install this enclosure facing up under a 2nd-row seat, saving valuable cargo space. Or you can mount it behind the seat in your regular cab pickup, like a typical "truck-style" enclosure. Best of all, this sub should fit in the next vehicle you buy, so you can take it with you for killer bass in your new ride.

Product Highlights:

  • sealed enclosure with one 10" subwoofer
  • 5/8" medium density fiberboard construction
  • 4-ohm total impedance
  • power handling: 50-200 watts RMS (800 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 20-114 Hz
  • sensitivity: 91 dB
  • 18-7/8"W x 11-15/16"H x 5-7/8"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Better than i expected, for the size. I put two in my 2000 silverado.

Tim P, Linesville, PA

What's in the Box:

  • Shallow-mount enclosure with preloaded 10" subwoofer
  • 2 Metal "L" brackets
  • Eight 1" mounting screws
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Information (USA/Canada)

Pioneer TS-SWX251 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(22 Reviews)

sub no good

dan from reno nv on 12/12/2014

it wont work for long drive mine blow on a 3 hrs drive



Great Sub! While it lasts...

Ryan from Medford, OR on 5/27/2014

I bought this sub and ran it responsibly for two years, then it suddenly blew. I pulled it out of the box and the back of it was smoking, with a little burnt spot on the inside back of the enclosure. It was a great little sub for two years, but I was expecting it to last at least a little longer than that. I would not recommend this sub!

Pros: Great sound quality, loud, and punchy bass.

Cons: Started smoking after just two years of use. Doesn't last!


Jason from Vancouver, canada on 3/21/2014

This sub/box is impressive. Hits all bass notes accurately. It balances my system very nicely and I feel satisfied :) I had an Alpine type-e 10 and that was louder, maybe because it was in a bigger ported box. This Pioneer sub sounds way more musical and accurate. It hits lower than my old sub but not as loud boom/spl. You have to find the sweet spot for placement of the unit. It may sound excellent in one place, but muddy in another place. Once you get it tuned in and tweak your setup, it's awesome. I'd buy it again.

Pros: Accurate, small size, hits lows

Cons: Can't hear it from a block away

2000 silverado

Tim P from Linesville, PA on 3/16/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Better than i expected, for the size. I put two in my 2000 silverado.



Bass amazed me.

YarisB from Austin,Tx on 12/31/2013

Just bought this as a christmas gift from reading all the awesome reviews. Hooked it up ina 07 Yaris hatchback. Sound was amazing. Installed Kenwood deck and 600w Kenwood amp. It blew in one day :( The settings on the deck were low and the gain on the amp was low. Not sure why it blew in one day, 100 gone in one day, felt like a hooker job. Bummed.

Pros: Slim perfect fit for small space.

Cons: Blew out in one day listening to Die Antwoord.


Jesus t from albuquerque nm on 10/1/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sounds for the size

Pros: Small! Fits almost anywhere

Cons: Would be awesome if it was self powered. I would pay more for that

Great Sub!

stiski from Waterbury VT on 9/7/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The design of this sub is very clever with the shallow mount woofer. Build quality is excellent - it looks feels and sounds solid. I like the closed box design as well - the bass is clear, tight and punchy. There may be less base than a ported design, but I'd rather have this tighter and deeper sound quality. I think the claim that it reaches 20hz may be a bit overstated - but I don't have instruments to measure this, so I can't say scientifically. It sounds like it goes down to 30 easily. It doesn't seem to need a lot of power, as I'm running it with about 200 watts. This sub is very practical: This goes in the Hatch of my STI and still leaves plenty of room for ski stuff and long weekends/packing. I would definitely pick this again. If space is an issue and you and you want good solid impactful bass at a fair price, this is the sub for you!

Pros: Very compact design for limited space applications. Solid clear deep and punchy bass, not sloppy. Fair price. Flexible placement options, solid construction and easy hookup.

Cons: With my amp /set up, it doesn't really kick in until I am listening at medium or high levels. However, once you have reached that threshold, it kicks in with authority and clarity.

Excellent Sound - Deep Car Vibrating Bass!

rwh from Reston, VA on 8/11/2013

I first was considering the Infinity Basslink 200-Watt, Dual 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer System (Black), but all the bad reviews turned me off, so instead I bought the much higher rated and higher powered Pioneer TS-SWX251 10" Flat Subwoofer with Enclosure 800 Watts along with an Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Level Control and an 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit. I chose to have it professionally installed in my 2010 Honda Accord by a local installer for just $99. When I arrived for the appointment, they inspected the three items that I had, but said that one crucial item was missing for which they charged me an extra $20. The missing item was the PAC SNI35 Adjustable 2-Channel Line Out Converter. So if you purchase this system be sure to include these THREE extra items. The installation took a little over two hours and the sound is terrific and you can't see any wires. I would highly recommend that you consider a professional installation, as the installation is VERY complicated. The installer told me to give the subwoofer a week or so to break-in and operate it initially at no more than medium volume. After the break-in period, he said it was OK to operate at a higher full volume. I am very pleased with this combination and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting excellent sounding bass that actually vibrates the car at just medium volumes! I can't wait to hear it a full volume. This system is a MUCH BETTER choice than the Infinity Basslink system!

