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JL Audio CP106LG-W3v3

MicroSub™ slot-ported enclosure with one 6-1/2" W3v3 subwoofer

33 Reviews | 3 questions - 11 answers

Item # 13616LW3V3

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Our take on the JL Audio CP106LG-W3v3

JL Audio's CP106LG-W3v3 MicroSub enclosed subwoofer system delivers impressive bass without needing a lot of power or taking up much space. This MicroSub handles up to 150 watts RMS, housing one 6-1/2" W3v3 subwoofer that offers impressive low end. The enclosure is designed from the ground up to get optimum performance from its driver, so you get much more than just a box with a speaker inside.

EJL Audio Built In USAngineered for performance

JL Audio's CP106LG-W3v3 MicroSub enclosed subwoofer system delivers impressive bass without needing a lot of power or taking up much space. This MicroSub handles up to 150 watts RMS, housing one 6-1/2" W3v3 subwoofer that offers impressive low end. The enclosure is designed from the ground up to get optimum performance from its driver, so you get much more than just a box with a speaker inside.

JL Audio uses state-of-the-art automated woodworking equipment to fabricate the high-quality MDF enclosure with rugged automotive carpeting, a steel-mesh grille, 5-way binding posts, and solid internal wiring. The enclosure is finished and inspected by hand at the manufacturing facility in Florida to ensure that you get the bass that you expect from JL Audio.

CP106LG-W3v3 MicroSub

Small enclosure, big sound

The specially designed, slot-ported enclosure measures just over 5 inches thick, so it'll fit just about anywhere. Its flared slot-port design cuts down on air turbulence and keeps your bass rich and clear. You'll enjoy thick low-frequency response from all of your music with this capable enclosure in your vehicle.

Product Highlights:

  • ported enclosure with one 6-1/2" W3v3 subwoofer
  • 5/8" medium density fiberboard construction covered with black carpet
  • steel-mesh grille
  • 4-ohm total impedance
  • power handling: 40-150 watts RMS
  • frequency response: 30-300 Hz
  • sensitivity: 80 dB
  • 14-1/4"W x 9-3/4"H x 5-1/4"D (6-5/8" with grille)
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Ported subwoofer enclosure loaded with one 6W3v3-4 woofer
  • Black metal grille (installed)

You will need to cut vents let the sound of of the Sattlebag, use frogzskin to cover the holes to keep it waterproof. Pull out the sub and strap to passenger seat for best experience.

Robert, St. Louis, mo


JL Audio CP106LG-W3v3 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(33 Reviews)

10 stars

Joseph from Jacksonville, NC on 1/16/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought one second hand and ordered a second one to have dual subs. Let me tell you, this little pip squeak gives you what a lot of 10/12 cant and wont. Co workers neighbors and friends can not believe this little thing. Crisp clear bass pretty dang loud and is partially audible outside the vehicle. Your money will be very very well spent. Mine is in a 2012 crew cab silverado and yes it fits under the rear seats just fine with room to spare.

Pros: Buy it.

Cons: None

It may not be the loudest but I guarantee you it sounds the best

Earl R Cheek II from Greensboro, NC on 8/29/2017

It sounds unbelievable but that's what I should have expected from JL. I have this sub in one of my saddlebags on my 2010 StreetGlide. I'm running a Pioneer Deh - 80prs with a JL 6 channel marine amp at 75 watts times 6 to Alpine Type R 6 1/2 in my upper fairing, Alpine Type R in my lower faring and Alpine Type R 6 by 9's in my saddlebag lids and this lovely JL sub in my right saddlebag as you are sitting on the bike and pushing it with JL mini marine amp pushing 300 watts but I it's only pushing 160 I think to the sub since it's 4 ohms. However, let me tell you. This Thing Rocks. I'm a OldHead when it comes to music and I like to hear every detail and I do. Completely Satisfied.

Pros: I'm In Love, unbelievable how this sub creates such bottom end.


Small size, big sound!

Brook from Briarcliff Manor, NY on 3/26/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Installed in a 1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia, with about 80sqft of interior space. This 6 inch sub when properly driven hits like something far larger. JL Audio does not disappoint. Don't think twice about this sub. The small size has nothing to do with how the unit sounds. Yes the rear view mirror shakes.

Pros: Hard hitting, big sound Small in overall dimension

Cons: None

Goldwing saddlebag sub solution

Robert from St. Louis, mo on 8/9/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

You will need to cut vents let the sound of of the Sattlebag, use frogzskin to cover the holes to keep it waterproof. Pull out the sub and strap to passenger seat for best experience.

