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Panasonic KX-TG6071M

5.8 GHz cordless phone with answering machine

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Item # 133TG6071M

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Our take on the Panasonic KX-TG6071M

The Panasonic KX-TG6071M cordless phone includes several features that add to your calling convenience. The base station has its own keypad so you can dial calls without using the handset. The system's digital answering machine can play back messages up to 30% slower — handy when the caller rushes through a phone number. If you subscribe to Caller ID, this phone can use text-to-speech technology to tell you who's calling. Or turn off the ringer and set the light-up indicator to flash a different color for up to three of your most frequently used telephone numbers.

The Panasonic KX-TG6071M cordless phone includes several features that add to your calling convenience. The base station has its own keypad so you can dial calls without using the handset. The system's digital answering machine can play back messages up to 30% slower — handy when the caller rushes through a phone number. If you subscribe to Caller ID, this phone can use text-to-speech technology to tell you who's calling. Or turn off the ringer and set the light-up indicator to flash a different color for up to three of your most frequently used telephone numbers.

Both the handset and base station have speakerphones for hands-free talk. The system's digital 5.8 GHz cordless transmission lets you enjoy clear, noise-free conversations without interfering with your wireless home network. And you can add up to three additional handsets for a total of four phones.

Product Highlights:

  • 5.8 GHz digital spread spectrum operation
  • multi-handset operation (add up to 3 optional handsets for a total of 4)
  • built-in digital answering machine with up to 18 minutes total record time
  • white backlit LCD display on handset
  • Slow Talk® message playback — can play recorded message up to 30% slower
  • Talking Caller ID (where available; requires Caller ID subscription from your local phone service provider)
  • Call Waiting Caller ID shown on handset (where available; requires subscription from your local phone service provider)
  • Voice Enhancer Technology (adds lost frequencies back to voices)
  • light-up indicator with different colors for three frequently used numbers
  • 50-entry phone directory
  • 50-entry Caller ID memory
  • base unit keypad
  • base unit and handset speakerphones
  • conferencing between base unit, outside line, and up to two handsets (1 included)
  • jack for optional headset
  • built-in digital clock with alarm on handset
  • wall-mountable base unit
  • NiMH rechargeable battery
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

This phone is easy to set up and has plenty of features, and I feel that it is worth the price I paid.

Red, Terre Haute, IN

What's in the Box:

  • Silver base unit/charger (includes a digital answering machine)
  • Silver 5.8GHz cordless telephone handset with battery cover
  • HHR-P107 rechargeable Ni-MH battery
  • PQLV203 AC adapter with attached 6' cord (9V/500mA)
  • 71" Telephone cord (has RJ-11 connectors on each end)
  • Wall-mount bracket
  • Operating Instructions
  • Quick Guide (English)
  • Quick Guide (Spanish)

Panasonic KX-TG6071M Reviews

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(1 Review)

Panasonic KX-TG6071M

Red from Terre Haute, IN on 2/24/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This phone is easy to set up and has plenty of features, and I feel that it is worth the price I paid.




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Telephone Features
Answering System Features

Telephone Features

5.8 GHz Expandable Cordless System: The KX-TG6071M 5.8 GHz digital cordless phone operates in the frequency range between 5.76 GHz and 5.84 GHz, which provides excellent range, sound quality and security. Plus, it won't interfere with Wi-Fi home networking devices, which operate in the 2.4 GHz range. This Frequency Hopping Digital Spread Spectrum (FHSS) system randomly changes transmission frequency several times per second without causing crosstalk. FHSS technology also enhances security due to the changing of frequencies.You can add up to 3 additional cordless handsets including the following models: KX-TGA600B, KX-TGA600S, KX-TGA600M.

Multi-Language: The phone's handset display text and the unit's voice prompts can be set to English or Spanish.

Voice Enhancer:Voice Enhancer technology helps clarify and improve sound reception, creating a natural-sounding voice that is easy to hear and understand. This is accomplished by enhancing the frequency that is narrowed through the telephone line.

Slow Talk: This feature works to help slow down the incoming audio by 30 percent when you are having conversation with an outside party and are having a hard time hearing the other person or when you are playing back your messages from the phone's built-in answering machine.

Base Speakerphone/Keypad: The base unit includes a speakerphone with a non-illuminated keypad that allows you to place calls from the base with or without the handset in the cradle.