Pros: Highest rated, best sounding subwoofer on the market!

Cons: None

New items for hot rod

Brian from West Palm Beach, Florida on 7/27/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

A nice black enclosure that disappears behind the seat. Perfect out of sight. Good sound quality and performance when driven bridged thru my amplifier. Sound quality is better if the sub is located a few inches above the carpeting. Mounted mine facing down approx. 1.5" above the the surface of the carpet. Good value, great sound. I would buy another one for my future projects.

Pros: Top of the enclosure is flat and easy to upholster. A plus because this unit is mounted behind the passenger seat on the rear floor of a coupe.

Cons: Wiring connectors were spring loaded pinch type. Had to strip wires back and insert bare strands into the connector. Being very detail oriented I would have preferred screw down connections.


Connor from Encinitas on 7/26/2013

My buddy recently installed this in his Subaru and the first thing i have to say is it takes up very very little space. It takes up such a fraction of his trunk I didn't even believe there was a sub woofer installed. However, after he cranked it up I was completely shocked. A lot of thick heart thumping bass that began to shake the mirror almost off. I would recommend this sub to anyone, it's almost to good to be true. Sounds better then a lot of my buddies who have 2 12's in the trunk. Amazing product

Pros: Big bass, takes up little room, very clean, on point bass notes

Cons: Not a thing


Drew from Berlin, MD on 5/27/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I recently installed this subwoofer in my 1999 Chevy Silverado extended cab. The sub is powered with a 5 year old Kicker ZX750.1 amplifier pushing roughly 375 watts RMS in 4 ohm. The little compact subwoofer fits perfectly underneath the rear bench seat and even has just enough room to allow me to mount the amp on top. This subwoofer sounds absolutely AMAZING. The first time i turned it one i was absolutely shocked at the output that this shallow mount subwoofer had. The bass is the perfect amount to fill the cabin in my Silverado. I would absolutely recommend this subwoofer to anyone who is looking for a small footprint, but an amazing amount of accurate bass.

Pros: Compact, great bass, tight accurate bass.

Cons: None

Perfect fit in my Camry, hits hard

Rick from Upstate NY on 5/10/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Fits like it was made for vertical mounting (i.e. on its side) in the pass-through notch behind the fold-down seats in my 99 Camry. Saved a ton of trunk space over other sub-boxes I have put in there. Really solid bass, and because of the 91 db sensitivity when crossed over at 60 - 80 hz, it will play pretty loud on a 180 W bridged amp. Nice clean bass too - very happy with it, and couldn't fit this car better!

Pros: Perfect fit, good efficiency, lots of solid low bass output on a fairly small amp.

Cons: No grille, I would consider buying a grille if you will trunk mount it.


Andycapt from Jersey cape on 5/2/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This thing is awesome, I matched it to a jvc 5 channel amp and a pioneer 700bt and I can controll the whole deal from my seat and make it whatever I want . Nice clean sound with it set right without being too boomy. If I set it to whale it feels like you getting hit in the back with a bat. Silverado extended cab, mounted upside down between th front and back seats on the hump.

Pros: Great

Cons: Can't think of any

Pioneer TS-SWX251

Anonymous from New York, NY on 1/26/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Sounds Great!



Pioneer Sub

Lawrence from Honolulu, HI on 10/11/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Perfect fit for tight space. I have it under the seat in my Canyon Crew cab and it sounds great given the size of the unit. I'm not one to blow out the windows so it more than fits my needs though if driven this box will pump some serious bass. Tried playing some Cypress Hill pumped up and it was awesome.

Pros: Size, sound, and fitment.

Cons: none for me though if you're hard core and want the car that's four car lengths away to hear then this might not be what you're looking for

Pioneer TS-SWX251

tony from McDonough on 7/4/2012

OK so I've had this install for three day and I'm kind of disappointed at low(low) volume it sounds good bass hits good but turn the volume up a little and it just sounds like a good pair of 6X9. I have a Kenwood stereo, replaced my stock speakers with JBL's and a 1000w Power Acoustik amp powering the sub and the two 6x9. I'm hoping that its the amp and not the sub because the sub fits nicely behind my seat in my pickup.

