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Source expander switch for the CL441dsp CleanSweep®

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Item # 136CLSES

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Our take on the JL Audio CL-SES

Use the CL-SES source expander switch to add extra auxiliary inputs to your CleanSweep signal processor. This high-quality switcher lets you choose from up to three different input sources with a manually operated switch or through automatic signal sensing.

Use the CL-SES source expander switch to add extra auxiliary inputs to your CleanSweep signal processor. This high-quality switcher lets you choose from up to three different input sources with a manually operated switch or through automatic signal sensing.

You can also add this versatile device to almost any system that has an auxiliary input, including most aftermarket in-dash receivers. Once it's installed, you'll enjoy the convenience of choosing your audio source without having to mess around with patch cords or mini-jack cables.

Product Highlights:

  • audio source selector for use with the CL441dsp CleanSweep or any auxiliary input
  • switch between up to three different audio sources
  • manual switching or automatic signal sensing
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • CL-SES Source Expander Switch
  • Manual source selector button with attached 6' cable terminated by a male 3.5mm minijack connector and a nut and ring installed on selector button
  • 39" power connection harness with in-line fuse holder and 1A AGC fuse
  • 2 RCA shorting-plugs (installed)
  • Owner's Manual

JL Audio CL-SES Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(1 Review)

A very useful & unique product

Stephen from Fayetteville, GA on 2/15/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Does your system have only one aux input? Do you have more than one device you would like to input? I have a Sirius plug & play tuner that I use constantly, and I recently added a Nuvi 760 nav unit. to make best use of the nuvi's multiple functions I wanted to input it directly through the car's stereo. To do this you would need some type of switch. I wanted this switching to happen automatically, Prioritized to the nav system so that an audio prompt would instantly interrupt the Sirius unit and return to it when the nav unit once again went silent. That's exactly how this unit functions. The higher priority port interrupts a lower priority port INSTANTLY. The return to the lower priority port happens after 5~6 seconds of silence. Fantastic. Installation is quite easy. Only a 12v constant, a 12v switched & a ground. Then just input your devices & output to your aux. A manual push-button switch is provided if you prefer manual operation. I noticed no degradation of audio quality whatsoever while using this device. JL audio is known for producing some high end products, and even though this device is no doubt something of a specialty product, it demonstrates the exceptional quality that one hopes for when purchasing an audio device. The instructions included are clear and useful. As usual Crutchfield came through with fast shipping and a fair price.




Hands-on research

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Overview: JL Audio CleanSweep CL-SES is a high-quality audio source switch that allows you to select from up to three input devices via automatic signal sensing or a manually operated switch. This gives you the freedom to install your choice of audio sources, without resorting to weak sounding FM modulators or cassette adaptors. The CL-SES can be used to expand the auxiliary input capabilities of the CleanSweep CL441dsp or any head unit that provides an auxiliary line-level input, including many OEM head units.

Differential-Balanced RCA Inputs: The CL-SES utilizes differential-balanced RCA inputs to provide superior noise immunity and ensure compatibility with a  wide range of source units.

CMOS Switching: Advanced, solid-state CMOS switching ensures clean, distortion-free audio with no mechanical contacts to wear or corrode. Switching between source unit can be accomplished via automatic signal sensing or a manually operated witch which is included with the CL-SES Source Expander Switch interface module.

  • Automatic Switching Mode: Automatic Mode uses signal-sensing to switch between source units plugged into the CL-SES interface. You determine which source units have priority over others by plugging them into to the appropriate inputs on the CL-SES and then select between them simply by turning them on or off. When switching from an higher priority source to a lower priority source the CL-SES will delay switching by 10-12 seconds. This prevents undesired switching during quiet passages in a track and/or silence between tracks. If a track has an unusually long quiet passages or a very long fade in or fade out, the CL-SES may switch unexpectedly.
  • Manual Switching Mode: Manual Mode uses the included remote push-button to switch between source units. When you are finished with a particular source, press the switch to go the next source. Active inputs switch in sequence from A to B to C and then back to A. In Manual Mode, the CL-SES will remember the last Aux Input source selected when the vehicle is turned off and return to that source when the vehicle is restarted. The push-button switch features an attached 6' cord terminated by a male 3.5mm minijack connector which plugs into the CL-SES expander. The push-button switch is designed to be flush mounted to a flat surface of your vehicle such as the dash or console within reach of the driver. The outer diameter of the switch measures 0.557" while the cut-out diameter measures 0.493". The cut-out depth of the switch measure 0.4375".

Level-Trim Controls: Level-Trim controls are provided for each input to aid in achieving equal sound levels between sources plugged into the CL-SES expander module and your headunit. If your AUX source unit gives you the option of a fixed line-level output or a variable output (controlled by its volume control), use the fixed line-level output for best fidelity.

LED Indicators: Each input has a corresponding LED indicator (located on the top panel of the CL-SES) to indicate when it is the active input.

Connections: The CL-SES features the following connections.

  • Power Connector: The CL-SES has a three-wire inline jack which connects to the supplied power/ground harness. The harness features a Ground lead, +12V Switched Power lead, and a +12V Constant Power lead. Since the CL-SES does no draw much current during operation, 18 AWG to 16 AWG wire is ample for making all of these connections.
  • Manual Override Connector: To operate the CL-SES in Manual Mode, connect the included push-button switch to this 3.5mm minijack port.
  • Output Connection: Two RCA-type jacks provide two-channels of analog audio output to feed the auxiliary input of your headunit or OEM Interface Processor. You will need either a stereo RCA cable (sold separately) or Mini to Stereo RCA cable (sold separately) to make this connection depending on auxiliary input of your headunit or OEM Audio Processor.
  • Input Connections: The CL-SES accepts up to three separate stereo input sources via six RCA-type jacks located on one end of the main chassis. The input architecture is setup in a differential-balanced configuration, making these inputs compatible with virtually any analog audio signal. To connect an auxiliary source, you will need standard RCA-type audio interconnect cables (not included). For sources that use a 3.5mm minijack plug you will need a Mini to Stereo RCA adapter cable (sold separately). The input connections on the CL-SES are labeled as follows - AUX INPUT A (first priority), AUX INPUT B (second priority), and AUX INPUT C (third priority).

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