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Panasonic TC-26LX70


Item # 13326LX70

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Our take on the Panasonic TC-26LX70

The Panasonic TC-26LX70 proves that size isn't everything, with a crisp, clear high-def picture sized for a bedroom, office, or kitchen.

The Panasonic TC-26LX70 proves that size isn't everything, with a crisp, clear high-def picture sized for a bedroom, office, or kitchen.

With 1366 x 768 densely packed pixels, the TC-26LX70's 26" screen looks as pinpoint sharp and detailed as you could ask for. All LCD screens look bright and colorful when you're sitting directly in front of them, but this model's "IPS" screen technology provides more consistent color and contrast at wider viewing angles, too.

The versatile set of hookup jacks includes three HD-capable inputs (two HDMI and one component). You can connect a high-def satellite or cable box as well as a high-def video game console (this is a terrific TV for gaming).

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Tip: For a list of over-the-air digital TV stations you can receive, as well as antenna recommendations for your location, enter your zip code in AntennaWeb's mapping tool.

Product Highlights:

  • 26" widescreen HDTV (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • built-in digital (ATSC) and analog (NTSC) tuners for over-the-air TV broadcasts (antenna required)
  • built-in QAM cable TV tuner receives unscrambled programs without a set-top box (cable service required)
  • IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD panel for better viewing from the sides
  • 178°(H) x 178°(V) viewing angle
  • 1366 x 768 pixels
  • 9-millisecond pixel response time
  • 7000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • Sub Pixel Controller video processing
  • built-in stereo speakers (10 watts x 2)
  • multibrand remote control
  • EZ-Sync™ remote control networking system (HDMI-CEC)
  • picture settings memory for each video input
  • 6 A/V inputs, including:
    • 3 composite video (2 rear, 1 side)
    • 2 S-video
    • 1 component video (accepts signals up to 1080i)
    • 2 HDMI v1.2a (accepts signals up to 1080p)
  • RF input for antenna/cable signals
  • optical digital audio output for Dolby® Digital
  • Energy Star® compliant
  • detachable stand (stand "footprint" is 17-3/8"W x 9-1/2"D)
  • wall-mountable (bracket not included)
  • 25-7/8"W x 18-1/2"H x 4-5/8"D (20-3/8"W x 9-1/2"D on stand)
  • weight: 31.1 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year parts & labor — in-home service
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 26" Widescreen LCD TV
  • Wireless remote control (N2QAYB000102)
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • Operating Instructions (English/French/Spanish)
  • HDTV Connection booklet
  • Demo Mode Function sheet
  • Panasonic Customer Care plan card
  • Product Registration (English)
  • Product Registation (Spanish)
  • Information sheet

Energy Guide:

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Mounting Options
Inputs and Outputs Notes


High Definition Tuner: With built-in HDTV tuners for over-the-air (ATSC) and unencrypted cable signals (QAM), you don't have to purchase a separate digital set-top box to receive and decode HDTV/SDTV signals.

Native Resolution: The Panasonic Viera TC-26LX70 has a display resolution of 1366 x 768. All incoming signals are converted to this native resolution. The HDMI digital and component video inputs will accept 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i, and will display them as 1366 x 768. The HDMI inputs will also accept a 1080p signal.

In Plane Switching (IPS) LCD Panel:The wide viewing angle provided by the In Plane Switching (IPS) LCD panel lets you enjoy an exceptional picture from the left, right, above, or below. Colors are clear and vivid even when the screen is viewed from an angle. This LCD TV features an extremely wide viewing angle of 178°, so whether you're right in front of the TV or sitting off to the side, you'll still get great image quality. Aspect Modes: Depending on the input signal, you can choose one of the following aspect modes:

Aspect Mode: Depending on the input signal, you can choose one of the following aspect modes.

  • 4:3:displays a 4:3 picture at its standard size with bars along the sides
  • Zoom:magnifies the picture uniformly (vertically and horizontally) to fill the screen, so the top and bottom are cut off (recommended for letter box sources)
  • Full:stretches the picture horizontally to fill the screen (recommended for anamorphic sources)
  • Just:stretches a 4:3 picture to fill the screen but with aspect correction applied to the sides of the screen so that elongation is only apparent at the left and right edges of the screen (recommended for normal TV broadcasts)
  • H-Fill: enlarges the 4:3 picture horizontally to fill the screen, the side edges are cut off
Zoom Adjust:You can adjust vertical size and image position when using the zoom mode.

AI Picture: The AI Picture function controls dark areas of the LCD screen without affecting the black level or brightness in the overall picture.

Backlight: This feature adjust the luminance of the LCD panel's back light.

Picture Mode: You can choose one of the following picture modes:

  • Vivid: provides enhanced contrast and sharpness when viewing in a well lit room
  • Standard: recommended for normal viewing conditions with subdued room lighting
  • Cinema: for watching movies in a dark room, provides a soft, film-like picture
  • Custom: adjusts picture, brightness, color, tint, and sharpness

Color Temperature: This feature select the level of color temperature from warm (red), cool (blue), or normal.