Pros: Big bass, small package

Cons: Needs lots of power, but amazing for size

Awesome little sub

Keith from Chicago, IL on 8/7/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome little sub. Fits perfect in the bind behind my back seat of my crew can Tacoma. It's not a major sub that will rattle your windows but I had an 8" powered slim sub under my seat and this little 6.5" blows it out of the water. I love this little sub. It's worth it.

Pros: Compact box Sounds great

Cons: None

Nice sub woofer

Lance from Simi Valley, Ca on 5/22/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a great sub woofer at a good price. Fits under drivers side rear seat.



Small package, Big sound

Frontier man from Georgia on 9/18/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This sub enclosure shows why JL Audio has been a well respected name in this industry for years. I was looking to add a sub to my 2000 Frontier Crew Cab. There is virtually no room behind the rear seat. This box fit with only slight trimming of the rear body carpet.(behind box only) I would compare this to a 8" tube type sub. Its not going to rattle the block, but sounds great in the cab.

Pros: Good value Small size Great sound


Great little sub

Anonymous from California on 9/13/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Fills in the bottom end nicely. Went from a sealed powered sub which was nice. But because of it being a sealed box it would reproduce some of those freqs, that I wanted to hear. This sub worked out great for that. It takes up little space compared to the sound it produces. Thanks Crutchfield for the great service and great products.

Pros: Great bass Small size ( fits under my back seat) It was on sale

Cons: Price (if you want quality?)

Small Sub, Big Bass

MichaelS from Yorktown, Va on 8/11/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking for a small sub to put in my '08 Dodge Dakota 4-door. Unfortunately, the only form-fitting one was extremely expensive and required me to remove the right rear passenger seat to install it; and then once installed, I wouldn't be able to move that seat up/down again. Given the limited space in the rear cab area, I went with the JL Audio CP106LG-W3v3. While it doesn't really "fit" under or behind anything, it does lie perfectly flat on the floor behind either the driver's or passenger's seat. The sound from the sub is phenomenal and very adequate for the small enclosure of the truck. My head unit is a JVC KW-HD3NT, with an Alpine MRV-V500 amp to power it.

Pros: Small, compact, easy to connect, great sound, and I can even use it in the saddlebags of my '09 FLHX.

Cons: None at this time.

Why take up more space if it sounds as good or better

GregA from Idaho on 7/21/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Again, why would you want or need to take up more space if this rocks it as good or better. This little, extremely compact and well made, as well as good looking sub hits it hard for my '68 Mustang. Put it under fold down rear seat that no one ever sits in and it's exactly what I wanted and hoped for. Being a smaller diameter sub speaker it is crisp and hits just right for the small compartment. I'm pushing it with a 5 channel JVC amp and (4) 6 1/2". Love this sub. Thx Crutchfield.

Pros: Size and sound as well as the exterior looks

Cons: I have none.

All you need

John from Nevada on 6/23/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

If you install this in your vehicle in your cab where you hear your music (It's certainly small enough to) unlike the other punks who install them in the back so that everyone else can hear it instead, then this is more than enough. Glad I bought it rather than the larger one. I keep it on lowest setting and it's great. Turning up the JL Audio JX250/1 amp any more and my ears will bleed. I just don't understand why people have to have such loud bass for everyone else to hear other than to be a punk, once this thing gets loud enough to really bump outside of my vehicle then my ears are bleeding.

Pros: Loud

Cons: Not sure if it's the sub, the amp or the tuner but the bass is on some sort of curve where it kicks in more the higher the volume gets, and low volume doesn't bump as much. It's like a curve rather than a linear relationship. Might not be the sub, it's hard to review separately.


Sergio from Katy, texas on 6/21/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome sound at decent price.

Pros: Compact, hits harder than 10" I had before. It's nice having space in my hatch

Cons: None

Tiny Sub.....huge bass

Jovy R from New York on 6/3/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Recently purchased this small subwoofer. Wanted it not to take too much space but at the same time I did not want to sacrifice sound. Well let me tell you this.....this sub is thumps.....its small...

