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JL Audio HO112R-W6v2

Ported H.O. Wedge™ enclosure with one 12" W6v2 subwoofer

7 Reviews

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Our take on the JL Audio HO112R-W6v2

JL Audio employs advanced woodcutting machinery to fabricate these enclosures, which are finished by hand at their facility in Florida. The eye-catching red carpet centerpiece complements the H.O. Wedge's automotive-grade gray carpet covering, giving your system a radical look. The angled back design saves precious cargo space, while strong internal bracing and the recessed mounting baffle maintain the enclosure's integrity and protect the sub.

Advanced construction for intense sound

The "H.O." in JL Audio's H.O. Wedge enclosed subwoofer systems stands for "High Output," and that's exactly what you'll hear and feel. High Output Wedges deliver efficient, accurate bass, with better sound quality than conventional ported and bandpass boxes. The woofer sits in recessed baffle, part of a separate chamber within the enclosure, and the front-firing port output combines with woofer output for extremely efficient performance.

JL Audio W6v2 H.O. Wedge

Hand finished for bass you can really feel

JL Audio employs advanced woodcutting machinery to fabricate these enclosures, which are finished by hand at their facility in Florida. The eye-catching red carpet centerpiece complements the H.O. Wedge's automotive-grade gray carpet covering, giving your system a radical look. The angled back design saves precious cargo space, while strong internal bracing and the recessed mounting baffle maintain the enclosure's integrity and protect the sub.

JL Audio enclosure assembly

Tremendous low end

The HO112R-W6v2 boasts a powerful 12" W6v2 subwoofer, and JL Audio designed the enclosure as a perfect match for the sub so you can count on maximum performance. The 2-ohm impedance allows you to get the most out of your mono sub amplifier.

Product Highlights:

  • ported enclosure with one 12" W6v2-D4 subwoofer
  • 5/8" medium density fiberboard construction covered with gray carpet with red insert
  • 2-ohm total impedance
  • power handling: 150-600 watts RMS (1,200 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 20-200 Hz
  • sensitivity: 86 dB
  • 30-1/4"W x 16-3/4"H x 18-5/8"D1 x 12-3/4"D2
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Ported hatchback enclosure with mounted dual 4-ohm voice coil 12" woofer
  • Warranty Information sheet
  • HO-series sheet

JL Audio HO112R-W6v2 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(7 Reviews)


Dave from philly on 1/23/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

this sub is bananas, i had two tens before, getting the same rms. wasn't happy with the low end hz, bought this enclosure and wow, this thing pounds like a jackhammer. i "feel" the sub more than the two tens, turn it up, and it moves like a roller coaster. a little pricy,but worth every penny. oh, btw, this is a SUB woofer, i got it doing 20-60 hz and it feels like it's slapping me in the back of the head. took it for a 3 hour test drive with dubstep, it didn't skip a beat.

Pros: EVERYTHING, sound, construction, quality.

Cons: just a tad pricy

JL Audio HO112R-W6v2

LiL J from Waterloo, IA on 3/18/2011

Ok, truth be told I wasn't impressed at first. I have the 10in w7 in the Prowedge sealed enclosure mated to a 500/1v2 as the RMS according to JL's specs are a perfect match. Well, after tuning my system properly with an audiocontrol DQXS digital equalizer it sounds flat out amazing! Yes it gets loud and of course good sound quality but the keyword here is accurate. I listened to a bunch of drum solo tracks with a lot of super fast double bass attacks and I heard and felt every beat. It felt like I was at the concert live. Love this sub!




DAn from Edison NJ on 7/5/2010

This sub is KILLER......................i have it in my dodge magnum......I'm running a J L xd600/1 full 600 watts to the sub only, this sub is pure power i had the sub for one year and still KILLER i push this sub HARD everyday full max amp power and the sub show no signs of dying on me,or the amp.



This sub is a 12 on a 10 point scale!!!

Chris from Louisville, KY on 5/5/2010

I have owned this sub for over 6 years and it hasn't failed yet! During this time period I have had it in two different vehicles and pushed it hard. I am using an old Rockford Fosgate 1050S and the sub has performed admirably. Even though it is a ported enclosure, the sound is extremely clean and tight and of course it has the ability to play loud with the absence of distortion. The sub is simply amazing! All told, the durability, longevity, and clarity compensate for the initial hefty cost.



Cant be Beat

Michael from Springfield IL on 5/3/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this Sub and Box combo and a JL audio HD 750/1 to power it. Let me tell ya its AMAZING. You think you have to 12s in the back. Its that good. Back massage, hair vibrating on a certain song i could feel the bass in my throat. Well i have this setup in my 07 Scion Tc. Yeah its a hatchback so it will be a little louder than in a trunk. But ive owned alot of stuff over the years Pioneer, Sony, Audiobahn, Boston acoustics. JL audio Blows them Out the Water Hands Down. Yeah its a little expensive but its well worth it. If u can afford it go out and get ya some JL audio. Im a JL AUDIO Believer NOW. All im buying from now on. QUALITY The only Negative thing i have to say is they could have made it a little more attractive. But im gonna take care of that myself.




bollinger86 from WPAFB, OH on 5/6/2008

Lets start out saying that I have always turned away from JL thinking "it really can't be worth all that money." Last week I picked up this 12w6v2 in the HO box, and installed it at the store, and I thought I was dissapointed. The bass guitar was breaking up, the excursion was going mad and it wasn't putting anything out. This replaced my 2 MTX 5512s, and I was almost thinking about going back on my purchase. But then I started to tune... As i rolled my LPF down from the 165'ish that my MTX thrived on, I could feel my entire car come to life. It was then that i realized this was the true definition of a "SUB"-woofer. It excels at below 110-120 cycles. A couple of bass test disks later, and me being thoroughly disoriented from the sheer power and clarity of this bass, I have come to the realization that you really gotta see(hear) to believe what JL is capable of. Side Note: I run this setup off a Infinity Ref 1600a, and it seems to push it to its limits, right as I hit the upper extremities of gain. I've heard that the spec on JL's subs RMS rating is wierd, but it seems to be dead on.



