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Panasonic SC-PT960

5-disc DVD home theater system with wireless rear speaker kit and built-in iPod® dock

11 Reviews

Item # 133SCPT960

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Panasonic SC-PT960

Get powerful home theater sound and a wealth of entertainment options with Panasonic's SC-PT960. This system boasts a full complement of surround sound speakers, powered by 483 watts of total amplification. The front speakers feature dual drivers and a floor-standing design for satisfying home theater punch. And the built-in DVD player can upconvert standard DVDs for a better picture with your HDMI-equipped high-def TV.

Get powerful home theater sound and a wealth of entertainment options with Panasonic's SC-PT960. This system boasts a full complement of surround sound speakers, powered by 483 watts of total amplification. The front speakers feature dual drivers and a floor-standing design for satisfying home theater punch. And the built-in DVD player can upconvert standard DVDs for a better picture with your HDMI-equipped high-def TV.

Dock your iPod and browse your tunes
Slip your iPod into the integrated dock and enjoy your music collection through your home theater speakers. You can even browse through your playlists and songs on your TV screen and play videos stored on your iPod.

Innovative materials and design
This sleek system blends nicely into any space. The front speakers sport a slender tower design, and the surround speakers come with stands for easy placement. The center speaker features a rigid, low-density bamboo diaphragm for cleaner, more responsive mids. And the specially designed subwoofer uses a dual chamber structure and 10-inch passive radiator to pump out clean, intense bass.

Wireless technology for easy setup and multi-room audio
A small rear-channel amp receives wireless signals from the system's main unit and powers the two surround speakers, so you won't have to run wires from the front of your room to the back. And you can add up to three optional powered speakers that connect wirelessly to the SC-PT960 for convenient music playback in multiple rooms.

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Product Highlights:

  • home theater system with 5-disc DVD/CD changer/receiver, 5 speakers, and a subwoofer
  • includes built-in iPod dock
  • includes small rear amplifier to power the rear speakers, with wireless connection to main unit
  • multi-room playback ready (requires optional SH-FX85 wireless speaker/receiver system)
  • VIERA Link™ technology for simplified operation with a compatible Panasonic TV (HDMI-CEC)
  • digital video upconversion for DVD playback
  • selectable 720p/1080i/1080p output via HDMI digital interface
  • plays DVD-Video discs, DVD-Rs & DVD-RWs
  • plays CDs, audio CD-Rs & CD-RWs, MP3 CDs and WMA CDs
  • plays digital picture CDs (JPEG)
  • built-in Dolby® Digital, DTS®, & Dolby Pro Logic® II processing, for surround sound from DVD, VHS, and stereo sources
  • 6-channel amplifier (104 watts x 2 for front speakers, 101 watts for center speaker, 34 watts x 2 for surrounds, 106 watts for subwoofer)
  • Energy Star® compliant
  • analog audio input
  • optical digital audio input
  • video output for TV (composite, component video, HDMI)
  • headphone output
  • remote control
  • DVD changer/receiver: 16-15/16"W x 2-1/2"H x 13-9/16"D
  • front speakers: 9-15/16"W x 44-1/2"H x 9-5/16"D (each)
  • center channel speaker: 10-5/8"W x 3-11/16"H x 3-3/4"D
  • rear speakers: 3-5/8"W x 10-3/4"H x 3-3/4"D (each)
  • subwoofer: 7-3/16"W x 14-3/16"H x 12-7/16"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • SA-PT960 DVD/Receiver
  • SB-HW560 Subwoofer with attached 13' length of speaker wire with proprietary connector on other end
  • Two SB-HF960 Front speakers
  • Two SB-HS960 Surround speakers
  • SB-HC760 Center speaker
  • SE-FX65A Wireless System module
  • SH-FX65T Digital Transmitter
  • Wireless remote control (N2QAYB000214)
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • 2 Front speaker stand shafts
  • 2 Front speaker stand bases
  • 2 Rear speaker stand upper shafts
  • 2 Rear speaker stand lower shafts
  • 2 Rear speaker stand bases
  • Two 5' AC cords
  • FM wire antenna
  • AM loop antenna
  • 45" Video cable (has an RCA composite video connector on each end)
  • Two 15' lengths of speaker wire with bare-tinned wire on one end and a proprietary connector on other end (installed inside of front speaker stand shafts)
  • Two 15' lengths of speaker wire with bare-tinned wire on each end (installed inside rear speaker stands shafts)
  • One 13' length of speaker wire with bare-tinned wire on each end
  • 16 Large machine screws
  • 4 Small machine screws
  • Sheets of speaker wire labels
  • Operating Instructions
  • Panasonic Customer Care Plan/Product Information card
  • Dolby Pro Logic II note
  • Speaker Connection Information sheet

