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Remote level control and line driver

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Our take on the JL Audio CL-RLC

The JL Audio CL-RLC remote level control and line driver adds versatility to your system, by allowing you to:

The JL Audio CL-RLC remote level control and line driver adds versatility to your system, by allowing you to:

1) control the level of a subwoofer amplifier from your dash;
2) add an auxiliary sound source to your system and control its level;
3) add a separate audio zone to a boat or limo, and control its level.

Connect the CL-RLC in-line with the signal feeding a subwoofer amplifier, and control your sub's level with the included volume knob. The volume control stays isolated from the signal path so you won't inject any extra noise into your system. The pass-through connection allows you to send a full-range signal to another amp in your system.

The CL-RLC will also control a full-range signal. You can use it to adjust the volume of a separate amplifier in a second audio zone, or to feed the output of an iPod® or other auxiliary source to an external amplifier.

Product Highlights:

  • active level control preamplifier for amplifiers and accessory devices
  • control the level of a subwoofer amplifier, an auxiliary device, or add a zone level control to a boat or limo
  • works independently or in conjunction with the CL441dsp CleanSweep
  • one set of inputs, stereo variable outputs, stereo pass-through
  • dimensions: 1-11/16"W x 4"H x 1-1/4"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 2-Channel remote level control preamplifier
  • Wired remote control knob
  • 18' Wired remote connection cable
  • 2 Nuts
  • 2 Washers

I am using it as a 2nd zone for the outside of my RV. It works perfectly and would highly recommended it as a 2nd zone for an RV or boat.

JB, Palm Springs


JL Audio CL-RLC Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(8 Reviews)

Works as discribed

JB from Palm Springs on 11/3/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am using it as a 2nd zone for the outside of my RV. It works perfectly and would highly recommended it as a 2nd zone for an RV or boat.

Pros: Works perfectly.

Cons: None.

When it works its great

Brendan from SF Bay, CA on 10/30/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It pains me to write this as I'm a huge fan of JL, especially their slash amps. When it works its great and does its job. But the build quality is so poor that the connections go bad to the remote and then it doesn't work. It makes a horrendous bang when the connection gets disconnected. A bump in the road would cause the connection to drop for a second which would cause a bang then the audio would come back after several seconds. Sometimes it would just shutoff and refuse to turn back on until I pulled the fuse and reinstalled it. Other times it would just pick a fixed volume and stay there no matter what the knob was set to. I eventually just took the device out all together and now I use a digital method to control my volume. In the less than a year that i had it installed I've had to mess with it maybe 20 times.

Pros: Sound quality

Cons: Nuisance, Poor Build quality,

JL Audio CL-RLC - Very Good

Mark P from Herndon, VA on 2/10/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I used the JL Audio CL-RLC on my boat. I spent all of last winter upgrading the stereo with a Kenwood head unit, Rockford Fosgate amp and JL Audio speakers. I used an inexpensive, passive volume control between the head unit and the power amp. When I turned on anything 12 Volt with a motor (refrigerator, etc), I got a terrible buzzing in the speakers. Aaaargh! Not what I was expecting! I tried grounding the chassis of the HU to the Amp, and routing the power wires away from any low-level signal. Nothing worked until I removed the cheap volume control from the system. With the JL Audio control, the buzzing is almost completely gone. I still get a very small amount of hiss, about the same as from the speakers attached directly to the HU.

Pros: Easy to install. Does not introduce noise into the audio signal! I had no use for the long extension cord from the control knob to the main unit, but a $2 1-foot long phone extension from Lowe's worked perfectly.


Does what I wanted

Matt from Hampton, VA on 1/15/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking for something to remotely control my subs without messing with the deck every two minutes as my amp does not have a remote output. There are many line level controls for much cheaper, and without the remote, ground, and 12v wiring required, but I did not find one that was RCA in and RCA out. I wanted to use the sub LPF preamp from the deck so this was in order. I already had the wires running to the amp, so adding this unit in was very quick and then running the control knob back to the front seat was no big deal.

Pros: Works exactly for what I need.