Handset Speakerphone: The cordless handset can double as a speakerphone for hands-free conversations.

4-Line LCD: The cordless handset features a backlit 4-line, white back-lit LCD screen. The display will show lots of information, including Caller ID info, call duration, battery strength, Caller List, Directory, plus the Function Menu table. You can select either English or Spanish as the display's text language. The LCD's brightness can be adjusted from level 1 through 6.

Soft Keys: Located below the LCD screen on the handset, the two soft keys are used to select functions displayed directly above the keys. Functions displayed above the keys will change depending upon the state of use.

Navigator Keys: The four directional navigator keys on the handset are used to navigate through menus and to select items shown on the display, by pushing it up, down, left, or right. The center soft key icon can also be selected by pressing down on the center.

Caller ID: This unit is compatible with Caller ID services offered by your telephone company. If you subscribe to Caller ID, the caller's name and phone number will be displayed and recorded in the handset's Caller List.

Talking Caller ID:The Talking Caller ID feature will announce the caller's name from the base and handset after each ring. The Talking Caller ID feature can be turned off if desired. You can select either English or Spanish for the phone's voice prompts.

Call Waiting Caller ID: If you subscribe to both Call Waiting and Caller ID, when talking on the phone as another call comes in, the second caller's name and phone number will be displayed.

Ringer/Message Indicator: The Ringer/Message indicator is located at the top of the handset. When a call is received, the indicator flashes quickly, and when your answering machine has received messages, the indicator will flash slowly.

Caller ID Linked Feature (Ringer ID and Light-up ID): This feature can help you identify who is calling by using different ringers and ringer indicator colors for different callers stored in the phonebook. You can assign a different ringer and indicator color to each phonebook item. When a call is received from a caller stored in the phonebook, the ringer and indicator color are used after Caller ID information is displayed. You can select from the following indicator colors - Amber, Green, Red or Multi-color.

Caller ID Number Auto Edit: Once you call back an edited number, the unit will remember the Area Code and format of the edited number so the next time when someone calls from the same Area Code, the call information will be customized as the edited version.

Caller List: The unit can record information for up to 50 different callers and store this information in the Caller List. The unit can show the number of calls you missed. You can call back any number in the caller list. Once a number is in the Caller List, it can be manually or automatically edited (to add or remove area codes or prefixes), saved in the Directory, or deleted.

Phone Book: You can store up to 50 names and phone numbers in the handset's Phone Book. The directory names are sorted alphabetically. You can copy directory entries (all or one-at-a-time) from one cordless handset to another handset. You can enter names up to 16 characters, and enter phone numbers up to 32 digits. You can copy one or all of the phone book items from one handset to another if using additional, optional handsets.

Chain Dial: You can dial a combination of phone book or manual keypad entries while making a call. This feature can be used, for example, to first automatically dial a calling card access number that you have stored in the phone book, then manually or automatically dial your PIN and then automatically dial the destination number from the phone book.

Redial List: You can review a list of the last five numbers dialed, then call any of those numbers.

Handset Locator:This feature allows you to locate a handset by paging it from the base unit.

Intercom: This feature lets you set-up a 2-way conversation between the base and the handset, or between two handsets.

Call Transfer: Calls can be transferred from the base unit to any handset, or from a handset to the base unit or another handset.

Conference Calls: The phone will support a 4-way conference call allowing up to four users to speak at the same time. You can use two Handsets and one Base with one outside Line or three Handsets with one outside Line.

Call Share: Call Share allows the base unit or the cordless handset to join an existing external call by pressing one button. Up to four parties, including the outside party, can join in a conversation (if you have extra handsets).

Hold/Mute Functions: The Hold feature allows you put an outside call on hold. If a call is kept on hold for more than six minutes, an alarm tone sounds; after four additional minutes on hold, the call is disconnected. The Mute feature allows you to hear the other person on the other line, but the other person cannot hear you.

Headset Jack: The cordless handset has a sub-mini (2.5mm) jack on the side for an optional Panasonic headset. Panasonic recommends (headsets) KX-TCA60, KX-TCA86, KX-TCA88HA, KX-TCA92, KX-TCA93, KX-TCA94 and KX-TCA95.

Any Key Talk/Auto Talk:When the cordless handset is off its charger base, the Any Key Talk feature allows you to press any key (other than Off or the Navigator Keys) to answer a call. When the handset is on the charger base, the Auto Talk feature allows you to answer a call by simply picking up the handset. Auto Talk can be turned on/off in the menu.