Panasonic SC-PT960 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(11 Reviews)


Zach from Georgia on 11/12/2016

THOSE WITH A CHGR ERROR: I had this and was ready to toss it, figured I'd take a look at it anyways. If you take off the 4 screws on side, and 3 on the back, you'll open up and be able to see the insides. The CD is housed on the left, take out the two screws in the back, and on the right side of the CD player(near the rear of the system) you'll see two cables. Pull these two out and then put everything back together and you'll no longer have the error, you cant watch DVDs but you can switch to surround sound. Sounds hard but it took 15 mins. Google Panasonic chrgr error and the first vid that pops up, also on the video website has more detailed comments. Hope this helps someone.



Great Option

Audio Guy from Arizona on 10/19/2015

It has served me well for over 4 years. No problems, DVD still works, some of the complaints must have gotten bad units. Sound is good and the wireless speakers make placement of the rear speakers so easy without worrying where I would hide wires.

Pros: Sound and ease of use.

Cons: Not Blue-ray player.

Panasonic Was My Fav

SAB44870 from Sandusky, OH on 12/22/2012

What else can I say. Same problem as some others. Changer went out and is basically not usable. Will never buy again.

Pros: Not a bad sounding unit

Cons: Will not last very cheap.

changer went out

Doug from Palm Bay, FL on 11/29/2011

i will be upgrading away from panasonic. it's a shame, i got used to hitting the dvd button on my remote and the tv and dvd player went to the right channels (have a panasonic plasma tv).

Pros: this little thing packed a punch... for 3 years

Cons: the changer went out. once it was done we were stuck in aux mode. this isnt bad when i want to listen to things in stereo but what about HD TV?


johnc from indiana on 7/23/2011

Sames goes for my panasonic.....changer error. wont play anything at all. changer error comes on and the unit shuts down. Very disappointed and will not buy another panasonic. Only had this unit 8 months.



Worked for three years

StephenC from Ocala, Florida on 4/9/2011

This was a Christmas gift three years ago. Now, it will not go out of AM/FM mode. This is a real let down since it is hooked up in a game room where we don't even listen to the radio. Also, it shows Chgr Err, which is something wrong with the eject on the 5 disk selector. This happens when starting up and shutting down. The ironic thing is that the dvd player has only been used once, maybe twice in three years, so there should be absolutely nothing wrong with it. When it worked, it was great. But after reading around on the internet and seeing this as a common problem, I wouldn't consider buying it.



Panasonic SC-PT960

Dianne from Marathon, Fl on 2/9/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent sound. I am very happy with my choice.



Panasonic SC-PT960

ControlsEng from Evansville, IN on 1/18/2009

This unit sounds and works great with the exception of one minor problem that showed up after 6 months. When I first turn the unit on, there is either no sound or intermittent sound from the optical audio input. After a few minutes of warm-up it works ok. At first I thought it was a problem with the digital output of my cable box, but then I realized it couldn't be because I never turn off my cable box. The Viera link works great with my Panasonic TV. It makes using the system easy because only one remote is required since the two communicate over the HDMI cable. If you plan to purchase a home audio system, I recommend sticking with the same brand as your TV because most manufacturers have engineered them to work together. Some key features won't work if you mix brands. It really needs another digital audio input. I'm using one for my HD cable box, but I could use another for my TV so I could listen to over the air broadcasts in surround sound. My Panasonic 50" plasma won't pass though digital audio from its HDMI inputs, so I can't pass the digital audio from the cable box through the TV to the audio system. This is more of a problem with the TV and not the audio system, but it would be nice to have another digital input.