Cons: Bulky, must wire into 12V, remote, and ground wires, expensive. There is a delay from the time you adjust the remote knob to the time you hear a volume change.


paul from ruskin fl on 10/21/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

works great i have it hooked up to an amp on my boat and now use my mp3 player for music and podcasts



Great product, worked exactly as advertised

keelerdr from West Chester, PA on 10/29/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this because I wanted some control over my sub while using the factory headunit. I have a 10W3v3 in a sealed box with a JL A1400 amp. The CL-RLC works great, I can control the sub volume from max to mute. I tried to have a local shop install this...BAD IDEA. The boys near me failed. Nothing against them, just don't make the same mistake I did. Get it installed at an authorized JL dealer. Mine had no problem making it work. I also do not have any delay when I change the sub volume. If you want a sub and don't have a sub pre-out on your headunit, then get this. It is great. Another great product from JL.



Good Product, Bad Installer

Ryan from Chicago Burbs (Illinois) on 8/19/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My installer had a heck of a time making this work, but then again, this installer who I thought was going to make my brand new 2008 BMW M3 his pet project, obviously had no idea what was going on. I gave the product a 4, because I am not 100% sure the issues I have with it are the product or the bad install. My only issue with it is it has a bit of a delay, so you turn the knob, nothing happens, so you turn it more and all of a sudden its way louder than you wanted. I am used to it now, but I have to slowly make adjustments and allow the volume control to do its job in small increments. Like I said, this may be due to a bad install. Either way though, it does work. Hopefully once I get this installed right at a new install shop, the delay problem will cease to exist, at which point this product would get a 5 star review. Hope this helps the rest of you out! Make sure you pick a good installer to install this for you!




SW from Arizona on 2/17/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Since the Alpine PDX-1.600 that powers my subwoofer does not come with a remote bass control (my old Rockford amp had one that came with it), the CL-RLC was the perfect solution. It does take a little time to complete the install (have to make a connection to ignition-switched power, constant 12v power, ground, and then install the remote knob somewhere near the radio), but it was well worth it. Instead of having to go push a few buttons on my Pioneer deck to adjust the bass level of the sub, I simply turn the dial on the CL-RLC to get the right amount. Since the music I like to listen to (80's and Top 40) varies wildly in the amount of bass the songs have, I use the knob on the CL-RLC more than the volume knob on the Pioneer deck.




Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The JL Audio CL-RLC 2-Channel Remote Level Control/Line Driver is a true, active level control preamplifier which can be used for subwoofer level control or as an audiophile-grade, full-range volume control. The CL-RLC's differential-balanced inputs minimize the likelihood of noise, while its dependable preamp design delivers up to 7.5 VRMS of unclipped output to your amplifier. Unlike inexpensive, passive line-level controls, no signal passes through the CL-RLC's control cable and knob. Instead, the control knob only sends volume level signals to the preamp circuit in order to maximize fidelity and minimize the possibility of noise.

Subwoofer Level: By inserting the CL-RLC in-line with any signal feeding a subwoofer amplifier you can control the subwoofer level from the front of your vehicle using the supplied control knob. The CL-RLC can be used as a subwoofer level control for the JL Audio CleanSweep CL441dsp or any amplifier. The wired remote control comes supplied with an 18' connection cable. The wired remote control knob measure 0.795" wide x  0.789" tall x 1.665" deep.

Pass-Through: Another important feature is a buffered pass-through connection so that you can also pass signal along (without volume control) to a satellite amplifier from the same input channels. The unit features a variable and fixed stereo preamp output.

Full-Range Volume Control: Since the CL-RLC uses top-quality active circuitry, its application is not just limited to subwoofer duty. It can be used wherever you want to have volume control over any line-level signal. For example, you can use it to control a center-channel level, rear channel levels, or even the level of an iPod input directly to an amplifier.

Connections: The CL-RLC features the following input and output connections.

  • Input: The CL-RLC features a left and right stereo RCA input on a 7" pigtail for connecting input signal
  • Fixed Out: The unit features a pass-through, left and right stereo RCA fixed output on a 7" pigtail for feeding the input signal to amplifier.
  • Variable Out: The unit features a pass-through, left and right stereo RCA variable output on a 7" pigtail for feeding the input signal to  amplifier.
  • Remote: The CL-RLC features an RJ-11 port on a 7.5" pigtail for connecting the supplied wired remote control volume knob.
  • IGN: The unit features a 13" red power wire for switched power.
  • +12V: The unit features a 13" yellow power wire for constant power.
  • GND: The CL-RLC features a 13" black ground wire for grounding the unit.

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