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Pioneer TS-A1674R

6-1/2" 3-way car speakers

24 Reviews

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Our take on the Pioneer TS-A1674R

You jump in your ride and turn on your favorite song — you're straining to hear the snare drum, but it's still just barely audible. And that dull, fuzzy-sounding bass guitar is just about breaking your heart. Pioneer TS-A Series speakers bring your music back into focus with precise, superior reproduction of instruments and vocals, so all those details you love will really pop.

You jump in your ride and turn on your favorite song — you're straining to hear the snare drum, but it's still just barely audible. And that dull, fuzzy-sounding bass guitar is just about breaking your heart. Pioneer TS-A Series speakers bring your music back into focus with precise, superior reproduction of instruments and vocals, so all those details you love will really pop.

Pioneer's TS-A1374R 3-way speakers feature 6-1/2" woofers with stiff Aramid-reinforced polypropylene cones that ensure clarity in your music's bass and percussion. Highly elastic polymer surrounds help keep cone movement under control, for smooth, tight bass. The 1-5/8" cones fill in all the midrange details for lush vocals and crisp instruments.

Soft dome tweeters deliver warm, dimensional treble, so you'll hear all the overtones that give your music ambiance. The built-in crossovers ensure that the right frequencies go to the tweeter, midrange, and woofer, so your music sounds natural, just as the artist intended.

Product Highlights:

  • 6-1/2" 3-way car speakers (pair)
  • mica-injected polypropylene woofer with elastic polymer surround
  • 1-5/8" cone midrange
  • 3/8" Mylar balanced dome tweeter
  • power range: 2-35 watts RMS (300 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 37-30,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 90 dB
  • top-mount depth: 1-13/16"
  • grilles included
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

I install these in my 04 Chev Silverado after blowing the (not recommended) Sound Ordnance speakers. These speakers are leaps above the Sound Ordnance speakers I previously installed.

LC, Maryland

What's in the Box:

  • Two 3-way 6.5/6.75" Speakers
  • 2 Grilles
  • Two 12" lengths of speaker wire (each has quick-slides on one end and bare wire on the other)
  • 8 Self-tapping screws
  • 8 Speed clips
  • Warranty sheet
  • Template and specifications on box

Pioneer TS-A1674R Reviews

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(24 Reviews)

Awesome Speakers

LC from Maryland on 10/19/2012

2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I install these in my 04 Chev Silverado after blowing the (not recommended) Sound Ordnance speakers. These speakers are leaps above the Sound Ordnance speakers I previously installed.

Pros: Awesome sound

Cons: None

Time will tell

Troubled from Tampa, Florida on 10/2/2012

replace the original speakers with these and was thrilled. About a month out of warranty I heard the disturbing rattle and found the cone had begun to separate from the edge . Checked the other speaker and it was doing the same thing in the exact same spot. ow i have to fade all my sound to the back speakers till I decide what to get next. will not get these again.

Pros: good sound

Cons: didn't last

Worth the money

Tyler from Frederick, MD on 8/25/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Installed these in my 2010 Civic using the factory head unit. I was advised that these are very efficient and can work well with low power applications (such as mine). The results are very good. Excellent clarity, no distortion and plenty loud. Installation was a breeze. Seriously, don't go cheap with the foam surrounds. Can't wait to connect my trusty basslink to complete this job! Oh, also, I dynamatted the doors and their are no rattles.

Pros: Efficient, loud, clear

Cons: Less bass than factory speakers but hey, that's what subs are for! Oh and keep in mind the factory head unit I kept.

Good sound

CraigJ from Troy, IL. on 8/8/2012

2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers were a definite upgrade over the factory speakers in my 03 Silverado. They have good, clear mid and high range sound. Low range could be better, but is still better than the stock speakers. Speaker options in the extended cab Silverado are pretty limited, so I'll probably be adding a powered sub in the near future to round out the sound. Install was a breeze with the provided Crutchfield instructions and wiring adapters.