Good Purchase

Rebecca from Las Cruces, NM on 12/22/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was a little nervous to order this system after reading the reviews posted on here. I went ahead with the purchase and I am very happy with the selection. I bought this to go with my new Samsung 40" LCD TV, also purchased off of Crutchfield. I think the sound is really good. Watching a DVD I thought I was at the movie theater. I would definitely purchase this again. The surround speakers which go in the back have a wireless connection console which is very nice. The only con is all the wires. I think it would work much better mounted on the walls rather than on the floor stands.




oldfloater from Norman, OK on 9/15/2008

All form no substance. I've been dissappointed with this product since the day I got it. Its sssslllloooooowww loading and changing cd/dvds. The ipod docking system was great until it stopped working three months after purchase. The best part was when I found out the one year warranty only covers repairs but there are no repair centers in Oklahoma that will work on this product. DO NOT BUY.



good value

Philosopher Pat from Pittsburgh, PA on 5/27/2008

Sound is crisp, upconvert produces an admirable picture but not as terrific as the upconvert software from PS3. (viewing on a Samsung 42" Plasma, HP-T4254). The wireless surround speakers work well with strong sound, no noticeable distortion (I have a wireless 802.11g router operating 3 meters from the transmitter, and the PS3 is wirelessly networked). The wireless seems to have been improved upon from Panasonic's previous attempt with the SE-FX50 - you still run wires out to the surrounds from the remote amp/receiver. For me, this was more than adequate. Lastly, the iPod control works quite well, even outputting video.




Hands-on research

Product Research

DVD/CD Playback


Overview: The Panasonic SC-PT960 Home Theater System features a 5-DVD Changer/Receiver, 2 front tower speakers, wireless rear speakers with floor-stands and module, high-quality picture & sound with 1080p up-conversion, VIERA Link HDAVI control, integrated dock for iPod playback & recharging and is expandable to multi-room wireless audio with optional SH-FX85 wireless kit (sold separately).

SA-PT960 Main Unit: The SA-PT960 is the control center of the system and includes a 5-disc tray-loader DVD/CD changer with a built-in amplifier, Dolby Digital/DTS decoder with Pro Logic II, a digital AM/FM tuner and integrated iPod dock.

Surround Modes: This receiver incorporates a variety of surround modes to bring you maximum enjoyment from your audio and video software. The surround modes include:

  • Dolby Digital:Dolby Digital is a 5.1 multi-channel digital surround format.
  • DTS:DTS Digital Surround is a 5.1 multi-channel digital surround sound format used for both commercial/theatrical and consumer grade applications.
  • Dolby Pro Logic II: Dolby Pro Logic II is an advanced decoder that derives 5-channel surround from stereo sound sources, whether or not it has been specifically Dolby Surround encoded. You can choose from Movie or Music mode.
  • Surround Music: In this mode the sound fills the room and comes from all directions with equal intensity.

Sound Effects: The Panasonic DVD/CD integrated receiver allows you to choose from the following sound effects.

  • Surround Enhancer: Automatically adjust each speaker to enhance the surround sound effect of 5.1-channl audio.
  • Real Center Focus: Using this feature, you can make the sound of the center channel seem like it's coming from the TV.
  • H.Bass: You can enhance low-frequency sound so that heavy bass sound can be heard clearly, even if the acoustics of your room are not optimal.
  • Equalizer: You can select from the following sound quality settings.
    • Flat: no effect added
    • Heavy: adds punch to rock music
    • Clear: clarifies high frequencies
    • Soft:for background music

Dialogue Enhancer: The Dialogue Enhancer increases the center channel volume (relative to other channels), making movie dialogue easier to hear and understand. Dialogue Enhancer is available when playing Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks recorded in 3 or more channels with the dialogue recorded in the center channel.

Whisper Surround Mode: This mode allows you to enhance the surround effect for low volume 5.1-channel surround during last night viewing.

Speaker Adjustments: The Panasonic integrated DVD/CD player offers the following speaker adjustments.