Pros: Space saver

Cons: Not loud, very little bass

Pioneer TS-SWX251

Anonymous from Tampa on 6/22/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

sound great when you but 2

Pros: Sounds great in a pair

Cons: sounds ok by it's self, but you need 2 to have the best sound

Great Speaker!!

blaketg from Punta Gorda, FL on 4/25/2012

What a fantastic buy. Powering it with the Sound Ordnance M-2100. It's the perfect combination at 200w RMS at 4 ohms. I have it in a crew cab 09 Silverado, and it fits perfectly under the back seat, doesn't take up much room, and sounds super clean.



Great product!

Yann from Richmond, VA on 3/28/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product! I bought this product about a month ago and have had time to break it in, and I really enjoy it. I own a 2-door jeep wrangler so space vs. functionality was a major factor. I have it installed next to the swing gate of my trunk and this thing bumps. It was more than I expected so I am definitely happy with it. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who is looking for a subwoofer that will be heard from the inside of a house as you pass by, but this does more than the job for me. I listen to all types of music and it makes a huge difference compared to the polk Db3 speakers I installed the year before. It fills out the bass in my speaker system and more. My only draw back (and this applies mainly to soft top vehicles or convertibles) is that if it gets water on it, then the box may begin to expand and eventually cause the subwoofer to malfunction. Conclusion: great buy for the price. I'm a college student so this was right in my price range.

Pros: Great sound, price, and space saver

Cons: Can break due to moisture (rare, but a possibility for convertibles and soft-top vehicles)

Nice sub with good clean bass

Dr. Bill from Thunder Bay Ontario on 12/29/2011

Installed one of these in my son's 2003 Sonoma. Not a big truck so the compact size was a plus. Used a 300 watt Rockford Fosgate amp to drive it, and replaced the factory speakers with Pioneer units. With a JVC head unit, the sound is fantastic. The Pioneer sub makes nice clean bass without being obnoxious, (although it will do obnoxious too if you want to crank it up.)

Pros: Compact size but delivers good clean bass.

Cons: No grille over the speaker means you have to be careful where you install it.

Pioneer Power

richajam from LV NV on 12/2/2011

12 thumbs up! When 2 of these are paried with RF Punch 400-4 amp in a 2011 F150 SuperCrew, these kick hard and clean- and they fit the truck nicely under back seat without any customizations to box or truck.

Pros: Small and Compact/thin box- strong speaker with excellent resonse/ tight base and low-lows.


Great Sound

Ricky from Austin, TX on 8/14/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am very pleased with this Sub. I paired it with a Kenwood KAC5204 amp and quality of sound is just what I was looking for. Strongly recommend it if space is a priority. Got free cable kit from Crutchfield (had to mention that price at amazon was lower). installation was easy and took a couple of hours.




Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The Pioneer TS-SWX251 10" Preloaded Shallow-Mount Component Subwoofer Enclosure features a sealed, shallow-mount enclosure with a preloaded 10" composite IMPP cone woofer. The Pioneer TS-SWX251 is rated at 200-watts RMS (800-watts Peak) with a frequency response of 20-114Hz.

Sealed Enclosure: The Pioneer TS-SWX251 10" Preloaded Shallow-Mount Component Subwoofer Enclosure features heavy-duty construction and a compact design. The sealed enclosure employs a 5/8" MDF board wrapped in black carpet with internal reinforce bracing to ensure durability and strength. Its flat architecture design is perfect for the trunk of your car, the cargo area of your SUV, or behind the seat of your truck. The optimized sealed enclosure has been specially tuned to produce high-performance, powerful, deep and accurate bass.

10" IMPP Woofer: The Pioneer TS-SWX251 10" Preloaded Shallow-Mount Component Subwoofer Enclosure features a front-firing 10" composite IMPP cone woofer. The preloaded 10" woofer features an air suspension system with a double IMPP cone structure. This Air Suspension System is formed by creating a sealed air-space between the double cones, effectively replacing the typical damper, in order to provide superior design and performance characteristics. This woofer design provides superior compliance linearity, regardless of volume input, for reproducing exceptionally clear, low distortion bass.

36 oz Magnet: The Pioneer TS-SWX251 10" Preloaded Shallow-Mount Component Subwoofer Enclosure utilizes a 36 oz magnet to help the woofer produce loud and punchy bass.

Speaker Terminals: The Pioneer TS-SWX251 10" Preloaded Shallow-Mount Component Subwoofer Enclosure features a set of spring-post terminals for connecting 16 to 12-gauge speaker wire. The TS-SWX251 presents a 4-ohm load to your connected amplifier.

Mounting: The Pioneer TS-SWX251 10" Preloaded Shallow-Mount Component Subwoofer Enclosure includes two metal "L"-shaped brackets and eight 1" self-tapping screws to mount the preloaded enclosure securely in your vehicle.

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