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Panasonic PV-HS2000 ShowStopper

Hard disk video recorder (includes FREE lifetime ReplayTV™ subscription!) ( )

Item # 133PVHS2K

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Our take on the Panasonic PV-HS2000 ShowStopper™

They don't call it the ShowStopper for nothing — the PV-HS2000 will revolutionize the way you watch TV! Its 30-gigabyte hard drive is always recording what you're watching, combining the immediacy and tapeless convenience of "live" broadcasts with the watch-it-when-you-want flexibility of VCR-recorded shows.

They don't call it the ShowStopper for nothing — the PV-HS2000 will revolutionize the way you watch TV! Its 30-gigabyte hard drive is always recording what you're watching, combining the immediacy and tapeless convenience of "live" broadcasts with the watch-it-when-you-want flexibility of VCR-recorded shows.

You can pause the action of a program as it's being aired, then resume play whenever you're ready! Or, with the press of a single button, create an instant replay of a crucial game play, an exploding alien, or a missed line of dialogue. While you're reviewing, the PV-HS2000 goes on recording the live signal, so you won't miss a thing!

Programming the recorder couldn't be easier, thanks to an included lifetime subscription to the ReplayTV service. Just browse the simple, on-screen program menu and click on the shows you want to record — the ShowStopper takes care of the rest! A second click sets the timer to record a favorite show every week. The ReplayGuide™ automatically updates itself nightly, via your phone line, while you're asleep.

You can also create personalized channels based on favorite themes. Enter keywords, such as "baseball," "antiques," or "westerns," and the ShowStopper will record all programs cross-indexed to match your choices. Or enter the names of your favorite actors or directors, and the recorder will capture all programs featuring their work!

The ShowStopper offers three different levels of MPEG2 recording, and enough memory to store 10 hours of recording at maximum picture quality or 30 hours in extended mode. For permanently archiving programs, you can easily connect a VCR to the unit's second set of outputs.


  • record, play, rewind, fast forward, pause, frame advance, one-touch instant replay, slow motion (both live and pre-recorded TV)
  • lifetime subscription to ReplayTV (telephone line required, local access not available in all areas)
  • assignable priority levels for timer recordings
  • program search by show name, channel, time, or keyword
  • one-touch record and programming
  • remote control (multibrand for TV/VCR/cable/DBS/DVD)
  • skip search
  • NTSC tuner
  • 2 A/V outputs (2 composite, 1 S-video)
  • no RF output
  • 2 A/V inputs (2 composite, 1 S-video)
  • 17-1/16"W x 3-3/16"H x 13"D
  • warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor

What's in the Box:

  • Dark gray colored hard disc recorder
  • multibrand remote control with 2 "AA" batteries
  • Quick setup guide
  • Owner's manual
  • 25' telephone cord
  • white phone splitter
  • 5.8' stereo audio and composite video patch cord
  • 5.5' AC cord
  • 5.6' S-Video patch cord
  • 5.6' 9-pin RS-232 serial cable
  • 9-pin female to 15 pin male serial cable adapter
  • 9-pin to RJH (RJ14) adapter
  • IR blaster (attached 8' cord with two IR blasters attached to cord)
  • Product registration-survey card
  • Warning sheet about telephone charges applying in areas without local access numbers

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Special Features
Remote Control
Inputs and Outputs

Special Features

Overview: This unit is a hard-drive video and stereo audio recorder which can be used to record over the air NTSC television broadcast, satellite broadcasts, and cable TV.  It can not be used to record DTV or other non-NTSC signals or Dolby Digital and, due to Macrovision support, can not be used to record copy-protected DVDs or video tapes.  MPEG-II compression is used.  Total recording time depends on the speed you select (the higher the speed the higher the quality and the less total recording time you will have).  Recorded programs can be archived by recording from the unit to a standard VCR.  Note that unlike a standard VCR you can not record a show while simultaneously watching another channel of live television, although you can watch a pre-recorded show while you record another show.  Watching a live show while another channel is being recorded requires the use of an optional A-B switch (not supplied)

Local Access Numbers: This unit should always be connected to a phone line in order to download the channel guide and update the unit's software. When the unit is connected it will attempt to find a local telephone number.  In most cases there will be a local number HOWEVER if a local number is not available in your area each and every call made by this unit will result in long distance charges.  Please note that an 800 number is not available with this unit, so it is extremely important that a customer verify that the number being dialed in his area is not a long distance call.

ReplayTV Service: Although this service is not required, without it the unit will have extremely limited functionality.  You will be able to pause live TV, and record current shows.  You will not have program data, program search, software updates or many other features of this unit.  The service is free and is included with the price of each unit you purchase.  The typical daily call to ReplayTV Service takes about 5 - 10 minutes, however, when new software is being downloaded the call may take an hour or more.

Replay Menus: Most of the functions of this unit are accessed through on-screen menus.  After you select the local channels (based on your zip code) the unit will store information on each program you can receive for up to about 7 days in advance.  You can deselect any channel that you either do not watch or do not receive (such as premium channels that you do not receive). These menus allow you to surf through listings with information on each program and to record or watch a program.

