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Panasonic KX-PRX120W

Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® compatible wireless touchscreen handset

Item # 133PRX120W

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Our take on the Panasonic KX-PRX120W

The Panasonic KX-PRX120W features a touchscreen handset that has the same functionality as a smartphone, except that it uses a base station to connect to your landline rather than a mobile network.

It's a smartphone for your landline

The Panasonic KX-PRX120W features a touchscreen handset that has the same functionality as a smartphone, except that it uses a base station to connect to your landline rather than a mobile network.

Wireless convenience

The system's handset uses Android™ 4.4 OS and comes pre-loaded with a variety of Google Play™ apps, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Internet browser, Google Play Music service, and more. Just connect wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi network to take advantage of these apps. And you can download even more apps through Google Play to thoroughly customize your handset. Its large 3.5” touchscreen makes navigation and control intuitive and easy.

Photos and videos

The handset also has a front-facing camera, which you can use for Skype™, as well as taking pictures and videos to upload. And don't worry about memory. The handset's micro SD slot lets you expand to up to 32 GB of memory with a micro SDHC card (available separately).

Bluetooth compatibility

The handset is also Bluetooth-enabled. Use it with a headset for hands-free conversations. Or stream music from the handset to a Bluetooth portable speaker or wireless headphones.

Simple operation

The KX-PRX120W has a mini-USB port so you can transfer contacts, data, photos, videos, and music from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. And you can expand the system with additional handsets. With an expanded system, you can use your handsets as intercoms, or even have conference calls with an outside caller and two connected handsets.

DECT cordless technology

The KX-PRW120W uses DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology for clear conversations with reduced noise and excellent cordless range. It operates on the 1.9 GHz frequency bandwidth, so it won't interfere with Wi-Fi computer networks or other common wireless devices.

NOTE: Wireless functionality is limited to home Wi-Fi network. Will not work from remote location.

Product Highlights:

  • includes base station and wireless touchscreen handset
  • can connect with up to 6 compatible KX-PRXA10 handsets
  • requires home Wi-Fi network (smartphone functionality does not operate remotely)
  • touchscreen handset
    • uses Android 4.4 OS
    • 3.5" backlit LCD touchscreen
    • pre-loaded with Google Play™ apps, such as Gmail, Skype, Google Maps, and Google Play Music
    • additional apps and services available from Google Play
    • front-facing 3-megapixel camera
    • mini-USB jack for data transfer
    • microSD/microSDHC card slot to add up to 32GB additional memory
    • up to 10 hours operation with included lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth wireless operation with stereo A2DP for streaming high-quality audio
  • uses DECT 6.0 Plus cordless phone standard
  • 1.9 GHz frequency range avoids interference with Wi-Fi networks
  • base includes all-digital answering machine
  • wall-mountable charger
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Cordless phone
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Charging dock
  • Base unit
  • Two AC power adapters (w/ attached 6' DC cords)
  • 6' Telephone cord
  • Quick Guide
  • Key Detector brochure

Hands-on research

Product Research


Stylish, Compact Design: The Panasonic KX-PRX120 phone system has been designed to be easy-to-carry, lightweight, and compact. Thanks to its small size, it is easy to carry around the house and receive incoming landline calls

3.5" Capacitive Touchscreen Display: See who's calling at a glance on the phone's large, 3.5" LCD capacitive touchscreen display with 262K colors and a resolution of 320x480 (HVGA). Featuring black against a white-backlit display, it's crystal clear and easy to read. The capacitive touchscreen provides highly responsive, powerful, and very intuitive control.

DECT 6.0 Plus Technology: DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) operates in the 1.9 GHz frequency range, which means the KX-PRX120 phone will not conflict with other wireless devices such as computer routers, wireless keyboards, microwave ovens and other common household devices. DECT 6.0 Plus provides an 80x increase in signal correction resolution over conventional DECT 6.0 handsets.

Android OS w/ Built-in WiFi: The Panasonic KX-PRX120 is WiFi-enabled and features Android's 4.0.4 operating system.  And because it operates on the Android OS, you can access the Google Play store and download your favorite applications, access social networks or share a photo album with family and friends. Additionally, the phone can access a music player and browse the internet.

Note: You must connect to a Wi-Fi network (requires a wireless router ) to download applications.

0.3-Megapixel Front Camera: Aside from the conventional voice phone experience, the Panasonic KX-PRX120 can also be used as a video phone via Skype using the built-in 0.3 Megapixel camera on the front of the phone. You can also use the phone's integrated 0.3-megapixel front camera to simply take pictures.

Expandable + Handset Locator: In addition to the included cordless handset, you can add up to five more Panasonic handsets (KX-PRXA10, sold separately), for a total of six. All handsets can be registered to the base unit, allowing you to talk from handset-to-handset, transfer calls, and make conference calls with an outside party. The Handset Locator feature allows you to locate a handset by paging it from the base unit. All registered handsets are paged simultaneously.

Contacts Transfer + Speed Dial: You can add contacts to the handset by adding them manually or by synchronizing the handset with your Google account via WiFi. By synchronizing your Google account, you'll be able to enjoy other types of communication including E-mail, SNS and schedule sharing on Google Calendar. You can also assign phone numbers stored in your contacts to the dial keys 2-9, and then dial those phone numbers by pressing and holding the dial keys.