Pros: Compact and it bumps great bass

Cons: None

What was I Worried About

Dan from Idaho on 5/29/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I spent over a month trying to figure out what to put in my 14' F150. Didnt want to to take up much space, but wanted it to be good quality. Looked at many different options like the Kicker Hideway. Local shops suggested for the size I was looking for, that would be my only option. One did stock JL audio but not the 6.5" sub. Said it wasnt worth the $. I disagree. Paired it with an Alpine MRV-M250 and it sounds amazing. Loud, deep bass, exactly what I was looking for. Actually had to turn down the gain initially because it was a little too much. Not sure why I took so long to decide to get it. It fits great, completely concealed under back seat.



JL Audio Sub Awesome

Anonymous from Norfolk VA on 5/10/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I wanted something that wouldnt take up much space and affordable. For this being a 6.5" sub it sounds great!

Pros: Fits under my 05 STI passenger seat. Nice and tight bass

Cons: Maybe a little pricey

Space saver

JlNel from Florida on 4/16/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love the price, love the sound, love the company. This ones for my wife's car. Subaru hatchback. She did not want too change her system, but I cannot stand the sound when I use it. I have not finished the project yet, but it looks promising. Hooked it up in my car a sound great. (Another Hatchie). Thank the reps that help me pick out the equipment that needed to complete the build. You guys really know your stuff.

Pros: Great sound, very easy to handle, even for the wifey.

Cons: None.

JL Audio CP106LG-W3v3

Sean from Grantie Bay,CA on 12/28/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound quality and it puts out nice bass levels for its size.Overall a great sub from JL Audio.

Pros: Fits under the back seat of my f250 super cab.

Cons: none

Do you have a 10 in there?

James from Tampa, FL on 8/20/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a question I am asked often - Is that a 10 in there? I have this installed in the trunk of a 2013 MINI Cooper convertible. As you can imagine the boot is small on this car so I wanted to take up very little space. When I ordered it, I was concerned that with the top down, that I would lose a ton of bass, but this just was not the case. I picked up one of the Soundstream mini amps to power it and it does so perfectly. While you wont win any SPL competitions, it gets plenty loud and with the top up, I can actually feel the bass. It greatly complements the components that I have installed and I could not be happier with the overall sound of my system.

Pros: Small space, great bass. If you had a hatchback or truck, I can imagine it would be even louder.

Cons: Doesn't handle that much power, however if you are buying a 6.5" sub, I'd like to think you understand why this isn't a huge problem.

Nice job JL

Anonymous from Albuquerque, NM on 7/27/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sub, sounds great. surprisingly good for a 6.25" sub.

Pros: small package fits perfect in 07 F150 Super cab


Nice little sub.

Kris from Portage, MI on 4/18/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This little sub is a must for people with regular cab trucks. It fits with full use and motion of seats and center console. I replaced a fosgate r2 shallow sub with this, and the sound is comparable with 150 watts from an alpine X series amp. The fosgate sounded great, but this is a lot less invasive on my trucks useable space. I only gave 4 stars for value because its a little pricey, but I dont regret buying at all.

Pros: I cant imaging a vehicle this will not fit into.

Cons: Nuthin

Solid quality and construction

Mr. Tim from Denver on 3/26/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great quality sub which fits in smaller spaces and fills in the bottom end for cars without a lot of room. Great sound for only a 6.5" subwoofer.

Pros: Great sound, great value, smaller size cabinet which will fit more places.

Cons: This is a subwoofer for adding quality to a system, not for bragging rights.

Seeing is believing

Can't get right from NC on 1/16/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I needed a small sub to under my third row seat in my mazda. My first choice was larger subs but with the small area I had to work with ,a micro sub was my only choice. I must admit I was skeptical because when it comes to subs, bigger is better right?? We'll enter the JL. Audio micro sub. This little beauty is worth it's weight in gold. After reading the reviews here I felt good about my purchase however after installing the sub with a JL audio amp my good feeling turned into sheer joy and relief. Just as stated earlier this speaker has deep lows for its size. If you have very little space and you want more bass this the product you need.

Pros: Small size, deep bass. Box size is optimal.

Cons: None

JL audio micro sub

fred from San Juan, PR on 1/2/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Explosive Bass in a little enclosure. 100% recomended.

Pros: All

Cons: No.

You will not be Disappointed

jjklongisland from LI, NY on 9/14/2013

This microsub packs a punch. I was very picky with finding a sub that would fit under the rear passenger seat in my f150 supercrew. This sub fits perfect and sounds better than any tube or 8" sub I have ever heard and this thing is only a 6". It is very well constructed and provides a very clean tight sounding bass response. I would recommend this sub to pick up truck owner all day long who are looking to add additional bass without sacrificing space...