Pros: Clear, precise mod and high ranges

Cons: Low range could be better

Pioneer TS-A1674R

PaPa AL from Woodbury, TN on 8/2/2012

2002 Buick LeSabre
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Well built, but not much better sound than OEM.

Pros: Well built (better than OEM).

Cons: Not much better sound than OEM.

Speakers for 2004 Chevy Crew Cab

Mike S from Arlington TX on 7/29/2012

2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Good speaker for the money. Installed in front doors only. Disconnect the factory tweeters. The tweeters in these speakers are plenty. Factory presets will have too much treble and mid-range anyway. Start custom settings with treble all the way down, mid-range a little below half and bass a little above half.

Pros: Easy to install. Instructions were reasonably accurate. Decent bass for a small speaker.


Great speakers

Anonymous from Tn on 7/26/2012

2008 Chevrolet Avalanche
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very bright sound better than expected

Pros: Great for highs very bright speaker

Cons: Could a little deeper bump for mid bass

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

wgallon09 from Cleveland, OH on 7/14/2012

2012 Honda Civic LX
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers are great. Even though they are listed as not fitting in the back of the car, I had no problems at all with putting them there. It says that you will need to cut the existing grill, but I did not have that problem. The bracket was a little too big, but I put two new holes for each bracket towards the back, and with just those they were secure, and then the panel clipped right next to the third screw position and they do not move at all, as well as have plenty of clearance. These things have amazing bass for speakers. Don't expect anything like a subwoofer, but running these off of the stock stereo with no amp the bass output is plenty for me to enjoy dubstep with the drops and rock/metal and actually hear the drums and bass guitar.

Pros: Great sound quality Incredibly loud Low power requirement

Cons: Needed to rig the back a bit, but again, they were listed as not able to fit so I would imagine this is why.

great speakers

sandy w from milwaukee, wi on 7/12/2012

1992 Honda Prelude
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent budget friendly speakers. Replaced our son's front speakers in his Honda Prelude for his 20th birthday. Fit perfectly, sound very clear and he loves them. He loved the difference in the sound.

Pros: Great sound, price and ease of installation in an older Honda door

Cons: none

Better then factory, but bright if you have a factory tweeter

David B from St. Paul, MN on 6/28/2012

These are a littler better then the stock speakers in my 2010 GMC Sierra Crew, they do not distort as much under bass but get a little too bright if you have factory tweeters. They appear to be well built and should last a long time. If you don't have factory tweeters and don't want to add a sub, but are still looking for better sound without spending too much money, these will work well for you

Pros: Good quality, better then others in the price range, better then stock speakers all around

Cons: A little bright with factory tweeters

Awesome sound

REA from Longmont, CO on 6/15/2012

The installation information says they are not compatible for a 2008 Kia Spectra, but I had them installed with no modifications in my Kia. I had the factory speakers replaced and the difference is huge! The factory speakers weigh less than a lb while these are closer to 2 lbs. The difference is unbeleiveable. Great bass, mid-range and treble.

Pros: Crisp sound - I can hear the words now. Great bass - no vibration at high volume.

Cons: None

1999 Blazer 4 door

Michael from Lee's Summit, MO on 6/1/2012

I picked these up to go along with my new Sony head unit and they kick something serious!! Love the highs and mids that these guys put out, the bass is on above expectations being that they are only 6.5" speakers. They fit right into the existing door locations on my Blazer (both front and rear) the only thing I had to do was change the factory mtg hole locations. No big deal since these bolt into a plastic "bucket", the self taping screws worked just fine for this. These really pour on the sound!

Pros: Great sound all around including very nice bass! Price is right!

Cons: None so far!