  • Speaker Delay: You can set an audio time delay for your center and surround speaker in regards to how far they are positioned from your listening position. You can adjust the center speaker's time delay between 1.0 to 5.0 ms and the surround speakers' time delay between 5.0, 10.0, or 15.0 ms.
  • Speaker Level: You can adjust the level of each speaker in the system from -6 to +6 dB.
  • Subwoofer Level:You can increase or decrease the amount of bass by adjusting the subwoofer level control from 1 (weakest) to 3 (strongest).
  • Subwoofer Boost: You can enhance the subwoofer effect with strong bass using the Subwoofer Boost feature.

iPod Dock:The SA-PT960 features an integrated front-panel iPod dock which flip-down when in use and folds-away when not in use. The unit's integrated iPod dock allows audio/video playback, control and charging of your iPod through the receiver. During Music mode of your iPod, theSA-PT960 will display a music menu on your connected TV's screen so you can select songs via Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Podcast, Genre, Composer or Audiobook. During Vide/Photo mode of your iPod, you will need to use the iPod's display and controls to operate your iPod. Basic functions such as Play, Pause, Stop, Skip, and Search are available for both Music and Video mode of your connected iPod through the SA-PT960. The Panasonic DVD/CD integrated receiver is compatible with the following iPod models.

  • iPod video (5th generation)
  • iPod classic (80/120/160GB)
  • iPod touch (1st/2nd generation)
  • iPod nano (1st/2nd/3rd/4th generation)
  • iPod color display (4th generation)
  • iPod mini (1st/2nd generation)

Note: The iPod dock will not charge the iPod nano (4th generation) or the iPod touch (2nd generation).

VIERA Link HDMI Control (HDAVI): VIERA Link is a convenient function that offers linked operations of the receiver and a compatible Panasonic TV through the HDMI connection. The HDAVI control allows for One Touch Playback where the Receiver and TV will turn on at the same time and automatically switch to the appropriate input for playback. When the TV is turned off, the receiver also automatically turns off.

Optical Digital Input: The unit features a rear-panel optical digital input for playing back Dolby Digital/DTS multi-channel surround signals output by your Satellite or cable box.

Auxiliary Input: The Panasonic integrated DVD/CD receiver features a rear-panel stereo RCA audio input for connecting an external analog audio source to the home theater system.

Headphone Jack:The main unit features a 3.5mm (1/8") mini-jack headphone output on the front panel for private listening. When headphones are used the speakers are muted automatically.

Unified Remote:The SA-PT960 comes with an IR wireless remote control, which is pre-programmed to operate this system and a number of functions on select Panasonic brand TVs.

Dimmer: The unit's display can be set to Bright, Dim or Auto. Auto allows the display to be dimmed, but brightens the display when you perform some operations.

DVD/CD Playback

Compatible Discs: The integrated DVD/CD receiver will playback the following types of discs - DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD+/-R DL, CD-Audio, CD-R/RW, Video CD, and SVCD. The unit supports playback functions such as Repeat, Random, Program Play (up to 30 tracks) Slow-motion and Frame-by-Frame.

MP3/WMA Playback: This unit will play MP3 and WMA files recorded onto CD-R and CD-RW discs using the ISO 9660 level 1/level2 format. MP3 files can also be played from DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM discs. Compatible MP3 compression rates range from 32-320 kbps, WMA a compression rates from 48-320 kbps.

Note:This unit is not compatible with ID3 tags or multiple bit rate WMA.

JPEG Disc Playback: This unit will play JPEG files recorded onto CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM discs. All JPEG files on a disc can be played back in a slide show with an adjustable interval. Additionally you can rotate an image. This unit can recognize up to 4000 pictures in 400 groups. Compatible picture resolution varies from 160 x 120 to 6144 x 4096.

HDMI HD Enhancer: The HD Enhancer's 1080p up-conversion function converts standard definition (720 x 480 pixels) images from DVDs to high definition (1920 x 1080 pixels). This means you'll get the most out of your HDMI-compatible HDTV, with sharp and exceptionally detailed high-resolution images. And unlike ordinary video up-converters that produce images with thicker edges and decreased sharpness, the HD Enhancer keeps edges crisp and clear, for outstanding detail. You can select for the unit to up-convert to 720p, 1080i or 1080p to match the resolution of your HDTV.

Progressive Scan Output: The integrated DVD player also features a component monitor output with progressive scan. Progressive-scan video has less flicker and fewer motion artifacts than the traditional interlaced-scanning method, resulting in a superior picture.