Pros: Small, very clean sounding, high quality, JL performance


Great Sound Quality subwoofer

AndyD from Baltimore, MD on 7/22/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Installed in a 1997 Honda Accord wagon with Alpine CDE-103BT HU, Alpine PowerPak powering 2 Focal Polyglass 2-way 6-3/4 front speakers and cheap 2-way Pioneer 6.5" speakers in the rear doors. A Kenwood KAC-819 mono channel amp (150x1 RMS) is powering the JL subwoofer: Guys, I am an audiophile trying to make my old Accord sound nice for daily driving. I want sound quality! With my setup, the audio sounds FANTASTIC! When people say this little 6.5" sub sounds like a an 8" or even a 10" sub, they are not kidding! I literally replaced a budget 10" JL Audio sub that was from ~1999 with sub. This thing sounds MUCH better than that did. One thing to note is that the 10" old sub was in a ported enclosure. This sub hits as hard as that one did and it has tight drum reproduction! That's one thing my ported 10" was missing. I am curious if this would sound as good in a sealed trunk. Remember, my car is a wagon so the whole car is open. For my needs, this is perfect, Now when I haul stuff in my wagon, I can quickly and easily remove it and put it in the footwell of the front seat. Before I had to take out the whole box before going on my trip. Worth every penny! I wish I bought this sooner!

Pros: Sound quality and size.

Cons: Speaker terminals.


Nick C. from Laredo, TX on 7/16/2013

Do not underestimate this sub due to its micro size. I had to make a hard decision between the 8" or 6.5" but in retrospect, I am glad I chose the 6.5"! If you're looking for tight, punchy, controlled bass, and you have limited space in your vehicle to work with - This is the one!! With adequate power, it will breathe new life into your current system! For the longest time I went without any subwoofer, and convinced myself my speakers sounded great - and they did, but I wasn't completing the full rich low frequency sound. Now, having upgraded my system with this carefully engineered enclosure and resilient 6.5 jl quality woofer, the double bass notes of dream theater now shake my bum. I will say, you will be surprised at how small this woofer appears in person, especially in comparison to the 8", but you'll be floored to hear the song it can sing!

Pros: Quality box, quality woofer, quality sound.

Cons: Limited power for those that like to turn the bass up. Although, this dependent upon the circumstances of your set up (power, amps, processors, LPF crossovers, etc.)

Perfect for a two-seater

CntryJp from Mobile, AL on 3/9/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I installed this sub in the opening between the rear storage compartment and the rear-right fender wall in a 2001 Honda Insight. The sub fits nicely (though snugly) in the opening, and when properly powered, it can deliver the same amount of bass response as the two 10" subs I had in the back of my Jeep Grand Cherokee way back when. This little thing rocks! What's most impressive about it is it delivers tight, quick-responding bass with hardly any hesitation or muddiness. The sub has kept up well with the quickest double-bass drums and electronica beats that I've thrown at it, and it still delivers a similar 'punch' that you would feel with a significantly larger sub. There's nothing that I can see to complain about here -- even the build-quality is excellent. A very worthwhile purchase for a small car!

Pros: Small form-factor. Quick bass response with a punch similar to larger subs. Tight, rich bass quality.


Great sound small package

Anonymous from Rockport TX on 2/21/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this sub for my wifes 2011 Ford Fiesta hatchback. It is powered by a 140 watt RMS mono amp by MTX. With the open cabin of a hatchback this sub can over power the factory speakers. We love the small size it fits well in the small rear hatch, and it is easy to move. The bass inside the car has good range, and feels powerful. Out side the car you can just barely here it, and it does not rattle the car at all. If your looking for added sound in a small package for a hatchback car you can't beat this tiny sub. We have had it now for a week and love it.

Pros: Size Sound Sturdy grill for the sub

Cons: Have not found any yet

Sound quality and volume in a tight space

Mh87 from Tacoma on 1/2/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Tight crisp bass that hits hard. I have the max 150rms pushing this little 6.5 and it has exceded expectations. JL audio subs are top notch. Fits perfectly behind the seat of my isuzu p'up. PLENTY of bass for mu taste which prefers sound quality over earth shaking bass, would buy again!