Pioneer TS-A1674R

james from cadillac mi on 5/28/2012

1996 Dodge Ram 1500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

these speakers are great they had more bass than the other speakers I bought (Sony XplodT XS-GTX1642) and handle more with out distortion

Pros: price, quality

Cons: had to drill holes not an exact fit

Good reasonably priced speakers

MPMeterman from WV on 5/14/2012

2001 Chevrolet Tahoe
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased these to replace the front door speakers in my older Tahoe (which are notorious for falling apart). The Crutchfield instructions were clear on how to get the door panels apart and get everything back together. They sound very good and I'm pleased with their performance. My only gripe is that the factory speakers were designed thicker and fit more flush with the door panel....I could have mounted these to the door panel to fix that issue, but I felt that wasn't as secure.

Pros: Easy to install with supplied instructions and harness adapter.

Cons: They don't quite fit flush with the door panel...which would be nearly impossible to do without building a custom mount.

Great Sound

Mike from Fort Collins on 4/19/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

With a size restriction, these speakers are amazing...esp for the price! I demo'ed other speakers, some as much as $50 more for a pair, and no other 6.5" sounded as good. I am happy with my purchase

Pros: Great highs and mids (awesome for vocals and guitars)

Cons: As with most smaller (less than 6x9), the bass isn't great but the lows are crisp and clean.

Excellent for the Kick Panel

Naqi from Ft. Lauderdale on 3/12/2012

2009 Honda Accord
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Perfect pair for the Kick Panel or the front door speakers where u dont need any bass. Rear deck needs something with a little more bass - this wont cut it.

Pros: Compact - Crisp - Clear

Cons: Weak Bass

INCREDIBLE SOUND, difficult installation in 2001-05 Civic

2002 Civic Sedan from Chicago, IL on 3/7/2012

While I had to take an angle grinder to the speaker opening in my doors and make a frankenstein hybrid of my old rear baskets to make these fit, these speakers sound INCREDIBLE. Crystal clear highs, perfect mids, and thumping bass (for not having a subwoofer/amp). Mine are powered by a Pioneer DEH 4400 HD head unit with no extra amp. These speakers are an unbelievable value. Really blow the factory speakers away.

Pros: Incredible sound, crank the volume to 30/35 and they don't distort. No need for a subwoofer unless you really need it thumping. Unbelievably clear sound.

Cons: The Crutchfield installation guide does not address specifics for installation into my vehicle as far as making them fit in the OEM openings. The rears were too SMALL for the opening, so the factory baskets had to be heavily modified, as well as the speakers themselves (Bench grinder, round file, etc.) Total time just for the rears was around 3-4 hours. For the front speakers, they were too BIG for the opening, so I had to take an angle grinder to widen the opening in the door a bit.

Great Speakers

James A from Salem, VA on 3/5/2012

2001 Chevrolet Tracker
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

All around a great deal for 3 way speakers. The Mids are very clear, and the highs very crisp. The installation replacing my factory speakers was very clean and the finished results are beautiful. I purchased 4 and my system sounds amazing.

Pros: Highs are very crisp Mids are very clear Bass kicks for what a 6 1/2 can do

Cons: None

Pioneer speaker installation

SkipS from Clearwater,Fl on 2/28/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I installed a set of these Pioneer speakers as replacements for the factory speakers in 02 Sliverado 2500 HD pickup. The other ones had come apart. When I ordered them the sales person was very knowledgeable & helpfull explaining how to do the job. When I recieved them I just followed the spec sheet & the how to install. Worked perfectly. Sounds much better than when the factory ones were new. Great Job,Great service

Pros: Great speakers...

Cons: none

Better than I expected

Vinu from Harrisonburg, VA on 2/21/2012

I got these speakers to replace my front factory ones and they sound AMAZING. I am fairly new to car audio and thought that my speakers were okay ( Nissan Versa SL 2011). I was really stupid.. haha. I hadn't noticed how much music I was missing until I got these. The highs sound clear, the mids are very nice and the bass is MUCH MUCH stronger than what I had in my factory speakers. I initially wanted to get a sub to balance out the sound but I don't think I really need one now. I'm probably going to eventually make my own enclosure down the line. But for now there isn't an immediate need. All in all, these speakers were a great buy!