nice sub

Jeffrey from Hinsdale,Ma. on 2/17/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This sub is top notch in build quality and sound. I previously was running a Rockford 212 sub system in my vehicle, but.... there is no comparison between the two. The JL HO112R-W6v2 is by far superior in both sound quality and power. It definately reproduces the low end audio spectrum very acurately without the typical boomieness of a ported enclosure. In the past, I tended to stay away from ported enclosures for that reason because I liked tight powerful low end. This sub has given me what I was looking for. Very unique port design is awsome in the way it functions with the W6 woofer and the enclosure, and I would definately recommend this system to anyone. VERY NICE




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Woofer Size (inches) 12
Woofer Material Mineral-fill Poly
Enclosure Type Ported
Color Gray/red
Pieces in System 1
Width (inches) 30-1/4
Height (inches) 16-3/4
Depth (inches) 18-5/8
Second Depth (inches) 12-3/4
Connector Type 5-Way post
Frequency Response 20-200 Hz
Power Range (Watts RMS) 600
Maximum Wattage 1200
Sensitivity 86 dB
Impedance 2 ohms
Parts Warranty 2 Years
Labor Warranty 2 Years

Product Research


Overview: The JL Audio H.O. (High Output) subwoofer enclosure system is designed around JL Audio's W6v2 subwoofer, delivering serious output levels while retaining excellent sound quality. The H.O. enclosure is properly sized and tuned to the optimum ported alignment for the mounted 12" JL Audio W6v2 woofer and wired for a 2-ohm load.

H.O. Wedge Enclosure: The H.O. Wedge Enclosure features solid V-groove MDF construction with internal bracing to ensure structural integrity. The subwoofer enclosure features an angled back design to help save space in the cargo area of your vehicle. The High Output Wedge Enclosure use a patented, chamber-coupled port design. The slot-port wraps around the inner part of the enclosure and terminates just above the woofer. This type of design provides the necessary surface area and port length to maximize the performance of the JL Audio 12" W6v2. The enclosure's recessed mounting baffle also provides protection for the woofer. The JL Audio H.O. enclosure features a pair of gold-plated 5-way binding posts on the left side of the box. The enclosure is wired to provide a 2-ohm load at its speaker terminals.

12" W6v2 Woofer: The JL Audio H.O. subwoofer enclosure system features a mounted, front-firing dual 4-ohm voice 12" JL Audio W6v2 woofer wired for a 2-ohm load at the enclosure speaker terminals:

  • W-Cone: The JL Audio W6v2 subwoofer utilizes a W-Cone design, a unit-body cone assembly, that delivers astonishing cone stiffness with minimal mass. The shape also provides incredible torsional rigidity, which is critical to maintaining voice coil alignment at the suspension limits. In order to gain maximum stiffness, two lightweight mineral-filled polypropylene skins are bonded together at the perimeter and the center of the assembly. The lower skin's cross-section is shaped like a "W", and provides incredible rigidity when bonded to the dished upper skin.
  • Dynamic Motor Analysis (DMA): DMA is JL Audio's proprietary method aimed at improving dynamic motor behavior. As a result of DMA optimization, W6v2 motors remain linear in motor force over a very long range of excursion, and also maintain a highly stable fixed magnetic field in the gap over a wide power range. The result is vastly reduced distortion, faithfully reproduced transients, and tight, clean, articulate bass.
  • Floating Cone Attachment Method (FCAM): JL Audio's patented FCAM technology is an innovative method of bonding the surround/cone assembly to the voice coil/spider assembly. This assembly technique ensures proper surround geometry in the assembled speaker for better excursion control and dynamic voice coil alignment.
  • Engineered Lead-Wire System: The co-extruded lead wires work in conjunction with critically-engineered entry and exit support structures to achieve flawless high-excursion operation. The flying lead design does not compromise spider linearity or radial stability the way "woven in" lead wire designs do.
  • Progressive-Roll Spider: The large, progressive-roll spider provides precise control and motor/voice coil alignment without limiting excursion prematurely.
  • Ventilation: The woofer's large, diffused pole-vent works in conjunction with specifically engineered molded "NeckVents" in the lower cone body to remove hot air from the voice coil gap. This pole vent is located around the JL Audio badge at the rear of the speaker. The elevated frame design of the W6v2 delivers high-velocity air flow through slots directly above the top plate to the voice coil of the speaker. This not only enhances power handling, but also sound quality by minimizing dynamic parameter shifts and power compression.
  • Dual Voice Coil: The W6v2 features dual 4-ohm voice coils with a single set of spring-loaded push terminals and the Terminal Jumper System. The Terminal Jumper System consists of four voice coil configuration tab terminals, located behind the push terminals, that are used to interconnect the dual voice coils in one of two ways--series or parallel. The H.O. subwoofer enclosure system comes from the factory with two jumpers configured in a parallel fashion, resulting in a 2-ohm load presented at the enclosure's speaker terminals. To switch to a series connection, you will need to remove the woofer and use one jumper connected from "VC1-" to "VC2+". The series connection presents an 8-ohm load to the speaker terminals.
  • Customizable Trim Ring: The woofer features a removable ring made of black ABS plastic which can be painted to match the installation theme and create a personalized look. You can purchase optional grille mesh inserts which are specifically designed to fit into the inner diameter of the trim ring.

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