Pros: Plenty

Cons: None

Great for small cars

Jose from Texas on 9/30/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sub for small cars. I was hesitant at first going with a 6.5" sub. But the sound is nice and tight. I have a BMW wagon and needed a small sub that I could use in the bed and move behind the front seats when carrying cargo. I'm running this sub off a Kenwood amp connected to a JBL MS-8 off the OEM head unit. This sub is nicely filling in the bottom lows. I have the EQ crossover at 60 hz. I tried small powered subs but didn't like the sound. This little sub with an amp is a great setup. Sound is smooth with no rattles. Build quality is excellent.

Pros: Smooth base, no rattles. Tight bass. Build quality. Made in USA.

Cons: Not enough low end bass, but I didn't expect that from this small sub. If I had the room I would have gotten the 8" version.

Compact 6-1/2" Sub that Sounds just as good as a 10"

Peter from Demarest, NJ on 9/12/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I originally bought a JL 250W AB class amp and a Kicker CVT 10" closed sub about a year ago. I thought the 10" Kicker sounded awesome but always thought that it took up too much of precious cargo space on my 2012 Mazda5. So I contemplated on getting the Sound Ordinance low profile sub with built in amp. But wasn't sure whether I'd be pleased with the sound quality after coming from a 10" Kicker. Then looked at other options such as Kicker 8" sub with built-in amp but then price was slightly more than what I wanted to spend. So I decided on trying out the JL 6.5" amp with ported box. Now I was at first skeptical but figured with Crutchfield, there will be minimum risk in case I did not like it. Well, I received the amp today and plugged it in with same setting as my Kicker 10" sub; I then took the car out for a spin and seriously, I could not tell the difference between the Kicker 10" and the JL 6.5" -- actually, the JL sounded a lot cleaner and had just the same amount of oommph. I was also very impressed with the build quality, and the type of carpet JL used matches my black interior. However, the screw-on connecting post was a bit of a disappointment as my Kicker has those push on types which I like. But regardless, that's the minor compared to how small this sub is yet sound quality rivals (so far) that of much larger Kicker 10". It's only been a day but so far, I'm happy, will be interesting to see if I can fit this unit underneath the driver's side seat somehow.

Pros: Compact size, sound quality, build quality, aesthetics, best of all, the JL name!

Cons: Speaker wire mounting post.

JL Audio CP106LG-W3v3

Eric G. from Boston, MA on 9/11/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a great easy solution to add some low end punch to your system. Its not earth shattering, but it is also not weak. I actually was not expecting as much from a 6.5" woofer, but it sounds excellent. I have it under the rear seat of my 2011 GMC Sierra crew-cab, powered by the fifth channel of an Infinity Kappa Five amp. The sub provides tight punchy bass and rounds out the rest of my system very nicely. Exactly what I was looking for.

Pros: Small efficient design, takes up very little real-estate. Bass response is impressive for a 6.5" woofer.

Cons: A little expensive, but with JL Audio you get what you pay for, and that is excellence.

Very Satisfied.

DGar from Houston, TX on 8/21/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sub. I have this with a Fosgate 150 Watt RMS amp in an RX8, and it's just what i was looking for - compact, but packs a punch. This sounds as good or better than my old 10" Polk Momo. It's a tighter sounding bass than you'll get out of a 10 or 12, but it can definitely make the car shake. Great build quality and great sound at a good price - can't ask for more than that.

Pros: Compact Fantastic Build Quality Great Sound

Cons: none


Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The CP106LG-W3v3 MicroSub is a compact bass solution for vehicles with limited space. This slot-ported enclosure is loaded with one 4-ohm 6W3v3-4 woofer.

Enclosure Design: The enclosure features top quality MDF (medium density fiberboard), cut using state-of-the-art CNC woodworking equipment, and covered with high grade automotive carpeting. Extensive interior bracing permits the use of thinner MDF that maximizes the enclosure's internal volume relative to its exterior volume. Each driver has its own airspace and is protected by a black steel-mesh grille.

Flared Port: The enclosure has a side firing slot port. The flared port opening minimizes turbulence and improves overall fidelity. The port is 1/2" high and 4-1/8" wide at the opening.

Enclosure Depth: The depth of the enclosure is 5-1/4 inches, but the woofer and grille protrude an additional 1-3/8 inch, making the total depth 6-5/8 inches.