TV Type:The unit allows you to select what type of TV you are using - Standard (Direct View TV), Projection, CRT, Plasma TV or LCD.

TV Aspect: The unit allows you to choose between the following aspect ratios to suit your television and preference - 4:3 Pan&Scan (the sides of the widescreen picture are cut off so it fills the screen), 4:3 Letterbox (widescreen picture is shown in letterbox format), 4:3 Zoom (the picture zooms in and out), 16:9 Normal (laterally stretches image), 16:9 Shrink (images appear at the center of the screen) or 16:9 Zoom (expands to a 4:3 aspect ratio).

Picture Mode:You can choose one of the following picture mode settings:

  • Normal: normal picture
  • Cinema 1: mellows images and enhances detail in dark scenes
  • Cinema 2: sharpens images and enhances detail in dark scenes
  • Animation: suitable for animation
  • Dynamic: enhances contrast

Black Level:You can change the black level of the picture if you have connected the TV through the component video outputs. You can select either Lighter or Darker.

Time Delay:If you notice audio is out of sync to your video display you can adjust the time delay between 0ms, 20ms, 40ms, 60ms, 80ms or 100ms

Play Speed: You can decrease (0.6x) or increase (1.4x) the audio and video play speed of a DVD disc.


Wireless Rear Module: The home theater system comes supplied with Panasonic's Wireless Rear Module used to create a wireless rear speaker system. The Wireless Rear Module features a integrated 34 watt x 2 channel amplifier for the rear speakers with a 2.4 GHz RF receiver to communicate to the main unit. A supplied digital transceiver card plugs into the back of the DVD player/receiver. The Wireless Rear Module connects to the rear surround speakers using the included speaker wire and then plugs into an AC outlet, but no connection to the main unit across the room is needed. The Wireless Rear Module operates off of a 2.4GHz frequency and has a range up to 33 feet from the main unit.

Surround Speakers With Floor-stands: The SB-HF960 surround speakers use a single video shielded, 3-ohm, 2.5" cone type full-range driver in a bass-reflex enclosure. Each enclosure is made from plastic and its front-panel covered by a non-removable black cloth grille. The speakers can be mounted on the included floor-stands or wall mounted using the key-hole slot on the back. They can also sit on a table or shelf securely and safely due to the rubber feet on the bottom of each speaker. The surround speakers come each with a 15' length of speaker wire which is installed inside the shafts of the supplied speaker stands so the wire is hidden. Using the supplied floor-stands the front speakers measure - 9.875" wide x 44.4375" tall x 9.3125" deep.

Front Tower Speakers: The SB-HF960 front speakers use dual video shielded, 6-ohm, 2.5" cone type full-range drivers in a bass-reflex enclosure. Each enclosure is covered by a non-removable black cloth grille. The speakers can be mounted on the included speaker stands or wall mounted using the two key-hole slots on the back. They can also stand alone on a table or shelf due to its flat bottom. The front tower speakers come each with a 15' length of speaker wire which is installed inside the included speaker stands. Without the stands the front speakers measure 4" wide x 23.75" tall x 3.0625".

Center Channel Speaker: The SB-HC760 Center Channel speaker has two video shielded, 6-ohm, 2.5" cone type full-range drivers in a bass-reflex enclosure. The enclosure is made from plastic and its front-panel covered by a non-removable black cloth grille. There are two 5mm (M5) threaded inserts on the back of the speaker for use with optional wall brackets. Additionally there are 2 keyhole slots provided for horizontal wall mounting. There are three rubber feet on the bottom so it can sit securely on the TV or a shelf. The center speaker comes supplied with 13' length of speaker wire.

SB-HW560 Subwoofer: The Panasonic home theater system features a non-powered subwoofer, powered by an amp in the DVD/Receiver unit. The subwoofer uses an enclosed 6-ohm, 6.5" woofer and a side-firing 10" cone Kelton passive radiator. The subwoofer is not video shielded. The woofer's enclosure features four rubber feet to prevent vibration. There is a 13' length of speaker wire attached to the rear of the subwoofer's enclosure.

Optional Wireless Multi-Room Kit: You can also expand your music listening from the integrated DVD/Receiver into three additional rooms of your home with the optional Panasonic SH-FX85 wireless multi-room speaker kit (sold separately).

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