Digital Answering System + Voice Mail: The base unit's answering system can answer calls after a certain number of rings. When it answers a call, it plays a greeting message and can then record caller messages. Messages are stored in the base unit, and you can play them using a handset when at home or remotely by using an outside telephone. The answering system cannot answer calls if you are talking on the phone. The total recording capacity is about 40 minutes; a maximum of 64 messages can be recorded. The KX-PRX120 will also integrate with your telephone company's voice mail service to make it easier to retrieve your messages.

Home Screen: The Home Screen is the main screen from which you can launch apps, such as the phone, camera, and web browser, and check widgets. It's available any time by simply pressing the home button. You can customize the home screen to suit your needs, and add, move, and remove items as desired. The home screen contains multiple pages of app icons and widgets. Flick the screen left and right to view other pages. To open an app, tap the app's icon.

  • App List: The app list gives you access to all the apps and widgets stored on the handset.
  • Status Bar: The status bar is displayed at the top of the handset's screen when using most apps. It displays the time and provides icons and other indicators that let you know the status of the handset's battery, network signal strength, and certain features of the handset.
  • Notifications: The notifications panel provides detailed information about incoming email messages, missed calls, calendar events, etc. You can open the notifications panel by sliding your finger down from the top to the bottom of the screen. To close the notifications panel, slide your finger up from the bottom to the top of the screen. While the notifications panel is open, you can tap a notification and open the corresponding app, and some notifications can be removed by flicking them left or right.
  • Control Panel: The control panel is displayed at the top of the notifications panel and allows you to change settings for certain features quickly without switching to another screen. Simply tap the feature icons that are displayed in the control panel to toggle through the available settings. You can see more settings by flicking the control panel left and right.
  • Landline App: The Landline app is displayed by default on the handset's home screen, and allows you to access commonly used features of your phone system.

Caller ID w/ Call Waiting: This unit is compatible with Caller ID services offered by your telephone company. If you subscribe to Caller ID, the caller's name and phone number will be displayed and recorded in the handset's Caller List.  If you subscribe to Call Waiting with Caller ID, when talking on the phone as another call comes in, the second caller's name and phone number will be displayed.

Caller List + Call Block: The unit records information for the last 50 callers and stores this information in the Caller List. The unit can show the number of calls you missed. You can call back any number in the caller list. Once a number is in the Caller List, it can be manually or automatically edited (to add or remove area codes or prefixes), saved in the Directory, or deleted. Store the Caller ID info of any and all unwanted callers into your phone's Call Block list (up to 100) so that you can eliminate future pesky calls from them. After their information is stored, they'll get a busy signal.

Hold & Flash Keys: While on an outside call, you can place the caller on Hold.  If you have the Call Waiting service, you can use the flash key to put the first call on hold, allowing you to answer a second incoming call. You can adjust the length of the flash time if necessary.

Silent & Alarm Mode: The Silent mode allows the you to program individual handsets to ring or remain silent for specified time periods without affecting other handsets. The Alarm mode lets you set a daily wake up alarm with snooze function on the phone.

Intercom + Ringer Options: This feature lets you set-up a 2-way conversation between two registered Panasonic handsets. On the handset, you can select one of seven ringer volume settings or Off. You can also choose from 61 different ringer melodies.

microSD Card Slot: The handset is fitted with a microSD card slot located underneath the battery compartment. The microSD card slot will accommodate microSD and microSDHC memory cards (up to 32GB). Use a microSD card (sold separately) to increase the handsets storage for additional apps. 

Rechargeable Battery w/ Intelligent Eco Mode: The phone includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (3.7V/1450mAh) that offers 10 hours of talk time, 2220 hours or 9 days of standby time, and a charge time of approximately 5 hours. Charging base is included. The Intelligent Eco Mode feature automatically lowers the power consumption when you're using the handset close to the base unit. Not only does it extend the available talk time, it's good for the environment. When less power is used by the handset to communicate with the base unit, battery life is prolonged which results in less frequent charging and can result in fewer batteries in landfills.

USB Port: The phone's microUSB (type-B) port can be used to connect the KX-PRX120 to your PC which then allows you to transfer files such as pictures to and from your handset. It can also be used to charge the handsets battery. USB cable not included.

Speakerphone & Headset Capability: The cordless handset can double as a speakerphone for hands-free conversations. You can also link your Bluetooth-enabled headset device directly to the Panasonic KX-PRX120 phone or simply plug in a wired headset to the phone's 3.5mm jack.

Key Detector Compatible: Attach Panasonic's optional Key Detector (KX-TGA20, sold separately) to your car key ring or other easily misplaced items and forget about ever losing them ever again. Using the KX-PRX120 phone, you can activate the Key Detector's beeping alarm and quickly track down your lost keys. Key Detector's powerful range finds objects up to 200 yards away so you'll find whatever's lost whether it's upstairs, in your car or in the yard. You can register up to four Key Detectors and give each a distinctive name.

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