Volume Controls: You have the ability to adjust volume levels on the cordless handset for both the handset's Talk feature and the handset's Speakerphone feature. You can select from three volume level settings for the handset's Talk feature and six volume level settings for the handset's Speakerphone feature.

Ringer Options: You can select one of four ringer volume settings for the cordless handset. In addition the handset has three ring tones and four ring melodies to choose from.

Temporary Tone Dialing: If you are using a pulse dialing system, you can temporarily switch to tone dialing to enter numbers for answering services, electronic banking services, company phone directories, etc. When you hang up, the mode switches back to pulse dialing.

Flash Key: If you have the Call Waiting service, you can use the flash key to put the first call on hold, allowing you to answer a second incoming call. You can adjust the length of the flash time if necessary.

Clarity Booster: If you are using the cordless handset in an area with interference, you can improve the sound quality by turning on the Clarity Booster feature. Use of the Clarity Booster will shorten the battery operating time.

Alarm: The phone features a built-in digital clock on the hand-set and single Alarm setting. The alarm will sound once for 3 minutes at the set time.

Security: A handset cannot operate unless it is registered with the base unit. This feature, combined with frequency hopping provides outstanding system security.

Customer Support: The handset can display the Internet address for Panasonic where you can download the operating instructions or get further information for this phone using your computer.

Battery Information: The phone comes with an HHR-P107 rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery. A Ni-MH battery doesn't develop the "memory" effect like many Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cad) rechargeable batteries do.

  • Initial Charge Time: 7 hours
  • Battery Talk Time: up to approximately 5 hours (approximately 3 hours when using the Clarity Booster feature)
  • Battery Standby Time: up to approximately 11 days

Wall Mounting: The base unit can be placed on a desk or table, or it can be wall mounted using the supplied plastic wall-mount bracket. The wall mount bracket clips onto the base and then attaches to the wall with one optional screw using the keyhole insert on the bracket.

Answering System Features

Answering System: This phone contains an answering system which can answer and record calls for you when you are unavailable to answer the phone. You can select either English or Spanish for the voice guidance language of the answering system.

Total Recording Time: The total time for recording is approximately 18 minutes for all messages. A maximum of 64 messages can be recorded. Messages and greetings are stored in flash memory and will not be affected by power failures. All messages are saved until you delete them.

Caller's Recording Time: You can select from 1 minute, 2 minutes, or 3 minutes for recording incoming messages. You can also set the system for Greeting Only where the system plays back the greeting message, then hangs up without recording any messages. Individual messages can be played back and erased from the base unit or the handset.

Greetings: You can record a personal greeting of up to 2 minutes. The unit also comes with 2 pre-recorded messages; one used when the unit has no available recording time, and one used when a message will be recorded.

Screening Calls: While a caller is leaving a message, you can listen to the call through the base unit's speaker.

Number of Rings: You can set the number of rings before the answering system answers the call. Your choices are 2 to 7 rings, or Toll Saver. When set to Toll Saver, the unit will answer on the second ring when there is at least one new message, or on the fourth ring when there are no new messages. This allows you to save on toll charges for the call by hanging up when you hear the third ring, knowing there are no messages.

Voice Day/Time Stamp: With each message the unit announces the day and time the message was recorded. The phone's voice prompts can be heard in English or Spanish.

Message Indicator: When a new message has been recorded, the Message Indicator on the base unit will flash.

Message Alert: When a new message has been received, the handset LED will slowly flash.

Voice Memo: You can use the base unit to leave a voice memo (voice message) for yourself or someone else (maximum 3 minutes). Voice memos can be played back later with the same operation used to play back answering system messages.

Remote Operation: You can operate the Answering System from any touch-tone phone. The system is protected by a three-digit remote code to prevent unauthorized access. You can either use the unit's voice prompts or direct commands by pressing keys. During remote operation, you can perform the following functions:

  • Playback all messages or playback new messages only
  • Repeat or skip a message
  • Record a message
  • Stop playback or start voice guidance
  • Erase currently playing message or all messages
  • Turn off the answering system (to turn on the system, call the unit and wait for 15 rings)



  • Base Unit:
    • Width:7.011"
    • Height: 3.875"
    • Depth:5.125"
  • Handset:
    • Width: 1.895"
    • Height: 6.145"
    • Depth: 1.215"

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