Driver: The 6-1/2" W3v3 driver has the following features:

  • Dynamic Motor Analysis (DMA): DMA is JL Audio's proprietary method aimed at improving dynamic motor behavior. As a result of DMA optimization, W3v3 motors remain linear in motor force over a very long range of excursion, and also maintain a highly stable fixed magnetic field in the gap over a wide power range. The result is vastly reduced distortion, faithfully reproduced transients, and tight, clean, articulate bass.
  • Floating Cone Attachment Method (FCAM): JL Audio's patented FCAM technology is an innovative method of bonding the surround/cone assembly to the voice coil/spider assembly. This assembly technique ensures proper surround geometry in the assembled speaker for better excursion control and dynamic voice coil alignment.
  • Vented Reinforcement Collar (VRC): The Vented Reinforcement Collar is a composite structure that addresses two issues related to reliability. By reinforcing the critical junction between the cone, voice coil and spider, the VRC greatly reduces failures due to glue breakdown or material weaknesses. It does this by greatly increasing adhesive contact area and providing stress relief to the spider material at excursion extremes. the VRC also feature slots that facilitate air flow directly onto the voice coil windings to reduce thermal compression effects and enhances reliability.
  • Spider/Lead Wire Assembly: The W3v3 features a unique spider, coil and terminal subassembly which is assembled prior to installation in the speaker frame for optimum alignment and glue-joint integrity. The spider is insert-molded into a composite carrier tray which also incorporates the terminal assembly and lead wire strain relief features for enhanced reliability and optimal alignment of parts. The flying lead wires are carefully controlled and strain-relieved without resorting to woven-in lead wires, which can degrade spider performance.
  • Elevated Frame Cooling: The elevated frame design of the W3v3 delivers high-velocity air flow through slots directly above the top plate to the voice coil of the speaker. This not only enhances power handling, but also sound quality by minimizing dynamic parameter shifts and power compression.
  • Surround Stress Relief: By creating a radiused feature on the edge of the cone, stress is relieved from the surround material at maximum forward excursion, resulting in longer life and more consistent surround behavior.
  • Customizable Trim Ring: The woofer comes with a removable ring made of black ABS plastic which can be painted to match the installation theme and create a personalized look. You can purchase optional grille mesh inserts which are specifically designed to fit into the inner diameter of the trim ring.

Our Product Research Team

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

Recommendations from Quinn and a friend of mine. [ Albert  Jan 04, 2018 ]
small enough to fit in my spare tire compartment and with lots of power from a micro sub [ Victor  Dec 21, 2016 ]
Recommendation [ Joe  Jul 21, 2016 ]
Great sub, plenty of kick for adults. [ Craig  Jul 15, 2016 ]
Sound is amazing! [ monique  May 06, 2016 ]

3 questions already asked

I have this behind the seat of my regular cab F150. I am very pleased with it but I use it for music, not thump. This is probably too small to be used in a trunk but you would have to try it for yourself. [ Joel  Sep 22, 2015 ]
THis is a small sub. It puts out a lot of base . I have mine in a Z3. Depends how much volume you like. Good Luck. [ Joseph E.  Sep 21, 2015 ]
No, if you have the space use a JL Audio CP110-W0v3. It have much more output! And sound very good. Use at least a 400 watts amp. If you do not have the space use the same model but with a 8" that is more capable. [ CARLOS  Sep 20, 2015 ]
I put this behind the seat of my daughter's '93 GMC pickup, and the bass is really good even in the small space. I'd imagine in a vehicle with some trunk space it'd sound even better. [ Todd  Sep 20, 2015 ]
Thanks for your question. For information on selecting the best amp for your subs I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to help determine the differences between the amp models and help you make the best choice for your system. [ Krissy  Jan 25, 2015 ]  Staff
This is a sub woofer, so I don't understand the question ; ) [ Todd  Feb 24, 2014 ]
This is a subwoofer. You don't necessarily need an amp, but it would help. There are two wire connections that you could splice into you car stereo directly. [ John  Feb 24, 2014 ]
This enclosure includes the subwoofer. [ Andrew  Feb 21, 2014 ]
U mean an amplifier ? I don't understand ur question ? This is already a sub woofer.. [ JUAN  Feb 21, 2014 ]
If you mean is already a 6" subwoofer speaker in the box that has a passive radiator...which by the way sounds great. If you mean an'll need an amp. Not sure you what vehicle you're putting it in but it definitely has some kick especially for a six'll be surprised. If you are able, point it in a direction to make the most waves (like a Tsunami). If not, you'll still get some good bass but better if you can get it to bounce. Hope that helps. [ MICHAEL  Feb 21, 2014 ]
This is a subwoofer box with speaker all in one. [ BOBBY  Feb 21, 2014 ]