Color Management: When turned on, color management enhances green and blue color reproduction. This is especially useful for outdoor scenes.

3D-Y/C Digital Comb Filter: This filter minimizes noise and cross-color in the picture when the composite video input is used.

Color Matrix: When viewing a signal input through the component video inputs, this TV will automatically optimize the color parameters based on the color matrix setting:

  • SD: standard definition TV
  • HD: high definition TV
  • 480p: only 480 line progressive signal accepted
Video NR: Video Noise Reduction removes snow from a weaker analog TV signal.

MPEG Noise Reduction: MPEG NR reduces noise of specific digital signals of DVD, STB, etc.

Black Level: You can select Dark or Light for the television's black level for specific digital signals from the unit's external inputs.

AI Sound: This audio feature equalizes the overall volume levels across all the channels and external inputs.

Audio Leveler: You can adjust the volume level for each of the input modes (TV, Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Component 1, Component 2, and HDMI) to prevent large jumps in volume when switching between inputs.

Surround Function:The surround function enhances audio response when listening to stereo programming. This function is active only for the TV's optional speakers.

Audio Leveler: The Audio Leveler monitors the difference in audio levels between inputs and minimizes the change in volume when you change inputs. This function is active only for the TV's built-in speakers.

EZ Sync: EZ Sync HDAVI Control lets you operate all of your Panasonic "HDAVI Control" compatible home theater components connected by HDMI by pressing a single button on your TV's remote control. Panasonic equipment with the "HDAVI Control" function enables the following operations: Automatic input switching, Power on link, Power off link, Speaker control, and One-touch theater playback.

Channel Label: You can select a 7 character station identifier for all available channels.

Input Labels: Each input can be labeled to reflect the source connected. The label options are Skip, VCR, DVD, Cable, DBS, PVR, Game, Aux, and (blank).

Input Skip: If an input's label is set to skip, that input isn't selected when toggling through inputs with the TV/Video button.

Lock: The Lock function has the following settings to block viewing of particular channels or inputs. You create a 4-digit password that's required to bypass the lock. The available settings are:

  • Off: nothing is locked
  • All: all channels and external inputs are locked
  • Game: channels 3 and 4 and the video inputs are locked
  • Channel: locks up to seven specific channels
  • Program: block programs based on their TV or movie rating
Parental Controls: V-chip technology allows parents to restrict the viewing of programs that they feel are inappropriate for their children to watch. Parental controls can be based on Motion Picture Ratings (G, PG, PG-13, etc.), U.S. TV ratings (TV-G, TV-Y, TV-14, TV-MA, etc.), Canadian English or Canadian French ratings charts.

Sleep Timer: You can set the TV's sleep timer to automatically turn off the TV after a selected amount of time. The sleep timer can be set to 30, 60, or 90 minutes.

Programmable On/Off Timers: The programmable timers allow you to program the TV set to turn itself on and off at designated times, on designated days, tuned to designated channels. Up to 5 events can be programmed using the timers. An event can have multiple episodes (Daily, Mon-Fri, Every Wed, etc).

Power Saving Controls: The television features the following power saving controls.

  • No Signal Shut-Off: To conserve energy, the TV automatically turn off when no signal continues more than 10 minutes.
  • No Action Shut-Off: To conserve energy, the TV automatically turns off when no operation of remote or front panel key continues more than 3 hours.
  • Power Save: Reduces screen brightness to lower power consumption. Also eye-friendly for viewing in a dark room.
Remote Control: The TV comes with an IR wireless remote control that controls the TV, plus multiple brands of VCRs, Personal video recorders, Cable Boxes, DBS units, and DVDs.

Mounting Options

Pedestal Base: The television comes with an attached pedestal base which allows the TV to be placed on your television stand, shelf or cabinet. The pedestal base can be removed for wall-mounting purposes.

Wall Mounting: On the back of the TV there are four threaded inserts to attach a wall mount bracket. The inserts require 4mm bolts (sold separately) and the spacing is VESA 200 x 100 (200mm x 100mm).

Inputs and Outputs Notes

HDMI Inputs: The television features two HDMI inputs. The HDMI 1 input features its own set of analog stereo RCA audio inputs for use with a DVI adapter and cable. The HDMI 2 input shares a stereo analog RCA audio input with the AV 2 input for connection of a DVI adapter and cable. The HDMI terminals can accommodate a copy-protected digital connection (HDCP) to other devices (such as digital set-top boxes) that have compatible interfaces.

Component Video Input: The component video input will accept 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i input.

Digital Audio Out: The rear-panel optical digital output allows you to send a Dolby Digital bit stream to a Dolby Digital receiver or decoder. If the program doesn't include a Dolby Digital soundtrack, a 2-channel PCM bit stream is output.

Side Panel AV Input: The television features a composite video input along with a set of analog stereo RCA audio inputs on the right side of the TV.

Headphone Output: There is a 3.5mm headphone output located on the right side of the TV under the side panel AV inputs.

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