  • Channel Guide: Shows you live channels with information on each show. 7 channels are displayed on one screen and you can scroll through the different channels, go forwards for about 7 days and go backwards for about 1 day (to see what shows have already played although, of course, these shows can no longer be recorded).  This menu allows you to record a show that is currently playing, record a single upcoming show, record multiple episodes of one show, cancel a recording or set the recording speed. You can also select whether a show is "guaranteed" which will reserve space for that show or "non-guaranteed" which will record a show if enough space is available.
  • ReplayZones: Shows categories of shows from the Replay Service.  Shows are organized into various categories such as shows which are on in the current month, Movies, Sci-Fi, Travel, Biography, Award Winners, Style and selections from various networks. You can see which shows are scheduled to be recorded and create a Zone which will automatically record these shows for you in the future.  You can also select just one show to be recorded. You can also create a Theme channel based on keywords that you enter or a Show Channel which will record episodes of TV shows that you have selected.
  • Replay Guide: Shows you all shows that have been recorded and shows which are going to be recorded.  This submenu is where you go to watch any shows you have recorded.
  • Messages: Allows you to view messages sent by the ReplayTV Service such as new software features or new local numbers that may have been added.
  • Find Shows: Displays an on-screen keyboard which allows you to enter words to conduct searches. The searches can be made on Actors, Directors, Show Titles and Descriptions and a Theme channel can be created which will record all shows which contain the search word.
  • Setup:  Allows you to add or remove channels, change the default record options, change the brightness of the display or change the dialing and input settings.

Play features: While watching live TV or a prerecorded program you can  pause the show (on live TV the maximum pause time is 10 hours), rewind or fast forward (2X, 4X, 16X or 20X), frame advance forward, instant replay (plays the last 7 seconds of the current program, multiple presses move you further back in 7 second increments), slow motion (forward only, can select 2X or 3X), QuickSkip which fast forwards 30 seconds at a time except for when watching a live broadcast or Return to Live (which, if you're watching live TV forwards you to the current point of the broadcast).

Program Banner and Icons: Whenever you watch a live or pre-recorded show a banner will display the program's title, running time and rating for a few seconds and when you use play functions such as pause an icon appears showing the feature being used.  You can display information on the show you are watching at any time by pressing the display button.

Capacities and Conflicts: You can select one of 3 recording speeds.  Extended gives you a maximum of 30 hours, Medium gives you a maximum of 15 hours and High gives you a maximum of 10 hours.  The faster the recording time the better the picture quality and shorter the recording time.  Recordings can be set to be either "guaranteed" in which case space will immediately be set aside for them, or non-guaranteed, in which case the show will be recorded only if space is available.  Show-based Replay channels take priority over Theme-based Replay channels.  Note that once a program is deleted it can NOT be recovered.

V-Chip and Closed Caption capability: This unit will support both V-Chip parental control and Closed Captioning if the Television on which it is being displayed supports these functions.

Inputs and Outputs:

Front Panel: 

  • The only "controls" on the front panel are three LEDs, a power LED, a recording LED and a new content LED.

Rear panel:

  • AC jack for supplied AC cord
  • Phone jack: Used to connect to an analog phone jack to access the ReplayTV Service
  • Serial Control out (9-pin): Used to connect the unit to DBS receivers allowing the unit to change channels and control the receiver.  If your receiver does not have a serial port you can use this unit's IR blaster to control the receiver.
  • IR Control out (minijack): Used to connect the supplied IR blaster to up to two components such as a satellite set-top box without a serial port or a cable box.
  • Input 1: Stereo audio RCA and composite video.  Used to connect a cable box or satellite receiver to the unit.
  • Input 2: Stereo audio RCA, composite video and S-video input.  Used to connect a cable box or satellite receiver to the unit.
  • Output 1: Stereo audio RCA and composite video output.  Used to connect a VCR, receiver or Television to the unit.
  • Output 2: Stereo audio RCA, composite video and S-video output.  Used to connect a VCR, receiver or Television to the unit.
  • RF input: Threaded coax jack for use with televisions, cable boxes, etc. that don't have A/V jacks. Note that since there is no RF Output you can only use a Television which only has an RF input if you use a VCR or purchase an optional RF Modulator.  

Remote Control

The supplied remote controls this unit and will also control a Television, VCR, Satellite receivers (including DirecTV and Echostar), Cable Boxes, DVD players, LaserDisc players and TV/VCR combos. Up to 4 components can be controlled and the three component buttons (TV, SAT/CABLE and VCR/DVD) can be re-assigned to control any of the above mentioned components.  The remote is Multibrand and is precoded for most popular brands.


Power consumption: 28 watts power on, 19 watts power off.

Operating Temperature: +5 to +40 degrees C

Hard Drive Size: 30 GB

Video Compression: MPEG2

Audio Compression: MPEG1 layer2

Modem speed: 56kbps


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