Cons: none

Awesome speakers

Marc G. from Waterville, ME on 2/10/2012

2005 MINI Cooper
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These peakers sound awesome just being powered by a 20 amp head unit. The base is sub woofer quality, mids are great, just be warned highs are really high...

Pros: Great sound without a big price

Cons: Poor fit for my Mini Cooper. The rep said it was an exact fit for my rear speakers and they were way off.

Pioneer TS-A1674R

JamesO from East Point, KY on 12/27/2011

2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Replaced factory "blown" speakers in a 2001 Silverado, only has 2 door speakers. There is no way to describe the difference! Also purchased a Alpine CDE-121 so Son is very happy. 1st purchase from Crutchfield very pleased. The installation gear and instructions were great. Shipping and condition were spot on.

Pros: Quality, sound and price

Cons: None yet.

Pioneer TS-A1674R

Brad M from Greenbelt, MD on 9/14/2011

I installed these in my 93 Miata even though Crutchfield said they wouldn't fit. They did. (better fact checking perhaps?) Anyways, these are actually pretty good for what they are. The Miata only has these 2 speakers for the whole system and it gives sufficient output even with the windows and top down at 80mph. Could use a bit more low end but hey, these are 6.5" speakers. I didn't expect much low end. Gotta find a place in the car for a sub! For regular applications though, I do recommend these if you may be looking for a low price, decent quality speaker. Good job Pioneer.



TS-A1674R + Subaru WRX

Mark S from Denton TX on 3/31/2011

2004 Subaru Impreza WRX
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers made a world of difference in my car despite the fact that I required a shallow depth speaker to fit in my front doors (as clearance with the windows is an issue). The speakers that were replaced were off-brand components that were on the car when i got it.... best part? no tweeters to be found anywhere.... so low and behold, these Pioneer speakers really bring out the high notes that I was literaly missing out on!! (HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SPEAKERS) *sigh*.... Subaru uses a propietary bolt pattern for their speakers that only uses 3 screws instead of the typical 4 so the factory speaker brackets have more of a triangular shape not square so if you own an impreza and want new speakers that is why gives you a warning once you select your car in the drop down menu. They recomend 4" speakers but the won't fit because the cutout in the door frame is literaly the same shape as a 4" speaker... yes, the cutout is a square (more or less) for a triangular speaker. You can fit a 5.25" speaker but you need to find a set of subaru specific speaker adapters (I got mine from




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Speaker Size
Design 3-way
Tweeter Design 3/8" Dome
Impedance (Ohms) 4
Tweeter Composition PET
Woofer Composition IMPP
Woofer Surround Elastic polymer
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
Sensitivity (1W at 1 meter) 90
Sensitivity at 2.83 volts N/A
Frequency Response 37 - 30k Hz
Minimum RMS Wattage 2
Maximum RMS Wattage 35
Peak Power Handling (Watts) 300
Top-mount Depth (Inches) 1 13/16
Bottom-mount Depth (Inches) N/A
Cutout Diameter or Length (inches) 5

Product Research


Woofers: Each speaker features an IMPP (Injection Molded Polypropylene) cone woofer interlaced with carbon graphite and long aramid fibers and a 7.6-ounce strontium ferrite magnet. This IMPP cone design provides the strength and rigidity that powerful bass requires. The high-density, compressed internal architecture is resilient and transfers sound very quickly. The result is full-bodied, rich sound.

Surrounds: For durability and a smooth response, each woofer uses an elastic polymer surround.

Midranges: Each speaker has a 1-5/8" polyester fiber cone midrange for accurate response with low distortion. The midranges have 0.7 ounce strontium ferrite magnets.

Tweeters: Each speaker uses a 3/8" dome tweeter made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) film for crisp, clear highs.

Mounting: The speakers can be mounted in standard 6-1/2" openings, 4-hole 6-1/2" openings, or 6-3/4" openings.

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.